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    Tue May 24 2011

    I've been a State Farm Customer for 25 years, house and up to four cars. I had major wind damage to my roof and they aren't paying for a fraction of what needs to be done. I asked them to reinspect, they made me get a second quote before they would send someone out and then they sent the same inspector out to defend his actions rather than get a second opinion. For roof the damage, state farm will pay me $1,100, both of my estimates are for $8,000+. For the fascia damage my estimates are $450 theirs is $110. Now if I had 20 more 8x8 dog pens with a dog house (my cost <350) I would be in good shape as they will give me $700 for a flatened dog pen. Like a good neighbor, state farm is where? Counting your money.

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    i had to take care of everything after my accident, my agent did nothing! and the adjusters were not there for weeks!

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    Awful. My agent overestimated my housing value for three years. This year I called with its correct estimate. The agent then wrote it up for 10 times its value and charged my premium accordingly. How unprofessional!

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    Ok, so after reading all of these I decided, mightas well add one more to the stock pile.. About 2 months ago I was leaving the campus where I go to college, I noticed a cop about 100 yards away from me but thought nothing of it. I made a full stop at the stop sign and pulled out into the road, no sooner do I get on the roadway is the cop right on my ass with his lights on, so I pull over.. The cop comes up to my window and asks for license/registration/blah blah blah. I give him those and he informs me that my registration is expired by 3 months (had a hectic summer and didn't realize the registration never came). So the cop then asks me to pull my truck back onto campus so we could "talk" further. As soon as I pulled into a spot he came running up and told me to shut off the ignition, grab anything that was valuable and get out, because the truck wasn't moving from that spot, when I asked him why he told me that my tags were expired as was my registration because of lack of insuran... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    I was a customer of State Farm for almost 20 years. I held the same policy since I was a teenager with my first beater car. I went on to purchase rental, home, auto, life insurance, and disability policies over the years. In all those years, I was claim free. Then my husband scratched the car on a guard rail during an ice and snow storm in 07. The next year, he had a fender bender with another driver who was overdriving in snow conditions. He was at a full stop when the accident happened. State Farm sent us a letter at our next renewal that we were being dropped. We could no longer keep our policy. The repairs to our car took a very long time because they wouldn't come to the shop to authorize the bumper repair and paint. In the mean time, they gave us a rental for only a couple days, and we ended up paying for the rental car out of our own pocket. This is even though the delay was due to their scheduling of their adjuster's time! They offered us another high-risk policy with anot... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I have had State Farm Insurance on my autos since 1995. I also have a couple life policies and I used to also have health and home owners insurance. I recently placed a claim through my car insurance policy. I have not even had an adjuster assigned to my claim and I am already treated like a criminal. The claims representative that I had to deal with was not only rude but was accusing me of trying to put a claim through a policy that was not mine. I gave him the policy number thinking he was looking at the wrong screen and he reassured me that I was the one that was wrong. I told him I had my insurance card in front of me with my name on it and he told me I was wrong and that was not what he had on his screen. I cannot understand why I am being treated so rudely by my own insurance company. They never have a problem collecting my premiums or increasing my rates when they felt in need. Why should I pay an insurance company like State Farm to take my money on a monthly basis and... Read more

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    Sat Aug 14 2010

    0 stars I have full coverage on my vehicle. It was broke into and my aftermarket CD player, 15" subwoofers, radar detector, Tom Tom, and friends cell phone were stolen. All of this totaled over $2200. They wouldn't replace the radar or cell and want to replace my stolen equipment with "basic" equipment. The CD player I has was $400, they want to give me a $100 replacement. My subs were $1200, they want to replace them with $200 12" subs. Basically, State Farm is a Jëwish insurance company and they will fućk you in every way possible. I'm Matt Spinner and I approve this message..

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    Sat Aug 07 2010

    State Farm is simply the best! I know they may cost a little more than some other companies; but remember you get what you pay for. I have had a few accidents and tickets with State Farm; they have always been thee for me to help without any trouble. They are always kind, professional and willing to help me all the time. When I had to file claims with them its always been hassle free. My vehicle was always fixed without any issues or any fights! My statefarm agent even calls me to let me know when I am eligable for a discount!! What other company does that? I have been with state farm for 9 years (since I was 16). I would suggest them to anybody that is looking for a new insurance company. Always provide me with excellent customer service; which to me is the most important thing!!!

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    "Like a good neighbor" my arse. I got a speeding ticket back in December of 07. The police officer (who was keeping everyone safe) said that I was going 11 MPH over the limit, but that he would reduce it to less than 10. He said there would be no points, only an eighty dollar fine. I thanked him and went on to work. My renewal was the following April and i forgot to pay one's fault but my own. When I called my State Farm acency, they told me that since I had a ticket and went 31 days with no payment, that they could no longer write my auto insurance. Nevermind the fact that I'd been their customer for 24 years at that point. Nevermind the fact that I'd had no tickets or accidents in 13 years, and nevermind the fact that I offered to pay the premium in full, as opposed to the quarterly that I "good neighbor" no longer wanted my business. I reminded the lady that Eddie Van Halen was the best guitarist ever, hung up on her, and took my biz elsewhere.

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    I see a lot of negative reviews, but I would like to share an experience. My parents's vehicles are insured through State Farm, and I thought they were excellent. My parents cars got dented from hail that came through their area, and they had every one of their policy holders come to a designated area that was set up at a car dealership, and the state farm reps were out their in ther button-up collared shirts and dress pants along with the detail people they hired washing and then waxing the cars to make sure they could clearly spot all of the dents, gouges, and scratches that were caused by the wind, hail, and flying objects. That was in Coffey County, Kansas at the time, so I don't believe that these people don't honor their automobile claims. To me that seemed to be above and beyond the call of duty.

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    It seems that there is a pattern of people insured by State Farm in accidents where they are hitting other drivers from behind. And a pattern of near criminal behavior....I was hit at stop light, other driver was ON THE CELL PHONE, never touched her brakes doing SIXTY mph!! Almost a year since, still having medical problems. This is quite possibly the WORST experience ever and i ain't no spring chicken. State Farm called and called, different person EVERY time! EACH time asking me the same questions.... Here's the deal, I have lived in same area for almost sixty years, related to or know at least 3,000 in the same county, every day i am telling at least one person of my mistreatment by this terrible Insurance company!! Word is spreading because almost twelve months later friends, family, and casual acquaintences are coming up to me and asking me about this incident, AND about State Farm... Heres a good side note: adjuster showed up at my home ( I paid to have car hauled to m... Read more

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    I was a State Farm homeowners policy holder until recently. My decision to switch to another company had to do with the treatment we received during a claim. In a nutshell, they refused to pay a claim amount even after the Independant Adjusted put it in writing to us. They gave us such double talk, and after repeatedly trying to get a straight answer I gave up. In particular, I dealt with the mid-atlantic division and a Matt Veasal. He was unable to explain why they first agreed to pay and then refused later. I would be very wary of this company's promises. We have since moved on to another company and would encourage anyone looking at State Farm to look closely. Your home in an important asset to protect! David C.

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    Wed Jun 09 2010

    My husband has been with SF since his first vehicle purchase at the age of 17. Obviously since then much has changed! (We have gotten married, had 3 kids, bought a house and boat- all of which we had insured with SF). At this point (2010) my husband has been with them for over 13 yrs...I loved that we had a local agent, and thought we had good coverage for what we were paying. That is, until recently...My family was on vacation in 2008, when we hit black ice and slid into the ditch- cost for repair? around $5000.00. Then in '09 my husband gets into a fender bender at a STOP light!! Very minimal damage, but the other vehicle made a claim on our insurance (which is why we PAY insurance, so I was fine with it...) cost for repair? under $3000.00. Last month, while backing up, he hit a truck..cost for repair? around $3000.00. So. After 13 yrs of State Farm taking our monthly premiums, and after only 3 MINOR claims(all of which had no injuries!!) in 13 yrs, we get a phone call and a le... Read more

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    These pigs. I had a collectors car that I painstakingly restored and never drove. It was insured by state farm and destroyed while park by tree limbs during a winter storm. Years later I was run into by one of there insured while stopped for a red light. Both legitimate claims with no complicating factors. Have I ever seen a dime from the slime? NO! Take your business else where.

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    Sun May 02 2010

    I could not rate state farm any lower. I thought I was overinsured - and I took out all the coverage that my agent advised. While paying the premiums I was a happy customer - however as soon as I had to file a claim I was told that their agent had recommended the incorrect coverage and they denied my claim. While the theft alone was bad enough - State Farm made the situation 10 x worse. At the end of the day - all that matters with an insurance company is how they treat you when you file a claim....and State Farm HAS to be the worst by far based on my experience!

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    Fri Apr 30 2010

    I read all of these negative reviews and it makes me sick to my stomach. I am very familiar with State Farm. I have worked for them for quite some time. I have actually been in the insurance industry for years and found that this was the one company that actually worked hard and follwed through. To you it may seem like a biased opinion but as a "consumer" as well, I know that I would not want to deal with any other company. I have seen it all but most of you have only seen one side of things. To hear people talk and complain about claims makes me laugh....hard. SF is know for and is number one in claims. They are the number one auto insurer in the COUNTY....They insure 1 out of every 3 vehicles on the road and 1 out of every 5 house. Let think about this in the heck can a company become so large if they were doing such a bad job???? I hear the complaints, I hear all of the good as well. I can tell you that I hear good more than I do bad. American's have this ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 30 2010

    I was in an accident some years ago. A little girl who was about 14 or 15 hit me and then they claimed the mom was driving. Liars! The reason I know the girls age is because there was a pregnant girl in the backseat of their jeep (drivers big sister) and she went to my middle school and high school. I SAW the mom get out of the back seat and the little girl was in the front seat for a while. She was stunned and stayed there sitting while I got out of my car and was spitting up glass that went down my throat. They had T-Boned me when I was turning under the highway with a left green arrow. When I called Statefarm, they were asking me questions like, "were you on your cell phone? We're going to check the records and see if your lying...We're you drunk?" I couldn't believe it. Then they called me days later to tell me that it was my fault because they spoke to the other party from the crash and they said the mother was driving and that the mother told them I ran the light. I was astonishe... Read more

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    Wed Apr 07 2010

    State Farm — Shortly after purchasing my insurance policy, my computer crashes. Since you need to prove insurance at the DMV to have your tags issued, I called statefarm to acquire the information I needed to prove my insurance. Apparently, statefarm lost all my paper work and could not provide anything until the following business day (monday). So after waiting 3 days I call them on monday to only have them tell me that my insurance is being "underwritten" and they can't give me any information about my policy nor any information to prove that I bought insurance. (mind you my card has already been billed and withdrawn over $250) So then I am informed it will take until wednesday to "underwrite" my insurance policy. So here I am on wednesday morning without insurance still. I've called my agent and he informed me that my policy "wasn't able to go through". At this point I said !#@# statefarm and tried to cancel this whole ordeal since my insurance policy was clearly not going through... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    If you ever have a problem of any kind simplly indicate that you will be contacting the State Insurance department for your state to complain about unfair claim practices. The insurance carrier will then snap to attention and get things done for you. The last thing they want is the insurance department visiting their office reviewing their files. I should know. I worked them for 6 years. But to be honest sometimes it's a very bad claim representative that's causing you problems much more so than the company itelf. Another option is to speak with your rep's supervisor. The squeeky whell gets the oil. Trust me.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Until two years ago I probably would have gone 4 stars, maybe five, but then I got caught in the net of those homeowners that these "good neighbors" are non-renewing in order to "reduce their exposure" in Florida. We live about 10 miles from the Gulf coast as the crow flies and have a house built in 1992. We are, in fact, less than 10 miles from the track Charley took in 2004 and we didn't loose so much as a shingle. The house is concrete block on slab with a hip roof and we are not in a flood zone. After thirty years of faithfully sending our auto and homeowner's premiums in they will no longer insure our house. Oh, but they would be more than happy to continue to insure our vehicles! Guess what? Less than 24 hours after I got the non-renewal notice I had signed on with another national insurer for our car insurance where we have more coverage for less money with a company that doesn't know us from Adam. I wouldn't shed a tear if State Farm fell off the face of the earth and y... Read more

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    Mon Mar 22 2010

    In May, 2007, I was rear-ended by a person insured by Snake Farm. My husband and I have been insured by Snake Farm for 20+ years (home, auto AND earthquake). Although Snake Farm quickly and without complaint paid for the damages to my vehicle as well as all medical bills resulting from the crash (I spent 13 months in agony due to the collision), I was offered a paltry $8000 for pain and suffering. It became necessary to sue to get an an amount anywhere near appropriate in compensation. So, do you think Snake Farm would come to their senses and offer me a decent amount of money for 13 month of pain & suffering then? NOOOOO!!!!! Much, much better to pay a rude, crude, hateful, @itchy attorney somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000 plus another $10,000 or so in expenses to fight it in court -- where they will most certainly LOSE since they've already admitted fault by paying my damages and medicals. We're in the process of changing insurance companies now. I don't know if any of them... Read more

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    Stay away! After selling us "extended coverage" for our older home, refused to pay claim when plumbing busted. Cost us $8,000 out of OUR OWN pocket. BEWARE! Policy is a joke. Looks more like a pamphlet. Apparently so they can refuse to pay and there is nothing in their "policy" that says otherwise. BEWARE!

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    I have a Great agent and her support staff is beyond belief in customer service, small town near KC Raytown Missouri, small office, big time support, on everything, Covered home break in, very quick but watch out for depreciation, I bought full replacement value policy to cover inflation, but no one said anything about depreciation, using a typical business tax depreciation schedule, I was sold, not by this agent, I was transferred the agent I started with moved, but the idea was buy full coverage, and you are not out but the deductible, but no one said depreciation was an issue, Now I keep good records so I knew when where and what I bought and how much, so when stolen I could give them a complete list of serial numbers and so on, they had no problem paying, but depending on the item, some things depreciate at faster or longer time frames than others, so say software is fully depreciated at 6 years, I guess you get nothing, I have to check on that yet, I didn't l... Read more

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    SO, I was hit by a State Farm driver 2 weeks after buying my (new to me) car. My car was rear-ended at 25MPH at a stop light. I have Geico, and called them first because I needed to get my wife to the hospital, a tow from the scene, and rental. I was afraid if I tried to claim aginst his insurance, there would be a delay, and my wife was on the way to the hospital (no time to wait). She is going to be ok (thankfuly) but Geico certianly didn't mind increading my blood pressure. I have been a policy holder with them for 9 years and never filed a claim. They were completely useless. When I could track down my adjuster, he would call at the end of the day so I couldn't do anything but wait on him till the next day. That dragged on for two weeks until he came back with a valuation of $2624 for my car. I showed him the Kansas insurance regulation that grants me right of recourse if the claim amount was insufficent to buy a comparable vehicle. He ignored THE LAW. Said that it just ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    The worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! One of their insured backed out of a parking space right in front of me and they are saying it is 50% my fault! They are not even professional enough to present evidence to support their ludicrous statements. They are really slimy. I have had AAA and 21 Century in the past and they have both been class acts. I am really impressed with AAA. I say change now if you have State Farm!

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I think this insurance does an exceptional job. I am extraordinary happy with the accomplishments my agent, Lazaro Neto was able to do with my insurance. Thank you guys so much for you support. By the way anyone who has this insurance, espeically agent Lazaro Neto can be economically benefited!

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    State Farm is the worst insurance company in the world! They lie to you; they waste your time; they do everything in their power to make sure you are not taken care of and you do not get reminbursed what you are owed for a claim! Their customer service is terrible. You will waste precious time and energy while their reps give you the run around and act unprofessional. I currently have multiple policies with state farm and plan to cancel and switch them all to another insurance company. AVOID STATE FARM - You don't need the hassle or the stress of dealing with this company...not to mention the frustration and aggravation!

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    Thu Nov 12 2009

    State farm is a piece of shit. My insurance company is with AAA. Recently I got into a car accident driving down the same road I've been doing for years. One day, this car in front of me, we were all going 43 mph, sped up and tried to maneuver a left lane change. We were both on the right lane. The car, half way changing, suddenly braked, immediately. Therefore to prevent myself from running into him, I had to stop and turn the wheels of my car to the right so my car was diagonal preventing me from hitting him. We were inches apart and my safe maneuver saved me from getting into a car accident. BUT, after my car was completely stopped, 3 secs later I hear a long honk coming from behind me, in the same lane I was in. BAM, the lady behind me slammed into my car. Now as I riled a claim to States farm, which was her insurance co, they said they will not pay for the damage cuz I violated the cvc or w/e code, the right lane change code. I told them repeatedly that I did not change lanes, e... Read more

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    Wed Nov 11 2009

    I have only been a state farm customer for about 5 months, and of course after switching I have a claim. Husband hit a deer. State Farm has been great. I contacted them on Monday, adjustor was at my house on Tuesday and I already have money to do the repairs. I am very impressed. So far so good.

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    HORRIBLE COMPANY! My wife was in a car accident not of her fault. In the state of Michigan full coverage insurance is responsible to pay for medical needs. After 40+ sugeries and a ton of fighting they still havent fixed either the car or pay for the 800,000.00 that has racked up. Currently in a lawasuit for them to pay for what they have to under state law!

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    awful agents

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    Don't Go Here! State Farm - Paul Jordan -- Carrollton, TX My insurance was cancelled after an accident (first in 18 years) and one small weather claim. This agent said it was "for the good of all other customers" to "keep rates down." If an agent will cancel you for needing the insurance you pay for every month, every year, every decade... why have insurance?

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    ....also wanted to comment on the level (or lack of) service from State Farm. I called my agent angry over the fact that they would even consider dropping me because of two claims (one not even in the home I currently own), and had asked if this was a result of countries economic downturn, reply: "..we down sell that sir." Huuuhhhh? After 3 phone calls (span of 2 months) and 2 e-mails I still have not heard back from my agent until today where they notified me that they finally spoke with the home office and they would not continue on with the policy! Crazy thing, my wife is insured on her automobile and a different agent through SF, and will drop her coverage so we can bundle and save with the competition. Lose a customer + two through poor service, way to go State Farm!

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    I have home owners and two cars insured. I have used them for 10 years. my home owners has gone up 10% each of the past 2 years. I went to my agent to find out wy and he said because of the storms. He talked for an hour trying to sell me more insurance. Then about a week later I get an aditional bill on one of my cars do to rate increase. I should have just stayed away.

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    Tue Jun 23 2009


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    Wed May 20 2009

    I have only been with State Farm for about 6 months and they have been awseome both times I needed them. First time I was broke down 200 miles from home, when i called my agent She took care of everything and a tow truck showed up in 15 mins and had us on the road in about 3 hours. 2nd time was for a windsheild replacement. They called the shop set up the appt and the shop waived my $100.00 deductable....No problems with State Farm at all...

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    Try working for them! Lol The Farm has lost their ethics and morals - it seems to be all about money, advertising big and screwing the little guy! Need I say more?! Glad I am off the farm.

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    State Farm is the most unprofessional insurance company I have ever encountered. They are very very rude and respond in a robotic monotone way....I am almost certain the people I talked to today were not even human. They have no care or concern, and Yes, I realize it is an insurance company, but I have coverage through GEICO and have always found them to be extremely nice, efficient, and most of all, human. They do not sound as if they are reading off of a piece of paper when speaking with you. I will tell everyone I know and meet in the future what a terrible insurance company State Farm is. State Farm needs to realize that it all starts with customer service, and they fail MISERABLY.

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    Thu Jan 08 2009

    No problem for years. They gladly accepted my premium payments. I had the nerve to file a claim for storm damage last year. They refused to renew my policy after that.

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    Mon Dec 22 2008

    NEVER go to state farm!!!!! when you have problems, state farm is never there. everytime i have an issue and i try calling my agent, i get the answering machine and if i go there, they're on break (will be back). oh and if you need roadside assistance, forget it, not even a direct number you can call. get 21st Century if you can, they're the best good rates too.

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    Online quotes are alot cheaper, especially in New York! But if you move, you cannot transfer a policy at an internet rate out of state. I was paying about 275.00 every 6 months in Oregon( no speeding tickets or accidents on record, driving for 15 years). That was a policy I bought online in Oregon, but when I moved to New York again, I could not get an internet policy. I did an online quote for New York, they gave me a rate of $325.00 every 6 months, but since they will not accept an online quote here, I pay $400.00 every 6 months.  Oh, and watch it when you get your policy in the mail, they like to forget that you did not want $200.00 extra in comp and collision! And customer service, HA!

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    Fri Sep 19 2008

    My house was broken into four months ago and the claims rep calls back about every three weeks to tell me she is missing my paperwork, then it was my police filing number, now it is that is not enough proof of ownershhip of the item. They want more proof. Ugh! The expect wait time on a check is now a minimum of two more weeks with half of our items not covered.

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    Horrible, horrible insurance company. Customer service agents are friendly for about two seconds until you start asking the tough questions about your claim, like "Why is no one doing anything?", at which point they proceed to give you the run-around and lie as if it's their business plan. I would recommend anyone I like to look elsewhere for insurance.

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    Sun Aug 17 2008

    State Farm is a JOKE! If I'm not mistaken, car insurance is to PROTECT you. My daughter had an accident...her first. And after a YR they decided to cancel my insurance. My WHOLE family has this company. But they will never get ANY business from us again. I DO NOT reccomend them. You are paying this company and they are screwing you in the end. So, RUN from the GOOD NEIGHBOR......they are the ENEMY!

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    Outstanding claims service on first party automobile physical damage claims.

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    Wed May 28 2008

    so far, State Farm has been up front on my policies, very friendly and you "get what you pay for" (knock on wood). I wouldn't mind paying for State Farm rather than pay them "discounted" insurance companies for half of what State Farm offers.

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    Tue May 13 2008

    We had an engine fire that had totaled my car. It took the State Farm about 3 weeks to get the fire report, while we sat with no car, taking public transportation 2 hours to work each way. They kept telling us that they had requested the fire report several times and even sent someone down there to get it, but we called the fire bureau and they said they recieved zero requests. So finally fed up, my wife took matters into her own hands calling the fire investigator and in a matter of a couple of hours and a few phone calls we got the fire report on our own. They should be paying us for doing their work! Then they said that they would overnight the settlement check Wednesday so we should get it on Thursday. We didn't get it until Monday, and we even had to call them to see if they got it. When we got there, they said that had recieved it Friday! But didn't bother to call! So we finally get our check and it turns out they made the check co-payable to our bank (Chase) which was fine if we... Read more

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    Like a good neighbor State Farm is THERE

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    State Farm has just never given me any reason to switch.  The single time that I had a claim (somebody hit my car while it was parked), they paid up right away with no questions asked.  Their rates are low enough and their service is good enough that I will most like be a lifer with State Farm.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    while shopping for an insurance, i realised they were the only company ready to insure with an out of state license but not the cheapest ... so we discussed and they said that since i was under 25, i could get 15% off the price if i watched a security dvd ... 2 months later, i still haven't received the dvd ... they told me that they just forgot, and that it wouldn't apply to the current policy anyway... and now, they say that because i've had a minor accident, i'm no longer eligible and that there is no documentation about that. ... how can such a big company lie to their customers like that??? good neighbor liar, yeah!