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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    To whom it may concern: I have been a sprint customer for about 6 years, and I absolutely cannot wait to terminate the relationship. I will spare you as many of the details as possible. Suffice it to say, over the years the service has been low average at best, and very disjointed. Each time a simple situation would arise, (activating a new phone, purchasing an upgraded phone, swapping out a phone, getting a return envelope), it required hours and hours of dealing with Sprint employees, many of which are unfriendly and inefficient. There is no synergy between departments and I never felt any true concern from any rep or supervisor or tech that I have dealt with. I actually get a little sick to my stomach when I know I have to call and deal with Sprint for any reason, I push it off until the last possible moment because it is always so unpleasant; you have to be ugly in order to get the help you deserve. Here are some of the issues we have dealt with over the duration: ● Spri... Read more

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    How to protect yourself from Sprint’s Insurance Scam When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money. Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint’s insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you’ll still have to purchase the replacement phone at the full price, sometimes $300 or more per phone. The only thing the insurance affords you is a $50 deductible off that price. Not only that, but the ‘new’ phone will not even be new, but a refurbished old phone, probably broken by some previous Sprint customer sucker. However if you’ve kept your old phone, you can simply get them to reactivate that. It means you need no insurance and you need never pay for a new phone until you become eligible for your next upgrade, whereupon you will be sold a brand new phone at a substanti... Read more

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    Horrible company.. Fought with people on the phone and in store so much for the 2 years I've been a customer. They charged me data usage for months without me or my family knowing and back-dated our service charges for only 2-3 months. (wonder how much they stole?) Been through 4 LG Rumor phones. Would never upgrade me even if I asked them if I could pay the upgrade price because I hate that phone so much. Bad reception. Bad everything. Watched the manager scam 2 people with a touch screen phone the other day while in the store. They came in as I was waiting for my phone to be "repaired" yet again.. The manager told the 2 people who came in at different times that they both had "corrosion on their battery" which was their problem? How the hell does that make their touch screen phone stop working? Oh, and of course, this fix wasn't under their insurance plan so they were screwed out of the 300 bucks they spent on the phone. Watched the poor bastards become as furious as I have been with... Read more

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    Dealing with Sprint for the past two days has been the worst experience with a cell phone company that I have ever had. I was a Sprint customer for many years until switched by my company. My son who has graduated and in his first job wanted his own phone account so I tried to set up an account with Sprint with him on 6/30/2010. The web interface was a nightmare. It would never let us finish the process and made us reenter data time and again. The online service person who tried to "chat" through instant messager was totally useless. Three hours later and after switching to another computer, we finally succeeded. Later, someone called my son to complete his credit check. This person phoned while he was driving and would not call back. Obviously an outsourced person in the far East with a terrible accent. She proceeded to ask questions that he could not understand. Her pronunciation was so bad he could not understand the street names she was asking about and, of course, sh... Read more

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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    Slipping faster than (insert clever metaphor here). . .Like almost all cell phone services, Sprint PCS is a mixed bag at best and terrible on other days. Company mergers, bloated contracts, and proliferation of cells are part of the perfect storm of awful customer service that pervades this industry.  As for me, I've had mixed results with Sprint PCS but I am quite happy with the price and contract- something few cell customers can say.  The actual cost is what keeps me a customer- I automatically assume that a phone call for 'service' will be a 20 minute wait.  It can be a bitch but switching will cost me more. . .I guess Sprint gets an average rating- but that's as high that any cell phone company can reach at this point.  It's an industry rife with terrible service.

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    If CEO Hesse’s main mission is to improve customer service he is failing miserably. He should have started this mission with the customer service representatives that interface with customers. After the multitude of misleading conversations taking huge amounts of time over multiple days, I will NEVER do business with Sprint again! I will go out of my way to tell all of my friends and associates about how bad Sprint is to work with and about how horrible their customer service continues to be! I am normally a very mellow, rule abiding person taking a lot to make me upset, but I have been pushed beyond the brink with Sprint! I have been a good and faithful customer with Sprint for 9 years. They could care less! I have spent something in the neighborhood of $10,000 with this company and it doesn’t mean anything to them. Their poor customer service and ridiculous fees have not only made me furious, but is has fueled me to speak out against them. $200 here and $200 there is an insult t... Read more

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    I've had Sprint for 5 years. Their service plans are a decent value. To me they seemed to do better before their Nextel merge, then both Sprint and Nextel went quantity over quality. Their customer service sucks and their contacts have miles of fine print. But I can't imagine that they are better or worse than say any other major wireless service. (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, et al.)

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    I purchased my Sprint phone on Monday, 05 May 2008. I should have received the rebate by Monday, 11 August 2008. I repeatedly submitted the rebate request and each time Sprint claimed the requested was never received. After submitting the rebate request numerous times via mail, fax, and email each and every time with Sprint continuing to claim the rebate request was never received I began filing rebate fraud complaints against Sprint in March 2009 and I still have not received a rebate check. Sprint has lied to me and the Better Business Bureau about this matter. Sprint reported to the BBB that a representaive has spoken with me and the matter is resovled. That is a lie! I am now being subjected to playing this game of repeatedly confirming my mailing address with an executive services analyst. I have now confirmed my mailing address 10 times. This is the same mailing address that the account statements are consistently received but not the rebate check. This company has no intentions ... Read more

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    Sun Jun 07 2009

    Palm Pre launching with Sprint is like putting lipstick on a pig. Good phone, crummy service provider. Its still the same old Sprint - thinly veiled contempt for customers, systems that are poorly designed and not understood by those who operate them as well as contracts that are extended whenever an ESN changes, regardless of the source of the new phone. The latter was the subject of a lawsuit. By the way, I have learned that Sprint will roll over quickly when challenged on wrongful contract extensions. Based on my experience, these maybe all of the mysterious contract expiration dates. If you don't know why you have, mysteriously, experienced a contract extension, challenge Sprint to explain it. Humbly, I confess that I have been a Sprint client for 12 years - acknowledging that this fact, in light of the disdain and contempt Sprint inspires in me and, it seems, most of it's client base; any and every time contact with them is necessary, is empirically contradictory to t... Read more

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    I'm getting up tomorrow morning and going to ATT or elsewhere to get service. Now, I know I'll have to pay $400.00 for canceling my two lines before contract is up but, boy, I can't F**** deal with sprint for one more day. (I'm switching my entire family, and will campaign within the circle of friends although I believe I'm the only one with using sprint)

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    Fri Oct 31 2008

    Sprint BLOWS Goats!

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    bad customer service. phones sold are from quality name brands but are usually the low end cheaply built models that sure as hell don't last. i went through 8 phones during my 2 year period. wouldnt let me port my phone number to verizon wireless (tried to charge me termination fee even though the contract had ended). will never go back. if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit more $ verizon is perfect.

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    I worked for a U.S. based customer service center for Sprint PCS. I refused to use their service and understand why they are having the troubles they do. I could go on and on as to the 'whys' of poor customer service and duplicate charges or other billing mishaps, but to make a point in a few sentences ... the inability to provide great customer service, is often due to the lack of knowledge/training a representative receives before being tossed onto the phones and that negatively impacts the customer experience.

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    Sprint provides me with cell-phone service for about $55 per year. How? I have a cheap cell phone that they sold me for $30, and I bought a 1000-minute pay-as-you-go card for $80 which includes free weekend time. Since I can't see why anybody would need to talk on a cell phone for more than 500 minutes a year, I would suggest Sprint. If I still felt the need for a monthly service (why?), I would have remained on Working Assets/CREDO, which after all gave me free ice cream. But who needs another monthly bill?

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I owe you what?  5 years is about the cut off for satisfaction with Sprint. After 5 years of being loyal customers then they start to drastically over charge you. Its happed to me, then recently my friends. Im never surprised. I had to settle with them for half of what they originally said I owed, If they didnt do that I would have never paid it...  So its a good plan for them to make $$$big bucks unless you decide not to pay..But for most of you who will just pay and get the trouble out they way, thats where they make their profit. Dont worry. They will make a "mistake" again.

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    Thu Jun 12 2008


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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    Sprint pcs is the worst of the worst and the customer service is really BAD they dont care about you and they will not try 2 help u with ur issues ive been with sprint for 3 years now my wife begs 2 leave this joke of a company. PLEASE LOOK AT UR BILL BECAUSE THEY WILL OVER CHARGE YOU. PLEASE DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE AND GETTING THEIR SERVICE. I DIDNT WANT 2 GIVE THEM A STAR

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    Tue May 27 2008

    Sprint sucks so bad that I HATE even giving them one star!!!   Customer service is so HORRIBLE!!!  I swear that they have IDIOTS working there.

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    OMG! The Nightmare called SPRINT PCS! I joined their service in 2004 and was required to put down a $50 deposit. (regardless of my good credit) Then I did not qualify for any new phones, so I brought an old Sanyno without a camera for alot of money!

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    Fri Apr 11 2008

    to the sprint rep who does/does not feel like helping 'nonpaying' 'whining' customers. Sprint Stock: 04/05 22.26, as of 04/08 6.50. -15.76 in three years. I would also refer you to the msn money/zogby poll which rated sprint as #1........ for the customer service 'hall of shame'. With 40% of their customers rating them as 'poor'. I guess sprint must just have a really poor customer base. Anyway, with the kind of numbers I have outlined here, I wouldn't worry about how much longer you'll have to deal with those troublesome customers. soon you won't have any (or a job). Disagree? What happened to sprint landline? Oh that's right, they had to sell the company to Embarq....good luck sprint hero!!

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    Wed Jan 16 2008

    I am in DFW area of Texas, and had Sprint for over five years, but finally left over ridiculous accounting issues. My wife and I own a small business, and have for seven years. After numerous occurances of over-charges, and the lengthy conversations with their customer support to fix each individual transgression, we said "enough!" The network performance wasn't ever really a problem... just getting them on the phone, (one,) and their repeated display of incompetance in regards to charging minutes we didn't use, causing my bills to be inflated. Last of all, their accounting/billing methods combined with their plans and contracts all make for a very confusing (and entrapping) way of doing business.

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    Sat Nov 24 2007

    sprint's customer service is piss-poor, and i think that sums it up nicely.

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    Thu Nov 01 2007

    I have been using sprint phones for about 8+ years, currently Treo Palm 700p. Never had problems. Great coverage, best deals compared to all other carriers. Personally, I never had problems with their customer service. I stream internet radio using my unlimited data plan (hooked up to my car stereo), and I almost never have any problems with coverage. Note: coverage really depends on phone used; some phones have bad reception, others have great reception.

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    Thu Nov 01 2007

    after 7 hours on the phone(8 separate calls) sprint could not activate my mogul. first 3 calls tried to transfer me to a someone from activation that is on thier new system and resulted and transfering me to a bad number. yes, sprint customer support could not tranfer me within their own network. after few more calls that somehow dropped(sprint had my number but did not bother to call me back) i called cancelation and after 2 1/2 more hours and another transfer to their tech support while the lady from cancelation was witnessing their tech support inability to activate the phone. after canceling the account, they manage to charge me $200 early termination fee which i am currently disputing.

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    Wed Oct 24 2007

    very bad air card wireless internet do not use them they will rip you off

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    Mon Oct 01 2007

    Sprint is the worest cell phone company that you can ever have there cell phones are always romaing and you have to many dropped calls. Another thing sprint does not want to give people an employee discount.

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    the absolute worst, they are the biggest rip offs in the industry, the service is terrible!

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    Wed Aug 22 2007

    Sprint PCS is the worst possible cell phone provider. There coverage is mediocre to average at best. There customer service is none existant. I called due to additional usage charges for data transfer (when I was supposed to have Power Vision (which is UNLIMITED)) when I talked to the rep the first one told me no one there could take care of it and that he did not have a supervisor I could talk to... When i finally got a supervisor he said he had credited the full amount $83 dollars... My next bill showed a credit of only $60 and more additional usage charges of $35... When I called there customer service dept again I have gotten hung up on twice and am on hold as i type... THEY ARE ABSOLUTE CRAP when it comes to customer service. Do NOT let them suck you back in when you go to cancel your service with them...they throw minutes and phone upgrades at you because they know they have nothing else to offer...UGH...@@$@#^#%$%#@%$#@%@!!!!!

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    Sat Mar 24 2007

    They need to stop outsourcing to other countries. Customer service can barely speak english and has no clue what they are talking about. Their service is pretty bad. They called me up twice as a valued customer and asked me if I would like..... yep that right the call dropped every time. Way to go sprint

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    Sat Nov 18 2006

    dont get sprint, I had opened a new account with 2 phones so i could txt 2nd line was promised $89 never seen under $150. I was being charged extra to txt my 2nd line pluss charged for all the double and triple txt msgs that my phone would recieve. numerouse attempts to contact coustomer service failed (is there one) after 7mos I finally went back to the sprint store to have the account turned off, they call coustomer service and get right through humm. they right away wanted to upgrade my account and charge me more money. took 5mins on phone to convice them to turn off the feak'in account. that took 3 more weeks. my bill now shows 2 disconnect fees for 1 account. How can this company continue to due buisness. this is worse price gouging than the oil companys

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    I have strangers getting my voice mail. Some other person with a different cell phone number and of the opposite sex is getting my voice mail. This is the second time this has happened in two years. The first time it happened I took it to a sprint store and they fixed the problem in about 2 hours. This time I went to the store and they said I needed to call Cust Serv., YIKES!! I really don't want to do that! But I must because this is my Business Phone. I am in Real Estate. I would rather drive a totally indecisive and unqualified buyer with B.O. around all day than call customer no service.

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    Sun Oct 29 2006

    The best I've had so far. And I've used them all. T mobile is the worst I've ever used. VoiceStream was great while it lasted.

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    Sat Oct 07 2006

    I have been a customer for over 5 years. NEVER a problem with phone, reception, billing or customer service.

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    Wed Jul 12 2006

    I just cancelled after 2 years. The customer service reps, who were quite friendly, transferred me to a guy who offered to drop my charges from $69/month to $29/month, with the same plan. I should have tried to quit sooner! All in all I have had a good experience with Sprint/Nextel. When my phone was stolen they sent me a new one for free. My one gripe is that when I'd visit New England I got almost zero reception, but it worked great everywhere else.

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    Thu Jun 29 2006

    I have been a Sprint PCS customer for 7 years now. They are the first, and only, cell phone provider I've ever had. Like others, I do have problems here and there with dropped calls, but try and find someone that doesn't have problem with any service??? Its the nature of wireless technology: physical obstructions can cause problems. I've never had a billing problem, and coverage has been ok in most places that I frequent. My only problem is the lack of phone and plan choices. It seems like other companies have a wider range of choices. Also, I'm currently trying to get a new phone, and even though I'm out of contract and going month to month with them, I can't get the same deal as a new user. That bothers me. Am I not as important as a new contract? Sure seems that. So, I plan on looking elsewhere, if only get save some money on a new phone.

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    Wed Apr 26 2006

    While their nationwide network, local service and the Sanyo line of phones work very well, Sprint has no idea what the term Customer Service means. There are constant billing problems, with harassing calls insisting you pay by credit card during the call, even a week after the bill was paid. Corrections to billing errors are never corrected before the eroneous amount has been paid, and then only reluctantly. Recently we had a problem that has taken 2 weeks, 9 harassing calls from Billing, 9 e-mails and 6 phone calls complaining about the terrible Customer Service and I am still waiting for a reply to any of my complaints. The only remedy ever offered was a discount on new phones (and they were selling for half that price on their web site!) My son is a Customer Service trainer at a Sprint call center and says that problems like this are rampant at Sprint, and that CS reps are paid a comission on all sales, so that is their main interest in calls. Sprint will say anything, and give ... Read more

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    4 months and 13 days until I can stop sending money to this "worst of the bunch" provider. Reading through some of the other posts just illustrates how bad this company is, and I have been through it all. Incorrect billing that takes five months and twelve phone calls to resolve (just to have the same issue happen again), customer "service" agents that seem to have better things to do than deal with problems, and phone service on my current model that never seems to work. I only wish there was a company out there that stood out from the pack as better than the rest...I would happily pay double for a phone that works and a clear billing system than stay with this horrible company for a day longer than my current contract.

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    I've had my cell phone for about 3 years now and it's still in good condition. Since I am on a family plan, I don't have to pay very much however the fact that they charge you for getting text messages is ridiculous. So basically I get charged for people's stupidity because they don't realize that I don't have text messaging on my phone.

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    Sun Oct 02 2005

    I worked for sprint pcs for a year and was almost fired because I would take the time neede to explain the simple problems people were having,I my frustration with them now as a customer is that I know that they are being rushed off the phone to keep call holds down and so you as a consumer don't get your questions as correctly nor fully.

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    Great coverage and that is the good I can say about them...the overage fee's were outragous...customer service was a joke...and the free time for calls was also a joke....much better deals availble outthere

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    If I could give Sprint zero stars I would. They are THIEVES!!! I was just ripped off to the tune of $607.19. I hope and pray they go out of business.

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    I have a year left on my contract and count the days till i can dump this decietful company.If you don't have sprint don't get it.If you do get out as fast as you can. To be fair the coverage and hardware are great.But the csr's are the worst (possibly on the face of the planet). I don't know why they haven't been investigated to the fullest extent possible.I would urge anyone who has had problems to use the fcc complaint system,write your attorney general,congress,etc , any media that would dare to find out how bad they really are.I constantly hear stories of people being overcharged and lied to.I estimate that in the first year i was probably overcharged $200 and fought with csr's to get multiple $1000's in charges removed,and spent probably 100 hours phone time,and several days travel time +expense to resovle problems caused by csr's . I would encourage everyone who has had problems to speak out,seriously an average person,or bussiness would probably end up in jail if they impliment... Read more

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    Tue Jul 12 2005

    I've had a sprint phone for about 3 years now and it's still in great condition and i get service mostly every where even when other people can't, but sprint still has its problems, including high plan prices and overage charges, and not to mention bad customer service.

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    Mon May 02 2005

    I was with spring PCS and Long distance 7 years and I can tell you over the years I have learned they have terrible customer service from day one. I only keep the service since my work was paying the bill. There customer service reps lie and say one thing when you are a customer but the change thing as soon as you try and cancel you plan or try and change it. They also changed my plan with out even informing me that my plan was no longer nationwide and was only local. When I called they told me that they would change my plan only if I signed another 2 year contract. NO WAY! There plans are way over priced also and calls about half the time.

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    I have had this phone service for 5 years now. Up until recently I have never had any major problems or concerns with this phone service. Last month when my bill arrived they accidently over-charged me $125. I went down to my local Sprint PCS store to ask a representative in person why this had occured. He promptly fixed my problem (making sure I recived a refund of $125) and for my inconvenience Sprint is giving me the next 2 months of service FREE. Needless to say I was very pleased that they offered me that. Also, I plan on sticking with this phone service because through my job (Advocate Healthcare) I recieve a 20% discount off my monthly bill.

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    Mon Jan 10 2005

    I have been w/ sprint 4 years now and I like the phones and the new plans but the customer service is horrible. Sprint has made a lot of changes for the better but they need some new service people and watch your bill for overages they seem to have issues with that. One thing I can tell you is have patients with them because I didn't and was hung up on quite a bit. LMAO The sanyo phones are the best I had a lot of trouble with the samsung phones. Flip phones are worse the the others they have more issues. I have the 8200 and I love it.

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    Sun Oct 24 2004

    A very deceitful company. I've been with them for over 2 yrs. I've been overpaying for a silly 350 anytime minutes. I've been watching other phone carriers were offering 400 anytime at a less price when I called back in January to have them either give me the extra 50 min or I would be leaving them. they agreed and added 50 extra min. to my anytime minutes plan. I was still waiting for a good deal from another carrier. I finally decided to transfer my number to Cingular. and when my bill from Sprint came up, they were charging me $150 early termination fee. I called to dispute this charge and to my suprised they replied. I'm sorry sir, but a few months back you changed your plan, and that constituded another commitment plan. The fee still stands...WHAT!!!??? adding 50 min. changed my plan?. they don't even have any plan like that anyways (it's either 350 min. or 600 min.) I have explained that when I added those 50 min. the customer rep. did not inform me of a new contract, nor did I r... Read more

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    1 word describes Sprint..SUCKS Sorry about the language but when your in a emergerncy type siduation and sprint looses your connection constantly and then they tell you your phone needs repair come right in and they will take care of it..You go and then they expect you to wait 5 hours for assistance and I might add the assistant that talked to me and mentioned others come first was rude and had no concern about my emergency or condition..My one work description in the beginning of this note is SOOOOOO CORRECT

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    i live in lake of the ozarks missouri sprint is one of the best companys for wireless i have ever had great coverage nice plans like the fair and flexible plan most of all no static either crystal clear or not at all great service

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    Sun Jul 25 2004

    Like most of the reviewers here I also had poor service with Sprint PCS. As my contract was coming to an end a Sprint customer service rep called me up to ask if I would be renewing my contract. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was one customer they would not be keeping. Just to be spiteful he had my service disconnected and I had to call them on a regular phone to have it restored for the remainder of the contract period. Although what the rep did was illegal, I was so close to the end that I did not bother to pursue it. I'd use two dixie cups and a string before I would ever go back to Sprint.