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    Sun Jun 20 2010

    I had never been to a spa before, but I wanted to get my skin looking great for my wedding in June. I made an appointment to get a dermaplane along with a facial with Rosie, and she did an amazing job! My skin looked great for my engagements and bridal portraits after my dermaplaning. The airbrush makeup and the makeup I put on myself went on so smooth and silky. Rosie makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable, and she really goes the extra mile for her customers. I am so glad to have found a Spa that really cares about their customers and their needs. I would definitely recommend Spa Salute to any bride wanting to look her best for their wedding day. Even after the wedding, I will be going back to Spa Salute!

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    Madalyn was excellent. I've never done sugaring, and was nervous to try it because I have really delicate skin. She talked me through all of it, how it worked, the pros, the cons - she was very honest, forthright and very easy to talk to. I definitely appreciated that. My eyebrows came out looking excellent, and the sugaring definitely hurts less than waxing! Even though my skin still reacted a bit, it was gone in a day or two. I'd definitely go back. Great price, great atmosphere, great people working there. Thanks!

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    My husband and I visited Austin recently for our anniversary. We decided we needed some R & R time and booked an appointment at Spa Salute. We got up early on a Saturday and went it, and we were walking on air by the time we left ! I had the pumpkin pie body wrap, and my husband had the 90 minute stone massage. It was definitely up there on our top 5 of best things we've ever done ! Rosie and her staff made us feel very welcome, they were all wonderful and very professional ! We will definately be a repeat customer, 4 hour drive or not !!

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    Sun Dec 13 2009

    I went to Spa Salute with several friends for a girls day out and had the chocolate layered facial. It was wonderful! The essence of the c...

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    Fri Nov 06 2009

    I had a wonderful experience at Spa Salute'! My esthetician was great. She is very knowledgeable , professional, and very very friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Madelyn to my family and friends. My skin felt and looked so much better after she was finish. I had an awesome experience at Spa Salute'.

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    Guys if you want to get rid of the bear look, make an appt at Spa Salute' with the best therapist in town. I have been to other places and found it very uncomfortable and gritted my teeth. Granted there is no way it can be made totally pleasant, but the care that the therapist gives at Spa Salute' makes it more than tolerable. The attention to detail is outstanding, then the hot towel and the spray. Ahhhh, much better. Pricing is also affordable and compares with other places in town.

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    Mon May 18 2009

    Madelyn is fantastic! She does my brazilian sugars and she makes me feel completely at ease. We chat like old friends. I highly recommend her for any service!!

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    Tue Feb 03 2009

    I had a great experience at Spa Salute. I enjoyed my facial and received helpful information about my current skin care products. The second visit led me to invest in the new skin care products that Rosie recommended from my first evaluation. My skin really looks great! I am looking forward to my next visit! Thanks Rosie

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    Fri Jan 23 2009

    I had a therapeutic facial with Madelyn and it was amazing. She analyzed my skin and was able to tell me exactly what products I needed for my skin type. She also made me feel comfortable and relaxed and gave me some great tips to improve my skin. I definitely plan on going back!

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    Thu Jan 22 2009

    Rosie and Madeline at Spa Salute did a brilliant job on a first time sugaring 'virgin'. My skin looked and felt brilliant. They were patient and went out of their way to make me comfortable, as well as do an outstanding job. Rosie's advise on moisturizer cleared up what I thought (and my doctor thought) was an eye allergy. Clean, comfortable, amazing service.

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    Not my first facial, but by a good margin, the best. I am a guy's guy, and look 10 years younger than my actual age - skin care does that. At the spa, Madelyn 's style, skill, and knowledge accentuate the relaxation experience in the spa itself. I was using products at home that were completetly incompatible with my skin type. Intriguingly, neither the previous spa nor the manufacturer of the products I have been using told me that most people have MORE THAN ONE skin type on their face. SO imagine the perfection of my skin when treated correctly by Madelyn. Also, treatments here are corrective (YES this is a Med Spa without being white-lab-coat cold and impersonal) versus merely "feel-good." I could go on, but suffice it to say you need to experience this place.

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    Sun Jan 18 2009

    A friend and I have gone to Spa Salute and LOVED IT!!! The special was a 60 minutes massage for $50 and it came with hot towels on the feet, back & was to die for. I did the dermaplane treatment with a rubber mask. It was amazing. I have a friend that gets dermaplaned in Dallas and I wanted to look like her. I searched it on citysearch and found Spa Salute. The pricing was $115 & Rosie didn't even charge me for the mask which was the "coolest" thing ever. Since I have (had) so much white hair on my face that I wanted off!!!! I also inquired about microderms, but Rosie explained dermaplane would be cheaper because it is like two services in one. The service removes my dead skin and the white hairs. My skin has NEVER felt or looked so smooth and shiny! I love my skin and people are noticing too. I look and feel younger. Thanks Rosie.......and I'll see you in several weeks. By the way, she didn't push me to buy products, but she did give me plenty of samples!

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    Tue Dec 30 2008

    If you want a relaxing and rejuvenating facial and/or not so uncomfortable waxings, then you need to go to Spa Salute and see Madelyn Frost! I recently had the Ultimate Facial, and it was wonderful - very relaxing and rejuvenating. Madelyn is very knowledgable and tells you what your face needs, especially in this environment. I also see her for all my waxing services, and she never "rips" and I never have bumps or bruising, as I did with other aestheticians. They're virtually painless!! Make an appointment now with Spa Salute - you won't regret it!!

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    I had diamond microderm facial at Salute with Madelyn. It was a great experience. Madelyn was very knowledgeable and taught me a lot about my skin. The product she recommended was excellent. They have an autoclave to sterilize equipment so everything is very sterile.

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    Tue Dec 09 2008

    I recently had a facial as a gift from my wife. This was a great experience. The treatment was very relaxing and I left feeling refreshed. Madelyn Frost is very knowledgeable and gave me pointers on how to better care for my skin. It's all working great! thanks!

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    Spa Salute is awesome! I have been going there for a couple of months now for sugaring and the service is great. They make you feel very welcome and relaxed and the experience is painless (not kidding!). I have been to a lot of spas in austin since I have been in school the past three years ranging from the Four Seasons to little spa's around downtown where I live, and I still drive out of my way to go to Spa Salute. Their facials and masks are great and they really know how to take care of your skin. My skin is VERY VERY sensitive and I usually have trouble with waxing, even at really nice places, and I have not once had a problem at Spa Salute (which is saying a lot). This spa is on the top of my list of austin spa's and I will continue to go back!

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    Fri Nov 21 2008

    I recently had a facial done by Madelyn Frost at Spa Salute' in Austin. It was amazing! Not only did I feel completely comfortable but I also felt relaxed, as the bed was warm and the music was calming. To start off Madelyn analyzed my skin and I got to follow along with a mirror. I got to see exactly what was good and not-so-good with my skin. I seen the oily "t-zone" and the dehydration around my eyes. Along with the imperfections I like to call "zits". I loved the way it was all described to me and the advice she gave me on future care of my skin. I also found out what mostly caused the problems I'd been having, such as not using a moisturizer. I got not 1 but 2 face cleansings and then I got a grape wine peel. She was very careful and explained every step of the way as the whole process came to an end I could definately tell that this facial from Madelyn was exactly what my skin needed. The products used on me were jsut right for my skin(the reasoning in doing a skin analysis). I'... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    I am a pilot and I visit Austin frequently. I usually try different spas in the area, but I have found a SPA home. I had the most amazing facial! The woman was very knowledgeable about skin and products. I did the Ultimate Facial & it was almost 2 hours long. I loved the place because it was quiet, smelt great (didn't smell like chemicals from nails or hair. The room was very elegantly decorated (the colors were warm) & the bed was nice and warm! I chose Jasmin for my aromatherapy and it was heavenly. I closed my eyes and relaxed because the room was lit with candles - it was calming....... I didn't have ANY problems. The front desk person was very sweet & attentive. The facial I did was $150 plus gratuity. I don't have a problem with the price, in fact I think it could of been more, considering how amazing my skin looked & felt afterwards. I have gone to Lake Austin spa & Salon 505 & paid a lot more for a 1 hour facial. Those facials didn't even compare. So, I can see ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    I went to get my Brazilian and the whole experience was very fulfilling. It was my first time and Rosie did a great job. She is very professional. She never did rush me at any point. If it your first time I would recommend Rosie any day. The place is very clean and she is a great lady to work with !!

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    I have only been to one other spa in my life. Not being completely satisfied with the previous, I decided to try Spa Salute because of the many great reviews about facials. I am so glad to have found this place! Rosie is highly knowledgeable in her profession. I came in not knowing much about my own skin, not sure where to start. Rosie was very thorough in analyzing and suggesting the right treatments for my skin. Being my first time receiving a chemical peel, Rosie made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I have never seen my skin glow and look so healthy. Furthermore, Rosie never pushes to buy her products, nor does she suggest ten different products all at once. She only recommends what will benefit your skin the most. Rosie truly cares about her customers and making sure they walk out happy. I am definitely coming back!!!

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    i love spa salute. i initially came in with help with my acne. after one semester, my face cleared up and i've received compliments ever since. rosie helps me achieve astonishing results. rosie is wonderful. she's nothing like other estheticians; not only is she certified, but her credibility comes with her background in chemistry from rice university, and certified MEDICAL esthetician. since day one, she's worked with me to improve my skin and achieve great results. she works with you holistically. as a student, i am budget conscious, and rosie understands that; she makes her recommendations (including buying retail products, not just hers) that work with me economically. and she works with my existing products advising what i can continue to use to keep with my budget. she never pressures me into buying any of her products, but after a trial, i keep coming back to buy more because of the results. most importantly, i trust rosie because after a thorough examination, she recommends ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    I couldn't help but notice a bad review about Ancient Way Day Spa and the horrible waxing that she had done. I am in no way affiliated to them, however I felt that it was correct to call this person out. As a previous customer at Ancient Way Day Spa I was saddened to hear that they went out of business in January of this year. So in reality this spa wasn't even there when she said she got the waxing. I am sure that Spa Salute is a great spa and I am not saying anything negative about them, rather then clearing up the negative information about Ancient Way Day Spa. I was a regular there and am very sad they are gone, but I am going to try the new spa that is there!

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    I just left Spa Salute. I found it thru citysearch & thank God I did! The staff was professional. I look great with my clean canvas, now I won't worry about razor bumps when I have on my bathing suit. I've been shaving for 10 years now & decided I wanted a Brazilian. I went to Ancient Way Day spa about a month ago and the Brazilian was terrible. She did it in 30 minutes with "HOT" was and it painful. The hairs grew back in a week. I think it was because she just applied it in big patches and then "ripped". The lady that did my sugar brazilian at Spa Salute explained you need to remove the hair from the follicle & mine were probably ripped from the top that's why they grew back so quickly. This experience was the complete opposite! I had wine to relax me then she started; she took her time & I'm smooth as silk now. I also did a new "Hydrating Facial with a lightening serum" for my sun damage and tight skin. I can't believe how "plump" my skin is. It's dewey and shiney. I bough... Read more

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    Sun May 18 2008

    I recently got a brazilian wax with Rosie after having a horrible experience at another place. She used sugar which was not as messy and sticky and she made sure that I was as comfortable as I could be. she was very patient with me and knew exactly what she was doing. I wasn't even in pain afterward. I would definitely recommend Rosie for a brazilian especially if it's your first time. It is pricey but it's not much more than any other spa would charge. You might as well pay extra for a better experience. I will surely be going back. Also, she gave my husband a facial and he even says that it's the best facial he's ever had. I will be going to get one as well pretty soon. She's very smart and knows what works.

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    Fri May 16 2008

    Okay, when I walked in everyone was attentive. My husband bought me a gift certificate & when I asked how he found this spa he said through citysearch. He's bought me certificates in the past & I have been disappointed at previous spa's, so I was surprised he gave me a spa day as a mother's day gift. I've tried several places in Austin, but this place takes the cake!!! I had the most amazing facial, 90 min. Sports massage, body wrap & paraffin pedicure (I forget the names of each one). I've traveled on cruises and I have to say it was the BEST facial and massage I ever had!! The pedicure was nice too. I did notice they use an Autoclave to sterilize the tools. I work in the ER at Seton so I knew it when I saw the pouches. Made me feel safe that I will not get an infection in my toes. I'll be going back!! One lady while I was waiting was telling me how she had 3 Ultimate microderms & she has no more sun damage. That's what I'll do next time. When the facial lady showed me my s... Read more

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    Fri May 16 2008

    I had always had young-looking and healthy skin, but after having twins, I was faced with skin that looked much older, dehydrated and hyperpigmented. Rosie did an excellent job of anaylyzing my skin and treating it. The results are fabulous! I have had several facials at Spa Salute, each of which has been great, and I have been using products recommended by Rosie. My skin now has a healthy glow, the texture is much smoother, and my hyperpigmentation is resolved. One thing I really appreciate about Spa Salute is that they don't "push" products on you. And, if you do ask about products, Rosie is very educated about why you should or shouldn't use a particular one. I highly recommend Spa Salute!

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    Sat Mar 08 2008

    I experienced incredible and immediate results at Spa Salute. I went for a facial, microdermabrasion, and massage. Personally, my face really needed care (a makeover), and Rosie attentively addressed my dry, blotchy, sunexposed, mature skin(49 yrs) concerns. The entire facial session was exilerating yet relaxing, the massage included with the facial --extremely pampering and eased my stress and tension. The plushed robe, slippers, and scents provided by the spa are uplifting, energizing and pampering when you're really need that special touch. After the facial session, and treatment my skin texture actually FELT and LOOKED10 years younger. I was impressed, excited almost speechless. The massage was next, with Cynthia. Her deep tissue massage technique is exceptional; she smooth out deep embedded muscle tension. After the massage, I felt relaxed and (Last night was the frist recooperative sleep I had in weeks). Before leaving, I made sure to set my next DAY for Me appointment. I ... Read more

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Some friends and I went to Spa Salute as part of a girls' weekend getaway. Rosie was able to coordinate various and numerous services for 4 women. Customer service was excellent. The service was individualized and she made an extra effort to make sure we were happy. The facial, massage, and pedicure were top-notch. I have had multiple spa services in several different states. I highly recommend this spa, especially for a fun girls' trip. The atmosphere with the staff was very relaxed and they handled this group of joie de viv-re chicks with panache.

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    I'm one of the women who went with Tara (see other review) and I completely agree with her. We were pampered, humored (we have weird, somewhat crass, senses of humor), and well taken care of. Rosie was meticulous with our bills, too. I had tipped the employee who gave me my facial so Rosie made sure to take that amount off of my bill. She wrote down follow-up regimens for us and was extremely patient. I had a wonderful time with my Gnomies!

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    Fri Nov 02 2007

    I arrived to Spa Salute to find it very nicely decorated but disappointed that it was not the type of Spa I am use to.I was impressed by it being so clean but it being part of a oral surgeon's office was actually weird . I got a facial by the owner who is pregnant and did not seem at her best then a massage . The massage was good but the table had a warmer on it and it's the dead of summer ! Then the therapist put hot towels on my feet which made it worse . This Spa is almost impossible to find also . I would not tell my friends about this place .

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    Mon Oct 08 2007

    I read some of the positive reviews about Spa Salute's facials here and gave it a try this afternoon. Rosie really is the best! The facial (with a bonus arm and hand massage) was great. She shows you your skin under a special light so you can see where your damage is and what you need to work on most. And she set me up with a daily regiment specific to my skin needs. I'll be going back to her forever...

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    Sun Sep 30 2007

    I had a great and calming experience at Spa Salute' it is small but very intimate and calming atmosphere. The only regret was that i didn't have a longer massage. They also give discounts to people who work in the heath care field!! nice!!

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    This spa is very clean but very small. It doesn't have any windows so there is no sunlight and it's connected to an oral surgeon's office so sometimes you can hear them drilling on patients. Rosie is nice but I got my boyfriend a basic facial when i made his appt. but when she was done, she charged him for a way more expensive one so we had to pay $170 vs. the $70 that we originally wanted. Plus, she automatically adds 20% tip which mad it even more expensive. I wish she would've told us before she did all the work. Other than that it's very clean and nice.

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    Tue Sep 18 2007

    Just like all the others on here, I loved my facial with Rosie! She was incredibly knowledgeable about my skin type and recommended that I steer clear of certain ingredients in facial products. She also recommended some products to me, but there was absolutely no pressure to buy any. The hot towel wraps on my feet were devine, and I was quite sad when my time came to an end! Thanks!

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    Mon Sep 17 2007

    I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Spa Salute for our anniversary. This was his first professional massage, and he opted to get the deep tissue treatment as well and loved it! I got a swedish massage, which was wonderful. The staff is very friendly and attentive. I would definitely recommend going to Spa Salute for a great spa experience!

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    Mon Sep 03 2007

    I surprised my wife with a Day at Spa Salute b/c I was out of town on our anniversary. I picked Spa Salute after reading the reviews on this site. Rosie (the owner) made several suggestions to make it even more special and gave me more credit than I deserved. She threw in pick-up of flowers and lunch (she had me pick the restaurant and menu). She remembered specific things from our phone conversation to tell my wife. My wife had very little experience, but she felt overwhlemed and spoiled. She went home and wrote a 3 page account of the experience to share with her friends! The price seemed very reasonable based on my research and the service exceeded our expectations. Thank You, Rosie.

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    Fri Jul 27 2007

    Spa Salute has the friendlist staff and they are very in tune to your needs. The atomshpere is very has a down to the earth atomshpere. They make you feel like one of the family and not like they are just seeing dollar signs when you walk in the door. They explaining everything to you and you never walk out of there feeling like you just got pushed into buying something you do not need. If you buy a product...that means that you need it and it will work on you, but do not take my word for it.....GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!! My skin use to be very clogged and I had so many breakouts and now my skin is so much nicer. I get the Ultimate Salute facial, which I love. I've gotten Chocolate body wrap & pedicure and sports massages and I'm always relaxed when I leave and don't feel guilty about spending money on myself.

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    Thu Jul 26 2007

    I visited Spa Salute for the first time 2 wks ago and am now a client for life. I had a facial done by Rosie and I must say that it was the best facial I have ever received. She is very thorough and knowledgeable in her esthetic field which I noticed right away. I am a dental hygienist and okay will say - I am pretty critical of anyone who may work on me just because I know the behind the scenes clinical and aseptic techniques that should be carried out. Well, Rosie followed them all. Combined with her great personality and informative feedback, you leave Spa Salute learning things about your skin and products you use on your skin in a totally different light. My facial was a custom facial where Rosie put together what was best for my skin type and situation. She explained what she was using and what it was used for - love that! I truly felt pampered and well taken care of while at Spa Salute. I highly recommend Spa Salute for those that are ready for a change from the run... Read more

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    Sun Jun 24 2007

    I recently had a day of complete pampering at Spa Salute. I had a spa pedicure with a parrafin wax, then a 2 hour deep tissue massage by Cynthia. She has a really elequont massage technique with the strength to relieve the tension of an athlete. Then I had an ultimate facial by Rosie the owner of Spa Salute. The services provided by all the staff and the atmosphere of the spa are a true reflection of going above and beyond for the customer. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for!

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    Thu May 17 2007

    Let me just start by saying that ever since I was a teenager I have suffered with acne, rosacea & dry skin. Over the past seven years, I have been trying to find a doctor or spa that could help me with my conditions. Well I look no further - Spa Salute has definitely come to my rescue! The amazing staff at Spa Salute has helped me figure out which products & facials are best for my skin. My acne & dry skin are gone & this is the first place that I have been to that actually has products which control my rosacea. I would definitely recommend Spa Salute to anyone who is in need of some TLC for their skin.

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    Tue May 15 2007

    Rosie is really the best facial I have ever had. I have been going to her for almost a year and will continue to go as long as I am in Austin. She really helps you understand how to take care of your skin and does not push products, however, she is very helpful if you ask for suggestions. Rosie also has the best personaility and is easy to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable and thus makes the experience more relaxing. I highly recommend Rosie to anyone looking for better skin!

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    Tue May 08 2007

    I went to Spa Salute through a reference of one of my close girlfriends and have done nothing but want to tell more people about the great services that Rosie and her salon offers! I had the Ultimate Salute? Facial and dermaplane procedures and my skin looks and feels better than it ever has in my life. The salon also pays special attention to details and adds in relaxing massages during the procedure = so relaxing!

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    Fri Apr 27 2007

    I've visted the Spa Salute' several times now. I have received a sports deep tissue massage by Kim and she is great! She knows how to work out those specific areas that hurt the most. I have also received a swedish deep tissue from Cynthia and she is just amazing!!! It feels as if there's two people massaging you at once. She really makes you relax and makes you fall asleep and not want to leave the spa. Then, I just recently received the Ultimate Facial from Rosie ( the Owner of Spa Salute'). From cleansing, to mask, to putting you under the light and consulting you about your skin, is a wonderful experience. A couple of months ago, I went to Orgins to get a facial and to buy products for my face and I have still not received any results, and come to find out, the products they recommended were completly wrong for my skin type and were causing my problem areas to keep breaking out. Thanks to Rosie coming to my rescue, she really did a number on my skin and it looks alot better now. F... Read more

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    Sun Apr 22 2007

    I have been visiting Spa Salute for 8 months now and my skin has NEVER looked so healthy. I've always had issues with my skin but since going to Rosie at Spa Salute, my skin has inproved so much. She is so knowledgable about the skin and she shares her knowledge with you. The advice she gives I take home with me and it helps me take better care of my skin. The environment and other professional therapists always make me feel so nice every single time I walk in. The spa is quiet, serene and welcoming- so different than other places that are loud and obnoxious! The prices, cleanliness and the marvelous experiences that I have had -keep me coming back. I don't even think about going anywhere else. Thank you so much Rosie and staff for helping me feel so good about myself. Best to you all!

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    I've been to Spa Salute four times now, for massage, facial, body treatment, and waxing/sugaring. I have to say that it is one of the best spas I've encountered in the world (and I've traveled!) The treatments are relaxing, with little "extras" like hot towels and scalp massages. And Rosie is an expert on skin issues. She won't do something that will irritate your skin, or be worthless---even if it is an upsell. Great location. Easy parking. Great pricing (and discounts for employees of major local companies!) She also gives samples for products, but doesn't push sales of those products (which can be so annoying at other spas and salons). I'm recommending this spa to everyone I know. (And can't wait to go back for another treatment!) Go let yourself be pampered!

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    Wed Feb 28 2007

    Spa Salute is a little difficult to find (ground floor of an office building), but it is a clean, quiet, friendly, relaxing experience. The staff is extremely attentive and very skilled in their craft. They helped me rehab from doing two half marathons in a 14 day span, but I would recommend them for anything from a thoughtful gift to a way to unwind from a hectic week. I have lived in five cities in four states, and this is quite possibly the best value per dollar of any treatments I have ever had.

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    A full-service, Tuscan-style day spa uses state-of-the-art equipment and European techniques for facials, massages, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and more.

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    Tue Jan 23 2007

    I wanted my pores to look smaller and my skin to glow. I heard of Spa Salute' from a California friend who said she had the best facial at Spa Salute (an she's REALLY a perfectionist). I thought, if she loved it, I have to go there for a facial & a body wrap. Well, I went & it was amazing! The beds in both the rooms were warm & the ambiance was relaxing. I received a nice massage during my facial. I did the Pumpkin Peel Body Wrap, but the spa has a big selection of wrap services. It was nice. I didn't have to get up & go to the shower, she used nice hot towels to remove everything. I almost felt like a was so pleasant. I bought facial products I've been using for about a month now & my skin looks great! My pores are smaller thanks to the Mediterrean Mud mask and Jojoba Cleanser and my skin is glowing! I'll recommend this Spa to any woman or man who wants to be pampered, loves privacy and wants to feel like you're getting more than what you're paying for.

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    Tue Dec 05 2006

    This spa is fabulous. Rosie, the owner, really knows skin and the facility is beautiful. The facials are outstanding. My skin really looks better than ever. I'm hooked. I get the Ultimate Salute' Facial every month, which comes with a chemical peel and an Italian contour masque, and they both make my skin look wonderful. Try it, you'll be hooked too.