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2009 American science fiction action film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Website

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    The beginning of the greatest Sci-Fi franchise ever. Clever, imaginative and pioneering.

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    Thu Nov 18 2010

    Holy crap. We're one step closer to actually doing this...,2817,2372994,00.asp

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    The Spock/ Uhura nonsense aside, I have to admit the movie surpassed expectations. Unlike many- perhaps most- Star Trek fans, I never cared for any of it, outside the original series. On balance, the cast did a very good job staying true to those characters. To me anyway, this made up for a story that was somewhat lacking. Definitely worth watching.

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    this movie was great nice special effercts........lots of fighting..... And the funny thing is the captain kirk he always got his ass beat up in the movie

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    My three favorite Star Trek episodes were episodes from the first season. They were: The man trap, the Enemy Within, and Space Seed. The Man trap was about a shape shifting alien who killed people by absorbing the salt out of their bodies. When it tried to absorb the salt from Kirk's body, Doctor McCoy destroyed it. On the Enemy Within a transporter accident split Captain Kirk into two people. One of the Kirks was good. The other one was evil. Some of the other crew were left on a freezing planet because another transporter accident couldn't be risked. The transporter was repaired, the two Kirks were put back together and the crew were beamed back aboard the Enterprise. On Space Seed a group of people in a space ship were revived from suspended animation. The leader was named Khan. Khan tried to murder Captain Kirk and take over his ship. Khan was defeated and was exiled to a planet. Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan was a sequel of this episode. The original Star Trek was a great sho... Read more

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    By far the best movie I have ever seen in my life.

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    Before I describe what I think about this movie I think it best to explain a few things first. Yes, I'm a complete and utter geek and enjoyed watching various Star Trek TV series and movies over the years. I've never really seen many episodes of the original series, just odds and ends, and what I saw I didn't really think much too. I grew up watching The Next Generation and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the finest crew in Starfleet each week exploring the alpha/beta quadrants. I even watched most episodes of DS9, and all of Voyager and Enterprise. Of the movies the only one's I haven't seen are 1 and 5. Before now I'd have said First Contact was the best of the Star Trek films to date. It featured the Borg, timetravel, and a reasonable amount of action. Excellent. I went into Star Trek having heard all from quite a few people who had really enjoyed it, some of who didn't even like Star Trek before then. So I went in to the film feeling hopeful that it would be a good film, yet I was... Read more

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Best of the series.

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    Mon May 18 2009

    Coming from a non-Trekkie, this movie was actually pretty good. You don't have to be a Star Trek fanatic to understand the plotline nor the characters. SYNOPSIS: George Kirk was captain of the USS Kelvin for all of fifteen minutes when he evacuated the ship to save the crew (including his wife and soon-to-be born kid) from a highly advanced and curiously shaped Romulan ship. During his last few minutes alive, he and his wife christen their newborn son: James Tiberius Kirk. Kirk grows up to be an arrogant risktaking type (who listens to Beastie Boys . . . . think about that one for a sec, because in that day and age I guess it'd be considered "classical"), but is somehow swept up into Starfleet because for some reason Captain Christopher Pike ( . . . I'm hoping that's a name that was around for a while in the series, because there's an author out there with the same name that writes what appears to be bad teen horror novels) seems to believe that being a good captain is genetic.... Read more

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    Wed May 13 2009

    Star Trek was enjoyable and a great example of action science fiction. I've loved the original series since I was a small boy. While I haven't kept up with every iteration of television product derived from Gene Roddenberry's original vision, I've seen the ten or so movies that periodically come out from the franchise and have come to expect the same thing: mostly bloated, inferior films. Except for the one with the late Ricardo Montalban, and the Next Generation movie with the Borg, they've mostly been somewhat enjoyable but ridiculously thin -- ie what you'd expect to happen when you stretch a 44-minute TV series out to make to a feature-length movie. This was different. The usual elements from the other films are there (Earth is threatened, the warp drives canna take any more, you green blooded bastard etc etc) but the fresh approach that the strong young actors brought to the roles, and the odd fun of a good origin tale, made the film a lot more enjoyable than just another ro... Read more

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    Fri May 08 2009

    Star Trek was very, very good, but not perfect. The movie starts with a bang. The opening scene is intense and gripping, and probably about as well done as it could have been. The appropriate heartstrings are pulled, the bad guys defined, and the context set - all in about 10 gut wrenching minutes. I also enjoyed the look at Kirk's early days as a drunk, underachieving townie. The Beastie Boys' sabotage scene was badass. The peripheral characters were all pretty much perfect - Scotty got to say his famous line a couple of times, Sulu was appropriately competent and subdued, Uhura was a bit hotter than I remembered (which I have no problem with), and Bones was awesome. As for the Spock and Kirk, both did a good job capturing the essence of the characters while still bringing something new to the table. So why no five stars? I felt there was just a tad too much comic relief - nothing really matched the intensity of the opening scene, because the tension kept getting diffused by ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 31 2009

    Old one is the best one by far. Sure, it was campy and cheesy, and the actors werent the best... but so what? Its the best, and if you disagree than you are wrong, plain and simple :)

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    The worst cast of actors on any Prime Time US TV show.And the same for every spin-off since. All the actors who were total unknowns that became known through the show, got next to ZERO parts of anything close to good after the show ended( Maybe a guest star on a cop show,or medical show ),and if they got any movie roles,they were totally forgettable sci-fi/horror/suspense schlock.Why? Because they can't act! It's as if Roddenberry deliberately chose actors with no range whatsoever.Ever see them try to do comedy?Pathetic! And ever see them in interviews ,from the '70s up to today?( I did,growing up, seeing them on talk shows and other entertainment shows )It's as if they really are from another solar system, they're so clueless,yet are so maudlin at the same time! And as the show itself: the only way that was "innovative",was of the grossly preachy/Leftist,Politically Correct propaganda,about other cultures,losing your "racism" will bring all the races together,the most pretentious ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    Ground Breaking Sci Fi. The characters had life and lives.

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    do not like at all ....but will watch if had to.

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    They should of had a show with a spaceship full of lesbians land!

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    Tue Dec 18 2007

    As CanadaSucks mentions, it was most definitely a groundbreaking series, but I've never really been able to get into it, even now. Part of that is because I'm not and never have been a big fan of sci-fi. Part of it may be that it came out when I was a very young child and it was beyond my comprehension or interest. Still, watching the re-runs as an adult really hasn't done much for me. In some ways, the series was a throwback to the combat movies of the 40's and 50's--  the mythology of "rugged individualism" and intergalactic Manifest Destiny (gotta wonder how much of this stuff Dubya watched as a kid?). The combat movies of that era always had a superficial egalitarianism, and every platoon had a Kowalski, a Maggio, a McFadden, a Whyte, a Rabinowitz, etc.; Star Trek, in turn, had a Spock, a Sulu, a Uhura, a Chekhov (would have really been interesting if it had had a "Trotsky"), etc. There are episodes that have stayed with me and evoke a certain nostalgic pleasure. I always enjoyed t... Read more

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Excellent show when it aired. Closer to three and one-half stars today. You must remember it was very low budget and struggled to stay on the air in the 60's. Adults didn't want sci-fi and the target audience was too busy to be watching television. Probably watched more in syndication than originally.

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    Tue Aug 21 2007

    absolutely worst acting costumes an props on television. but great stories. i was totally hooked in reruns. too old for my tastes when the episodes originally aired.

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    Thu Jul 26 2007

    "Star Trek" is truly a classic. Roddenberry and company did the unthinkable-producing a mature, hour-long science fiction television series back in the mid-1960's. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the Enterprise crew are all television icons. Some of the finest sci-fi writers of the day contributed to the show.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    Dated suprisingly well and more watchable than TNG. Writing, characters and even acting still holds up after all these decades.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    The high water pants and old-fashioned style of acting is a little too much for me, but this show had some cool ideas. 2 and a half stars

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    Fri Jul 07 2006

    "Star Trek" was the first science fiction series that I can recall which used the theme of a brighter future in which humanity had progressed. For the uninitiated (and there must be very few), the concept for "Star Trek" is a virtual city in space (i.e. a Starship) which is on a five year mission of exploration. The crew is multiracial (e.g. Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura) and multinational (e.g. Walter Koenig as Ensign Pavel Chekov) which suggests that most of the current social conflicts had been eliminated by the time in which the series was set; however, many of the same problems were encountered in space (e.g. racism and Cold War adversaries) which suggests that these issues may be part of life's condition. The special effects were ambitious, especially given the technological and budgetary limitations. The bottom line is that notwithstanding some weaker and now dated storylines and obviously budget minded special effects, "Star Trek" became and remains an institution ... Read more

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    Sat Jun 03 2006

    Yeah yeah yeah, the dialogue and acting were downright atrocious at times. But a lot of the plots were intriguing and the show was WAY ahead of its time. Like it or not, this show is a TV classic...

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    The sooner you get past the special effects and 60's style designs the sooner you will start enjoying this masterpiece of television. Intelligent, cerebral and entertaining. Yes, there were a few painfully bad episodes, but no one bats a 1.000.

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    Fri Nov 19 2004

    Star Trek is responsible for keeping SciFi on TV for the past 30 years. The Classic Trek is just that, a classic, it may not be holding up well but the spin offs have kept it and will continue to keep the franchise going. There are two kinds of people in the world Star Trek fans and the rest of you.

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    Tue Jul 27 2004

    Star Trek is to televison, as the Beatles are to music, both were far ahead of their a turbulant time in our country...Star Trek gave us a glimpse as to what the future may hold...people of all races working together for the good of all people...some thought it was merely a science fiction series...for those of us who got it...realized that the episodes were morality plays...tackling the important issues of the time...war, polution,equality for all...where other shows couldn't or wouldn't touch such topics...Star Trek did...It made us think and inspired imaginations...and can anyone really say that for any of the shows rated higher?? Green Acres? I Dream of Jeanie?? its like comparing Shakespeare to graffiti ...

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    I guess this show was just to complicated for me...and boring...Oh and believe me, I tried to watch it. I really did. Maybe a cool thing about it is the characters. Luv Uhura and Spock.

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    Wed Jul 07 2004

    Awesome classic sci-fi show...special effects weren't that good but the message came through...a product of its time...wish Scotty,Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Chapel had more to do...

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    Tue Jun 22 2004

    it took me awhile when i was younger to get past the 60's dress and special effects, but once i did i really like the show. the only thing i didnt like in the show was how every episode seemed to be about kirk, kirk, and kirk. not that i didnt like kirk, i just wanted a little more of some of the other characters. some of the best TV story telling around.

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    Sun Apr 18 2004

    Star Trek isn't bad but the scenery looks cheap, the colours are horrible (it is the 60's) and the special effects look very, very basic. The good acting is a saving grace and it has managed to get a cult following. Some of the episodes were interesting, though.

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    Sat Mar 20 2004

    Even with all the klunker episodes (and there are a surprisingly large number of them), this remains perhaps the single most re-watchable show ever. There aren't many fictional shows that you really *wish* were true and *wish* you could be a part of.

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    Fri Mar 19 2004

    simply the BEST SCI-FI series ever. great writers.

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    Fri Nov 14 2003

    A great show for the first two seasons..seemed like a real ship to me. There's a story in the book written by Bill Shattner about a new director. Seems this director was telling Sulu ok when this happens just press this button over here, pointing to the panel where Sulu sits..anyway Sulu yells at him don't you know anything?,if I press that button the ship will blow up! Anyway he was dead serious and finally the director said ok don't press that button!

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    Sun Nov 02 2003

    This is some wierd sh*t. I don't get it.

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    Thu Oct 30 2003

    All time Classic. The whole cast of actors made a great team.

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    Fri Jul 18 2003

    Hands down the greatest TV show ever produced.

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    Mon Jun 23 2003

    You're not a red-blooded American male if this show didn't appeal to you on some level. As a 8-year-old scifi buff, I was blown away by Trek. THat was in 1976, and while it's admittedly dated, this show was really ahead of its time in content. I can't count how many adult themes were touched on. Sure, it was sexist, but there was truth in much of these scenes. They explored our good and bad sides. Their best episodes: Spock horny, their time travel to the 1960s and sighting as a UFO by the Air Force, their encounter w/ Belok, their time travel to the Depression w/ Joan Collins, their spy mission against the Romulans, their encounter w/ Khan, the mirror universe, the Doleman of Troyius, and the planet killer. Even at their worst, they often had a grain of thought behind their work. The worst episodes were Spock's Brain and Turnabout Intruder. Spock's Brain had no redeeming value other than hot babes, but Turnabout is impressive for addressing the feminine side of Capt Kirk. For a 1969 e... Read more

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    Sun Jun 01 2003


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    Thu May 08 2003

    a true classic

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    Mon Apr 28 2003

    Star Dreck is more like it. Goose drippings. Hard to believe this crap spawned like three later spinoffs, one just as crashingly dull as the other. I can't imagine the lack of cerebral event necessary to enjoy this show, but there's countless dullards out there drooling over this nonsense and its offspring at this very moment. Frightening.

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    Thu Mar 13 2003

    Either you got it or you didn't. I got it...and loved it.

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    Tue Feb 25 2003

    William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy made a great team. I have a lot of the Original Series (that was the only one that was good). Live Long and Prosper!

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    Thu Jan 16 2003

    To comment on any STAR TREK incarnation is to risk Holy War, these shows are so venerated--and zealously argued over--by so many. But I will go so far as to say that this, the original series, is the most important, and in certain ways most successful, of them all. Obviously, without it there would have been no NEXT GENERATION, DS9, etc., but it's bigger even than that. STAR TREK was a seminal event in television history. It literally redefined a genre, as HILL STREET BLUES did for cop shows and BUFFY did for fantasy/supernatural fiction. Before STAR TREK, science fiction on TV was strictly kid stuff. Gene Roddenberry redefined it as legitimate adult fare -- and emphasized the "adult" part by making his Captain Kirk a first-class horndog who had out-of-wedlock sexual liaisons--pretty racy stuff for its day. The series also pioneered racial diversity (including the first interracial kiss on television), the use of women as authority figures, and the use of SF storylines to explore conte... Read more

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    Sun Jul 28 2002

    i absolutely hate star trek even the newer ones. it is boring, irritating and i don't know how anyone could stand it.

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    Sun Jun 02 2002

    The best in its genre...the original Star Trek is phenominal. The story lines were reflective of the issues of the times without being made to feel that you were being preached to. It was a shame that Gene Rodenberry was thwarted at every turn by NBC...he actually sold it to the network as a "wagon train to the stars". The best set on the series was the bridge...I bet most of the budget was used could see the rest of the sets were actually all recycled. I think what is enduring about Star Trek is the imagination of its creator and how the actors personified the roles. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly are Star Trek...even the supporting cast of characters (who could have been utilized more than they were)...Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) James Doohan (Scotty) George Takei (Sulu)etc...helped to humanize the Enterprise crew. A great show that will be around for years to come.

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    Thu May 16 2002

    this is a great show. i really like it and it the best

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    Fri Feb 22 2002

    hello, i just thought that i would let you all know that star trek is the absolute best t.v. show. i think that it is the most exciting, as well as entertaining show on the air. i dont go any where every weekday and 6 oclock, so that i can sit down and enjoy a very exzuberating si-fi drama t.v. show.

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    Sat Aug 04 2001

    A great show of it's time! Now it seems cheap. But it still has great story lines if not realistic aliens, planets, and acting.

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    Fri Jun 29 2001

    It's so colourful and creative- I always love to see the outrageous costumes they've made for the aliens and monsters. It can be taken seriously, too. A vibrant and classic show.