Spector Pro 6.0

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    Tue Nov 25 2008

    We have 4 children between 10-16. This product does an amazing job letting us monitor where they have been and what they are up to. I'd strongly encourage any family with kids using the internet to purchase this product. What you don't know CAN hurt. We found out accidentally things that they didn't expect us to find out. Now we know what's going on so there are no more surprises.

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    Mon Oct 27 2008

    I purchased Spector Pro 6 months ago when I started to notice my son staying up late (on school nights) on the computer. He has always had a computer in his room, but now that he is a teenager my wife and I agreed he needed to be monitored for his own protection. One night when our son was at a sleepover I called SpectorSoft and purchased Spector Pro and Spectorsoft EBlaster 6.0 Security and Monitor Software - Windows. I am not the best with computers so the helpful gentleman offered to assist me with the installation of the software. The entire installation process took 5 MINUTES and that's all! Not only is Spector Pro a 5 Star product, SpectorSoft offers 24/7 5 Star Support! I highly recommend Spector Pro if you need to monitor your children (and yes you do need to monitor them).

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    Spector Pro 6.0 I knew I needed to keep an eye on my teens online activities but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I got Spector Pro and was amazed at how it recorded EVERY detail. Facebook, IM, surfing...It even emails me keyword alerts if a particular word I choose is typed. My kids are pretty good kids but I like knowing when I do want to review things, I can so I can have piece of mind...or the option to take action before things get out of hand.

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    Tue Oct 07 2008

    I recently attended a presentation at my child's school about keeping kids safe when they use their PC and connect to the Internet. One of the speakers, from the FBI no less, recommended Spector Pro from SpectorSoft so I took a look at the company website when I returned home. After looking at the Spector Pro information there, I had a couple of questions and comments and was amazed to find out that SpectorSoft has live sales persons and technical support 24/7. And I spent almost no time waiting on the phone, which was amazing. I decided to buy the product and take advantage of the option to immediately download the product. It took less than 5 minutes, just like the company suggested. Install was easy and I found setup very intuitive, even though I am not a PC expert. I found that it's true, Spector Pro monitors everything a person does on the PC and the Internet. I especially like the MySpace and Facebook monitoring categories, and the screen snapshots function is amazing ... you ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    The program is very intuitive. I found it easy to install & use. There's no end to the features, so I'm more than happy.