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    Thu Mar 22 2012

    I bought the M2000 in December 2009. The gun worked great though the first two boxes of shells. Then 1 misfire in the third box. Now it misfires about 20% of the time, regardless of the brand of shells. it makes very faint marks on the primer when it misfires. It saved the lives of several ducks at the end of the season. When I called the company to set up the warranty repair they asked what brand of shells I was using. They said that they are having problems with Remmington and Kent shells. I was very disappointed to hear the gun Company blame the ammo. The gun is being sent back for repair, but I WILL NOT be using an M2000 next season. The gun came back from repair after one month they said that they adjusted the fore end and trigger bow. When the problem started I began visually checking the position of the extractor after each shot. The gun never failed to cycle completely. The bolt always rotated to the fully closed position. I doubt that the fore end work did anythin... Read more

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    Sat Jan 28 2012

    The Stoeger website indicates the gun will not cycle a load lighter than 1 1/8 oz or 3 1/4 dram. "The Stoeger Model 2000 fires everything from 1-1/8 ounce field and target loads to the heaviest 3” waterfowl loads without adjustments." odel_2000.php I've now fired over 1200 rounds (by 2010). I never had a failure with a heavy load (or hunting load). Recently I shot Winchester AA Heavy Target Loads AND Remington Gold Target Loads (premium) with complete success. All are 1 1/8 oz loads. I consider a heavy load to be at least 1 1/4 oz. I have found many different light loads (1 1/8 oz or less) to sometimes not cycle the bolt (those shotshells always sell for the lowest price ($5.00/25)). But if I use premium target loads (1 1/8 oz or greater) then I never have any problems. When my gun was new it WOULD cycle light loads including 1 oz loads. Edit 6-10-2011: Today I fired over 100 rounds of the lowest cost target shotshell from Wal... Read more

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    Sat Jan 14 2012

    I grew up in Gulf Hammock, Florida hunting in the late Seventies and am now getting back into gun sports as a late middle aged man. I've taken up Trap shooting and bought a Beretta 3901 and a Stoeger 2000 because I could have both for the cost of one Benelli. The truth is the Stoeger is a superior gun. I've just started out, but the Stoeger has operated without a misfire having fired about 250 shells and it is breaking in real nice. I'm thrilled to report that I broke 21 out of 25 pigeons in my second round of Trap after 30 years of inactivity. I actually think the red bar glowing plastic front sight helps a great deal. The Stoeger is a sweet gun that feels right to me every time I throw it up to my shoulder. The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional for the price. The inertia drive mechanism operates smoothly and the walnut stock is shining beautifully now that I've rubbed it down with teak oil a good ten time. The gun is also a breeze to clean. I'm truly sorry to se... Read more

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    Fri Oct 28 2011

    I own a 2000 and found a man in Midland Texas that builds an extension tube. I compete in 3 gun and have gone up against FN and Benelli,s the 2000 does more than hold it,s own. We must remember that the operator has to have faith in his or her choice of weapon. I have never had my 2000 go down or miss a beat.

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    Mon May 09 2011

    Solid gun and solid performance for the price. I own both a Benelli SBE I and SBE II and won the Stoeger 2000 Max 4 at a DU event this year. I have been shooting Benellis since 1997 when they were imported by H&K. After running the Stoeger M2000 through the paces, I must say I am impressed. Note, while the interia driven bolt is the same design, the cycle spring resides on the magazine tube with a carrier mechanisim for the ID bolt. The SBE's cycle spring resides in the stock and is a cleaner and easier gun to maintain, but for the price the M2000 is a good bet. Fit and finish on the M2000 are good and I have not had a single misfire yet. Weight distribution is good, but a bit heavier than the SBE's. It also seems to be a bit more nose heavy, but nothing too overbearing. I recommend that you spend a few more bucks and shoot heavy loads your first 100 rounds to break the gun in. I did this with both Benelli's and the M2000 and it works. Magnum waterfowl loads are what I use... Read more

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    I've had mine for over 3 seasons now. I duck hunt at least 40 days out of our season here in LA. I clean it maybe twice a season if its lucky and have had no problems at all. Had a few misfires but it was wet and in the low teens each time. One time it happened I was using the butt of the gun to break ice earlier in the hunt. I hunt public land mostly so its either shoved in tree branches or sitting on the ground so i dont have to hold it the hole time. Best gun for your money, hands down. I've been hunting with people who were swear by Browning, Beretta, and Remington, and have had a few switch to M2000 just on its performance the times I've hunted with them. I honestly think anybody with a bad word about this gun got a lemon, or isn't being truthful. I'll be upgrading to a SBE 2 this year or next. Only because i want one. I would recommend this gun to anyone new or old to the sport.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    Bought my P2000 3 years ago, first semi I have ever owned. Have several hundred rounds through it with no jams and only one misfire. I blame that on myself and the weather. Temps were extremely low on that goose hunt. The high for the day was 14 degrees. I failed to use the best oil when I cleaned it the last time. I used Rem-Oil. Known for not liking the cold. Took it home and recleaned and used Kroil and never had a problem with it since. Had a few friends that did with theirs though. Not sure what the problem is but my guess is the oil. One buddy that had lots of problems with his, I found out wasn't real smart when it came to putting everything back in properly and tightening the screws properly. In my opinion it's a great gun. People have complained about having to keep it clean. In my opinion they want something they don't have to mess with and shouldn't own a gun at all if they aren't going to keep it clean. Just asking for something to happen and it could be disasterous. If you... Read more

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    Fri Dec 24 2010

    I just got mine (Stoger M2000, 12 gauge) as a Christmas gift and I love it... I put 54 rounds through it of the Remington Express Magnum Buckshot’s, 12 gauge, 3", and 00BK without a problem. I am new to Duck Hunting and did not want to spend a bunch of money right off so I looked for something that I could learn the sport with and could trust to get the job done. I have also read a lot of posts on many different sites and it seem that the key is to keep the gun clean after you have used it. So far so good... the shotgun is ok with me. Read more:

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    Worst gun I have ever owned. I have duck hunted since I could carry a gun, and this has to be the worst gun ever. It jammed the first week I used it. Keep it clean, does not matter. I have used all brands of shells, why should that matter. Don't let them pull that B.S. I don't want a gun I can't rely on. You guys can say "Oh all you have to do is clean it, adjust it, tighten, twist it" what ever, but who wants to spend their time in the field doing all that. You must not be doing much hunting, if you have time to do all that. Come on out and say it about this gun. IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP. Why would you have a screw come loose. Definitely manufacturers fault. They send this crap out, put a cheap price on it and everybody says, " Oh it is worth the money" Is your money not worth anything, whether it is $10, or $500. They need to have some kind of quality or it's crap. Don't waste your money, buy a quality gun that you don't have to glue screws in. I now own a piece of scrap metal with the ... Read more

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    Sun Sep 19 2010

    I puchased the gun used without doing any research. Never had a misfire, but while duck hunting on the second day the carrier latch fell apart then i had a single shot. Benelli sent me the parts for free, but the time the repair was finished the season was over. The 2000 fits me well and I was pretty happy until this dove season. I shot about 12 times then the carrier got in front of the breech lock lever and stuck the the gun open. So with no tools I was screwed. I took the gun to trade it off where I purchased it and the gun they had almost $500 on was now worth $230 on trade. Needless to say I then began to cuss. I had the same with a Franchi, $700 to $400. There is nothing like getting screwed every time you turn around. Don't screw yourself on buying this cheaper crap, save for 5 years and buy $1200 piece of crap. I spit on Benelli junk

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    Sun May 16 2010

    My remington 870 supermag was a piece of junk, im debateing on the stoeger m2000 or the franchi i 12 does any body know any plus/minuses on either?

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    Sun May 02 2010

    I bought my Stoeger Model 2000, Black Synthetic, with a 26 inch barrel in September 2006 for $359. After disassembling it and giving it a thorough "GI" cleaning and lubing, the next day I went dove hunting. The gun worked flawlessly using 1 1/8 oz Winchester AA # 71/2 shot. I have since fired countless shells of varying brands through it without malfunction and can simply say that it works. I have shot sporting clays with it and taken it on duck hunts and it has worked every time. In my opinion, it looks sleek, has great balance, swings well, and is overall a joy to shoot. Being ex-Army, I am a stickler for weapons maintenance which I thinks help with functionality. To be truthful, I have two friends who are Benelli owners and hardcore waterfowlers who liked my 2000 so much they each bought one and have not been disappointed. We all admit the Stoeger is obviously not as refined as the Benelli, but it makes a great "working man's" shotgun. Sorry to hear some of the posters have had... Read more

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    Wed Apr 21 2010

    I've had my Stoeger for over 2 years now and found that loads lighter than 1oz didn't cycle through the best at first. Since I bought mine in the summer, I used it for trap shooting before taking it out into the field. I've been hunting with it for two years now and have had absolutely no problems. I clean my after almost every use since it is so simple to take apart. I've read reviews about a screw in the ejection mechanism coming loose and falling out. I have yet to have any problems with the screw that people have been talking about. Could some explain more thoroughly where the screw is so I can glue it in? If I can avoid the hassle of losing the screw that would be awesome. Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain which screw you are referring to.

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    Sat Apr 17 2010

    This Stoeger 2000 (28" 12ga Black Synthetic) is my first semi-auto. I've had it over 3 years now, shoot a few hundred rounds of sporting clays a year. My first gun was a Stoeger P-450 pump... which I used to win this one... compared to that, this one kicks almost as much (surprising - definitely more than Bennelli, Browning, and Remington autos I've shot - but not uncomfortable if you're a decent sized guy who knows how to hold a gun). On the plus side, the Stoeger auto feels much better balanced than the Stoeger Pump. Both the pump and the auto don't have the most robust finish, scratches a little easy, but not too bad. Early on the auto would jam on the last round in the mag... to the point where I always loaded three to shoot two... not the safest. After my first year I found that if I shoot 1 1/8 oz loads 3+ dram eq it is fine. I can go lighter with Winchester or Remington, but not Federal or Estate. Now it rarely jams (one or two of the last 400 rounds). But occasionally ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 04 2010

    This may be the worst shotgun I have ever owned. I paid over 400 dollars for it. You can scratch it with your fingernail. It misfires every 4th shot. The gun is absolute junk. Company won't do anything for me. The only good thing is it is a pretty gun besides having poor blueing.

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    Sat Mar 27 2010

    My 17 year old bought the Stoeger m2000 in January 2009 with his Christmas money, little did he know that he was buying a $500.00 lesson in life. We are both avid upland game, duck, and goose hunters, so, needless to say the shotgun is used hard in all types of is my Mossberg 500, and has been for 30 plus years. In all of those years I've had the old mossie in the shop a total of 1 time. The Stoeger on the other hand has been in twice, and it's on the way back to the shop again! Same old problem that the rest of the world has with the firing pin/mechanism. All in all the gun is your money and time...and either buy a different brand of semi-auto, or just get a good old pump!

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    When I was making the decision to buy the Stoeger Model 2000, I came across several comments on the unreliability of it's cycling rounds properly right out of the box. The rest of the info about the gun seemed pretty positive, so I decided to give it a try. Admittedly, even after I cleaned it prior to taking it out for shooting clays the first time, I had a few problems with it only firing one shot and having to hit the magazine release button to start the cycle again. However, I did run a box of heavy load shells through it - 3.75 dram eq., and one box of 3.25 dram eq., then gave it another really good cleaning. It seems like the really heavy oil they pack the gun in from factory is what was restricting the gun from functioning properly. I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the breech and action within the gun, and next time out, worked like a charm. Very easy to disassemble and clean, by the way. As recommended by several of the other reviews, I cycled another heavy load box o... Read more

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    Wed Mar 10 2010

    ive had this gun since they first came out. one day me and one of my buddies were floating down the river and turned the canoe over in 30 some degree water and lost everything in it including our 2 shotguns. with the water being so cold we somehow completely forgot about our guns and decided to make the 3 mile or so float back to the house. it wasnt long after we got home we thought about it. we went back the next day and after a hour or so we had recovered both guns. after washing it out on the riverbank i put 3 shells in it and it didnt miss a beat, after spending the night underwater covered in sand. my gun is very reliable as long as it is oiled.

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    i got this gun as a christmas present and it has worked beautifully, it has jamed very rarly but it just needs to be cleaned

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    I got this shotgun as a christmas gift and I have loved It. I have never had a problem with missfiers and eject problems. All I ever do for cleaning is ram a old shirt down the barel and spray it with gun oil. Reliable gun and feels good to shoot,I dont even aim down the sight as much as point and shoot. I have a concern with the paint peeling and have seen some chips. I think I may cover it. Great gun.

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    I went to Woulf outdoors in Athens Texas to buy a $1500 black eagle. The gunsmith and personal friend Brian asked me why spend so much when I can put you into almost the same gun for $1000 less. He showed me the Stoeger2000 & then the Black Eagle and they looked very similar. I bought the Stoeger 2000 instead thinking why spend an Extra $1000 just for the name. BAD DECISION!!!!!!!!!! I came home and put the gun together and then decided to look on the net for reviews. I expected tons of good things to be said about the 2000 and I felt very smart at making a great choise saving money. I found %50 bad reviews and 50% good review which kinda made me sick at my stomach. I continued to look at the net for more info but found the same reviews. I should have looked at the reviews before buying this shotgun. I took it out today for a test using high velocity shells to give the gun the best chance to perform good. The first 2 shells worked fine but the 3rd shell caused a major malfunction. ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    Mis-fire would be a better name for this gun. I also was told by Stoeger customer service it was the ammo so I switched to their "recommended" brands with no improvement. The gun will shoot for a while, maybe 20 rounds, then it will mis-fire about as often as it fires. Very, very frustrating when a bunch of greenheads are setting down in front of you!!! Has been to the gunsmith already with no improvement, will be sending back to the factory soon and will expect a long turn around time as it was sent back before being shot due to camo coating failure and it took 4 months!!! Curious what they will tell me 'I' was doing wrong...

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    Smooth. Reliable. Cheap. I throw it in the backseat with my companion Labradoodle from Wilson Creek Kennels,WI. I never cleaned it this season as I'm a slob. Also, I'm short armed, so I cut the stock down 3" and Gorilla glued the butt plate back on. I hunt pheasants out the door of my rural South Dakota home. Eat your heart out !! If it kicks, you'll never notice while bird hunting or you are just a wimp. This gun is Benelli's cheap, Turkish version. It's composite stock and black metal parts are made for abuse. You can have mine but you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Henry

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    Thu Jan 28 2010

    just got mine. It shoots wonderfull, but it kicks like a pissed mule. I put a limbsaver on it and that helped a bunch. It cycled winchester shells fine, but the 5th shot with federal would not cycle completely. hopefully with a little more breaking and oiling in it will cycle the full mag of federal. Over all I love the gun and will tell anyone to get one.

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    3 years ago I purchased the Stoeger M-2000 ADV MAX-4. I hunted 1 season with it. My first Hunt dearing Texas's Early Teal Season the paint on the stock faded very badly. Every now and then it would miss fire because the bolt carrier wasnt all the way forward. This duck seasonh of 2009-2010 i went hunting 5 or so times. It miss fired atleast 3-4 times every hunt. Its pretty aggrevating and depressing when ducks are flying into your spread and you squeeze the trigger and you get a click and you watch the birds flare off. Well i went hunting yesterday jan the 9th of 2010. Some gadwall were coming into our spread i raised up to shoot and it did not fire. They began to flare and flyaway. Well i got dissapointed you could say, I grabbed my gun and slammed it against my sitting stool and broke it. its probably the best decision I ever made. Another thing is everytime i shoot it the pin near the trigger guard tends to pop out. Not Cool. Well im going to go back to my REM 870 Express pump until... Read more

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    Sun Dec 13 2009

    After only about 10-12 trips in the field deer hunting, the camo finish has began to rub off. What makes it worse is the gun is white under the finish, not really good for blending in to the woods of South Carolina. Stoeger says they will re-dip the finish for me after deer season. We'll see in January. Other wise, the gun has operated flawlessly. The screw will fall out of the side and has to be tightened regularly.

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    Tue Dec 01 2009

    To begin I have fired many shotguns, mossbergs, remmingtons, benneli's, and of course my old winchester 1400. I recently purchased the stoeger model 2000 max 4 with a 28" barrel, this last Saturday I went pheasant and chukar hunting and destroyed them with this shotgun it handles and operates like a super black eagle. This is my favorite shotgun for alot of reasons operation, cleaning, handling, and of course price. Hands down for the price I purchased mine at for $489.00 at sportsmans wharehouse you cannot ask anything more out of a semi-auto soon I will do some duck and turkey shoots with it. Another important fact is this,.... clean your guns properly I dont know how many times I've spoken to friends and they dont know how to properly break down and clean the shotgun, and then perform the function test. I was in the Marines for many years and cleaned many a gun if you want it to be your best friend clean, clean, clean and learn how to operate it properly I have read some of the re... Read more

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    Sun Sep 20 2009

    This is a great gun and very affordable I purchased this gun in max4HD earlier this year for the incident waterfowl season. When new it did need heavier 1 1/8oz loads to cycle but after a few hundred rounds it cycled down to 7/8oz fine. I did quite a bit of trap shooting in the months before opening weekend to get my eye in and put 750-1000 rounds of 1oz 2 ¾” shells through it. On opening day it performed perfectly grunting through over 200 3” 1 1/8oz shells. I would have put about 3000 rounds through it now and it still performs without fail. I did however put glue on the small screw that is part of the ejection mechanism to stop that falling out and tightened up the stock bolt. The camouflage does wear off quite easily as well. A great looking gun which does what it should. It is excellent value for money and a perfect entry level duck hunting gun. The inertia driven system is great if you want an easy gun to clean. I don’t think I will go back to a gas system after using this ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    I bought my Stoeger 2000 Turkey Camo Model with 24 inch barrel last year, fired about 200 rounds at targets during the winter then finally got to use it with the modified choke for field geese over decoys last week. In three days of shooting so far I used 1oz 2 3/4 to 1 1/4 oz steel 3" loads to bag 63 geese and a few ducks with 94 rounds, plus another dozen or so finishing shots for runners. All loads cycled perfectly and I was very surprised at how clean all parts were after hunting...very little debris in the bolt or trigger mechanism and the barrel cleaned easily. The only initial thing that bothered me slightly was the bruised shoulder I felt after the first day when nearly all shots were at high flying geese and because of very warm weather I was wearing only a shell cotton camo jacket. I am comfortable with the gun now and did not notice any problems from recoil after the first day out. I appreciate the comments concerning parts so will be very careful to inspect my St... Read more

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    I've used mine for 3 years, mostly for hunting. It has been flawless! Not one jam or failure to feed. I am not careful with it at all, so it gets very dirty, and still works every time. They need time and use to break in. The bolt release button needs to be pushed a couple hundred times to get so it pushes easier. You MUST read your owner's manual before you do anything with this gun and follow directions. It is very easy and simple to take apart for cleaning. I buy and sell shotguns, but I'm keeping this one!

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    Probably the worst shotgun i have ever used! It worked great for the first year i had it, but last January when i was cleaning it, a pice inside the chamber fell out! Later i found out that this pice makes the Gun eject shells. apparently a small screw on the side of the gun fell out and the pice of junk fell out! VERY disappointed!!! i talked to the guy who sold me it...he said that a LOT of people had problems with it and told me to get a new one and get it tightened Extra tight....i never got around to doing that.....the other thing that went wrong with my Stoger 2000 is the Camo wears off VERY easily! and the barrel is made out of a CHEAP steel and my choke MELTED in the barrel so im stuck with MOD in the barrel ......i bought the gun new in 07 and now it sits in my room ...the only good thing about it the way you clean never jammed or anything but it is just made out of shitty quality!!

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    Fri Aug 21 2009

    Read the owner's manual. Page 6. The 2000 is rated for 1 oz loads. I regularly shoot 7/8 oz loads in mine. No problems. I didn't like the old model but the New Model is OK with a Limbsaver.

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    Have fired countless brands with no problems. Have allow many to review/shoot my m2000, and everyone loves it, and some have even purchased one. The M2000 could sell for lots more. Every firearm MUST have correct cleaing. Tested with 1000's of rounds, would buy another.

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    Thu Jul 23 2009

    i love the gun never jammed double safty comes with 5 choke tubes doesnt have a bad kick and never cleaned it

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    Boy this was a tough one for me...I really wanted the Stoeger. I have several gas operated models (Rem / Beretta / Browning / Mossberg) in all gauges, and wanted the intera drive. I was very disappointed in the "performance" and the abundant recoil of the gun, not the handling and the "sight picture". I had deep cycling problems with the gun even with 3inch shells. I have learned that I created much of the cyling issues of the gun by adding recoil reducing weight ( and gun balance) to the gun. Although the additional weight made it a real nice gun to shot, reilibilty went into the toilet. I sent it back to Benelli and they replace several parts, and they removed my recoil management. Well, thats when I really disliked the gun....kicked like a mule.....very disappointed, very uncomfortable to shot. And was told by several gun techs that when you add weight to the many cases that they seen, it will simply not operate, including Benellis. I did put back half the weight,... Read more

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    Fri Mar 06 2009

    My son-in-law and I each got a Stoeger 2000 this past Christmas and we took them both out the first day (w/o cleaning) to shoot clay targets. My gun had a few firing and ejection problems, but overall worked fairly well. My son-in-laws' gun had problems on just about every shot. It either misfired or had trouble ejecting the shell and we eventually got fed up and just bagged his gun in favor of mine. When we got home, we did a good cleaning and oiling (of both) and since then we have shot hundreds of rounds at our local clay shooting club with almost no problems between the two guns. At most we have had 3 or 4 ejection problems and no misfires. While we have only had this model for a few months, we are both very pleased with the purchase. Our initial problems are well behind us and can most likely be attributed to: 1- A need for a thorough of cleaning and 2 - Possibly a short break-in period. Overall, it’s offers good value for the money and we are both confident that this gun w... Read more

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    Save your money and buy a quality shotgun. I just sent it back for repairs for the 3rd time and am hoping they send me a new gun so I can sell it and buy an Extrema or SBE. It misfires a couple of times on each box of shells. I have tried about 5 different brands of shotshells and it doesn't seem to matter. Nothing like pulling up on a fatty greenhead and hearing click. Since it takes about 4 months to get it back after sending to Benelli I have yet to really test it out on ducks. Even if you have to wait another year to stash away cash it is worth it. I guess you get what you pay for. I will not make that mistake again. Maybe I got a lemon and a replacement would be fine, but I'm not going to risk it.

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    Sat Feb 07 2009

    My stoeger 2000 hasn't jammed once through all of my duck hunts. I like it

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    Fri Jan 30 2009

    I've owned a stoeger 2000 for 5 years I love it. It went through hurricane Katrina 6' of salt water but, don't try to order any parts for it. I can not believe for a multi million dollar operation they have a half ass company selling repair parts. I tried to order a mag. cap with a stud in it for a sling 3 months later I forgot I had ordered it I called and cancelled. I tried to order a recoil pad, same crap. We were duck hunting a month ago my buddy found what looked like a gun part laying on the bed I told him to thow it on the dash someone will figure out its thier part, well it was my part. I was lucky enough there was a gun shop near where we were duck hunting and I had the part. The gun shop replaced the screw and only charged me 5 dollars. It is the part that kicks the empties out. One screw holds it in. I have a friend who warned be about this problem but I didn't know exactly what he was talking about. He hated his. Another friend of mine bought a stoeger because I told him I ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    if it stars to miss fire you can take apart the bolt and grind down the inertia spring just a little which causes the fireing pin to shoot out a little more then its fixed

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    Thu Dec 25 2008

    After 1 year of shooting it start miss firing occasionally, now half of the time, it won't fire even after thoroughly cleaned. It is a piece of junk. Will never buy it even just for 99 cents!!!

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    I've had the black synthetic '2000' for 2 1/2 years. I now have a barrel for pheasant & doves & rabbits; a barrel with a great turkey choke, and the cantilevered rifled barrel for deer, mounted with a Tasco ProPoint Red dot. My freezer is full of pheasant,chukars, doves and venison (and a few rabbits). I love the gun for upland game. Its light and reliable in any weather. I just limited out this deer season - dropping a 250lb 8 pointer with one Remington Platinum Tip at 75 yards from a single tree stand. The buck was way to my right on the tree line, so I had to shoot him leftie - and I'm a rightie. One shot perfectly placed. I could not have made the same shot with my Browning Mag. I am a huge Stoeger 2000 fan. Perhaps the made in Turkey issue has leveled out. I strongly recommend the gun - hard to beat for the dollar. Use quality ammo, keep it cleaned - except after you zero in for deer season. I can't wait to take it out again.

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    Wed Nov 19 2008

    evbutler....couldn't agree with you more. I had the original camoed version, it broke in half. The receiver cracked across the top, the bolt holding the butt stock came through and half of the gun fell to the ground (loaded) while I was holding the butt end in my hand wondering why my gun got so light suddenly. Anyway, Stoeger took the gun (in the middle of duck season for weeks and weeks and weeks) and finally just shipped me a whole new gun, boxed, chokes and all...warranty, etc. Anyway, back to evbutler's comments: The new version's sites and rib are much better, slightly higher and I can shoot the living daylights out of birds. I always liked the winchester suepr x3 because of the raised rib, but the "slightly" raised rib on the new 2000 is a marked improvement, and made me a better marksman, no pun intended. Now, for all the bad things about the gun: The ejection mechanism has a small screw that will fall out on all guns eventually. Call stoeger, they are backordered on the screw... Read more

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    I have owned many shotguns, Pumps, Autos, O/U and this shotgun is my favorite for Duck hunting, Turkey hunting and also shooting trap and skeet. I made a few adjustments, as far as adding a little lead weight to the butt stock, new limbsaver recoil pad. Yes there is a break in period, but after shooting around 200 rounds, this guns cycles fast and smooth. Remember, every shotguns pattern is different, and likes certain types of shells. So with that being said. During your break in Period, make sure you pattern your gun to see where it shoots. I know that My Stoeger 2000 likes the Winchester Xpert Loads, and Hevi-Shot loads, Kent loads. The New Black Cloud loads didnt pattern very well for me. But they do make Specifically designed Blackcloud Chokes for it. I dont see myself needing another shotgun for a while. However, I am going to buy another one or two to put in my safe for later.

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    Purchased the 2000 in July and waited for opening day of Dove season in Central Texas. Fires the Winchester XX loads, but misfires with the Remington SurShot. One major problem - I can't seem to bring down a dove with this shotgun. Does it shoot higher than the bead ? Other than that it is an awesome shotgun - feels great - beautiful camo - great ejection.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    Bought mine July '08 to get ready for the dove & quail season, 28" 12Ga synthetic, $470 out the door with fees, not bad. Mind you I live in S.California with mild dry climates, never gets very cold like the other reviewers were mentioning, I have yet to experience a jam (knocking on wood). Besides a couple misfires that I reloaded up again, the gun is working flawlessly, cheap shells I take it as firing pin seems reliable enough. I've put a good 5-600 3-1/4 DRAM shells through it, it fires fine. 4 out of 5 stars for the pretty good finish, not as nice as a Benelli, but who cares, you're gonna go out and hunt with it, sweat, mud, dirt, dove guts everywhere. Reliable action, great inertia-driven gun for the money...!

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    I bought mine from Gander Mt brand new and had it jam waaaaaay too often. I found also (the hard way) that the firing pin had a burr on it. I used 3-1 oil at first and found it gooped it up badly. Now it's rem-oil and I manually cycled it a bunch. no problems since, but having to guard the receiver through thick cover gets old, since it doesn't take much to bump it back and get a missfire. It's a good blind gun, especially if you strip it, rem-oil it, and cycle the hell out of it before season. Good machining, thin camo on the stock rubs off too quick. Its definitely worth what you paid for it, but I still don't have my faith restored in it.

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    i have had this gun for 1 1/2 years and put 150 rounds thru it every weekend prob 6000 or more rounds so far love the gun. every one that trys the gun loves the gun. i bore cleane every other time dismantel and clean every other time. I bought this gun on the way goose hunting and out shoot all my frends that trip.this year i bought a slug barel for it and shoot deer with it. it shoot within three inches at one hundred yards

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    Mon May 19 2008

    Bought a Camo version for my 14 year old (I have a Beretta 391). Since I wasn't sure how much he would use the gun, so I thought $439 at Dick's was a good price. After reading the post of turkeyhunter, I spent about an hour doing a thorough cleaning before we took it out. Went through a box of 25 Federal "cheap" shells 1-1/8 oz., 3 dram, 7-1/2 with no problems. Took it apart for cleaning and inspection afterwards, and got the rest of the cosmoline off of the moving parts. Looking forward to going out in the next day or so. BTW, will probably buy a Limbsaver, the 14 year old skinny kid had a bit of a time with the recoil - the 50 year-old was just fine.