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    Sat Jul 02 2011

    It is okay, never had any serious issues with this air travel company. Then again, I am not necessarily a big fan of their's either.

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    Sat Jul 02 2011

    Beware, while SW has low prices do not use if you are connecting to an international or non partner airline. My sister and I were taking a once in a life time heritage tour to see Korea, our birth land where we had been adopted from 25 years ago. We flew SW out of BWI to Seattle, and then we were to fly to Seoul, Korea via Asiana. BUT SW lost our bags. In Seattle, when we asked them where our bags were , they said in TN, We had to fly to Seoul with out our luggage, SW says they are under no obligation to get the bags to Seoul, all they needed to do was to eventually get them to Seattle... we would have to figure out how to get them to Seoul, and then from the airport in Seoul to our hotel. Since SW doesn't fly international and has no partnerships, we were out of luck.... nothing they would do. In our luggage were gifts to the orphanages we came from and to the caregivers. Included in these gifts were photo albums showing our life from when we were adopted to now.... Read more

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    Mon Apr 25 2011

    Southwest is top dog in my book. No baggage fees, no tv's on the seat in front of you that tempt you with tv you have to pay for, no problem changing flights, no additional fees changing flights, leather seats. I like the seating arrangements - no assigned seats, what you get depends on how early you check in, although you can be guaranteed a better spot by signing up for it and paying extra which is fair. Some of their flights even have wifi now for $5, and I'm on one of them. It's been a bit slow and has disconnected but it's working more or less.

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    I have flown Soutwest from Pittsburgh several times. Never had a problem. Great employees,great flight. Never lost my luggage.

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    DON'T FLY SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! I just flew from LAX to New Orleans and they lost my luggage, told me that I had to pay THEM to have MY baggage delivered (even though it was THEIR mistake).. this happened at 2 PM... or to stay there until 5:30 to get my bags so i did... 5:30 comes along and no one knows where it went, so i asked and they're like OH WE DON'T ACTUALLY SCAN OR KEEP UP WITH BAGS WE JUST THROW THEM IN THE PLANE. .....REALLY?!? It's now almost MIDNIGHT and I just called to find out where my clothes were and this "customer service representative" started laughing at me for losing my bags... WTF? DO NOT FLY SOUTHWEST!!!!

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    I had a bad experience at ohare so i decided to try southwest and i was pleasantly surprised. I got through security in 5 min flat and then i received a free upgrade do to the small amount of people flying that day. I will be going with them again for sure!

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    Southwest Airlines' frequent flyer program **SUCKS**. I used to have my hotel and rental car credits programmed to go to my Southwest Airlines frequent flyer account. NO MORE. Sure, Southwest says "earn 16 credits and get a free round trip". Welllll, not so fast, Bucky. Southwest has TWO levels of "free flights" in their frequent flyer program. They have the "standard award" which will cost you 16 credits, and then they have the "Freedom Award", which will cost you TWICE as much flying. I just tried to book Wash-Dulles to Denver. The ONLY flight I could take on a "standard award" takes off at 6AM, which means getting up at 2AM. No, thanks. So, I tried for Austin TX out of Baltimore-Washington (BWI). Same result. Out of **13** possible flights, I could ONLY use a "standard award" for *ONE* - and that involved a change of planes in Tampa. Of the *THREE* Non-stop BWI-AUS flights, I could NOT use a "Standard Award" to book on one of those. I thought frequent flyer programs we... Read more

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    Sat Aug 21 2010

    1 stars I am no neophyte when it comes to airline travel having first flown in 1980. A lot has changed in the industry and many good carriers have gone. After flying British Air, Alitalia, Air France, American, Delta, Continental, NWA, and the regional carriers, I have found SWA to be the worst for many reasons. Service is a low priority and they have the rudest attendants, taken in totality, than any carrier I have flown. Passengers all always regarded as "cattle" by the domestic carriers, but SWA takes it to a new low. Their motto should be "Sit Down, Shut Up, and Don't Bother Us, You're Lucky We Are Letting You Worthless Scum Fly With Us". They get 5 stars for aggravating me as a passenger. If I treated my patients as poorly, I wouldn't have an osteopathic family medicine/surgery practice. I avoid them like Herpes Type 2! Good luck when flying this lower than whale excrement company.

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    Fri May 28 2010

    Southwest Airlines is the worst airline. They DO NOT care about their customers. Good luck to you if you call customer service....the representatives are very unhelpful, short with you and rude in their responses. Speaking with a supervisor is not much better. The supervisor said "I'm done with you!" Oh really? How helpful of you. And did not care if you use another airline. Could not confirm or deny information related to a flight. What a crappy, crappy airline. -Disgusted mom.

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    Tue May 18 2010

    This company is a joke. We got to the airport in Long Island one hour before the fly. We checked online before to drive to the Airport. There was not a single note about any delay. When we were checking in, the attendant told us that the fly was not 30 minutes late, but 5 hours late. We had to wait in the airport like silly for 5 hours. We had to buy foods, they didn’t offer a single cup of water to us. Than coming from Tampa, was another joke. When we arrived in Long Island, we realized that my daughter bags were soak wet. All the magazines and books that we bought in our trip, including a Romero Brito especial book as a gift to my daughter’s birthday, was all wet. We took pictures, fill forms and sent to the Southwest asking for them for U$ 200.00 dollars, to buy new magazines and purchase a new book for my daughter. Plus I spent my whole night in the laundry room washing and drying clothes that was wet for no reason. Looking online I found out that this problem always happen and the... Read more

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    Tue May 18 2010

    I don't like it myself because of the open seating. I found it very disconcerting to have found a seat and then anyone can come over and sit there. It could work out that way but it just does not. There were several other seats you see but it would turn out to be easier for them to bother me. With set seating I can at least keep track of it. That seems a little strange since I can't stand seats reserved for the train. I also think I interviewed there and they were annoying. It just is not as nice as some of the other ones. I try to avoid it.

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    Sun May 09 2010

    I fly southwest because my company give me a ticket for this air line. They almost always have my name in some kind of list and mostly I never get to check in online. By doing that mostly I get late group B or C. When I try to check in online, I get message that I need to go to the counter to check in. If they have enough sense, they should let me check in online so I get my early group and position number and still if they need further verification they should not issue my boarding pass until I get to the airport. I have no problem with that, but I guess stupidity comes in many different varieties.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    did not take care customer in the nice way employee in san diego where I'd live very discriminate and impolite if you have kid they will treat you like a second citizen, for example: my wife traveling to florida with my 2 years old son She had a A ticket and the kid had a B ticket when checking in the white Agents did not let the kid going in whith his mom since he have a B ticket!!!They told my wife can go in by her self and the kid going in latter due to the B ticket(do you believed he's only 2 years old)latter they send one manager come out and ask my wife to sutup or he will cancelled the ticket He even give his name to us !!!!are you angry if it happen to your spouds like that????

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    There a A LOT of Southwest haters on this thread. I mostly now fly Southwest when flying within states and have never ever had any negative experience with them. They are usually always on time, quick and efficient getting you off and on the plane. Now, if you're looking for "First Class" service, this is not the airline for you. But, if you are looking for a quick, inexpensive 2/3 hr. flight somewhere, it is worth the price (no luggage charge). We fly to Fla. once a month to our beach house and we take them because they are cost effective. Why take United, what to be greeted by snooty attendants, being charged for your luggage, and having to pay for extra legroom. No thank you. I have better places to spend my money. And yes, i do fly business class when flying outside of U.S.......that is when it's worth the money, not on a domestic flight. I suggest posters on here fly other airlines before slamming Southwest, you will then see they are a pretty good airline. And no I am ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    My experiences with Southwest have all been pleasant.

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Pay a little bit more and fly another airline. The staff are rude - the only thing they seem to care less about than their job is the passengers on the plane.

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    Sat Feb 27 2010

    I have flown WN somewhere in the region of 70 times in less than a year on business. I fly from San Diego to Sacramento and the ONLY reason I use this "Airline" is because they are the only ones who fly this route and they always have the temerity to thank me for choosing them! I didn't choose you, you pushed everyone else out of the market with your nasty, cheap, tacky product..... Good - Usually on time Bad - Mean staff, bed tempered and resentful - Filthy planes with seats still warm and chewing gum still steaming in the seat pocket - I have a load of free tickets for my pain that will not take me anywhere outside of the US and I will never use. - Drinks handed to you with dirty fingers gripping the rim - Flying shoulder to shoulder with people who really should be in a Greyhound - Sickening jokes and singing by the "Flight Attendants"..Give me a break... - Management and customer relations who will never see anything from the... Read more

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    Southwest is cheap & you definitely get what you pay for. Be aware of their stand-by policy which states something like "All stand-by seats must be upgraded to a full fare ticket". They'd rather fly partially full planes than allow some one who took advantage of their cheap prices to get home a little early. Getting on a stand-by list is STANDARD with all other airlines; shocking to find out the "industry leader" has this ridiculous policy in place. For me its simple, they want to squeeze an extra $160 to get home 45 minutes early? I will specifically avoid their airline from this point forward on (I fly 25-30 times a year).

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    SouthWest gets an "F" in my book, and here's the email complaint I submitted to them this week after learning about their voucher (aka rip-off) system. I paid them, they kept my money. Tried to remedy the situation and got zero service and zero results. Southwest engages in legalized theft, pure and simple... To Whom It May Concern: Bottom line is Southwest does not honor its vouchers and does not indicate in its formal correspondence (email) about the vouchers that travel has to be completed by the expiration date. The SWest formal voucher email only notes travel must be reserved, plus other major points, but not this very important fact. How convenient that Southwest has secret "rules" that aren't specifically spelled out to the customer in email. I've also found out that speaking to people at SWest is meaningless. I spoke to Fernando in Customer Relations 214-792-4223, Sheila, Customer Service Manager (ID 62 in Phoenix, AZ), Dell in Reservations (ID 95 in San Antonio, TX) and go... Read more

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    I really enjoy flying with Southwest. While it may not appeal to everyone, I love how they structure their seating with boarding groups that reward you for checking in early. Too me, it just makes good sense; no fees for a window or an aisle seat, just arrive in a timely manner and choose where you want to sit when you get on the plane. I also have to praise them for not jumping on the bandwagon to nickle and dime travelers for checked baggage and everything else under the sun. The company also seems to promote a culture of fun which I believe shows through in the attitudes of their employees. Traveling can be stressful for a number of reasons and it is always nice to run into a friendly crew that can help lighten things up a little while still being knowledgeable and professional. I hope to see them add some additional routes in the near future as I prefer flying Southwest over most other airlines.

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    I booked a vacation on Was supposed to get two show tickets while in Vegas, they neglected to share the fact that the show tickets had to be booked by November 23rd. In the email they sent me, it said the show ticket details would be sent with our hotel information. Got the hotel information on December 31st, but no tickets are available now, of course. They wouldn't help me one bit..... Boo to Southwest, your customer service has gone right down the toilet!!

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    wow fast turn around time and nice employees. dont like the one class system though. how did the lady that gave birth last week have any privacy without any curtains? I shudder to think how most passengers felt during that episode.

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    Fri Jul 31 2009

    In one word... speedy. Usually not delayed, and they don't make you pay for drinks. Sadly, that puts them ahead of most airlines now...

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    Sat Jul 11 2009

    I have flown Southwest 8 times in the past two years and had only 1 good experience. My very first time I traveled with my baby from Baltimore to Orlando. Unfortunately for me, he spit-up all over me after finishing his bottle. I stood up to go to the front of the plane to use the bathroom, to try to clean us both up. The flight attendant yelled at me and told me that someone was in the restroom, and due to 9/11 flight policies I cannot stand to wait to use the bathroom, I had to use the bathroom in the back of the plane. I totally understand the policy, they obviously don't want anyone standing near the cockpit, but I did not appreciate being yelled at. I apologized to her, but I was covered in spit-up and when I asked her for some paper towels, she rolled her eyes and huffed. She did however, hand me some paper towels The last time I flew we checked our last piece of luggage 45 minutes before our take-off. We did know their policy that if a piece of luggage is checked in ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 03 2009

    Had a recent flight from Ontario, CA to BWI. Checked in the evening before & had boarding number B-58. When I boarded there were several window seats available, As I attempted to sit in the first one, the gentleman in the aisle seat informed me he was saving it for his wife. Okay...move onto the next window seat, of cours it was being saved for someone also. What's the sense of getting a boarding number if people who board before you 'save' the seats for someone with a boarding number that boards after you? The flight attendants told me to find another seat & were not helpful in applying their airline policy. I don't care for this airline & will avoid them if at all possible.

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    In an attempt to become more broadly appealing, Southwest has managed to transform itself from fun, cool and stress-free into an aging, authority-bound airline that falls short for every one of its customers and does nothing to make up for its mistakes. I'll start by saying that I used to love Southwest when I lived on the east coast (3 years ago) and used them for shuttle flights from Philly to Boston. You can't beat $29-49 per way, and their service was the best in the air at that time. It was also pretty easy to take advantage of their rewards program, even if you weren't a frequent, long-distance traveler. Unfortunately, Southwest has made a number of changes in recent years that dramatically reduce the likelihood that I'll ever fly them again, even if they have the lowest price fare. Their new boarding process is stressful and irritating. The cattle-call style boarding process they were famous for in the past was easy. All I had to do was check in early and camp out in line fo... Read more

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    Southwest is great, except if you live around Memphis, you have to drive to Nashville to catch Southwest because they don't come to Memphis. Southwest is usually on time for us, which is great. I love how the snacks are free, and that helps a lot. They are considerbly cheaper than any other airline out there, and it is a great value. The flight attendants are usually friendly with Southwest. I recommend easily Southwest for any flight inside the US.

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    I love that you can cancel your flight at any time for future credit with the airline. They are best used for regional flights, though. It is pretty difficult to find a direct flight, and there are typically multiple layovers (especially with rewards flights). Really only works if you have a day on either side of travel to waste.

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    I think the beauty of Southwest is that you can change your flight. No matter what. They don't charge you extra for it and they don't ask questions..well, not many questions at least ;) Some airlines charge fees up to $150.00 for changing or missing a flight and that is no good! Also, flying with Southwest has always been fun to me. The staff and flight crew are usually helpful and nice and it seems most of the time they all have a sense of humor too! One time they even sang me Happy Birthday and bumped me up to First Class all for noticing it was my Birthday! The flights are cheaper and they offer great sales and specilas all the time! I'd recommend checking out Southwest before a few of the other airlines out there!

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. Their staff is always nice and informative, and they always try to make the trip a little bit more comfortable. Prices are generally lower than the competition, although seats on their planes are a bit small. Overall, a great deal to be had.

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    Tue Apr 07 2009

    (Update) It's a flying bus depot- but at least they don't give me sneaky luggage-fees. Is there anything more annoying? (Original review.) Good prices. . .I wouldn't take a flight longer than 2 hours. . .above-average customer service. I am surprised to read the other reviews because I have flown Southwest several times and never had a delayed flight. I like the cattle-call seating. . .it makes people hurry up and get in line. Their baggage-handlers put a big hole in my suitcase but they replaced it no charge. . .I was satisfied. All-in-all, a good no-frills airline.

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    Sat Jan 10 2009

    The very best in customer service. Usually very good rates. If you can't make your flight you can use it anytime that year without penalties, and you can even give it to someone else. You'll have troubles finding another airline that flexible. It is what it is, if you don't like the seating arrangements book with another airline. I don't have kids so it works great for me. If they had lost my luggage I would be very mad though. I have flown many different airlines and Southwest is my favorite. Other than flying first class. Just because you have children others do not have to bend over backwards for you. As much as I cant wait to have children of my own someday, I do understand that life is going to get more difficult once I have them. You get what you pay for, if you want to be treated like a king, pay the extra money and fly first class with someone else.

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    Just thought I'd mention that Southwest has the most pathetic website of any airline - and I fly them all on a regular basis. There are no options to check flight schedules, to check flight statuses for any day other than today, or even to view your $%*#$ itinerary if you happen to have a non-changeable ticket. To top it off, if you go to the Contact Us portion of the site (and it's not easy to even find that option), there is not an option to send e-mail. You either have to call them or snail mail. No wonder they tout their lack of complaints - they don't give you an option to lodge one. These clowns are a disgrace!

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    It figures this turkey flies out of Texas - Probably founded by Dubya Bush and the dumerasels. I flew SW one time. Never again. I will walk first. I still had money left because I bought two tickets and 1 person was in the hospital. They would not give me a refund and out of the kindness of their brick hearts, they put the money on account for one year. Fortunately I found some dummy that wanted to fly and bought a ticket through me. In the end, I got my money back, but it was no thanks to these money-grubbing thieves. If you feel something hit you in the back, it's your change.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I live in Denver and usually fly Frontier (who I love) or United for international. Recently, I had the displeasure of flying Southwest. What a joke! The plane was dirty, trash in the seat pockets. The flight attendants were unprofessional and the A/C wasn't working properly so we had to suffer all the way to LAX in a hot cabin! Never again! Denver better wise up and support Frontier, or at least United.

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    I just flew SW Business Select from PHX to ONT. The crew was very friendly and the plane was clean and on time each way. The seating by section thing is great. You just book online, check in on line (the day before) and then get in your spot. No pushing, shoving or crowding - very civilized. I think the folks who have a problem with this are the ones who arrive late and try to push you out of the way with their luggage when the general boarding call announcement is made. I'd just as soon have them fly another airline.

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    Mon Jun 30 2008

    They do have cheaper flights, but unless you live in or near a big city, forget it, because Southwest doesn't serve your airport.

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    Thu May 29 2008

    I hate flying SW but from Austin to las Vegas there's no other direct flights. Usually it's just uncomfortable but my last flight was made more so by a rude gay bleach blonde male stewardess. Sitting on an exit row I didn't notice him giving his safety speech since I had headphones on. He caught my eye and I removed them and said "What ?" He proceded to inform me he could have me removed ! Minutes later he scolded me for having my straw hat on the floor between my feet and not under the seat in front of me. Like it was going to become a deadly missle, what a jerk ! The folks around me laughed behind his back and branded me a troublemaker for the rest of the flight.

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    Tue May 20 2008

    The media say southwest is great.................If you are a college student or some one has died its fine..............otherwise its a stinking cattle frills....the reason no one complains is beacause they offer nothing but a seat..What to complain about..Its called I DONT CARE AIRWAYS...............And i think BUSH has something to to with them....just like 911

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    Wed Mar 12 2008

    Most people like or hate this airline,i'm in between thier fares to most markets are about the same as any other airline,you just have to shop around,however they do offer short haul routes that are very cheap.The only thing that I would say negative is that if you fly from the east coast to west,be prepared and bring a good book,and check in online early 24 hours in advance so you can get a seat of your choice. you will be deplaning and reboarding several times.

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    Tue Feb 26 2008

    I asked about family seating on a flight to Orlando. The gate attendant had a snicker on her face, and said my daughter had to be 4, or else, we were not eligible for family seating. Got on the plane. Took an aisle seat, and the overhead bin was filled with pillows. Shoved them aside, and put my carryon in the bin. Was yelled at by a flight attendant skulking behind me. Watch this same attendants rude instructions on opening the door. I paid attention even though I was behind the exit row. Guess what I was in an exit area. The rude attendant asked me if I could open the door. I said "I can pull down the handle, ma'am" in an equally rude voice back. I though Northwest was the pits until I flew on Southwest. Southwest is a cattle hauler. Don't get me started on Spirit. That's another cattle hauler.

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    For all of you family travelers, Don't Fly Southwest. I watched as families were seperated because of Southwest's open seating plan. Pay the extra $20 and go with another airline to get assigned seating. If there aren't any open seats your 5 year old will sit by themselves, or your wife will be forced to sit next to a stranger even though you spent you hard earned money to buy a ticket for a short vacation....Don't fly Southwest until they stop this crazy open seating policy.

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    i dont have very many problems with them and thier prices are pretty good! bad customer servise though.

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    Tue Feb 12 2008

    First of all SW really is a horrible company if you have any problems with customer relations they either have you write to them which takes months! or they TRY to help you and then deny everything you ask for. If your flights get delayed or cancelled be prepared they will not help you at all for the night, its your problem. The rapid rewards program is horrible and they only allow for 5 or 6 seats on a plane with RR which are almost always sold out! No one at the reservation centers know what they are talking about, they give you no information. The reservation centers and the airport and NEVER on the same page. They treat you like crap. Baggage is always lost and there service is getting worse and worse. PS lookout for their fares online they will do anything to screw you over by making those "cheap" fares only good on certain days or amount of money spent previously. i strongly advise against flying SW they are horrible and will end up going down sooner or later.

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    Sun Feb 10 2008

    Always lose luggage, always late, always poor service. I have travelled with Southwest a number of times now and they are what they are ... a budget airline. I don't have a problem with that but when they lose your luggage on 3 straight trips and are downright rude about it, it's time to tell it like it is. These guys just aren't worth the aggrevation. They are recommending getting to the airport 2 hours before domestic flights. Give me a break. Avoid at all costs!

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    Wed Feb 06 2008

    A big thanks to Southwest Airlines who came out to a marketing event and raffled off a pair of round trip tickets to those who signed up for their business frequent flyer program. We'll, I won. Woohoo. Went to Vegas with my wife for a romantic getaway. Not so romantic when they lose your luggage. I mean everything. They were kind enough to let us spend a whole 50 dollars while we were there to get the "necessities". The real kicker though. Because they gave us the tickets as a gift, they will only cover 450.00 of our losses. Basically, the price of one of our bags (which was samsonite "spinner") WAS a very nice wedding gift. Thanks Soutwest. Great way o treat a guest. Nobody at my company will ever fly Southwest Airlines again.

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    I used Southwest for my trip to Sacramento from Philly and it was a mess (both ways). While going, I got booted out from the flight with the explanation that we should be at boarding gate 10 mins prior to the departure (my wife was still on the flight). I pointed out the airport watch to that attendent and there was still 14 mins left for the flight!! After realizing that they screwed up, they agreed to put us together on a different flight. (we didnt wanted to travel separately and our original flight was full). Now instead of 1 stop, we had to stop twice before we reached Sacramento and when we reached SMF, one of our bags was missing. While returning, there was a storm in california and all the flights were delayed. We managed to reach the airport 1 hour 15 mins prior to departure. We had to check in our luggage (we had our boarding passes printed online) and it took us 2 hrs to do that. There was madness at the airport, power was down and airport was running on back up power. T... Read more