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    Fri Sep 16 2011

    I have never done rating, but Starving Students was so unprofessional, I had to let the public know. They were extremely slow, and did significant damage to our new floors. When we showed the movers the damage, they acknowledged it, and said we needed to report it. The manager in charge of such claims, Melanie Thompson, took no responsibility and wanted to offer me an insulting amount to repair the damages. It also took her months to even get back to us. We have pictures, and reported it the next day after the move. Do not use this company. I live near Westwood in Los Angeles.

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    Fri Jul 22 2011

    They were good but check the bill b4 they leave your house...There was 139.95 of unsubstantiated charges and they couldnt prove it cuz it wasnt on our copy only on theirs conveniently enough....We proved it and they are sending a check but it will take 6 weeks to get this amount...Yay we won.....

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    Sat Jun 18 2011

    WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER! Only use this company if your grandmother isn't available, b/c seriously these guys were as slow as snails. Plus they broke our wall unit, entertainment center and want to give us $90 when we paid $1500 for it. They're cheap, but believe me you will pay more in the end for how slow these guys are. Also beware how they mark your inventory, b/c they marked ALL our furniture including our BRAND NEW furniture on the inventory sheet as damaged or rubbed on front, back, left and right to insure themselves from any liability. Save yourself the headache! Pay a little more and use a professional company, b/c in the end it'll still be cheaper!

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    Sat Jun 18 2011

    These guys were scheduled to arrive at 8:30AM and showed up at 2:30PM and informed me that I had not packed enough and they would return the next day, since they claimed to be fast and didn't want to wait for me. The next day a different crew was scheduled for 9:30AM and showed up at 6:00 PM. We rescheduled for a third try. They arrived at 9:30 with a third guy and I was hit with extra fees for PUC, Workman's Comp., Double-Drive Time, etc., which would add an additional 25% to the bill I did not have time to get other movers at this point so we began. Every hour or two, the guys went for a "cigar" break. I would later find out that it was not really a cigar. Somewhere during the move, over $4000 worth of jewelry went missing, along with a prescription for Oxycontin from years earlier (and that's just what I know is missing so far). A few of the items are irreplaceable heirlooms. For example, one of the rings is (was) all I have left of my late father's possessions. I emailed... Read more

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    Tue Jun 07 2011

    I just went through a drastic move in my life, separating from my husband and needing to move. I was looking for something economical and was having a hard time with the more well known sites. I was told by a friend who had used Starving Students to move to try them and I am so grateful to her for the suggestion. I had a great experience with them. They were timely, well manored and quick. They put all my things on the truck within an hour and removed everything within an hour and a half to my new place. The gentleman were about business. They are highly recommended by me to you the reader of this review. I would also like to say that you will get a quote for a downpayment in the beginnning and then once the service has been completed you will get the remaining balance for the time over the hour of the quote. You will also have to pay for gas. Even with all the additioons it was still more economical than the other sites. I must reiterate that I am pleased and will be using them aga... Read more

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    Fri May 27 2011

    The team was very professional and efficient and had great skill at visualizing and efficiently filling the truck. I think a lot depends on the team you get, but we had two. The first team was clearly knowledgable and experience and they really trained the second team. The second team which admitted to being knew, was friendly and helpful, but needed some supervision and the first team provided that beautifully.

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    Fri May 27 2011

    I'm surprised to see so many bad reviews about Starving Students -- I've used them twice now, and have been happy with them both times -- this last time especially. My first move was from a 2nd-story apartment (with 3 steep staircases to navigate -- one to get to the courtyard from the parking lot, and then two to actually get up to my floor) to a 1st-story apartment over a half an hour's drive away -- and they did that move in 2.5 hours. The total cost ended up being a lot less than I was expecting it to be, and the guys who did the move were friendly, fast, and careful with my stuff. (That move was a few years ago, so I don't remember all the details ... ) For my second move, everyone I spoke with was courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful -- and I was offered a discount for being a repeat customer (without having to ask for one). I received multiple follow-up phone calls during the week before my move. On the day of the move, they called to see if I wanted them to come earlier than... Read more

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    All the people posting negative reviews on this website about the "Starving Student Movers" have got to be lacking in the intelligence department. What did you think you were going to get from a company called "Starving Students Movers"? The name alone implies that this is cheap, inexperienced labour so why would you expect anything else. Although, I do agree that they should receive negative ratings for instances where the administration has failed to act professionally, I disagree with posts regarding the level of service provided by the actual movers. If you wanted high end service from experienced professionals with proper equipment and insurance, you should have hired a company like "First Rate Movers". At the very least, the name implies that they are professional and, if you receive second rate service, you would have a valid reason to be upset. Sure "Starving Students Movers" have a professional looking website but so do many of the most deceptive scam artists out there. Don't... Read more

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    Fri Jan 28 2011

    I do suggest them, but also, if you want to save some more money on a diy move, you can get an abf truck, an the just get help. You can save. Even pods. I have looked into many moves rates, If you get a rental truck an can drive, that's the best even if you have to pay help to load or unload it, A great site I found was www laborlumpers com big companies use them to help at your cost plus whatever they add to it, but you can get them directly for your diy move. www rentaltruckhelp com is great to.

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    I've used SS in Orange County, California twice now (two different crews). In both instances the movers were EXCELLENT. The people in the dispatch are not always as sharp as you might expect. In both instances my appointment and the quote for the work was received quickly and efficiently, but I had multiple calls regarding confirming and reconfirming the appointment (maybe they have a lot of people that cancel?). However, in both cases the workers that showed up were on time and were efficient, careful, and professional in their work attitudes. AND they moved at the speed of light - which was impressive considering that they are paid hourly. Now I must admit that in both cases I also let them know right away that I would be tipping them when they were finished - I believe in tipping for this type of service ( "tips" stands for "to insure proper service") - I just add that into what I expect to pay for this type of service - and even with that, I felt I got a great price for all the... Read more

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    I searched many companies online and decided to go with Starving Students based on the fact I used them years ago in CA. Since then their company has grown and their website was professional looking. However, my experience with the Phoenix office was terrible. The day before my scheduled move date, I called the local office and received confirmation of the time they were going to show up and call. The morning of the move I wasn’t contacted as I was told I would be so I called the office to make sure they had the correct address information. I was told that they were having issues with getting gas for their truck and that they were on the phone with their corporate office trying to resolve it. When I expressed my concerns about them being able to show up that day the assistant manager told me he would give them his own cash and they would be on their way in a few minutes. He also stated they would call when they were on there way. After 1.5 hours of waiting I called back to check th... Read more

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    Hired SS because of a good review from the owner of our company. A different branch moved his home furnishings without a problem. Not so with our office move. They are not commercial movers, don't have the proper equipment or skills, and took twice as long as they estimated on the phone. Our final bill was twice what we have ever paid before to move, it took longer than ever before and they damaged several items and now, even though we opted for the insurance I can't get them to pay for the damage. Wish I had seen this site before we hired them! Totally without proper training and equipment. Wish I could be witty about it but it is not laughable in the least.

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    After over six attempts to get satisfaction with this company, I now will use the only tool I have left - the pen, or in this case, the keyboard. These people moved me locally in New Orleans in July. I chose them over Atmosphere Movers solely because of a co-workers recommendation. I even specifically requested the same three man crew that he had used, well in advance of my move date, and told them that they needed a large truck and tools to disassemble some furniture. I also told them that I lived on the third floor and that there would be stairs involved. But then, my friend had the same configuration when they moved him. They showed up late with a two man crew who took one look at the stairs and disappeared, saying they had to go to the convenience store to get some soft drinks. An hour later they had still not returned, so I called the company and they informed me that those guys would not be returning and that they were sending a three man crew (what I had originally reques... Read more

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    Sun Nov 28 2010

    When I called to book my move I had a great experience. When I was called a week before my move date to confirm on the other hand is when it all went down hill. The man who called me gave me incorrect information about prices as we all became very rude to me. I emailed the branch manager and he took care of the situation. As for moving day we had 2 movers. Terrell and Steve. When Steve walked in my apt and shook my hand I could smell the alcohol on his breath before he reached me. He was either still drunk from the night before or was drinking on the way into work. It took them from about 9am to about 3pm to move my apt and what was in storage. I din't think it would take that long but I think it was because Terrell was doing most of the moving. Terrell would be carrying the heavy stuff in as Steve would have a few small pieces in his hands and he was very slow. At least Steve was nice. Thank god for Terrell because if it wasn't for him who knows what would have happened. ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    My recent moving experience with Starving Students was great! Those guys are part man, part Hercules! They are also fast and efficient. I was treated with the utmost respect and I was advised throughout the day as needed. For instance, heavy rain was in the forecast and I was considering resceduling the move, but I received a call and was offered a 3rd man to help quicken the move and was quoted the price of adding another body to the mix. It was fair and I said,"Yes." That turned out to be a good decision. They moved me fast! As the last box entered my new house, the rain began. They were awsome! I Also, I requested 4 wardrobe boxes to purchase. In spite of all the add ons, my move was still less costly than my kids who hired another company to move them. I most sincerely would reccommend Starving Students to anyone! My move was pleasant! Imagine that!

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    They damaged our furniture, placed heavy objects on top of boxes clearly marked "fragile" and broke them and none of our furniture was wrapped. To make matters worse, they got the truck stuck on an incline and handed the keys over to a complete stranger who did not work for the company. He could have driven off with their truck and our belongings. Thankfully, he did not. They sent two guys. One was okay, the other was a complete waste of time. He kept complaining about how tired he was and we ended up moving half the boxes. They put some furniture in the house and all the boxes in the garage, which broke more things. They damaged a 100+ year old dresser and trunk and refused to pay for the damages or repairs. Their supervisor told us, "too bad" and hung up the phone. When we finally got everything off their truck, they added $500.00 to the our bill because THEY were so slow. Do yourself a favor and stay completely away from this crook and his outfit. You will lose not only... Read more

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    I used Starving Students to move from Phoenix to San Fran. First I put my stuff in one of their storage containers for a month. That was pretty seamless b/c they brought the container, loaded it for me an took it away to the warehouse. Then they unloaded my stuff from the container to the truck (this was less expensive than delivering the container long distance) and delivered it to SF for me. All in all it was a pretty great experience. The showed up on time and I got express service so I wasn't waiting for 2 weeks for my stuff to show up. I drove to San Fran and met the truck at my new apt according to the scheduled time. I had an inventory of my belongings and everything checked in safe and sound. The guys were really helpful, which I was really grateful for b/c I had to do this all by myself.

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    Fri Oct 22 2010

    Is there anything less than one star possible? Like negative 50 stars? Terrible does not begin to describe the way this company operates. It would take pages and pages to describe the horrible experience with this company - they should be starving!!! Here is a bullet summary: - Long distance move - They broke or damaged 100% of our furniture including a piano and heirloom antiques - They never returned phone calls as promised - They were not even close to their time estimates - It took them hours to load a 1 bedroom apartment contents (past midnight) - They jacked us around for days on delivery promises and unreturned phone calls. - Their insurance and claim process is a joke beyond words - I found out they were in my city to unload another customer within a mile of my empty apartment near the day they originally promised to deliver. They had all my stuff, yet left and went 1,000 miles away for a full additional week before coming back and that was only after extensive arm twistin... Read more

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    This is a terrible moving company and should not be used to move or touch any of your hard earned possessions. I wouldn't hire them again to move my worst enemy. It took them 5 1/2 hours to move a 450 square feet efficiency apartment to a less then 2 mile destination. I didn't need them to pack anything or dismantle any furniture, I only required them to move my items to their truck, drive them to the next location, and offload them into my new unit. Instead I found them taking items to the elevator and leaving them there, they wasted time and stretched my time out to 5 1/2 hours after I was quoted a move time of approximately two hours. After all the furniture and boxes were removed from my apartment I went to inspect their truck to see how it was packed. What I found made me furious. I found all my items moved from my apartment sitting at the loading dock elevator. So technically they moved my items from the apartment to the loading dock elevator and then from the loading doc... Read more

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    Fri Oct 15 2010

    The 2 young men were very professional, curious & frendly. they were ready to go upon arrival & did not waste any time. They even offered us help in determining where the best places the furniture would fit in the new house. I would be very pleased to have 2 employees like that to represent my company, good job!. Thanks again, Steve Nowotny - posted on behalf of Steve Nowotny excellent service-moved my apartment in less than 4 hours! great price too! - posted on behalf of James D., order # 4550268 The guys were great from my first phone call to the last item moved. I hope everyone remembers to TIP your movers. I hope never to move again, but if the need arises, Starving Students will be my first call. Thank you so very much. Laura The guys were awesome. Very professional , polite, nice people. And very careful with my stuff. I have used your service before, but these guys were the best by far. I think their names were Eric and Carlos. (I could be wrong on the names, not sure) - po... Read more

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    Sat Oct 09 2010

    Starving students should change it's name to stealing students actually take students out because it makes students look bad and replace it with STEALING THIEVES these folks I dealt with in virginia are horrible and the headquarters aren't much better first they was late then they got lost wrong address that was taken by them then they broke my entertainment center it was just bad so if you are thinking about moving please go somewhere else and not starving students I've seen some good reviews on them and trust me they wrote it JERKS and garrin the manager for the springfield location in virginia he's a thief and yes I didnot capitalize his name Jerk thief

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    Thu Oct 07 2010

    I had a great experience with Starving Students. I worked with the North Hollywood branch to coordinate my move. The two guys they sent showed up on time and ready to work. I lived in a small two bedroom apartment about 5 minutes away from the new place. It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but they didn't break anything, were courteous, and got the job done (no fuss, no muss). They worked extremely hard on a hot North Hollywood day. I really have no complaints. I would definitely use them again. No real complaints to report. --Kira Hodge (Order # 4549005)

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    Sun Sep 26 2010

    Below is an email I sent to the head of the Baltimore branch. No surprise, I received no response. HORRIBLE movers-go somewhere else! I wanted to follow up with you about my move this past Saturday. Overall I was very disappointed with my experience with Starving Students. I was aware that I was to be the second move of the day but I was originally told that they would be there around 10 or 10:30. 11 at the latest. They did not arrive until 1:30. When I spoke with you on the phone that morning you said you would be able to discount my move, which was not done. When the movers did finally arrive they had the original price of $89.99, not the price we agreed upon above. During the move I watched NUMEROUS pieces of my furniture be damaged. I actually watched an entire piece of wood come off of my bureau. I watched them stack boxes full of booxes full of books (and clearly labeled as such) on top of boxes labeled FRAGILE with giant red stickers on them. Consequently 4 of my pi... Read more

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    Ripped me off so bad! These people are terrible! I was charged twice and will be contacting the better business bureau. They are thieves!!

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    9-2-10. Two less than shady males show up to move some fruniture to a lovly family 20 miles away. as i was filling out my portion of the paper work i was robbed. My ipod as well as my childs ipod. And did there HR department call? nope. the worst movers i have ever seen and worked with. unkept, drity, bitchy, and had the nerve to ask me for a soda! WTF!!!!! its a piece of shit company and no one should be subjected to there unprofessional bullshit!!

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    These guys aren't even worth rating.... They were just lazy, complaining babies. And to top that off, half our things didn't even get moved. Thats why they will continue to "starve"!!!!

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    Wed Aug 25 2010

    I hired Starving Students at least a week ago to take stuff out of my mother's house and put into storage. The quote seemed reasonable etc, but when they showed up today they looked at the items and refused to move us because there were cats. Yes, there is cat hair on the floor, some of this stuff hadn't been moved in 30 years and the rooms need to be vacuumed. So go buy a mask, or get into a different line of work - surely there are houses out there in much worse condition! But the guy had an absolute fit, claiming allergies and refusing to help us. I cancelled the order immediately and have another company lined up. By the way these guys were both shorter than my 5'5" and each looked about 12. I have renamed the company "Whiny Boys" in my book.

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    Mon Aug 23 2010

    Be warned... We hired Starving Students for a long distance move - weeks in advance. The night before the scheduled move they called with a 'no can do', without any real explanation, apology, or interest to provide an alternate solution. Considering we had to be out of the house (closing) the day after the move, we had to find another company right away. Which we did. ABC Moving in Miami showed up the same day, provided excellent, timely and professional service - even though we have yet to see how they deliver 'on the other end', so far it's a 5 plus with ABC Moving.

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but my experience with them was great. They were supposed to arrive between 8-12 am and arrived at 10 am. They took a lot of time wrapping all of the furniture from getting scratched and were very courteous. They had to move me and my brother from our apt to 2 separate residences. They were very quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend them. What they had to move in a day would have exhausted me. I am very happy with their service and would use them again if I had to move again.

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    Thu Aug 12 2010

    The Los Angeles branch of Starving Students, Inc. moved me out of my parents house and into my new apartment. The movers arrived on time, worked hard, and were very courteous and polite throughout the entire move. Once they finished loading the truck at my first location they followed me right over to my new apartment. Then, when we arrived at my second location, the movers unloaded my furniture, put all my pieces in the correct rooms, and even helped me out by putting my bed and other furniture back together. These guys really eased my stress on moving day and I appreciate their hard work very very much. I will definitely use them again the next time I move. I will always recommend them to friends and family!

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    Starving Students movers are liars, cheats, and thieves. My experience with them, which I posted on this review site earlier, was same as most of you folks. They quoted me about $200 over the phone for a small move, and later charged me about $700. I just moved to my newly bought house and was depressed that day instead of being happy. No one cared to return my three messages left on their phony call answering service at their phony billing department. Later I got an email from one of their customer service agents in response to my review on this site. I spoke with him last week and he basically wrote down my experience, promised to give that to billing department the same day, and informed that I would hear from them the same or the next day. Their phony billing department has not called me so far. Hey, they got their share of the loot, what do they care now. Now my initial review does not even show up on this site. May be that’s the deal these so-called starving thieves have made wit... Read more

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    We couldn't have chosen a more horrible company to move our belongings than Starving Students. Absolutely a joke. When the movers came, they estimated that it would take them 3 hours to pack the belongings of our 2 bedroom condo into their truck. 8 hours later, they we're still putting things into the truck and ran out of room. So, the idiots tore open some of our boxes to make more room and threw loose towels and blankets everywhere (which were never boxed up again). We had to catch our flight so we had to leave while they were still packing the truck. We told them specifically what else needed to go and helped place it at the front of the door. They warned us that they may leave items behind and pick them up the next day and would call us to let us know if this was to be the case. No phone call and high ticket items were left behind. We called the next day to find out if everything had made it on the truck and found out that it had not. I don't believe anyone would have eve... Read more

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    Completely terrible from the initial phone call. The sarcastic laugh in regards to my upcoming move date, the sarcastic reply to my request for an emailed quote. Please Starving Students, if you don't want to starve, lets step up on the customer service a wee bit, yeah? Especially during the probing phone call when you are trying to make a good impression for yourself. Really... how are you still in business?

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. VERY BAD SERVICE. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. very bad experience. used them just to load furniture on truck and the experience was awful. damaged my furniture by dragging on the floor to move from the house to the truck. refused to use a hand truck. one of the men talked on his phone and stopped working while on the clock. he complained the whole time about the size of the furniture. filed a claim with pictures of damages to the company and they refused to honor any claim. STARVING STUDENTS IS A SCAM!!!!

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    It is currently 9:30pm on a Saturday night. They were supposed to be here between 1 and 5. They currently are not answering my calls, and after reading all of the reviews of hidden charges and damage to furniture, I am cutting my losses and hiring someone else tomorrow or getting a friend and a Uhaul. This has been the WORST experience with customer service I have ever had. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are reading these reviews DO NOT hire Starving Students.

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    1 stars These guys from Tempe were supposed to move us between 8:00 and noon, and didn't even call until after noon. The guys showed up with a 32(?) foot truck for our nice little 1474 sq. foot house. We had already moved our arts, mirrors, computers, and musicals instruments. They knew we were only moving two miles away and loaded all the small stuff into the truck first, not having room for our two bikes and our three ladders (6, 8, and 10 ft). When we complained that they should have enough room for things, they made room for the 6- and 8-foot ladders (the ones we could have moved with our Camry), not the 10-footer. They were bucking for extra time and trip all along. NEVER AGAIN.

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    Wed Jul 21 2010


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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    I looked at all these reviews 2 days before my move and was extremely nervous based on the reviews on this website. Starving Students had been recommended by a reliable friend who had used them a few times in the past for local moves and was always happy with the service. We had wanted to keep within the 2 hours minimum limit as we were only moving locally. She advised if we wanted the move to go smoothly to have everything ready to go when they arrived so we could let them know which items to take. We had done all packing prior to their arrival. We had made a list of the items we wanted to make sure made it out the door and those that were less important. We tagged each item with a sticky note so they could quickly see which items were important. The movers (Jose and Clark) were friendly and courteous. They were very willing to comply with our plan to keep the move to the minimum of two hours. They were very upfront with the cost that we would be billed and told us that they would l... Read more

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    Fri Jun 11 2010

    From the beginning, our move was a bad experience. If anyone uses this company I advise you to be wary. We were told our things would be picked up "sometime" on Tuesday, and delivered "sometime" on Friday. No time slot was ever offered, and they actually seemed annoyed if you asked for a time slot. (so, for those of you who have things to do, other than wait around for movers, I do not advise you to use these people) Around 7:30 at night on Tuesday, 2 guys came to pick up our stuff. We live in a 1 BR apartment. They took 4 HOURS to pack up our stuff with OUR HELP. We helped them move about 60% of the stuff because we feared that if we did not, they would never leave. So, they end up leaving our apartment at midnight on a Tuesday night. That was only the beginning. We arrived at our new apartment 2 days later, expecting our belongings (furniture, all of our clothes, bed, amongst other basic necessities) to arrive the following day, as a rep with Starving Students had told u... Read more

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    Sat Jun 05 2010

    Terrible experience!!!! No kidding!!! Right from the customer care, pick up and drop off people are a joke. This is not a professional company. Final price spikes in the end, but when they give a quote its a lot less. The changed the drop off date all of a sudden to an earlier date and expect to pay 1000$ (80$/hr) more to wait for the actual scheduled date. Cheat, probably criminal activity. If I happen to find my items missing, I will file a police complaint against these people. Please don't use this service.

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    The worse move ever. Im a single mother of two, working and a part time business owner. I needed help badly. I was referred to them by a friend. They took advantage of the fact that I was alone. Took forever $585 and I have broken beds that I cant afford to replace. Cant get them on the phone for nothing. My moving day was saturday and it thursday now. I am still moving my things form the old hous to the new one. Never Never Never use this company. What a rip off. My children deserved better and I am so sad that I couldnt give them better. They don't deserve any stars unless 5 stars is the worse rating!

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    worse than terrible. CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. hired movers as i was moving from la to co and had no one to help me when i got there. they gave my things to a freight company and then refused to pay the freight company's fee to deliver it. i found this out after 2 weeks of no returned phone calls. the freight company had my stuff but with the wrong name and arrival info. in a nut shell- my stuff was thrown into a truck, broken glass, broken antique lamp, a box with about $5000 worth of a music gone, and people with fake names and shady businesses making a killing lying and stealing. i hired helpers to help me unload my broken things WHEN IT ARRIVED 4 WEEKS LATER. the FBI should investigate these crooked fucks.

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    Tue May 25 2010

    I have always moved myself, but this time around I was pregnant and my husband is over seas so I had no choice but to get movers. I called a few people including Starving Students and I really felt the most comfortable with them as they were the most up front and I liked that they do not take any money until the move and that I could cancel for free if I needed to. The guys who showed up were fast and totally professional. I felt totally safe with them too and had no issues. I was so pleased I decided to post a review. It seems like others had a bad experience but the guy at the company told me they move 1000's of people a month so it seems like more often than not people are happy with them. My sister used them too and she had no issues so I would recommend them to anyone. Good guys in my opinion. -Sarah - Los Angeles

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    Mon May 10 2010

    Any POSITIVE REVIEWS about Starving Students are FALSE. They are written by the company. A friend of mine WARNED me about them, but I didn't listen. What EVER you do.... DO NOT give these people your credit card number. They quoted me one price on the phone $250. However, when they arrived they asked for a deposit of $400. They told me it was going to take 8-10 HOURS. $1000. I have a 2 bedroom apartment and moved 3 blocks. I called a buddy. He picked me up and we got a BUDGET rental truck. I was done with the entire move within 4 hours. That includes picking up and dropping off the rental truck. AND THERE WAS ONLY 2 of US!!!! The whole thing is a CON. They know most people will just pay the cost once the morning comes. (That's if you can get them there on time.) DON'T DO IT.

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    Mon May 10 2010

    ABSOLUTLY TERRIBLE. They deserve NO STAR. I shouldn't have believed anything they told me over the phone before I scheduled a very small move 1 mile away . I got hit with so much charges that was told are free over the phone. BIG LIERS. TOTAL MISREPRESENTAIONS. I would have been much better off using a reputable and more expensive moving company- it still would have been cheaper!! I had made it very clear that I didn't need any boxes or packing services and I didn't purchase anything from them, still I was charged sales tax for packing material that I never bought!!! I have a lot to say of how ruthless their office personnel can be- specially the local office that I had to deal with. Their Customer Claim Department should be called SSMC Management Fraud Support Services. At 2 different occasions as I was trying to dispute the charges, they hung up on me. If it is too late to cancel your already scheduled move with them make sure to read the contract word by word before signing ... Read more

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    Tue May 04 2010

    My experience with Starving Students was TERRIBLE!! I was supposed to meet them at 10 am. Hmm at 10:10 no one there, so I call their office. The manager told me that they wouldn't be there for another hour because they were running late, okay? I said this was not acceptable to me, since I had friends waiting. She was extremely rude and said it was somehow MY FAULT because they had a 2 hour window. She NEVER told me this earlier. I called the corporate number, and just got some snippy little girl who was supposedly a manager (yeah right), who just laughed and asked how this was her problem. I called back and talked to her manager who was no help whatsoever, and lied that he was the top manager (yeah right), refused to put his manager on the line, and just hung up. Needless to say, I ignored their phone calls when they finally showed up an hour and a half late. They can waste half a tank in their gas guzzler vehicle for all I care. By the way, THEY ARE NOT EVEN STUDENTS!!!!

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    Thu Apr 29 2010

    This was by far one of the WORST experiences I have ever had with a moving company! First, my appointment was confirmed for noon; the driver called me and asked me where he was supposed to go even though I gave the address for pick up the day before. Then they were 30 min late. I had 10 pieces of furniture in a storage unit to be moved 5 miles to my apartment and then unloaded. These guys moved slower than frozen molassas running uphill. It took them 7 hours to complete the move. A full hour of this time is unaccounted for as I left them at the storage unitat 3:00 to meet the cable guy. They needed to load a mirror and mattress set and drive 5 miles. They did not show up until 4:00. Originally I used Bekins to load a two bedroom apartment, household goods and my car to move to Encino. They took 10 hours to load EVERYTHING. I should have used them again this time. Clearly they took advantage of the situation since they charge by the hour. I will never use this company agai... Read more

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    Wed Apr 28 2010

    Don't know HOW I missed all of these HORRIBLE reivews - GRRRR! Had I seen these (and ones on other sites) I would have NEVER hired these guys!) AWFUL, AWFUL MOVING EXPERIENCE!!! I would rate a ZERO star if possible! I called almost a week ahead of time and spoke with operators apparently in the "corporate office" not the local office. Guys showed up (after circling my apt. complex for nearly 20 min (I watched them from the street) telling me they got lost (I live in a complex at a LARGE main intersection w/ huge sign out front announcing name of complex - hello?) while I'm paying the portal-to-portal fee of $84/hr! One guy was hispanic w/ very spoke broken English and was difficult to understand, the other guy had a sight disability - nice! They surveyed my unit and said there were too many boxes and the entertainment center was too heavy so I would need to reschedule with 3 movers instead. WHAT???? I had told the operator SEVERAL TIMES on multiple calls exactly what I had (75 boxes, ... Read more