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    Mon Aug 15 2011

    Why have agreements or contracts for free checking and free check card if Sundistrust can just, on a whim because of their own poor mismanagement, decide to change the agreed upon/signed rules and try to charge you for checking and check card usage!!!? Ridiculous. Everyone should report Suntrust to the BBB, The Federal Reserve and the Consumer Protection agency in your state. fight it to the end and if they try to charge you for check card, dont use it, throw it away and use a credit card. Then use their free bill pay to pay the credit card. works better anyway since they crapped out on the suntrust rewards they use to offer also! File a BBB against that also, Then email the CEO and vice president.

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    Sat Jul 23 2011

    I have been with suntrust for 2 yrs and have had no problems with them. Seems like the majority of the complaints are because of overdraft fees, well I have come up with a solution. Stop swiping your debit card when you know you don't have the money. Also you should know how much you have in your account at all times and stop spending when you get to a certain amount.

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    Fri May 27 2011

    Worst bank ever. As a consumer, they will not keep your balance up to date so you really really need to have extra money floating in there to absorb any fluxes in a 2-3 day period. This includes direct deposits (which are anything but direct from the time it takes them to take it in). Oh, and trust that they will gladly take all the money they can using their system through insufficient fund fees. And the process to have overdraft protection is ridiculous. The only thing speedy enough is if you deposit a suntrust check to a suntrust bank, but with technology and other online banks and their service everything else should be just as quick. They literally can take 5 days to cash checks from other banks. Suntrust is nothing but a 1 star bank with customers that deserve way better in speed and accessibility.

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    Trying to get a short sale through Suntrust is terrible. We had to put our house up for sale and got an excellent cash offer -- probably the best offer anyone in our area could get in over 2 years! Sent in the paperwork to Suntrust, and after waiting 40 days, our realtor got a 1 sentence email that said to bring $75,000 to the table (we only owed $50,000 more than the offer), and we only had one day to decide what to do, or they said, they would close the request. The email had no name, address, or phone number, although we could figure out the person's name from her email address. How unprofessional is that? Our attorney tried to contact this person, but she said she could not call him back because there were too many phone calls!!!! I'd like to know how much money Suntrust got from the federal government to rescue them and what are they doing with that money? Are they paying themselves large bonuses or helping their customers out of impossible situations? As a resu... Read more

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    Mon Feb 14 2011

    Loan Modification! What a joke. I lost my job as a construction coordinator in December 2009. My husband’s company went through a merger in Jan of 2010 and his pay was cut in half. Trying to be proactive and save ourselves from foreclosure, we applied for the Loan Modification Program in March 2010. A YEAR LATER!!! When we were at the end of our financial means, and sick of having the SunTrust associates hang up on us. We decided to call the Making Home Affordable hotline (1-888-995-HOPE) and they finally got the ball rolling. SunTrust never told us about the options that we had. As of today – We are debating handing SunTrust the keys to our home and walking – You can do that without it impacting your credit score!!! And we can even get $3000.00 to relocate! Since it would take us years to recoup our investment we are all about it!!! Scr%w you SUNTRUST!!!

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    I allowed my Suntrust account to close several years ago due to inactivity because I left the country to work for the Peace Corps. I now live in South Korea teaching English with my wife, and on a recent trip home wished to re-open my account so I would have a relationship with a brick and mortar bank when we came home and needed a home loan. It was no problem, the representative who helped me at the branch at Bradley Park Dr. in Columbus, GA was EXCEEDINGLY helpful. I returned to Korea to find myself locked out of my online account. I called Suntrust to see what was the matter and they told me the account had been closed due to "their rules and regulations found in the handbook on p.19." I looked there and it said the account could be closed for several reasons, but NOT listed was "because we want to." I've never in my life run into a company that was so willing to throw away a customer. I intend never to deal with this bank in the future again.

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    Tue Jan 25 2011

    Suntrust customer service is terrible, no one can do anything when you have a problem, I also checked on getting a auto loan, I was told they can not tell me interest rate until they do my credit app, and there is a 175 dollar fee for a credit app, and then to top that off, they told me to go home and do it online!! Next is late payments from their online bill pay, the last two months in a row I have had Suntrusts auto bill pay be late on three accounts, (well 4 now) little to my knowledge, today while turning off my auto mortgage payment (which btw is through suntrust as well) I find that they can not even PAY themselves on time, my mortgage payment which is auto drafted by suntrust mortgage from my suntrust checking account was paid two days after my payment date, their answer to me is don't worry you have a 10 day grace period! WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS ARE RUNNING SUNTRUST BANK! I have now opened a account elsewhere and in process of moving everything, that is how I found out ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I have an auto loan with SunTrust. I live out of state where there are no branches for business. I mail payments on time but charged late fees. I was told the po box is not checked on a regular basis. It might be 10 or more days, thus late fees to the consumer. I will never do any business with SunTrust again. Website is not good, phone banking has incorrect information - says my loan balance is double what it is, payments incorrect, etc.

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    Sun Jan 09 2011

    This is the worst bank ever. I hope the FDIC shuts them down. I opened an account with SunTrust Bank because of the mileage program they have with Delta Airlines. I have had nothing but trouble with completing just the most basic of functions to the point that I will have to close my account after 4 months with them. When I first opened my account, they issued the debit card with the name spelled wrong. When I informed them of this they advised that they could not correct the misspelled name without closing the account and opening a new one. That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. In addition, I have had my debit card repeatedly frozen because of alleged suspicious charge activity – even though there is no unusual activity. This has happened over and over. They never call me first. Instead you are at a store trying to pay for some small purchase and the card is declined. It has literally happened so much that I have had to call SunTrust about a dozen times in a four month ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 09 2011

    Suntrust is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. If I didn't have to choose one star on this rating system Suntrust would be getting NO STARS. I financed a used truck from a dealership and they gave the loan to Suntrust Bank. The interest rate was pretty good, but that's where all satisfaction ended. I called Suntrust to set up auto payments through my checking account and was told that I would get $100 dollars if I set up a checking account through them so I went for it. During my very first phone call with Suntrust I opened a checking account and set up auto payment for my loan. The checking account would withdraw from my other account every month, then the loan payment would get paid out of the Suntrust checking account. I thought I had a good deal going until the first payment came up and was never paid. I called Suntrust to see what happened and they told me it was a computer glitch. They refunded my late fee and paid the loan assuring me that it was set-up right. The ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    Just got a mortgage with Suntrust -- which went smoothly except for wrong phone numbers, wrong property address on documents. Was in process of opening a checking account -- but numerous mistakes have been made: lost Fedex because they didn't include my apartment number (even after I brought it to their attention), opened the account without my even signing the signature card, send check card to wrong address, sent checks with the wrong address on them, had to beg for a Payable On Death form to name a beneficiary to my account, put in a change of address effective 12/23/2010 for my new home (the one they hold the mortgage on), and I'm still getting mail at my old address... with no apartment number! I've talked with my account rep by phone, had to email three other people numerous times to get things straight. I left Suntrust 10 years ago when they wanted to put a 10 business day hold on my paycheck -- from a company a local company in business for 30 years, drawn off of BofA. All of t... Read more

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    I interviewed the manager and assistant manager of the Front Royal, Virginia branch of SunTrust and explained that I wanted to open business accounts and have the bank handle our payroll. I asked if their system was compatible with QuickBooks. They assured me that it was. I asked what would happen if somehow, a customer wrote a check on an account that did not have adequate funds. They both told me that they "monitor" their customer's accounts and would call me there was ever a problem. Within a week, I had a problem. We made several deposits and wrote "electronic" checks to be sent out four days later (the shortest time that they can process the check requests). For whatever reason, their system DOES NOT TELL YOU A BALANCE UNTIL THE CHECKS CLEAR. We were never told this and when we attempted to download the transactions into QuickBooks, only the cleared checks downloaded but we didn't know this either. There were six checks that were sent out that day by the bank (even thoug... Read more

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    Terrible! Seriously worked with them for a year on a remod (the terms were redic!!) so we opted to short sale our home due to financial difficulty. WE found an investor - they worked with them and had the same trouble we did. WE would send documentation and follow up with them and they would say they didnt get it sometimes 3 or 4 times. Our home had an auction date with Suntrust (tell me why dont the lenders work WITH you if you need help???? They FLAT out told my husband that because we were current on our mort. they could not help us, wth?????? Dec 2 is the auction date - hubby called because the investor was having a hard time with them (SHOCKING!!!!), we wanted to get an extension so we could figure out where the so called lost paperwork was AGAIN. Three days ago he called the guy says...yeah I see that this is sitting here call back tomorrow. Hubby forgot (and SADLY didnt get the guys name) so he calls this morning - sir we have nothing here that says we're working on a shor... Read more

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    Sun Nov 28 2010

    Suntrust is the only bank to ever put a five day hold on my paychecks, regardless of the fact that they have never bounced. I was then repeatedly told, "It must be the other bank". The other bank was a corporate account at Wells Fargo. They paid the funds to Suntrust within hours of it being presented, so no; it's Suntrust holding my hard earned money from me for no good reason. While their in branch staff are friendly, they do not have the ability to remove a hold from a check, even when it has been verified that the check cleared the other bank and Suntrust has the funds. This is their "Loss Prevention" department, who only work bankers hours.

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    After many years with Suntrust Bank, we will moving our accounts immediately. It began with a very poor loan recommendation that has now has us up-side down, to most recently, moving funds from our personal checking account with no warning. We trusted thier advice and they made a pretty penny over the years on our loans and deposits, but when push came to shove, it was clear that their interest in our partneship was purley one-sided (shocker, right?). I recommend that they change their slogan to "Live Solid. Bank Solid. Get Screwed Solid."

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    Sat Nov 20 2010

    HATE THEM!!! Can I give a negative star score??? My mortgage was sold to them immediately after we bought 4 1/2 years ago and I have not had a single decent experience with them since. Everything from a simple bill payment to trying to refinance has cost me countless hours on the phone (mostly on hold), money, and frustration. Initially we had 2 mortgages through them and just trying to make monthly payments was a nightmare. Almost every month they applied payments to the wrong account resulting in either under or over payments which they would mail back to me. I would have to wait for the check to clear, redeposit it and resubmit payment. They would then charge late fees and sometimes I would have to make double payments just to avoid credit issues. This took countless hours on the phone every month to straighten out for almost a year until they finally sold the 2nd mortgage. I am also eligible to recieve an APR reduction under the Soldiers and Sailors Act because I am current... Read more

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    I have been in home loan modification with sun trust since April of 09'. I jumped through every hop, cleared all the road blocks they produced and communcated once a week for that year and three quaters. Was give two modification within the said time frame, payed faithfully and on time. Cut 2 bank drafted checks for the modification which were never cashed. The final came as a shocker after being told for the past 2 months that my modification was approved I would get the final documents when they were drawn up. Great but a letter followed stating that my loan with sun trust was sold to another provider. No other details were given. My modification went bye bye. I have been lied to, spent countless hours and money, as well as phone minutes, on this project with nothing to show in the end. Now I assume I will have a $6000.00 bill to pay just to stay in my home which I am upside down on. Is there a lawyer, contingency style, out there to take on this case to relieve my pain and su... Read more

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    I have been with Suntrust for a little over a month. Tomorrow I am finding a new bank. I signed up for overdraft coverage, which means I agree to pay Suntrust $36 every time I overdraft. BUT, it also means that I can draw on funds deposited on the same day and my debit card purchases will be approved. The deposit hits at midnight and any charges I made are debited from that. Today, after I deposited my check, my debit card declined authorization. I called customer service and was told that despite the agreement Suntrust and I had made to cover overdraft, it is up to their discretion whether they choose to or not. And they chose not to today. The customer service agent could not offer a reason. I have not had a single overdraft since I signed up last month. I called my local branch, and the financial rep could only say that "that should not have happened." Before I went to the grocery, I grabbed cash...just in case. Sure enough, not authorized. Glad I took cash, as that wou... Read more

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    Thu Nov 04 2010

    I haven't even finished opening my account, and I already hate Suntrust. First, 3 weeks ago, I tried opening an account online. For some reason my transaction errored out (some combination of data didn't verify I guess) but instead of telling me WHY and letting me fix it (it likely had something to do with my multiple residence addresses in the past year) I had to CALL and talk to someone on the phone to override the system manually. Hello, automate! Then, they have to send everything by mail now since I couldn't sign up online (otherwise I would have been up and running right then). Finally they send the signature card, which I promptly mailed back, and I get the email with the online access information. Guess what - it errors out again. After 1/2 hour on the phone, time which I do not have, the "specialist" finally figures out that my account is on hold and I have to go to the branch to get it straightened out. Why would they have sent me online access if everything wasn't rea... Read more

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    3 stars Suntrust pulled over a thousand dollars out of my business account saying I owed them for a over draft line of credit. They claimed I refused to make a payment plan with them which was untrue. I have no money for payroll this week because of this. I already had one foot in bankruptcy & thanks to there actions I now have no choice but to file bankruptcy. I offered to make a payment plan if they would replace the money in the account for now & they refused. I explained to them if the business goes in to bankruptcy they will not get the rest of the money I owe them. Of course they refused. Thank you Suntrust for helping yet another small business go belly up in this failing economy. Companies like yours are the reason we are in this recession !!!

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    Fri Sep 24 2010

    Suntrust is by far the most uncompromising company, they charge me NSF fees, I've only had 2 and they were a year ago. I just got one yesterday, which was not my fault and I call and they tell me they cant waive the fee due to the fact that they did it for me twice... a YEAR AGO!!! I am a great customer and they cant even help me out. So then( because Im a reasonable human being ) I say ok, I'll let it go! So I ask to be transfered to someone who can help me set up a savings account in order to get overdraft protection, so this doesn't happen in the future. What does she tell.....? for every time I overdraft ( even with 200$$ in my savings mind you ) they charge me 10$... are you kidding me? So really I am paying you for using my money, I am definitely upset and cannot understand why if the money is there and its not hurting them, I would still need to pay a fee? End result... switching to BOA, no fees and much more reasonable! Peace out suntrust

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    I have been Banking since I was 18 years old. I am currently 56. In all my years of banking since Suntrust Bank bought out CCB I have had one bad experience after another. Suntrust is without a doubt the most incompetent inept unprofessional banking institution I had ever had the displeasure to deal with. I had rental properties financed with CCB which Suntrust decided to cancel my loans. They were 5 year balloon 15 year commercial loans. I had to move the accounts to BB&T which BB&T more than willingly accepted! I have a credit rating around 740 something. I since have closed my savings account with them and opened new accounts with BB&T for Savings and checking. I have one checking account left with them into which only 1 deposit is made per month. They charge me $7.00 per month for this privlege. I have only 2 loans left with them after doing business with their CCB predecessor in the same building for over 20 years. I never defaulted on any loans and I made many loans with CCB. C... Read more

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    While I do agree that most banks save for possibly Bank of America do carry over draft fees, a fee to close your bank account is down right ridiculous. I banked with Suntrust for about five years, then one fine Friday afternoon, I was having lunch at this popular Argentine restaurant which is located very close to my office. Upon finishing my lunch, I gave the waitress my sun trust bank card and once she swiped it, the card gave her back an error message. Apparently, Suntrust decided to close my bank card and issue me a new one without notifying me. They cited a security issue. Now obviously I carry other cards with me, but that whole experience was clearly unnecessary. Thereafter I decided to move on to a larger bank, and moved all of my accounts to that bank, well upon closure Suntrust charged me a fee for closing my accounts. Now, I realize that a lot of you posting here that work in this terrible bank want to make lame excuses for their policies and what not. Let me tell... Read more

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    I worked for SunTrust for four (very long) years in its Treasury & Payment Solutions unit located in the Corporate Office (Plaza) building in downtown Atlanta. My casual observations of day-to-day activities include: 1) Entitled senior management with long employment histories (> 20-25 years) more concerned about their image and stock option appreciation than customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing 2) High turnover of new, recent college graduates, and talented staff hired away from other banks that were not allowed inside the tight circle of decision makers (who is going to run the bank when all of the old farts finally retire?) 3) High degree of image consciousness to the point where senior management wear their buttoned suit coats just to eat lunch in the food court with all of the little people 4) No one dares to challenge management decisions or think outside the box. After a while, you become a drone and learn not to rock the boat 5) Lack of camaraderie among inter-business... Read more

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    I used to think that SunTrust was probably just as good as any other bank, but now I realize that I was indeed mistaken. Their customer service has got to be the worst I've seen at any business. Their customer service line is full of reps that argue with you, tell you what you did wrong, and act like you are either a liar or an idiot. My account was unjustly charged on 3 separate occasions by AT&T (but that's another story), and SunTrust refused to waive the 3 returned penalty fees because apparently if you've ever made a transaction with a business, that business is authorized to charge your account at any time for no reason. At least, that's SunTrust's policy. Now I'm responsible for paying SunTrust $71.26 for something I'm not responsible for. They've literally made it #1 on my list of enemies. Good job SunTrust...

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    Sun May 23 2010

    Recently I changed my automatic payment options for a credit card. I did this a day late and SunTrust posted a payment for me to the card company. That overdrew my account, which would have been fine with me, had I not been walloped with a total of $300.00 in overdraft fees for that one error. SunTrust took $176.00 in fees from my checking account by posting debit card transactions which actually took place the day before the payment was made, and then they double-dipped by charging $174.00 in fees to my savings account due as part of their 'Overdraft Protection' fee. The fees against my savings account are nowhere to be found in their customer agreement literature. Their customer service is excellent. They do have the feel of a hometown bank but in the past few years they have acquired a reputation for overcharging their customers with questionable and usurious fees. They're simply not worth the risk to your wallet.

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    Sat May 08 2010

    Okay, so let me just start off by saying that this bank has ripped me off for over 700 dollars in overdraft fees. Mostly, I over drafted like 50 cents to a dollar and had deposited a check a few days before, but "legally they are allowed to hold the processing on a check for fourteen days". I swear they watch my account balance because if I have plenty of money in there, they process the check really quickly, but if it's been a rough month and I'm broke, it takes FOREVER for them to process my check Their online banking is ridiculous. Sometimes charges just disappear for no reason and then come back later and send your account into the negatives so that they can charge you 36 dollars a pop in extended overdraft fees. And if you think overdraft protection is going to help you...think again. I had overdraft protection but if you don't continuously add money to it, they cancel it and transfer the money into your checking. Also, if you overdraft--they don't just pull out the amount you... Read more

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    ***ALERT: HIGHLY ENTERTAINING WHISTLE BLOWER BLOG*** These bozos are the absolute worst. It makes me upset to see so many stories with the same theme, "NSF" fees and lack of customer support. I am absolutely removing all their money from their account, oops I mean my money from my account as soon as I am able to. And to think I use to work for these rat b@st@rds. Yes, I was the guy behind the counter processing checks and providing you, the valued customer, with the infamous Suntrust Customer Service smile. Right. I stopped smiling once I started attending the Financial Service Rep meetings I was forced to attend. I can tell you firsthand that you, the valued Suntrust Customer, are not so valued after all, and that in fact this company is out to fleece you at any which way they can. Does not matter whether you have millions of dollars and several accounts or are struggling to make $10 a week. These were low level meetings that occurred during the initial days of the real estate bub... Read more

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    Suntrust is nothing more than a band of thieves. They charge, don't tell, they promise, don't deliver... it's like, what the hell. They have put me in a financial spin ever since I've banked with them. I am usually not an angry person, but I found myself using profanities and my blood pressure went through the roof in speaking with one of their "service" agents, who apparently are programmed to repeat the same line over and over. "It was you. It was you." You'd be better off talking to a wall. They fail to take responsibility for how they conduct business. I have backup of all phone conversations with prior agents in doing something, and as I had planned it it would've turned out wonderfully. I kept asking the agent after the nonsense if this was true. She wouldn't answer. They can't admit fault. Just writing this is raising my blood pressure. Jesus. I'd rather keep money under my mattress.

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    0 Stars if I could on customer Service. Overall they deserve minus 5 Stars. I might be wrong but it looks like a big interest scam to me. We have been through one of the worst nightmares of our lives. We have been extremely ill from mold damage and the house has required nonstop cleaning to prevent filth in the living area from the mold. It took months of doctor visits to realize we had mold in our attic. When the adjuster for the insurance came out, he said we had mold attic and damage to the shingles as well. Kemper insurance sent us checks for the damage in a timely fashion. Since each check was more than $5000 they had to make the checks out to us and to SunTrust because the house is mortgaged. When I called SunTrust to find out what to do, I was told to send them the checks and when all of the work was done they would send out an inspector and if he approved the work we would be paid. Problem was, we needed over $6000 for supplies alone and the mold illness had caused me to lose m... Read more

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    Wed Mar 10 2010

    I went INTO the bank to make a withdrawal. I asked to withdraw, let's say $200. They gave it to me no problem. Two days later I look at my account and it is overdrawn a few dollars because of that $200 withdrawal. Why would they give it to me without saying anything? I was in the bank for heavens' sake. Right there. They could have said no we can't give to you because you don't have it, like they do plenty of other times. Why would I think I did not have it, if the teller herself gave it to me?

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    1 stars DO NOT USE SUNTRUST BANK!!!! They are sneaky thieves. I opened a money market account. (dog do-do interest) I wire transferred some money to another account. They charged $50.00 the next month as an account analysis fee. No mention (warning) at the time of the request. I absolutely assure the readers that I would not have wasted that much money on a transfer that was trivially small. Hell only knows what other fees are lurking while I get my money out of there. DO NOT use this bank.

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    Thu Feb 25 2010

    SUNTRUST are thieves. We had a merchant make an error and charge our account. The merchant immediately rectified their mistake, however our account was not to be credited for three days. In the meantime, we were told we would receive a temporary credit. The credit was there one day and gone the next. It reappeared and was then moved to the last transaction so that Suntust could bounce several items and charge my account $288 in insufficient fees. Had the credit been applied properly, there would have been no insufficient funds; but of course, then the bank would not make any money. THIS BANK IS TERRIBLE!!! Customer service is awful. DO NOT BANK HERE. NEGATIVE FIVE STARS

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    DO NOT BANK WITH SUNTRUST!! I REPEAT DO NOT BANK WITH SUNTRUST!! OR ANY BANK...STICK WITH THE CREDIT UNIONS! I was a very loyal customer with them a little over 7 yrs. I was content with them up until 2 months ago. My checking acct was a little low, so I went to a branch in Publix to deposit $200. Well, the teller there stated that my deposit would clear by 9am the next day. So I went ahead about my day since I had some money still in my acct. Got gas, picked up a few groceries, & bought some personal care items at CVS. All cool right?.....NOT!! My deposit didnt clear for another 2 days & I was hit with $156 worth of overdraft fees!! All total my purchases were maybe $35. I called the Customer Service line to explain what happened, but she said there was nothing she could do. I was not to be paid until the next week so I say SCREWED! 6 business days later I was hit with a $72 Extended Overdraft Fee! The next day the direct deposit hit from my job, which they took their fees out of. I... Read more

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    Fri Jan 22 2010

    My name is Nelson Reid Phifer; I am 60 years old and have been a row crop and a poultry farmer for 40+ years. I have been a customer of SunTrust Bank, which was formerly Central Carolina Bank, and Security Bank, since 1964. I have never had a blemish on my credit and have maintained a superior credit score even as a farmer in some extremely lean years. I am thoroughly disgusted with the current situation that SunTrust has caused to lower my credit score. I have written and called to every department available to me in both the bank and to all the banking regulators. I am appealing directly to the public to get an opinion on my plight in the banking bureaucracy. As a farmer and friend I co-signed the above referenced account for a Hispanic gentleman that works for me since his English is limited. He has always been prompt in making payments. This late payment was due to a breakdown of communications, I was not contacted until the loan was 30 days past due. Mr. Lopez had bund... Read more

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    Fri Jan 22 2010

    All I can say is "Yikes!" I was just about to open a new account with Sun Trust until I was smart enough to Google for reviews of the bank and read them all--well, most of them, anyway. I have been with Columbus Bank & Trust in Columbus, Georgia for nearly a year after being with Wells Fargo in California nearly thirty years. They weren't too cool, by the way. Anyway, CB&T is a great bank from what I can see . . . very friendly folks both via phone and certainly in person. Email issues are pretty good, too. They were slow to pay my online bills recently by several days so I was annoyed and decided to switch to Sun Trust as they have a branch in Publix where we grocery shop at least every 10 days or so, so it seemed logical to go there. Walked up to a representative to inquire about their promptness insofar as bill pay and was met with much enthusiasm by the representative who handed me brochure and a small wall/desk calendar along with her business card which, unfortunately f... Read more

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    Wed Dec 30 2009

    SunTrust Gift cards are scams! I received a $250.00 gift card I registered it on line and called and called customer service to activate the card. I went to the mall spent $30.00 the cashier stated the card was declined. I was embarrassed!!! I tried to make a online purchase for $50.00 purchase was declined. I called customer service at 1-888-373-5707 they stated every time you call us we are deducting $3.00 off your gift card. I went to a restaurant spent $10.17 card was declined. Do not embarrass yourself this is a scam scam scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    Online Banking. I deposited a $100 out of state check in my ATM. It never showed as pending. The day it showed online, it showed as cleared and available. This check was from a small doctors office and should not have cleared the same day. Something is fishy here. Shouldn't that check show pending for at least a day or two? Could it be that they showed it cleared and available without it really being so? Could this be the way Suntrust makes money in fees? By showing checks as cleared and available when they really are not? If you spend the money - then I bet the check would show pending! How is a customer supposed to know when a check clears?

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    First off, I want to say screw you to anyone lecturing anyone on ehere about managing finances. This has nothing to do with teh malicious behavior of Suntrust. THEY BLOW. THE WORST, non-consistent bamk I have ever seen. Sometimes, my deposits clear immediately, others it seems to take days, coincidentally when my balance is low so that they can hold me and my money up to allow for overdrafts. I know the game by now as I have been with them a year. My deposits are not drawn on Suntrust so this has nothing to do with it. They are thieves. STAY AWAY from these assholes. Today, with electronic clearing houses, checks shoud clear overnight, worst case 2 days. There is no excuse and every other bank I have been with liek Wachovia for example, will gran tyou access to part o fyour deposits anyway until the checks clear. You get NOTHING at Suntrust. If another charge comes in and your checks haven't cleared yet there is no consideration for the fact your money IS IN THE BANK AND THEY ARE ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    Worst bank in the industry, hands down. I have a checking and building construction loan from them. The people who are responsible for the construction loan are the most inept and rude people I have ever dealt with in my life. I have to constantly badger them to give the correct amount of money from my construction draws, and then they even make "mistakes" and give me the wrong amount. They purposely have shorted me on multiple occasions, and then after I finally get the required reports from them and analyze them myself, I find the mistake, point it out to them, and they say, oops it got overlooked, and charge me for another draw!! The checking account is handled by a nice enough person, but I have to call them on a monthly basis to correct a maintenance fee that is not supposed to assessed on a free checking account. I kindly tell them it's not a big deal that I can call in next month because no mater what they do, it does not get fixed. They swear up and down that they can fi... Read more

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    Suntrust has got to be the WORST bank you could possibly choose. Their online banking is extremely confusing and is NEVER updated correctly. Each day, your account looks completly different despite the fact that you keep records of all your purchases and desposits. Their customer service representatives are very rude and unhelpful. Will never use them again!

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    Thu Nov 05 2009

    Too bad it cannot be rated a big fat "0" ! Suntrust is garbage when it comes to banks. They will bleed you dry on fees if you get an overdraft. They will hit you for $21 then within 7 days they will hit you for another $36. They are nothing more than blood suckers. They are also assholes when it comes to their employees, one day I pull in to cash a check, the teller I have known for 4 years says" Hi,**** how is everything going and we chat for a minute about how our children are doing. She sends a lollipop along for my son :) The day after that I pull in and my favorite teller says,"Welcome to Suntrust what can I do for you?" At the end of the transaction she says, "Will there be anything else I can do for you? I say, "no." She says with the look of a stepford wife,"Thank you for banking at Suntrust." Rather than our usual good byes, and take it easy, etc...They have this lady all of a sudden acting like a damn robot!! Some idiot suit at the top of that shitty bank must have said, "THI... Read more

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    Poor hours, and a filthy ATM machine, especially at night when the bug infestation (spiders, webs, mosquitos, gnats, moths, etc.) is at its worst. I could never get the online business banking to work properly. Customer service had to keep emailing me a new password, but they don't tell you that you have a limited amout of time to log in with it before it's voided. Then you have to request a new one. Wachovia's online banking, while still primitive is way better, and much easier to use. I opened a second account recently to deposit our company's taxes in. The same day I opened it the account was mysteriously closed. The bank could offer no explanation as to why. We decided to leave the few small things (like web hosting) that were being automatically charged to the account, but agreed to soon close it. Since we weren't actively using the account, and not really paying attention to the total, it had overdrafted. Upon realizing this, I made a deposit. To verify the deposit post... Read more

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    Thu Oct 15 2009

    I open an account online with SunTrust Bank.  I received a settlement and went to deposit the check.  I understand that they put a hold on the account because it was an out of state check.  However, after I opened the account they closed it the next day saying that because I owe Bank of America they could not keep me as a customer.  So I was like ok and I understood.  But now that my check has cleared and they have collected the money from the bank out of state they are holding on to my monies.  I talked to customer service she stated that after the fraud department get through investigating that they would send me a check and it would take up to 60 days.  I told them I don’t understand their policy it did not take 60 days for them to close my account.  Any idiot would have called the bank to see if the funds were available before taking a deposit of a lump sum.  Not only have that why can’t the branch give me a cashier’s checked why do I have to wait for corporate to cut me a check. ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    I wish I would have seen these reviews earlier. They dont deserve the 1 star. 90% of the people I talk to are extremely rude. Terrible bank. We just opened an account because we came to Florida from Ohio. They mailed our check cards to the wrong address, but kept denying it for 3 weeks. So, no access to our money. After 7 phone calls, they admitted their mistake and I asked if they could overnight the check cards to us since it was their mistake. They said no. They would reissue new cards and we would have to wait 2-3 weeks again. If we want them faster, we have to pay $25 PER CARD to get them overnighted to us. So, desperate to get access to our money, I paid $25 for one card. Back home in Ohio, if our bank screwed up, they took care of it. They didn't pass it on to the customer. Stay away from them and get another bank! US Bank has always been good to us, but they are not in Florida.

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    I just opened an account with Sunbank 10 days ago--They still have my original deposit on Hold-When I tried to deposit more money they said that would be put on Hold too. I called and waited an hour 3 times to be able to log into my account on line without success-finally they said wait for an e-mail--I am still waiting! As soon as I can I will close my account-they are the worst of the worst banks I have ever had to deal with.

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    Tue Sep 15 2009

    We recently moved to the south and had to switch banks. We are responsible with our money, had very few issues at our old bank and went into the Suntrust experience pretty naively. We should have done our research. We had been with them for about two months in total and had deposited about 3-4 paychecks into our checking account when they decided to put a "hold" on our paycheck about two weeks ago without informing us. I had checked our online banking earlier in the day and our deposit had cleared so I went to the grocery store. My card was declined for insufficient funds. Figuring this was a mistake (luckily we had another form of payment we could use at that time so we didn't have to leave our 200.00 worth of food in the store and walk away ~mortifying), we went home and checked our online account. They had debited the entire deposit amount out of our account and, upon further investigation by my husband, they had put a hold on the deposit (his paycheck and a check f... Read more

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    When dealing with SunTrust Bank I feel like I've walked back into the dark ages. Even their online banking is twenty years behind their competition, but I should have known the first time I tried one of their ATM machines, which was more like watching snails crawl in a tin can. Having moved to Florida, my wife and I were attempting the tedious process of swithching banks and credit unions for our savings and redirecting our annuities and other automatic deposits to a local bank, when I made the unfortunate mistake of assuming SunTrust was as good as any other local bank. On the bright sunny side of banking, the only good fortune I found, was realizing what a mistake I had made when choosing SunTrust Bank, before I had made arrangements to re-direct our savings and funds. Actually, one of my monthly automatic annuity deposits had already begun going their, but that was easy to change back, compared to having to set up all new accounts somewhere else all over again and move it al... Read more

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