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    Thu Jan 05 2012

    Stoli is the old standby vodka and probably the one that most other vodkas are judged against for taste and cost. As such, it's ok as a medium shelf vodka for the combination of taste and cost.

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    Wed Apr 20 2011

    It is critical to distinguish the Stoli produced for the Russian market and then exported illegally and the Stoli that is sold in the USA. The Stoli from Russia is shit vodka with СПИ on the label in Cyrillic. The label with SPI in English letters is produced by a different company that uses Russian grain that is distilled in Russia and exported to the USA through the former Soviet Republic of Latvia. In some countries like Dubai and parts of the third world (especially countries with good ties to Russian illegal exporters), they import that cheap crap from the Russian market. But the product sold in the US and Europe from SPI is the real thing and is quite good. This is the same company that produced it in the Soviet times and is the only real Stoli.

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    Wed Nov 10 2010

    Might help you with stomach parasites.

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    Other than wine, the Cape Cod, Cape Codder - or as I like to call it Vodka and cranberry juice - is my favorite drink. When it comes to Vodka brands I admit a lack of discernment - unless they're mixed with something they all pretty much smell as though they are meant to remove barnacles from the bottom of a boat. I like Stolichnaya because it does the job and by gosh it's just a cool sounding name.

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    I lived in Dubai for 5 years, drank a lot of Stoli, why because it is the cheapest bottom shelf vodka from Russia. $5.72 for a 750ml bottle, this stuff is way overpriced here in the USA. Not worth drinking at the $28 a bottle at the local liquor store. Try Stravinsky, much better and you can get a 1.75 for a lot less.

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    a good vodka shouldn't have any noticeable flavor...well, Stoli has a definite, unpleasant aftertaste.

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    Thu Nov 26 2009

    great to taste, no hang over at all, very low in calories, affordable price

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    It's a ok Vodka with some burn to it. Does not mix very well either. This is a average vodka but by no means a real good Russian Vodka. Save your money because this stuff is way overpriced compared to Vodkas that are better in taste, like Burnetts vodka, Sobieski, and a bunch others that cost less and are better overall.

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    At one time the best vodka you could get in the U.S. but not anymore. With the arrival of many other imported vodkas and boutique distillers like Pearl and Tito's in North America that is no longer the case. If you want a decent Russian vodka at a bargain price try Black Sea.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    Like it on occasion.

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    best vodka

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    Stoli has always been one of my fav's....way better than Grey Goose

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    Thu Jul 09 2009

    Stoli is a decent vodka but I prefer it mixed with something -- grapefruit juice, maybe, or tomato juice. I'd use a different vodka for drinks like Gibsons and Martinis. Yes, it's the perfect morning vodka.

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    Tue Jul 07 2009

    Expensive but worth the money. Goes down smooth, crisp taste and you don't end up hating life the next day.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    I like Stolichnaya or "Stoli." While not as pure as Grey Goose, it is relatively smooth. For this reason, it is popular in "Stoli Dolis"--which are pineapples (I guess the "Doli" comes from "Dole" tropical produce) soaked in the vodka overnight. It also comes in a variety of flavors. It is a good alternative to Absolut if you're looking for a slightly cheaper option.

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    Fri Mar 06 2009

    worst vodka Ive ever had

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    Sat Jul 26 2008

    Clean Clear Crisp with enough oil to cut through the caviar's salt

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I agree it's over priced, but it is pretty good. Like everything else, it's a matter or individual taste. C'mon, some people actually like Smirnoff more than Stoli. Go figure.

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    Stolichnaya is very good but has become far too expensive. They offer an extensive variety of flavors, some of which are ordinary and others great. I have to admit, I buy Burnett's since the last Stoli price increase.

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    Thu May 08 2008

    Less expensive,very smooth and a pure intresting taste. I always drink it with natural orange juice.

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    Thu May 08 2008

    See what we are doing with Stolichnaya girls in Serbia.

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    completly over rated! the emperors new clothes. give your own opinion not someone elses.

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    These guys giving it a low rating, I cannot understand it. I drink this straight from the freezer, neat, all the time. And love it. Highly reccomended.

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    Mon Jan 21 2008

    I bought it back when it really was a bargain. O.K. with a little more character than many others but now overpriced. I bet the Russians make this for under $5 per gallon.

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

    i like the vanilla flavoured alot.

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    Wed Oct 24 2007

    Definitely not worth the price tag.  I tried it straight at room temperature, and straight cold (bottle was in the freezer).  It had a nasty taste to it that reminded me of Smirnoff.  With ice it wasn't good, and even mixed it wasn't that appealing.  Save your money.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    This is awesome vodka. I've been drinking it since I was a lad. It's much less expensive and far smoother than some of the big names. Makes a great espresso martini or any martini for that matter.

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    Burns the throat a bit. OK if nothing else is available

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    Fri May 18 2007

    Was given a 92 rating by the Beverage Tasting Institute in Nov. 2006, and was described thusly: "Cotton candy and mineral aromas follow through to a smooth supple medium body with sweet cream, powdered sugar, and talc flavors. Finishes with a sweet white pepper fade. Classic Russian style with a good cutting character."

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    Tue May 15 2007

    "??????????? ??????" It's russian for Alcoholic Sl*ts

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    Sat May 05 2007

    Nice and smooth relative to its price point.

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    Mon Feb 26 2007

    Do not understand all thess excellent reviews at all. Clearly has a particular aftertaste, and certain harshness going down. Much worse than Elit, no comparison here. Really awful in comparison to REAL super premiums, like VanGogh, Blue Ice, and MANY others. Not as smooth, or neutral as Chopin, Ketel 1, Belvedere or Tito's. Too many vodkas are clearly a better choice. Stay away if UR looking for purity of Pearl, etc.

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    What a great Vodka! I've been drinking Vodka for over 20 years and dirty martini's for about 5 and nothing is smoother than Stoli. I constantly try new Vodka's out but I always come back to Stoli. You can can serve Stoli to anyone without fear. It simply the best. Hats off to Stoli for a great Vodka at a ridiculously low price to boot!

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    Hmm. I would give Stoli a solid 4 star rating when compared to other standard Vodkas in it's class like Schmirnoff and Skyy. It burns less than S-noff and tastes better than Skyy. When bought at Costco it becomes a bargain at 25 dollars a handle (1.75 L). However, overall, it's still not very good. My standard for 4 stars would be could you drink a Dry Martini with the vodka. And Stoli doesn't cut it. Keep it in the freezer and you will be fine.

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    Wed Aug 23 2006

    it's no big deal it's a normal vodka

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    Wed Aug 09 2006

    better than what?

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    Sun May 28 2006

    Stolichnaya is a decent cheap vodka but is surely nothing to brag about. It is not especially smooth or good in taste, and additionally it does not mix very well either. I really want to try the Elit but cant get up the nerve to spend 50 dollars on fifth of this

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    Mon Mar 13 2006

    Once priced as a premium vodka, Stoli is now an incredible bargain with the influx of $25+ bottles in the market. Minimal burn (3/4) with subtle flavorings, unlike today's premiums which push the envelope with taste and character that are redefining vodka itself. A trusty, affordable standby that deserves a place on every top shelf.

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    Tue Mar 07 2006

    Not bad. A bit overrated though.

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    Sun Sep 04 2005

    This is a premium vodka made in Russia where vodka was first made. It's different from others because it is filtered throught birch charcoal and quartz, this make it very pure and gives the vodka a distinctive taste. This is a quality vodka for the fact that I can drink this straight from the freezer, I can't do this with with other vodkas like Smirnoff or Absolut. Lower quality vodkas can only be mixed and they also have a chance of causing a hangover the next day. Stoli is crystal clear with a clean finish, good flavor and finish when drank straight and also good for mixing. Sure it doesn't have a cool looking bottle and multi million dollar ads but it's what inside that counts.

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    Wed Aug 24 2005

    russian vodkas are worse then polish

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    i may not be 21 but it is a great vodka and hopfully will stay so.

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    Wed Jul 27 2005

    my very first premuim vodka 20yrs ago or so.

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    Fri Jul 08 2005

    Slavic vodka at its best- a wee pricey but good.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    Another very good vodka. Price is very fair, taste makes it an outstanding buy. Flavor varities also very good.

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    Wed Mar 23 2005

    very sooth can't believe it made from potato's

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    Wed Mar 23 2005

    Its a good, if not great vodka, and just to clarify, Rex Terrana, its made from grain, not potatoes.