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    Fri Mar 23 2012

    The Sonic Drive-in Restaurant in Millington TN needs to turn the inside rock music off and concentrate on getting their orders correct. I attempted to place an order yesterday: 1 #3 burger, no onions, no mayo and 1 order of chicken strips with ranch dressing plus 2 ordrers of the sweet potato tots. Not a complicated order. A teen-aged girl began taking my order. Told her I wanted one #3, no onions or mayo. She chirps Thank you we'll have it right out and CUTS ME OFF while the entire time I'm yelling I'M NOT THROUGH! You could hear the loud rock music blasting through the speaker while she was on. I pressed the button again and waited about 2 minutes for someone to answer. Of course, it was not the same girl. When I told this girl I had been cut off by the other girl while trying to give an order I did not get an apology, just a oh, okay. I placed my entire order, had her repeat it back to me. When the skater girl brought it, I had TWO #3 burgers, chicken strips etc. Did I want salt, k... Read more

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    Fri Mar 23 2012

    Made the mistake of trying this for the first time on a short road trip last month. Even by fast food standards, this is horrid. The burger looked like someone had shit it out, and didn't taste any better. Tossed it after two bites and drove on in search of some roadkill...

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    Tue Mar 13 2012

    After a year we finally took a shot at the new sonic location in Newburgh ny.Although the help was helpless they were polite. At 5 pm we would never expect it to take over 25 minutes to get served,well I stood at the patio menu board with the red light flashing with no reply for a while finally gave up and knocked on the window and could hear the yelling inside can someone get the patio,I quess I was the patio.When the food was brought out it was actually cold.We left the tray with the food got in the car and drove down the street to the diner.Ok ,I know what your thinking that i am being a cranky guy with no life,you may be right.I think if this unit is going to survive it needs a better management team running this store

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    Mon Dec 19 2011

    Rude, unprofessional, unimpressive, unappetizing and unapologetic. If you agree, please visit

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    Sat Oct 15 2011

    Ive been to this chain 4 times: only ate twice. The first time near Kansas City, we never got service at their car port, tried the drive through, but because of the bad speaker we couldnt understand the cashier....we left in frustration. Went 3 times to the one in Billings, MT. The first time I ordered, I waited at the drive trough window for awhile until an employee passed the bag out the window saying "...uh, is this yours?" I took it back to work to eat, but the meal was luke warm at best. The second time, during lunch at the carport, the service was good, meal was hot, but my friend had to get after the carhop for not offering to take our trash away.....he had worked at sonic for many years earlier and said that that was unacceptable. The last time I went with my brother. I just wanted to try the onion rings, but the girl that took my order said that they were out. I guess if the delivery truck came only twice a year, I could accept that. I declined when she asked if there was anyt... Read more

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    Sun Apr 03 2011

    Our local Sonic has really gone downhill lately...extremely slow answering the order button....extremely slow bringing your food out....half order of onion rings instead of a full container...half filled salad bowl....out of most of the ingredients....a few tiny pieces of chicken....very overpriced for what we are getting. I used to love Sonic. Even their hamburgers have gone downhill in taste. Not going back. Sherman, Tx, town center mall

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    Wed Mar 23 2011

    sonics realy not that bad as people are saying just like any fast food resteraunt you've got to know what to order and make sure you're food is fresh like if you're tots are hard as rocks or cold...tell them they will get you a fresh new order...if you dont like the coney dont get it.but they do have a awsome chicken tender box meal and realy good popcorn chicken and good drinks such as the cherry slush,cherry coca cola,and a good watermelon drink and you can always add flavors.all i know is i get good service 90% of the time good food (unlike mcdonalds wich is more like 50%) and a fun experience.

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    It always bothered me here in Michigan when they showed Sonic commercials before there was even a single restaurant in the state. Finally! They opened one a couple years back, and I was ecstatic - I haven't had their hamburgers, but their 1/4 pound conies are pretty good, albeit a bit TOO salty, and they have VERY good chicken sandwiches and tots. Of course, there's a huge variety as far as drinks are concerned, and that's where Sonic stands out in my opinion - I haven't had a bad one yet! The downfall I have with Sonic is the price - for a lot of the menu items it seems you pay a lot for not very much. Besides that, a welcome addition to Michigan!

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    Everything kinda melts together and really tastes the same. They do have good ice cream stuff.

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    the burgers are tasteless and the tots are cold and they are placed in areas where they are hard to get to

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    Fri Dec 31 2010

    I love sonic. Yeah its fast food..but I knew that, im not expecting a steak burger from this place. Yeah, teenagers work most fast food places..and omg! they didnt get my order right!! not the end of the world..oh well i love the food(frito pie and shakes) i was living in the midwest, now im in fort lauderdale, no more sonic =( i would take a sonic over mcdonald's any day. It really is amazing how stupid some people are though when they go to places and expect the world to bow down to their every fucking need. GROW UP people and get a life

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    Mon Dec 27 2010

    I would love to give .01 but that star was not available.......The food is terrible even for cheap pre-fab. I had been seeing the commercials on tv for years but there is not a sonic in Broward or Dade County. I finally begged my friend to go with me, even though she had already had it in Atlanta and said it was the worst fast food she ever had in her life!! I had the chili dog which tasted like beef jerky ( I still have not figured out how they pulled that one off) and some runny ass chili. Now I am from Detroit...home of the coney island restaurant on every corner. It was just terrible and It was so disappointing.... I got my money back and I told my friend to run the sign over as we spun the tires out of the parking lot. Horrible don't waste your time!!!!

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    This place has the worst food on earth! There is soooo much grease in their food- absolutely disgusting, and it tastes terrible. I wouldn't eat there again if you paid me to.

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    Mon Nov 08 2010

    Can I give less than one star? On 11-7-10, I bought some take out at the Sonic on Hwy 28 in Anderson Sc to drive over to where my wife works and eat with her. I ordered the $2.99 or whatever Coney dog and tots. My wife had a Jr. Cheeseburger and we had 2 drinks. The cheese on the jr. burger was COLD and she stated they were as hard as hockey pucks. Hearing that should have made me throw my hot dog and tots away but I ate them anyway seeing that I had not eaten anything else that day. Come 0230 am, my stomach is doing back flips, @ 0233 I'm learning that you can have the runs so bad that you lose 10lbs overnight. 0250, projectile vomiting, 0310, try to lay back down.... 0330, more runs and projectile vomiting of what appears to be chili and onions FROM BOTH ENDS.. 0340 the runs to the point where it sounds like I'm pouring a 5 gal bucket of water in the toilet. 0345, more projectile vomiting of chili and onions then back to bed. Then this vicious cycle repeated itself no less ... Read more

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    When me and my mom went there, she got a burger and I got chicken, she liked hers and I liked mine. We got dessert (hot fudge sundaes) and they were ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!! It was gritty and had a horrible texture, I found something chewy in mine, and so we both decided to just throw them away and go home.

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    I love Sonic. When I am hungry for a nice sized burger that also taste's home made, I always choose Sonic. And to make it even better, I always have to go with a cherry limeade or an ocean water drink to wash my food down with. Oh, and the deserts are the best in town, too.

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    Tue Oct 05 2010

    This location has got to be one of the worst. It is the closest to my home. They take forever even on drink orders. The sweet tea is hit or miss. Some days it tastes like pure sugar, some days the old uncleaned tea taste, some days lacking any ice. As far as the food I have ordered everything from a hot dog to an ice cream off the menu. It is either luke warm,melting, or made as if its been sitting for a while. If you want Sonic I recommend you stay far away from this location.

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    Tue Oct 05 2010

    We had never eaten a Sonic before, but when one came to the area, we had to try it. Of all the hamburger chains out there, I would have to say that I like this one the least. I liked the waitresses on skates and the fact that you can eat in your car. The service was Ok, but the problem I had is with the food. The hamburger is just ordinary and I am not sure that they do not add meal to it. The onion rings tasted sweet like sugar was added to the batter. The shakes were decent tasting but the sugar was not dissolved and made them very gritty. My wife had a chili dog and did not finish it because she did not like the taste. It seems like they add sugar to all of their items an this might explain why young people and people from the south give this place good reviews. People from the South seem to like very sweet products like sweet tea, maybe this is why so may of them are toothless.

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    Sun Sep 26 2010

    My wife and I tried the new place in Tacoma yesterday (9/25) and we were expecting more than what we got. Not being a big fan of fast food hamburgers, my wife only wanted the Junior Delux with cheese (which was 50 cents extra) and only with mayo, mustard and pickle. When it arrived, immediately noticed there was no cheese on it and then saw very little mayo (actually, there was absolutely none on the top bun). The pickles were also in one bunch in the center of the bun, rather than spread out. I pressed the red button to connect with "order central" and explained all this. The girl on the other end first wanted to take my order as though I was a new customer that had just arrived. I explained to her the burger we ordered and what we got. I specifically indicated extra mayo and there was no cheese on this burger and our receipt showed we paid for it. Within five minutes, we had another burger delivered to our car and the first thing my wife noticed was the cheese was cold, as if... Read more

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    Sun Aug 29 2010

    I have no clue what their food is like because I couldn't even get any. I tried using the speaker to get food, and the person on the other end couldn't hear me, even when I shouted. So I walked up to the door, and was turned away and told to use the speaker. I left and went to sub shop across the street instead. This is a high-priced coney restaurant that recently opened in an area that has 99-cent coneys on every other corner (Detroit). You would think that if they were coming here, they would step up the game, and make the service the reason why this coney is selected over others. They didn't. I recommend this restaurant to no one, and will never go back.

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    Sun Aug 29 2010

    Has anyone else noticed that on the commercial of a foot long hot dog is only eleven inches long by there tape measure.   1 to 12 is only 11: not 12 inches.  I'm not a rocket scientist but I know how to use a ruler. -- Sent from my Palm Pre

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    We just had a Sonic open in my city. My family and I have tried it twice. So far, the service has been horrible, which I guess is to be expected when opening a new store. We tried the drive-thru and "walk-up" which is truly a bizarre experience. Rather than go to a counter and talk to a human I press the button on the order-o-matic machine and have a retarded employee, who's standing about 10 feet from me inside the building, come over the speaker at about 120dB. The last words of "have a Super-Sonic day" are just like a slap in the face. It's reminds me of when Marty Moose tells the Griswolds that Wally World is closed. I can't think of a less personal scenario. Then there's the food. This has really sealed the deal for us. We won't be back. It's been expensive garbage. Tiny portions and horrible flavor. McDonald's presentation, pricing, personality and taste are SOOOO much better... I suspect the novely will wear off shortly and our new Sonic will close within a year.

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    Sun Aug 08 2010


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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    Been on the road for better than 3 weeks & just tried Sonic for the first time a few nights back.The boys in the band are unanimous with me that their food blows away every other burger chain easily.

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    The drinks and shakes are all I like from this place, their burgers are very gross, the meat has a very disgusting taste to it.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    5 stars I must say after reading other peoples reviews, I am surprised! I am a Car Hop at a Fl. Sonic, and these people have no idea what they are talking about. EVERY order is made WHILE they are ordering it! We rush around on skates while it is raining just so we can get the food out to them while it is hot and fresh. And the funniest this of all is, costumers bite our heads off when their food is two minutes late. They can clearly see that we are packed from stall to stall! We can’t help that they all want to come in at the same time! What do they expect! I can say personal that we do our best to make you happy so you will keep coming back to us! I have had MANY people come back over and over again, because they said they love the food and service! I am overwhelmed with stress and I am always on my toes when I am working, my feet hurt and I have constant back pains! Yet you want to complain saying that we are a worthless restraint and we should be out of business! Get real! I wo... Read more

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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    I went to the Sonic in Huntsville, AL off of University Drive. The hambuger(No. 1) was horrible. The hamburger by it's self was a burnt tiny of I guess meat. The lettuce was dripping wet and it made the bun all soggy. After that I did even want to know what the rest of the sandwich was like. So with that the sandwich was not edible!! I did how ever get milk shake. It's pretty hard to screw that up and it was fine. If it weren't for the shake I would not have had a lunch. THANKS ALOT!!!

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    WOW, I will never go to a Sonic again. I had considered this company to offer good service ... I tried to call their 1-800 number. I can not believe they would knowingly let their employees behave is such a manner. I placed our order at the drive-through. Enough food for myself, my friend and her young child. The skinny kid at the window was polite enough. We slowly got handed our drinks, and bags of food. I asked my friend if that was everything. We agreed we had no idea b/c all the employees just walked away, window open. My friend yelled to a chunky, frat boy kid, "Are we done"? He yelled back, looking directly at us, "It's common sense"! Obviously parking lot shouting started to occur. We took her young child home, and returned. We asked for the manager, and was told he was the manager! I decided to not go to jail for beating the fu** out of some tool. My friend found him in the kitchen, and he refused to talk to her. She said she could keep standing there (at the counter) all nigh... Read more

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    Thu May 27 2010

    Waste of money. Questionable service. Undesirable location. Virtually empty at 3PM on a beautiful Sunday. 3 Value meals - 30 bucks. Server was informed none of us had been there before. [She said, ohh] Looked over a parking lot, listened to sonic-live radio(?). Horrible-Loud. Two cars came and went before we could order, pay, and eat the food. What is (was) the attraction? I grew up with A&W and have an independant drive-in restaurant 2 miles from me (near the lake). How frustrating to hear all the hype and have your expectations thwarted so effortlessly in so many respects. maybe the worst french fries I've had in forever... Final Judgement: No referral!

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    Thu May 20 2010

    We didn't actually get one here until last summer and it was ok as far as I was concerned. Neither food or the drinks really made my skirt fly up. To me it's just a revised version of the old A & W drive up places from the 60s and 70s minus the root beer floats.

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    Sat May 15 2010

    We ate at the Sonic in Elverson, PA. The burgers were paper thin and bland on large rolls. Very overpriced for what you actually get. This was our first time and will be the last. Terrible!

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    Sun May 09 2010

    SONIC DRIVE THRU, XENIA OHIO SUNDAY MAY 9, 2010 ABSOLUTELY VOMIT INDUCING FOOD AND SERVICE! Hurry, if you act now they will throw in a free medium ass flavored tater tot with your puke burger! This place is a friggin' joke. Try ordering a simple burger with mayo and pickle, and the retard in the window will read it back (incorrectly) and after three or four attempts, they will inevitably screw your order up. It will be gushing with crap you hate, like ketchup or mustard, onions, or some other thing you don't want on your sandwich. They have some sort of other world ordering system where if you order mayo, you'll get ketchup, if you order tomato you will get lettuce. I just need to figure out their fucking code, and then I can get my sandwich my way. I can't believe I was dumb enough to waste my money at this shit hole again! The french fries and tater tots taste like ass, and although I personally take offense to how STUPID America is becoming generation after generation, I really f... Read more

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    Thu Apr 22 2010

    I've eaten at good Sonics and bad, and I don't think it's the company, just the local employees that make it a good or bad experience. I prefer a Sonic burger over any other fast food chain. PS If you order the drinks without ice, they are cold, and you get more.

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    Tue Mar 16 2010

    Sonic is good for one thing and that is ice-cold drinks. Anyone that has eaten there simply did it because they were already there getting a drink, which is why I eat there from time to time. I love the crushed ice and will occasionally ask for extra ice. My favorite drinks (when made correctly) are the cherry-limeade and ocean water. I have a problem with the beef patties which are thin, and not very filling. The Super-Sonic breakfast burrito has less than an ounce of meat, the rest is tomatoes and tater tots, and they have the nerve to call it (Super). The only thing super about it is the price you pay. I can tolerate the foot-long hot dog, but that has disappointed me on a few occasions. The Drive-In also offers convenience in that it allows one to sit in the car and eat without the hassle of trying to drive and watch traffic all while eating. And on trips if you don't wish to get out at another restaurant (this happened to my family), that is a great pit stop.

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    First time going there and it was an odd experience. The person who took our order barely spoke English but I'm used to that because I live in Southern Cali, I should probably learn Spanish sometime. This was actually worse then usual because their speakers play music while you order? WTF! We asked if they could turn it off so we could understand them better but they said they can't turn off the music. Normal speaker voice distortion + music louder than the person speaker = several orders. Since it was our first time going we decided to go to the little parking place and our order took 10 min to get to us. The person delivering was this cute 18 year old white chick who wanted to go into rollerderby so it looks like they relegate the ugly and or minorities to the back, or that's just paranoia talking. She talked to us for a long time and only after the discusion ended while we were driving back did we wonder if we were supposed to tip? I mean she is kind of a waiter in that she deliv... Read more

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    Tue Mar 09 2010

    The Sonic in El Dorado Springs, MO is great. My husband and I ordered a hamburger, french fries, a grilled chicken sandwich, and 2 medium drinks without ice. We had our order within 5 minutes and our drinks without ice were filled all the way to the top, the burger and chicken sandwich were still hot and the fries tasted fresh. Sorry that lots of people have bad experiences but our local Sonic is awesome.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Ordered 3 value meals, when order came out the drink carrier had a frozen coffee in it that was not ordered. I told the girl that I hadn't ordered it and she just replied for us to keep it. So my son and I decided to give it a try. As we took a couple of sips, one of the staff came running to the car and snatches it through the window and exclaims, "give me that you didn't pay for that!" my son was then saying he'd pay and gave him $4 for a $3 drink…and he kept it with no change and no receipt .… I guess he thought it was his tip for being rude and being made to feel that you just shoplifted. I won't ever go back to that Sonic again even if they pay me. Besides they are always getting orders wrong and take forever just to get a tea. 330 Emerald Forest, Covington, LA

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    Fri Feb 19 2010

    Sonic is the most horrible fast food restaurant i've ever eaten at. In and Out is much cheaper and a lot better tasting. Don't waste your time and money in this place. I would never eat there again. Even Taco Bell is better for crying out loud. Ugh. Somebody should just close the whole Sonic chain. Nasty EXPENSIVE food, nasty service, will never eat there again.

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    After seveal months of avoiding sonic because of poor service and bad food, we decided to give them other chance. The "steak" sandwich is not what I would call steak - more like the "steak" that comes in a can that I feed the dog.... Weird texture and flavor - not steak. They don't know how to "toast" a toaster sandwich - the bread is never actually toasted, but buttered and warmed. On top of that the hand battered onion rings were nasty. I don't know how you overcook the inside and undercook the batter, but it was mushy and chewy at the same time. If that weren't enough, I ordered a special shake - the sweetheart shake. After waiting 10 minutes for them to "find the cherry puree," I was told they were out of it. Ok.... a replacement would be nice (since I paid for a large one). She asked if I wanted to order something else then and I said a chocolate shake would work. So after another 5 minutes I was brought a small chocolate shake (that I paid $3.29 for). I asked about th... Read more

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    ONE STAR. MY girlfriend and I have lived in our apartment behind/next to a Sonic now for three years about. It has not a been a good experience. I know this does not relate to the food, but I could care less. First off, it was the employees beating their car stereos before work (5 AM), during breaks, and after work, for 15 minutes a pop. Then when the employees aren't doing it every customer in the world thinks it's so cool to sit in the Sonic with their stereo beating for 30 minutes, forget the apartment building right next to you, they could care less. Not just loud, but shakes the walls, can't hear the TV, wakes you up loud. Then for God knows what reason an employee threw tomatoes at our apartment, and when I called the manager about it, she could care less. I had to call the Sonic 1-800 number and leave a message for the owner who did eventually call me back, but he didn't really give a crap either. Not to mention the fact that the employees and customers all throw their trash eve... Read more

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    This is for the person who just wrote "This place is the shit". I completely agree- if you leave off the word THE! This place is Shit. Sonic is absolutely the WORST experience you will ever have at a so-called "fast food" restaurant. Not only is the food nasty, but they give you virtually nothing for your money. The one in our town has nothing but a bunch of kids running it, and they have no clue about customer service. That problem starts at the top- their management must really suck. I had to wait 7 minutes for an order in the drive-through (I timed it) and they STILL got the order wrong! I hadn't eaten there in 2 years because they were so bad, but my children really wanted something from there, so I gave in. NEVER AGAIN. I hope somebody can do us all a favor and put these piss-poor bastards out of business.

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    Nobody76 - That one in Kingsburg did screw up orders all the time. That's probably why they went out of business. I wonder if the speakers did not work right, because you would always have to give your order like 3 times before it was repeated back correctly by the person taking it.

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    This establishment has quite a varied menu, w/ some 'Tasty' cool drinks for those hot summer months. However, unless it's a chicken product, the rest of the menu is 'sub-par', at best. Certainly not frequented by the upper middle class, and if your wondering why there is a spike in the medical facilities in this country, no need to look any further. This is certainly not like it's predecessor Top Hat, which had fresh foods, and not all these 'pre-fabricated', chemically enhanced foods, that we've been exposed to in our nation's food supply. Just a little 'Food For Thought' for all you food adventurer's!

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    Fri Dec 18 2009

    I will never eat at a Sonic Drive Inn again! I have a Sonic within walking distance of my home and have eaten there numerous times as it is so convenient. But after eating a sonic jr. and small fry one evening early Dec 2009, I became so sick it was horrible. A few hours after eating the food I started vomiting profusely and then came diarrhea. I had only eaten that one meal that day and it wasn't much but it was enough to almost kill me (felt as though I was gonna die). Needless to say I ended up in the hospital where I continued to vomit and sh** all over myself so they took me in right away. It was uncontrollable! They started injecting me right away with meds to stop the vomiting and then put me on I.V.'s (2 bags) for the rest of the day. I could barely walk when I was released, (couldn't walk before admission) later that evening and was prescribed meds to stop the vomiting at home and survived on a liquid diet consisting of broths and jellos for a week. And then theres the matter ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    The Sonic Drive Inn I go to on White Lane (near South H) in Bakersfield, CA is very slow. Usually I go there is to get us a shake and Sonic Blast. They aren't busy when I go there and it takes them 10 minutes to just get us our ice cream. The most recent is that not only did it take 10 minutes, the waitress didn't have my receipt that showed I paid with my debit card. She told me she would get it for me, but I didn't feel like waiting another 10 minutes and have my ice cream melt. So I just left. I am very dissatisfied with the service at this drive in. I only go back because we like their ice cream. I hope the management at this place gets this review and they do something about it. I have actually sat in my car where I can see inside the building and actually seen the staff just talking and not working. I work for a retail chain and I know what good customer service is and prompt service is.

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    i wont eat there because the people that work there are rude. and the manager cusses u out if you call and complain on someone or just to tell him your order is wrong.i think he needs to loose his job .i was a manager at a resturant and u cant talk to people like he does.

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    Mon Nov 30 2009


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    Sat Nov 28 2009

    Not happy with Sonic. The appmosphere is what you pay for, great appmosphere. The food is over priced and plan and just nothing to remember. They over hire for the grand opening and then instead of letting the over staffed employees go they make fun of them and basically force them out. The car hops are paid 4.50 an hour plus tips, then if they feel that they are not smiling enough they give them other job duties that they won't be making tips. The car hops also are expected to bring their own money to work because they have cash each customer out and at the end of the day they pay the total food bill. So, if any mistakes are made it will be on the employee.

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    Mon Nov 23 2009

    Recently had lunch at Sonic Drive-in, Joplin, MO , the one on 32nd Street. I had lunch with a co-worker. We placed our orders seperately. When the orders arrived, I paid with mine with a debit card. Apparantly the machine was not working, and worker took my debit card inside to make the transaction. My coworker paid cash for her meal, which by the way was wrong, so the food was taken back inside while we waited for more. The employee came back with my debit card receipt which was correct. We had to wait on the one meal quite awhile. I was done eating when the meal came out. My coworker asked the employee about her meal being free, since she had waited so long. He replied that it had been couponed off. We did not know what this meant. I bank online, and happened to be checking my account balance, when I noticed that I had 2 debits for Sonic today. I had paid for mine and also paid for my coworkers, which she had already paid cash for. I called the sonic drivein, and the c... Read more

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    their slushes are good . BLT's good . burgers awful . no ketchup unless you specifically ask for it & then you have to wait on 'em to go back inside & get it

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