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    Wed Apr 03 2013

    We were very pleased with the professionalism of your staff and would highly recommend them

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    Thu Feb 28 2013

    Everything is great! I really don't have any suggestions except maybe get your guys some water jugs! Here is a quote, and of course you can use it and my name! The cost to use Stallion Moving was the easiest check I have written in a long time. Excellent service and attention to detail. They did a great job

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    Tue Feb 26 2013

    Firemen movers were just wonderful. They were calm and organized on a very busy, stressful day for us. They were creative about solving unanticipated problems, unfailingly polite and courteous, and very gentle and careful with our precious possessions. We plan to use them for any other moves we make, and we have already recommended them to several friends.

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    Sat Feb 23 2013

    Very professional, very quick. For my place they had everything unloaded in the apartment and done within 1 hr! They had all the tools, blankets, lifts to get the job done properly. Their help made a huge difference in my move and I can’t imagine having done it without them.

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    Sun Feb 10 2013

    Anthony and his guys helped move us. Right from the beginning it was a great move, as he showed up on time and quickly started to load the truck. His guys were more than careful with our belongings and were very efficient with their time. All in all a fantastic experience and within $20 of the estimate he provided. Great Job guys, and i'll definitely call you for our next move

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    Sun Jan 27 2013

    We moved this summer from a townhouse to a bigger house, and these movers were great. They showed up on time, were very fast, and there were no problems at all. They were not the cheapest quote we got, but they were worth the price. There was a tiny bit of damage on one of our walls, but other than that no other damage. I'd definitely recommend these movers, and if we moved again would use them again.

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    Tue Jan 08 2013

    We went with Stallion Moving Services based on the many positive reviews and we're very happy we did. Trey and his team did not disappoint! Excellent service! I would definitely hire them again, and I would recommend them to anyone.

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    Wed Jan 02 2013

    The guys from Stallion Moving are reliable, fast, and extremely professional. They were very flexible and accommodating with a shifting move date as there were several delays with our new condo.

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    Mon Dec 31 2012

    Last year we had Stallion Moving Services move us to condo. We contacted them for a quote and they quickly followed up and allowed us to book our time. On the day of, they arrived early (possibly to scout out where to park) and were very patient dealing with our horribly unorganized concierge. The move was much quicker than expected and they were very careful not to damage either our stuff or our walls. We would recommend them to others!

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    Sun Dec 30 2012

    Simply the best! Very careful and patient. They managed to move a large sofa bed through a very narrow hallway without touching the walls. All furniture peaces and boxes were moved without any damages. They handled all items with extreme care. I will definitely use them again for my future moves!

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    Sun Mar 25 2012

    Stallion Moving did an excellent job with my move. Fast, efficient, friendly and they took the time to wrap and secure my stuff so there was absolutely no damage to anything. Moving is stressful, but they were total professionals and made the move ease.

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    Sun Feb 05 2012

    We recently moved and used Stallion Moving after reading the reviews on Rateitall website. The move was very stress free which was a relief to me since I had heard many bad stories about moving companies lately. Trey, Mike and James were very quick, organized and professional at the same time being friendly and fun. Trey was very entertaining with his stories but he also had a great memory for the furniture that was in each room. Once we had told him which room was which he knew all the pieces that went with that room, which saved us time pointing out where everything was to go. Their online estimate sheet was very detailed and in the end we paid almost exactly what we were originally quoted. I would definitely use them again as well as recommend them. Thanks again for a great move.

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    Sat Jan 07 2012

    I had very high expectations of Stallion Moving Services .I read prior to hiring them. Those expectations were exceeded during my move. Anthony and his team were professional, diligent and friendly (not to mention damn strong! Our things were moved quickly but with great care. Service from the office team has also been superlative. We always moved ourselves prior to this - due somewhat to the many horror stories we'd heard about moving companies in the past. After using Stallion Moving, we are now firm believers in letting experts do the job! Great work guys.

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    Tue Jan 03 2012

    We hired them in August for our move. The team consisted of 4 men and took all day, in the rain. Much care was taken in packing and wrapping all our items and they kept both houses clean the whole time. The guys were simply fun to talk to and we enjoyed our move for the first time - so stress free! We would definitely use Stallion Moving Services again. Wish we had tried them sooner!

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    Wed Dec 21 2011

    If you are moving personal items and furniture that you care very much about, I would highly recommend these guys. They wrapped every piece of furniture and placed smaller breakable items securelt into lined boxes. They also put floor coverings down so as not to make a mess of the premises. The two young men were both big and strong, but also polite and very respectful. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stallion Moving to others.

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    Sun Dec 18 2011

    We have moved every three years and Stallion Moving were our fourth movers. Blew every one else we had used in the past away. Estimated cost was bang on. We had the best crew ever (Anthony John Mike were awesome). Tipped these guys a bunch of money for handling everything with "Stallion Moving ". No guff, no fuss and I don't think they stopped for lunch even though the move was four guys, two trucks and 10.5 hours long. Everything handled carefully and would recommend these guys to anyone. Do yourself a favour and hire them! You will not be disappointed.

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    Fri Dec 16 2011

    A perfect move! James and Anthony made it so easy for us to move: They were always friendly, very careful with everything, super professional and efficient. We could not have asked for a better team. Thank you so much, guys! Moving has been a pleasure with you two!

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    Sat Nov 05 2011

    Stallion Moving Services was great. I bought a Living Social deal and hired them to move my apartment from Englewood to Denver. Their movers were very nice. Anthony was perhaps both the largest and funniest guy I've ever met. I guess he's from the moon... lol The move went great. I'm very happy. Try them out.

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    Mon Jul 25 2011

    Excellent service, very professional, office staff was welcoming and sweet. The movers were VERY careful and spent a great deal of time making sure everything was appropriately packaged and protected. My antiques came out without a scratch and the coupon I bought on Yelp brought the cost down. Good job guys.

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    Tue Oct 26 2010

    Moving services I ordered from this company online via Hire a Helper were great. The broker was easy to use though a little expensive. I found out that I could have saved money by calling them directly, though I did not know that at the time. But now to how they did. Their service was great. They had movers there on time and well supplied. They worked diligently throughout the day making sure our stuff was protected and secured right. They even assembled everything for us at our new home. This moving company performed way better than other Denver moving companies I have used in the past. I was impressed and would recommend you give them a call if you need moving help.

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    Thu Sep 23 2010

    Stallion Moving did a great job moving my apartment from Littleton to Denver. They worked hard and did a great job packing my stuff then loading the truck right. The movers picked up my piano with ease to my disbelief. Very good service from this moving company.

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    Moving Companies should be fast, cheap, and have great service too... Well good news. I found one! Stallion Moving Company in Denver fits the bill. They are located in central Denver and service the entire Denver Metro area. I moved from Parker, Co to Littleton, Co and when I began searching for movers, I looked to Google. I searched Denver movers reviews and there were dozens of companies to choose from. I called a few, but when I called Stallion Moving, that was it. The owner was so polite, offered me a great deal and after the other reviews... it was easy. The movers showed up ten minutes early, I can't really complain about that. They packed and loaded the entire home in a matter of a few hours. They delivered our goods to Littleton with ZERO damage. They packed all of our fragile items with either bubble wrap or packing paper. Nothing was knicked scratched or damaged at all. They even made sure to shrink wrap all of the furniture to make sure none of our nice wood was marred. Very... Read more

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    This moving company provided our family with phenomenal service! They delivered on all they had promised and more. Their movers were very professional and courteous to us. Our local move was completed quickly and efficiently. The savings are another great thing, they are surprisingly inexpensive. They proved to be even more reliable than they had claimed. Stallion Moving definitely made our move quick and easy.

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    Moving is stressful, particularly for me. I don't enjoy it whatsoever. But at the same time, I typically did not like or trust movers, let alone moving companies. I was duped the last time I hired movers. This made me very apprehensive about hiring movers again. Had it not been for the fact that my furniture is exceptionally heavy.I would have never hired movers again after what happened to me before. This time I did plenty of research before hiring a mover. I wanted to ensure that the moving company I would hire was reputable and respectable. I spent hours looking at reviews, comparing prices and checking accreditation. After all that work, what I came up with was Stallion Moving Services. This moving company is very well reviewed. They are Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited, and they are also accredited by the American Moving Labor Professionals Association for excellence in their field! It doesn't hurt that their low prices looked as if they were going to be the lowest cost sol... Read more

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    I've moved locally in Denver at least a dozen times now. I previously would move myself. But the last couple times moving time came around I just didn't feel like moving myself. This time I hired Stallion Moving Company and their movers did a great job helping us with our move. Their moving service was professional and well coordinated. The movers they sent were so friendly and courteous that I was caught completely by surprise. The last professional moving company I hired wasn't nearly this good. These pro movers worked hard all day barely taking a break for the lunch I bought them. If you want to complete a local move in Denver, I would recommend Stallion Moving Company any day. Their low cost service was great for us. Thanks again for doing such a great job moving our family.