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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    They'll regret letting Gruden go. Giving the head coaching job to Rahim Morris because he's a "players coach" is letting the inmates run the asylum. Hope it backfires on their asses...

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    Sat May 23 2009

    They look since they changed thier uniforms. They used to have one of the ugliest uniformers ever.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    Okay,I would prefer the pirate ship logo that's on the shoulders on the helmet over the skull and crossbones flag.Also they need a black alternate jersey,and wear red pants with stripes with their white jerseys.

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    Sat May 10 2008

    I like the Bucs, when I used to live in the Tampa Bay area (actually Sarasota) they were really struggling to win, but now they are a much better team. Oh, and the uniforms aren't bad.

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    Sat May 03 2008

    if jeff garcia starts next season they will go to the playoffs again. I sure hope they dont play the texans next season because they got their ass kicked.

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    Mon May 28 2007

    i like...

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    Sat Mar 03 2007

    A cross between the browns and Bengals uniform... If you were going for something good, why pick the two worst uniforms...

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    Sun Aug 13 2006

    I remember Chris Simms at Texas. He was a lot like A-Rod and Peyton Manning; put up great stats, but in the clutch he let his team down. I'm still mad at Mack Brown for starting Simms over Major Applewhite in the Big 12 Championship against Colorado... Anyway, Simms is a good young QB. He's been solid, but he hasn't given me a "WOW" yet. Cadillac is a great young back, and after tonights pre-season game you have to like what Gruden is trying to do to the offensive line. That has been Tampa's chronic problem for years, and I for one am glad to see this potentially changing. The defense is great, but I miss the John Lynch/Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks line up from the Super Bowl. I'm hoping that we will swing for Dwight Smith. I think re-uniting with Monte Kiffin would be great for him, and it would add depth to the secondary. Barring injuries I think that Tampa and Carolina will once again be the "class" of the NFC South. I think Carolina has more fire power, but I don't ... Read more

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    Thu Apr 06 2006

    No pewter pants,please.Go with an all white for road and most home games.Later in the year,the red jerseys with white pants are fine.

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    Mon Mar 13 2006

    Masterful move hiring Gruden or was it the the Raiders were just stupid.Every one in Tampa should send Al Davis a thank you card for being the idiot that he is.

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    The new uniforms are sharp, especially the cobalt helmet and new emblem but the five rating is for the classic old orange and white. I'm sure they've probably worn them again in a throwback game but I've yet to see it again.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    ..... All I can say is wow. Congratulations Cadillac for showing me the way. I know a good running back when I see one. The first time I watched this guy run a ball, I was stunned with how mature he looked. Let's face it people of the jury. Cadillac Williams is a force to be reckoned with, and you know it. Don't even try to give me this lucky rookie b.s. Maybe you havn't seen this guy run, but I have, all three games now. I'm a Jacksonville Jaguar fan, but frankly, the Bucs are the team to beat this year. Amazing isn't it fellas, how such a (and I quote)"Gay Looking" team can start off the season with a bang. I don't care who they played, all I know is they came, they played, they conquered.

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    Tue Jun 21 2005

    I'm not a Buc fan, but I really like their new uniforms. They look really nice and very creative.

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    Wed Mar 02 2005

    An interesting team with an interesting history. God-awful expansion team that lost its first 26 games clad in orange uniforms adorned with a Pirate that even the dudes from Queer Eye would say is too GAY looking. Then they get Doug Williams and stick a dagger into the hearts of Eagles' fans in the 1979 playoffs -- just 2 years after going 2-12. After that, they stunk for a long time. I used to make jokes about their kicker in the mid-80s, Donald Iguebeaka (sic??). I would contend that he was such a damn good kicker because he was from Africa and frankly didn't know what the Hell was going on in the football game (hence, no pressure). He would kick a 50-yarder straight through the uprights, and I would imitate him going up to Coach Ray Perkins (in a 3rd-rate Eddie Murphy Coming to America accent), Did I do good, coach. The Bucs' fortunes changed when they scrapped the gay orange duds for their present-day, Pewter and red uniforms with the menacing looking skull logo. I rank it ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    These are awesome new uniforms. They picked a unique color scheme and nobody was more in need of a change at the time they made it. I love the Peuter insted of going with silver or gold. Also, the helmet logo is pretty awesome!

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    Mon Feb 14 2005

    Derivative, yes, but still one of the league's best, with a nicely original color scheme, conservative logo art, numerals and striping and, while there are several jersey/pants combinations, they all look good and they've thankfully resisted going red-on-red. People seem to be split on the old orange Bucco Bruce uniforms, which were interesting and may be worth a 30th-Anniversary one-game revisit in 2005, but these are much better.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    I don't mind these, although I like the early unifroms - they reminded me of the Tennessee Vols. The white pants are better than the pewter. The helmet logo still nees tweaking.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    Ah these are OK, but enough with all these damn silver helmets. And this one with a stinkin flag and a skull. I actually like more the old uniform with the buccaneer on the helmet and the orange jerseys, especially when they wore all orange, those were unique uniforms.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    lose the pewter pants and the orange under the numbers. replace with white. lose the sleeve logo. better than bucco bruce though

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    Wed Dec 22 2004

    I've been a Buccaneer fan for a long time. Don't get me wrong, they are a good team, they won the superbowl 2 year ago afterall. They have the 5th best defense in the league, always have had a good defense. They're not bad at scoring, either. Their major problem is due to playing the game too safe. For example, this weekend they were 10 points ahead with 3:33 min. left in the game and chocked at the end and lost. Also, they've had a little bit of a problem with their new coach, Jon Gruden. Tony Dungy is the man who built this Buccaneer team and deserves credit for their Superbowl win, not Gruden. This team has just majorly slipped since their Superbowl win.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    I totally disagree with the reviews....Those light Orange Uniforms with that great Buc's Helmet Logo where one of the BEST!! They were trend setting uniforms with Great colr scheme without going overboard like so many of the new expansion teams have done...Had they won their SUPER BOWL in those sharp Orange Jerseys and White helmets they would have been elevated to near 'CLASSIC' status...what a shame to throw away 21 years of tradition for a trendy pewter and red halloween outfit...too bad!!!

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    Wed Nov 10 2004

    the bucs are living on the arm of brian griese.

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    Someone thinking they might have made a booboo here or there when it comes to personnel this season.

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    Jon Gruden isn't making good decisions. He is bringing in veterans who are on their last legs and will only perform for one season he has got to think about the future and bringing in youth players.

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    Tue Sep 14 2004

    They got manhandled by the Skins.

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    Sun Aug 29 2004

    Football is a flashy game so generally I hate flashy!!!! (sound somewhat anti-familar?) WAAAY better than the orange ones, but too much like the raiders mystique. Plus do the need like 5 different style pants, and 4 jerseys?

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    They could win 8 or 9 games this season, but don't get your hopes up that they will.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    Better than originals, but over done.

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    Anything's better than original creamsicle unis. A little busy overall, but pewter is unique. White pants make for nice options.

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    Sun Aug 01 2004

    It's better than the 70's orange unis. . .but the whole silver/pewter = toughness thing is so overdone and overblown. This uniform is a little overrated.

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    White pants look much better than the pewter pants with the home red jerseys.

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    making up for the past, now they look like pirates

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    Wed May 26 2004

    good change. great trade with the boys. thanks tampa.

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    Thu May 06 2004


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    Fri Apr 23 2004

    They blow! The Panthers beat the hell out of them TWICE! After the Superbowl they fell apart in the worst conference in the NFL.

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    Sun Apr 04 2004

    my all time favorite team since the days of orange when they were terrible - go bucs!

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    C'mon, they aren't even a .500 ball club. What's up now?

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    Wed Mar 24 2004

    Pro football is a flashy game which means I generally prefer the flashier uniforms. As a result the uniforms worn by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rise near the top of my preference list. The orangish-red tops with the pewter pants is both bold and classy, and the skull and crossbones on the helmets adds a nice touch. Tampa is just feels like an orange city.

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    Tue Feb 10 2004

    I'm happy they won a superbowl but as far as all-time they still suck

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    Mon Jan 05 2004

    I am ok with the Bucs uniforms but I am not really blown away by them. The logo is not all that creative - the skull and cross-bones has already been used. I will say that I really like thier pewter helmet, red jersey and white pants look - but they seem to only wear the white pants in preseason ... but I think some team should stick with the gold helmet/white pants look (ie - San Fran in the mid-90's)

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    Thu Dec 11 2003

    The players on this team as a whole have dropped the ball this past year. The offense may take less of the blame though considering that TB realistically never had a good offense to begin with. Despite some early injuries to key first stringers, the defense has blown some huge games. Their offense, again, sure didn't help them out when they did their job. Gruden's performance as a coach is not the main factor here. He has to look for an offense next year, and get the mindset of his defense back on track again.

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    Sat Nov 08 2003

    You know Gruden did wonderful things with this very talented team last year, and they deserved to win the Super Bowl. They were truly strong on both sides of the ball, although their defense were what won them games by forcing turnovers and stopping the run. My question is, what the hell happened to these guys over the off-season? I hear about Warren Sapp skipping across the field trying to prove something to opponents before games, and bringing that tired 'oh it's because I'm black' argument into the picture. Now I thought Warren was a cool and funny dude, but my opinion of him has changed. Keyshawn I always knew was a sour and callous individual, but Warren? I don't understand these guys. Obviously the Super Bowl went to their head and they forgot about getting it done as a TEAM and not bringing individuals into the spotlight. Poor Gruden, Brad Johnson, John Lynch, and Michael Pittman, who are all team players, are overshadowed by the idiot Sapp and whiny Keyshawn breaking th... Read more

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    Mon Nov 03 2003

    Notice they could not win in the old pastel unis , The matching puter helmet and pants look great and dont like the orange/red home shirts , they look much better in the away unis

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    Sun Aug 17 2003

    The thing that really ticks me off is all of these people who now say "I've always liked Tampa Bay". Yeah, right! I spent 12 years in the Navy, knew of only four other Bucs fans, and saw one other person walking down a street in Japan with a Bucco Bruce jacket. For those who challenge my knowledge of Bucs history are soundly put in their place. Besides that, I'm enjoying the one thing that I thought would never happen to this franchise: A World Championship!!!!

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    Sat Jun 28 2003

    This is just a band wagon team and I cant stand people who change their favorite team from year to year just because they went to the superbowl.

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    Thu Jun 26 2003

    Good Champs!

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    They obviously had a great year, but I still have some doubt about this "repeat" talk I hear.

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    Sun May 25 2003

    Pretty easy to beat a team when you steal their head coach, aye?

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    Tue May 20 2003

    The reason why i'm giving the bucs a 1 is because the Bucs are helpless without Jon Gruden.

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    Thu May 15 2003

    the bucks would stomp any team in the GROUND!!!