South Lebanon

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    Sun Sep 24 2006

    Historically this has been a very tough neighborhood. Southern Lebanon is one of those spots where many different cultures and religions meet in a not so peaceful way, much like the former Yugoslavia, an area of the world which has in recent years been beset by civil strife. In the case of Lebanon, we have Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims fighting at each other along with the Christian and Druze elements of the population. Lebanon spent nearly 25 years fighting a major civil war. One of the primary results of this was the interference of foreign influences, like Hezbollah, which is funded by Iran and the Syrians, which has had a major hand in Lebanese affairs. All of this has created a situation where the central Lebanese government is decidedly weak. Indeed, Hezbollah rules much of the countryside. Which leads us to the current situation between Israel and Lebanon. Like Genghis, I also sympathize with Israel's geopolitical situation, but their moves against Lebanon were completel... Read more

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    Wed Aug 23 2006

    Although I am sympathethic to Israel's geopolitical plight as a small country in a hostile sea of Arabs, it's latest attack in Southern Lebanon and then throughout that country has been a disaster. Israel has fought the longest war in its history since its war of independence, and in effect, Isreal lost. Hezbollah still remains and in effect has suffered very little. Israel has now managed to turn every facet of Lebanon against it. The Christians of Lebanon who still are about 35% of the population, and who were allies of Israel against the PLO in some of the wars of the last century now oppose Israel. The Sunnis and Druze who were suspicious or even hostile to the Shiite Hezbollah now are firmly on Hezbollah's side. The reason for all this is the Israel bombed and killed everyone equally. If you were a Lebanese, BOOM! We see lots of dead people, all kinds of bombed buildings, tens of thousands of homeless, and Hezbollah is still standing. Lot's of innocents are dead, h... Read more