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    Wed May 04 2011

    The staff was friendly enough at Spherion staffing in OKC, OK, in the beginning. I called to reschedule an interview because I accidently double booked it with another one, and they told me that job was going to pull my application and to call back next week. I called them the next week to tell them I am still available to work and they told me that because I "did not show up for an interview I am ineligable for rehire". They also told me that because I did not show up for a job they had scheduled for me I was also ineligable for rehire. I received a phone call after I got off of work, at my current job, and it said "we have a job position availabe for you and just want to confirm your interest please call us back at....". I called them the next morning and found that they had already scheduled me to start that day and I did not show up. Did the message say that? Not at all. I TOLD them I had another job at the moment and was not going to leave it until I found another job, all inter... Read more

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    Wed Apr 20 2011

    I was on assignment for Spherion Staffing at there port st Lucie Florida office. I dealt with a very unprofessional individual named Tracy Jackum. I was on assignment for a company called Policy studies inc. PSI. I was guaranteed 40 hrs. a week that never happened. we were sent home on a regular basis because the company never had enough work as they claim. and if we showed up and logged into the system they needed to pay us for 4 hours worth if we were sent home. today I didn't have my phone so I never received the call not to come in. I showed up and logged in and was told to go home as there was not enough work. I received a call from tracy latter stating they are terminating my employment as my performance was low But when I had my performance evaluation just last Friday I received 4 100% and 3 98% so I know she was full of it. then she started stumbling on her words she them just started pulling anything she could think of out of the air. I asked her to give me some examples of wh... Read more

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    Sat Apr 02 2011

    The staff at the Spherion office I went to in Ohio seemed very friendly in the beginning but what I learned from working with them was that once your on a job assignment regardless of any problems you face on that job assignment they don't seem to care. Would I refer anyone to Spherion? NEVER....

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    Beware of Citigroup Analyst Position recruiting 100 they are only recruting 10 example to cover themselves with the goverment. If you you have a permanet Job Do not leave,this company does not care at all.

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    i love it it works great for me everyone is pleased and nice.

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    Fri Feb 11 2011

    Worst experience I have ever had. I was phoned and offered a position. I was told that the company was excited to get me there as soon as possible and could I start first thing in the morning the very next day. Good thing I did not say adios to my current employer because two hours pass by when I get another call from the same person saying, we have a problem, it was not me that they want. No apologies. I fealt like I got kicked in the grion. I have not heard from Spherion since. DO NOT USE SPHERION STAFFING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    I was really happy because I was going to get an awesome six month job at UCLA. However, they neglect to tell you until the last second that you will not be able to purchase the faculty parking pass. Parking at the site is $10 a day. I tried taking the bus but after the first day I decided it really wasn't worth my time. Furthermore I feel that both the client and Spherion were not forthcoming with this type of information. This type of information is a definite dealbreaker. Spherion just wants you to say yes and anything else you needed to know would be found out afterwards. Ironically to get the interview for the position the staffing agent asked if I could blow off this other staffing assignment I had. I did blow off that assignment. Haha, these people are like vultures especially amongst themselves. These people really do just want to make a buck of your back. Actually 99% of the staffing agencies operate this way. Before accepting the assignment make sure they tell you... Read more

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    Horrible Staff!!! The recruiter named Tracie at the Federal Way Washington office is a RACIST!! She called me a wetback mixed n*gger!

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    Sun Aug 08 2010

    Spherion isnt a good company at all. At first they werent hard to work with. They sent me to a company, i liked the work and the people i worked with. I was there for nearly three months, and the company was hiring. My team lead had said that they were planning to hire me and two other people who had been sent there. The following monday, spherion tells me they're moving all of us to another company, as the old one doesnt need temps and will be laying off.. So we're all moved over to another company, this company didnt communicate AT ALL. I spent two weeks there, showed up on time and worked really hard, even saved my supervisor from a write up for printing bad dates on a truck full of produce.. The company had printed our schedules for us to have, and they'd scheduled us a week off so they could clean the plant. (they do things with food). The supervisors kept reidorating do not come in next week, the schedule said we were off. My family had planned a camping trip to the south... My c... Read more

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

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    Wed Mar 24 2010

    overall experience: bad

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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    Spherion is a waste of time. I am a recent college graduate who contacted Gwenette Scott at the Spherion office in Dallas in hopes to find a job. After comleting 8 hours worth of agonizing internet testing and waiting 2 months, they managed to set me up with zero interviews. I have called their offices about 10 times, and they still have not returned my call. Awful communication. Save yourself the hassle and heartache and stay away from this staffing agency.

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    Sun Dec 20 2009

    I worked for Spherion Staffing in Brevard County Fl, for nearly a year, and I would NEVER work for them again, they are only interested in making a buck off your back, they have no RESPECT for their employee. They tell you one thing and do something else. They ARE the WORST, so, If your thinking about working for them, re-think, they will screw you any chance they get.

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    Was offered a position, interviewed with the company, contacted the next day informing me that I would be starting training in two weeks. This was a good job that was very close to my house, so I quit looking for other opportunities. Two weeks go by with several contacts regarding drug testing and a minor start date change, nothing big and nothing unexpected. Then the day before I was to start I received a call from Denise Harrison of the Phoenix office telling me that the company wasn't going to hire me. She assured me other opportunities would be available and I told her I would keep in touch. I have called her 5 times since then and left multiple voice messages, and not once has she responded to me.

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    Sat Sep 12 2009

    This company sucks. They fail to communicate with me or get me a job even though there are openings and I have a lot of experience. Spherion = Fail That is all.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    As a former employee for Spherion I can vouch they do not have anyone's best interest except those who are eligible for bonuses (i.e. the senior leadership team). I watched them in the local market I was in move people to screw them out of bonuses -- I watched people quit over this. They have gotten so bad now in the market I am in they only have one branch manager and one recruiter per office which leaves no coverage if someone is out sick or on vacation. Want more... Spherion also likes to play games with employees (not just the temps) as they offer you a position, you give notice and then they say oops don't have the hiriing authority right now best we can do is bring you in as a temp and later bring you on in a permanent position -- 12 - 14 months later if you're lucky you might get a permanent position; meanwhile you've worked with no benefits, bonus opportunity and at a reduced wage for that time. I know several people this happened to. Spherion like many other companies announ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 10 2009

    So here's my story on Spherion Staffing in the St. Louis area. Last year in October '08' I re-registered with Spherion because I was looking for work. They called me on a Friday to ask me if they could send my resume' to a business named ZEP. I called back & said yes. Spherion made the 1st mistake of not telling me exactly what the job entailed but it didn't matter because I knew what I was doing. So the branch manager of the business liked my resume' & told Spherion I could start that Wednesday. The pay was great & it was a full 40 hrs. a week. After being out of fulltime work for more than 6 months I was happy to find a job, even if I was a temp. The company I worked at was short on manpower & with me there it made 3 guys in the warehouse. I tell you, the whole gig was good with Spherion at 1st. I didn't have a problem with the job, my fellow workers or Spherion. My 1st issue came when my 3 month mark came for getting hired onto the company. The company wasn't hiring though so the ma... Read more

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    Fri May 29 2009

    I had a little bit of a rocky start with spherion. they were tring to get hold of a co that was interested in my resume, once that happened i was sent for a interview and was told the co wanted me to start 2 weeks later. I have now found a home and love my job. I will and have told others to go to spherion for a review and job search. At least I got updates from them and with a couple of other temp to hire agencies i signed up with NEVER called me at all I finily told them where to go cause I and a dispatcher. Thanks... Bakersfield office

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    Thu Feb 12 2009

    I was hired with no problem for Hewitt and Associates. I was told how impressed she was with my background and face-to-face interview and that she couldn't wait to get me onboard. She did the background check (with no drug screening which I found odd to do one without the other) and said it came back like I expected, with flying colors. I was given my start date and told that the automated system would call to confirm THE DAY BEFORE MY START DATE. Well, that little automated man called me and I listened to him half-heartedly because I thought I knew what he would say. Well, it turns out he was saying something totally different than what I thought. He informed me that I would NOT be starting work the next day because of the fact that the class was overcrowded and they would have to break the class up into two different ones. Ok, well atleast I still had a job in this economy right? Wrong.... I called Amy at Spherion the very next day (since they were closed on the Sunday I rece... Read more

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    HELP WANTED: Spherion Staffing is seeking a qualified person for their Redding, California office. The following is required: Complete contempt for any or all clients seeking a job position. Absolute disregard for ethical business practices. Adept at snubbing, proficient at threatening to "discard all information if you do not return their call within 5 business days." (Yes, that is a quote.) Experience at speaking to the public in a mono-tone, robotic style as to prove how dedicated you are to becoming a mindless company drone. Will train the right person to communicate in a harsh, aggressive manner in which to intimidate potential clients. Will be tested on all of the above, as well as on the ability to look down your nose at others. THOSE WHO VALUE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IN A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT NEED NOT APPLY.

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    SPHERION ROCKS!!  Thanks to Spherion I have found a career!!  They found work for me after being out of the workforce for 5 years!!!  I have now been with the same company for 4 1/2 years....I highly suggest using them.

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    Spherion really does suck alot because they send people to crappy jobs. I was working through Spherion but now they are saying there no jobs. They give me the run around and lie to me about job they are hiring for. They are very unfair company.

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    Thu May 15 2008

    Spherion DOES suck I agree. I was hired to analyze and file a few adocuments. Before you know it within a week I am lifting 60 to 100 pound boxes. I ended up destroying a very expensive $500 suit. When I asked for a couple of dollars more an hour they game me the 3rd degree. I told them they can have that job. They suck, they do not look out for your interest especially if you are a highly qualified with a ivy league degree.

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    Thu May 01 2008

    Spherion DOES suck. I am at an RPO client of theirs. I was identified, screened and selected by the client, not Spherion. The RPO that Spherion has with the clien has me working through them. No biggie. I get paid about 10K a month but Spherion is billing the client SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for me. They do have some employer contributions to taxes and other expense, but not seven grand a month worth. They are making money hand over fist.

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    Wed Oct 03 2007

    I had a talk with employer the other day, who told me he had thought about hiring from temp companies like this one. He told me that he called them to ask if he could get someone to help and they didn't have to have alot of experience. They told him, sure, and proceeded to get him someone out for 5.85 hour (states minimum wage here) and it was going to cost him $15.64 per hour for that individual. WOWZA! He went to a friend who was HR for a company down the road, who told him, that even those temp places don't send reliable help, his company hires and fires 250 in any 90 day period, and 100% come from that same temp company. Well I'll be, if the companies would just hire the person for that rate, they would get paid better and would probably show up, work better, or do whatever they need to do to keep that job. HR's around the globe, get a brain! These companies are spinlessly taking all of the money that you could build trust, and faith with a new employee and laughing at you when the... Read more

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    Fri Jun 29 2007

    Spherion sucks.  Use them for your own benefit or avoid them at all together.  Horrible, simply horrible.

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    Thu Apr 05 2007

    This agency is awful. I used an agency in Georgia and they treated me very poorly. They did not communicate with me and when I was finally placed in a job, I found that they did not do much research. They are only concerned in filling positions, but not finding the right person for the job. The practices of Spherion are unethical. I would NOT recommend or use this company again!

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    Sun Jun 18 2006

    They are the worst. They treat people like nonhuman beings. They are very inconsiderate and very unjust. I will never recommend anybody to go through them.

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    Sun Jun 18 2006

    I applied to several accounting positions that were posted on their website. I was very well qualifed for all of them. (I have a Master's Degree). They never even scheduled me for an appointment or returned my calls so I decided not to even bother with them.

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    Fri Jun 02 2006

    These people are unprofessional and just plain rude. This one woman, Diane is the Los Angeles office runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. She is not the worst because this other persian guy acts like he is twelve. The tests that they take there are ridiculous and time consuming. Even if you are qualified for positions, (having your BA) they stick you in jobs stuffing envelopes for $12 p/h. When I resigned from there Diane hung up on me and I still haven't gotten my check and its been three weeks. DON'T GO HERE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT. Go to Officeteam in Westwood and tell them you went to Spherion first. Officeteam is very professional and I sense they want to knock Spherion down and out of the way.

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    Tue Mar 28 2006

    I interviewed for a contract position. It went very well and I was offered the job. Only then did Spherion tell me that a background check and drug screen were necessary. I did not have an issue with these requirements, but found it most troubling that it was not communicated to me up front. Then they had me sign an incomplete contract and would not provide me with a copy. I elected to pass on the position because I did not want to work for, and be paid by, Spherion.

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    Thu Dec 15 2005

    Spherion at Hewitt ain´t that bad. The attendance policy sux, but the Spherion reps were good.

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    I worked for Spherion for almost a month. I worked for a company called Hewitt. Spherion interviewed me and hired me right away. Then about 2 or 3 weeks later they wanted to do a background check and drug test. SO I had to take my own personal time on the weekend to do the drug test. After doing so I worked another 2 weeks. I had about an hour commute. When I got in on a Tuesday, the Spherion contact came into the training room to speak with me. She led me into a private room and told me they were letting me go due to the background check. Prior to working for this agency I worked directly for a bank and had extensive background check and finger printing and my backgound was fine. Spherion let me go because I had an fine on my record for a check that was issued. I worked for a company that before they went bankrupt issued a check to another company. I along with another employee was an authourized signer for this company. The other company brought a lawsuit against the company I worked... Read more

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    They are letting lots (and when I say lots, I mean tons) of people go from the Red Cross Assignment in Bakersfield, CA (and because it's a temp job, they don't have to tell you why even if you think you were qualified to have the job). They let me go on and did not pay me that day. They said I could pick it up from the office on the following friday. I go the office on that day, Guess what, no check. So the woman there told me that they sent all the red cross checks to the ACS facility and to go there. So I drive ALL the way across town (keep in mind gas prices are high right now) with one of my children during RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. I get to ACIS. I wait in line with all the other people who are still employed for them. Several minutes later, I'm told there is no check there for me, and to "Go the the round table in another area". So I do that. On my time sheet they had written "Will pick up at office on Friday." So they start to say "Go do that." So I inform them that I already went ther... Read more

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    This is the worst outfit in the US. Talk about discrimination, I am 56 was employed by speerion for 1 year and yesterday I got a call from Jonathan saying Hello, How are you we no longer need your services. No explanation,and why couldn't he face me? Isn't that a pretty tacky way of firing people?

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    Fri Feb 04 2005

    They have no idea how to run a payroll department. Was almost a month before we received any checks, and then they short changed me 24 hours. On the application, I had stated that I needed time off. I emailed them several times during a contract to remind them. One day, they called me in and let me go because I needed time off. Now back to the hours they short changed me. After they let me go, I had to make many phones calls to get this money. These were hours from the first weeks I worked there, but was paid for two weeks after they let me go. Now we get the W-2 form and that's not right. Got a call into them about this. And to add to people's humiliation, if someone was late or not paying attention during training, they would make that person get up in front of the entire group and sing a song. And then the next day they were inevitably fired. Nice

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    Mon Nov 22 2004

    This is a temp job placement agency that I worked with in St. Louis. I was on reserve status for the military and was looking for work. I worked for awhile at Hussmann Refrigeration, and after my assignment was up, they asked for me by name when they had another assignment. After that assignment was completed I took an assignment at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. While working there, people on my base were being mobilized for deployment to Afghanistan and I pulled a day of active duty time on my base to help. I emailed my contact at Spherion, and three different people at Wells Fargo letting them know that I would not be in that day because of a military obligation and that I could bring paperwork in (my official military orders) to excuse my absense. Instead I went to Wells Fargo, went to my business as usual and then a couple hours later, Jeanette Baugh my contact from Spherion came to Wells Fargo. She wanted to talk to me. I followed her waiting for her to say something, she led me out ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 18 2004

    Over the course of 13 months at my current employer, myself and 16 others were promised 3 raises, and received none. The first excuse was, thats not the policy. The second was it's been postponed for 6 months, finally I hear the payroll dept is switching software, expect it soon. I suspect this is just their M.O. Now that their bag of lies is running shallow, a new batch of trainees are hired when there is no extra workload and we get the talk about how poor we're performing (also not true). Policy has also changed regarding paid time off since the hire date.

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    Tue Jul 13 2004

    They will send you to the worst jobs available in the field you want to work in. Then they pretend not to know what the conditions are. They also do not offer shift differentials, and the wages they do offer are bottom of scale.

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    Mon Jun 21 2004

    Spherion will conspire with yout management to keep you a temporary employee for several months or till your death. Find any backdoor for full hire that you can. You can get several promotions while working for your contract and never see a raise, bonus, benefits or vacation time

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    I had an "interview" at my local office, and the recruiter forgot that she had an appointment I waited for 57 minutes and finally someone else had walked by and asked who I was to see, when I told her who she responded with "She already left for the day. I still had an interview was promised a job that next week and when I called back to get the information, the day that I was supposed to start, they said that they forgot the asked me to do it and got a realtive of one of their employees!