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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Stephen King is a great writer. As a horror author though he is only three stars. I really don't know why he plays his persona up so much as a horror author or why the media does too. Sure he writes a lot of horror-esque novels, but I would put my amateur estimation that about only 40% of what he writes can be considered true horror. The other 60% is fantasy/western/adventure/science fiction/horror. Sure I guess if you had to pick one genre to classify him it could be horror, but his writing is really so much more than that.

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    Mon Aug 10 2009

    There needs to be about 100 stars for this guy...he's that good. Don't pigeonhole him as a strictly horror writer, either because he can write eloquently and effectively in other genres as well. Knows and cuts so well to the heart of human emotion (wow, does he ever hit the power of grief on target in "Pet Sematary") and conveys it masterfully in his writing. Excels at infusing humanity in all of his characters and evoking at least a little empathy from the reader in each of them. Knows his readers and respects them. If you haven't read one of his works yet, treat yourself and pick one up--you'll be hooked, I guarantee it. Been reading him for over 30 years now and I'm an addict. :)

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    Fri Jun 12 2009

    There is no doubt about it, this guy knows how to tell a damn good story. A unique writer of the horror genre, who somehow manages to shock you, disgust you, make you laugh (he is extremely witty) in equal measure. He is one of a kind. If you have not read any of his books, you are missing out.

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    Fri Oct 17 2008

    I have, and always will love Stephen King! Sometimes his stuff can read like pulp fiction, but his Dark Tower Series more than makes up for that. I have pretty much read everything he has ever written!

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    Fri Oct 17 2008

    I enjoy much of his early work(pre-1990) but anything recent has not been scary.

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    Great website!!

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    Im not sure i'd call him the best although he did write my all time favourite book.However he is the most well know and his books are quite consistant

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    Sun Jul 08 2007

    Way overrated. Even in the world of modern po-authors, Anne Rice blows him away. Reading this guy's books is like reading an 800 page dissertation regarding algebraic infulences on music theory.

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    Wed Jun 06 2007

    Somewhere inside this guy is a good writer. It shows now and then, most notably in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but most of the time is submerged in his simplistic, simpleminded and endlessly repetitive plot devices and sophomoric style. He has aimed so long and so successfully at the lowest common denominator it takes a real effort for him to find his talent.

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    Mon Feb 12 2007

    love him, dolores claiborne is my fave

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    the best imagination out there!

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    Fri Sep 15 2006

    I loved Stephen Kings work until the last 3 books or so. I don't know what's happened in his head, but, he doesn't seem like the Stephen King I used to read. I do have a soft spot for him, though, I loved his earlier works!!

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    Thu Aug 03 2006

    King's earlier works such as Carrie were superb but then he seemed to burn out or something. The Gunslinger series bored me to tears. I just could not get into it at all. It's as if King became complacent plus he is a Red Sox fan and coauthored that book which I thought was pretty silly.

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    Thu Feb 16 2006

    I don't care for Stephen King very much.He's CREEPY!!!Total FREAK who's obsessed with horror and evil!!!This guy needs SERIOUS help;like going to church,and seeking God.But I do like "Firestarter".And "Cat's Eye" is probably okay.But his other literature,such as "Carrie","The Shining","It","Salem's Lot","Pet Sementary",and all of his other work is so EVIL!!!What a CREEP!!!

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    When you read one of hi stories you're not just picking up a book, you are entering another world. I like the way he can do a story like Delores Claibourne, then switch to something like Hearts of Atlantis. I also like the stories he did with Peter Straub.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    I've read a lot of his stuff, and tend to favor 'It" and 'The Stand'. 'The Shining' was one of his best IMHO, because it was scary as hell, but also it was short. His gunslinger series is weird, but intriguing. I enjoy the cross references between his books as well.

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    Has his moments, but is running out of ideas and gets worse with age. What's next- a can opener with diabolical plans? Can be humorous at times in his writing. His best work is often when he actually strays away from the horror format, like in the short stories that became the films Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me . Salem's Lot was derivative of Dracula,though one of his best. He's not quite as bad as some academics and critics think. And although this is a generalization, in general, if someone tells you he's their all-time favorite, that person PROBABLY either doesn't like to read serious literature or only likes King, Dean Koontz, Danielle Steel, and people of that ilk..

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    Sat Oct 15 2005

    He needs an editor. Badly. And his stories reflect his life, more and more, and I shudder to think what's coming as he gets older and older. And pray tell, what the hell is his deal with mothers? So many psycho mothers...there's a story there (so to speak).

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    Stephen King sure knows how to tell a scarey story. His imagination is out there and enertaining. I dont know how he never seems to run out of ideas.

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    Tue Jun 14 2005

    I really dont know how describe Stephen King well besides saying that hes the best there is if you compare Anne Rice to him she nothing his books are awesome he has a wonderful imagination and hes a pleasure to look at.

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    Sun Jun 05 2005

    Mr. King is King!

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    King is very uneven- some of his books you can't put down and others will put you to sleep in a few pages.It's hard to believe they were even written by the same author.Maybe his huge output is to blame for the fluctuations in quality.

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    Sun Mar 20 2005

    stephen king is the best horror writer ever you never kno what hes going to do next.

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    Thu Feb 24 2005

    By far the BEST and most interesting author (not just in 'horror', Green Mile) of his generation. BOOKS, not the movies people have tried to cash in on. Although there have been great ones: Stand By Me for one!

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    Sun Feb 06 2005

    I've always been a fan of Stephen King. No one writes a good horror novel like him, and his creativity seems to have no limits. I love most of his novels, but Bag Of Bones is definitely my favorite.

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    Mon Jan 31 2005

    He has his ups and downs as far as quality goes. It, while being a bit overlong and maybe gratuitous, is a generally great novel-- the characters are realistic and imaginative, and the plot is a great transition piece. People have commented on his use of blood and gore. To me, I think he does a good job at delegating the scenes of violence smartly and not too overpowering. His books can be a bit lengthy (i.e. The Stand) Otherwise he's not that bad.

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    Thu Jan 20 2005

    I like Stephen King, generally speaking, but I have to qualify that. I don't think he's a great writer. His characters are almost never convincing, his dialogue artificial and contrived, and his story endings tend to fall flat. I think he's entertaining, but entertaining in the manner of a glorified comic-book writer. It bothers me that he's one of the best-selling authors, horror or otherwise, in America. I know our culture has coarsened over the decades but in a country that produced Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain and even Truman Capote, it's kinda disturbing that King is one of our most popular writers. Nothing personal...King strikes me as being a nice enough guy...but its an indication of how much our culture has degenerated over the years.

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    While I can agree with most of your statement, Slacker, I disagree with blood or guts being bonus. King's works almost never mention physical harm in graphic detail like many if his proteges' do. The mere suggestion is enough to let the reader's imagination run wild.

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    The man has written over 40 books-all #1 best sellers and is my favorite Author. My favorite book from him is Pet Sematary because it holds you down and rips its way into your mind as you fly thru the pages, even after the book is finished. I still remember seeing IT with my friends at six years old, almost crying from fright(clowns still creep me out alittle). I know some think he's a sick **** but all of his stories have a meaning to them, the blood and guts is just a little bonus.

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    Sun Sep 26 2004

    First off, I have a few problems with some reviews and comments, nothing personal of course. I just don't understand how people can say he's a ninth grade writer. He's got more writing skills than any other horror writer out there, except maybe for Anne Rice. There's a genius for you. Another thing, I've loved all of his novels. Even the later ones. Bag of Bones is one of my favs. I think it's a wonderful story. The only thing I have a problem with is the confusion I feel while reading the latest Dark Tower novels. They switch back and forth so much it's hard to tell whats happening. Still love them though.

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    Fri Sep 17 2004

    His earlier novels (and short stories) are creepy and have moments of brilliance. The Stand and The Shining in particular. His books about the writing process (Misery in particular) are excellent. He has this ability, like Hitchcock, to conjure up the terrifying in the most ordinary of circumstances. Face it--Anyone who can write an entire novel about a woman handcuffed to a bed has talent. But, I must confess incredible disappointment with his later works--in particular, Bag of Bones, Insomnia (not the basis of the Robin Williams movie), and Desperation. None of these were scary and had terrible endings. He still can keep your attention, but the later books will let you down in the end.

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    Tue Aug 31 2004

    I gave Stephen King a chance, but no, I could not like him. He's awful. His writing is bad and dependant upon many heckneyed formulas. Characters are 2-d, often very predictable.

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    Sun Aug 15 2004

    Some years ago I remember picking up Christine at the local library for no particular reason. So I started reading it that afternoon just out of curiosity ... read this all the way through by the next day. The problem is King writes at a grade nine level [which speaks volumes about current levels of literacy.] His emphasis on violence for it's own sake is at odds with the older type of speculative fiction where some REAL effort is made to justify the actions of the protagonists. In fact this story reminds me of the theory that Hitler only went nuts because his younger brother died. But, the idea that all evil can be reduced to demons appeals to the superstitous. And there are plenty of those in North America.

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    Wed Jun 16 2004

    Who compares to this guy? HHHMMMM?? Come on tell me who?

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    Tue Jun 15 2004

    The Stephen King books are just great. Bril lil stories that are very interesting and easy to get through. You have to like his style of writing though. But then who doesn't?

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    Sat Jun 12 2004

    Too bad he could not make a living writing science fiction as 'Bachman'. Those stories were better than the ones he writes as 'King'.

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    Thu Jun 03 2004

    I must be honest...sometimes he can be very boring. Plus when he does not know what to invent, he goes too far, being...pathetic

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    Wed May 26 2004

    I know I will catch it for this but: I think he takes his work too far. Takes it to digusting levels - would have been better a bit less groutesque. Also I clearly enjoy drama (and can appreciate)period historical language - but I think his gratuitous use of some words is unnecessary. I like a little more inuendo -like Hitchcock. I found IT so disgusting - I turned it off. I know the latest thing is to laugh at all the guts hanging out when the head gets lopped off...But this is a real cheap way to grab the audience...a really good storyline can be done without seeing all the body innards all over the pavement. Has talent would be good if...

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    Wed May 26 2004

    Stephen King's novels are so intriguing they always keep me hooked and reading! Carrie was a great novel. Stephen King's characters are fully dimensional and they all come in a variety as well as his stories. He is a truly genius because he can invoke almost any emotion in you. In novels like Cujo and Carrie, The emotion is sympathy. King's writing style is unique and genius.

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    Tue May 18 2004

    The man is a creative writing genius, I won't fault him for that. He knows how to tell a good story, scare a reader and keep them interested no matter what he writes. I remember when I read It, for the first time in my life a book had actually made me jump. He gets four stars instead of five for his fluent use of the word n*gger in a lot of his novels, I don't care what period his story is set there is absolutely no justification whatsoever to use that word.

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    Wed May 12 2004

    Grew up reading him...remember sneeking into mom's book shelves to read another one. A little slow to get started in some but once you get there there's no way you're gonna put that book down!

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    Sat May 01 2004

    All time best! I get the creepies when I read his books. But they have you so wrapped into them that you just have to keep reading. Even his movies keep you spell bound.

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    That dude is out there. Sometimes he is perverse and difficult to read, and sometimes his plots are idiotic. Ever since he got hit by that van and stopped doing drugs he has struggled to find a decent idea. The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon was horrible. Still makes moeny though.

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    Thu Apr 01 2004

    i'm a huge Stephen King fan, so i'm totally biased. My recommendation is to never judge the books by the movies. Most of the time, the movie is very unlike the book (The Shining, Dreamcatcher) but that's forgiveable because there is usually so much going on in the books that it would be impossible to put that sort of psychologial stuff on film. Also, a lot of times the characters and teh actors portraying them just don't fit (exceptions: Jack Nicholson in The Shining and Kathy Bates in Dolores Claiborne/Misery) Steve has a few lemons (Tommyknockers) but for the first-time reader, i'd recommend his bachman short stories (especially The Long Walk and Rage) for someone who wants to test out a King novel, i'd recommend Insomnia, Carrie (of course), The Shining or Pet Sematary. He's got some great story lines, if you decide to read The Stand (Uncut!!), Teh Dark Tower Series (spectacular!) or The Talisman/Black House, prepare to be amazed. I love the way that all his books weave together, an... Read more

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    Thu Mar 25 2004


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    Wed Feb 11 2004

    Stephen King is the master of horror. His early books are his best.

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    Tue Feb 03 2004

    Sometimes he writes masterpieces but sometimes I wonder if he was on drugs when some of his books were written. Still, he's a genius.