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2008 French English-language action-thriller film written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, and directed by Pierre Morel Website

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    Absolute dreadful pleasure that makes me ashamed I'm giving it three stars. Liam Neeson stars as the father of the year who goes across the country to torture baddy Eastern Euros before they violate every orifice of his daughter for shockingly-below market-rate prices. Plot holes bigger than Bristol Palin's vagina. Still, a dreadful pleasure. . .

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    Would you be pissed if your daughter was snatched and sold into prostitution to a sheikh by an eastern european organized crime group? Liam Neeson certainly was. He was so pissed he killed about 300 people, and tortured a few others. I believe he also shot his friend. Not the most robust plot ever, not was it particularly credible. My main takeaway from this movie was not to try and kidnap and sell any of Mr. Neeson's family into prostitution.

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    This packs with incredible action and too much killing. Liam Neeson did a very good job. Nothing pretty about the story but the direction keeps you engaged throught the movie

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    2.5 stars. I expected a total turdball of a movie, and was surprised that it exceeded my expectations. Liam Neeson's decent performance raises a foolishly and artificially contrived script into something that's worth watching once. By the numbers direction and average cinematography doesn't help. But to repeat, its worth watching once. No more than that.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    Ex-CIA operative, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) lets his 17 year old virgin daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace of "Lost" fame) travel to Paris with her friend not knowing it's to follow the band, U2, when he gives his reluctant permission. It seems that daddy does indeed know best, as the girls are not in the City of Lights too long before they're abruptly abducted for nefarious purposes. Bryan is on the phone with Kim at the time and upon hearing what's happening, uses his CIA training and prepares to go all Jack Bauer on their collective asses. The middle to late 2000's have been great for Liam Neeson with fantastic roles in Batman Begins, Seraphim Falls, and a memorable videogamed role in the superb Fable 3. This film does nothing to change the mojo he currently possesses despite a slow start and a few action film clichés. Neeson is damn good in his role here and is quite the bad ass (a lot of people were surprised, I'm not one of those because I witnessed it in Seraphim Falls as well) and he... Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    This is a relentless movie where Liam Neeson, playing some sort of former soldier, goes to Paris to find his daughter who has been kidnapped and sold into prostitution. Along the way he kills pretty much everyone in his path -- including people like the maitre d', parking attendants, etc who are just trying to help him out. They were in his way! He's got no time for mercy!

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    Sat Jun 20 2009

    Taken has a classic action movie premise. The tough guy, secret agent is aging and trying to calm his life down, only to be drawn back into the mix when his family is threatened. Any movie fan has seen similar storylines before. Taken is well done though, and Liam Neeson is great as the always cool, bad-ass. He gave some good depth to his character as well with awkward scenes between his teenage daughter and he. I would rate Taken a solid 9 out of 10, but for this scale I'll round up to 5 stars. Its not necessarily a must see movie, but its an action film that is extremely well done and likely won't disappoint most viewers.

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    Tue May 19 2009

    The name of the movie is called Taken. The movie was very good. It was about a young teenager that went to another country and was abducted. The people in that country would flirt with young american girls lead them to thinking they really like them so they can give them drugs and make sale them as prostitutes . I feel that the movie was an eye opener for parents who let their teenagers travel to another country with just their teenage friends. Excellent movie.

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    Wed May 13 2009

    Great movie! Action packed, a must see

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    Liam Neeson plays a retired United States government government agent whose daughter is kidnapped by a "White Slavery/International prostitution ring, unaware of who her father is. The movie starts off a little slow and Neeson gives the impression of being another exhusband that has had his nuts cut off by the ex. Once the daughter is kidnapped both Neeson and the movie come to life. Never under estimate the power of a father's love. Neeson uses his acquired skills as a spy to find his daughter and destroy half of Europe in the process. Like most current action movies you have to suspend reality and just enjoy the chase and the killings. Some good fight scenes and a few moral dilemmas.

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    Liam Neeson, the new Steven Seagal? Was Seagal too busy to star in this film? In each scene, you could just swap out the lanky Neeson for the hefty Seagal. There was minimal dialog. At times, you could see it was a stunt double replacing Neeson. I am sure I had seen this same storyline in one of the recent Seagal films done in Romania or Poland. Bryan (Liam Neeson)'s daughter is kidnapped upon arrival in Paris. She is taken by a Bosnian human smuggling ring. Neeson leaves a trail of bodies and rubble as he makes his way through Paris searching for his daughter. Just in time, he enters an underworld auction where the girls are being sold to evil Arab buyers. If you like Steven Seagal films, you will like Taken. The action was continuous. If you expect to see Neeson in one of his typical thought provoking films, this isn't for you. This is much more like his early days of being DarkMan.