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    Wed Aug 17 2011

    Speaking from a family that has 5 Large Pure Bred Labradors - Solid Gold is NOT the food it was many years ago. In the last two years this company has become SHADY. I was a customer and fed two litters of labs and my five i have now for now over 10 years. Three of my labs have thyroid problems. Two are unrelated, meaning they came from different families. I started to get suspicious about Solid Gold when the expiration dates on bags showing up in Los Angeles area were incredibly close to being outdated. Some of the food my dogs just wouldn't touch, to the point they would starve themselves rather than eat it. The same three dogs with low thyroid are loaded with lypoma's and one had a MCT tumor recently. Then came insane "canning" problems!! Suddenly the canned food I was using from Solid Gold was not available overnight for I mean MONTHS! I called them repeatedly and was given date after date after date when it would come by on the market. Each promise they made was not kept... Read more

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    Mon Jun 20 2011

    Good food!!

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    Sun Jun 19 2011

    We use both SOLID GOLD Hund und Flocken for our greyhound and whippet, then WEE BITS for our Italian Greyhound. All our dogs thrive with shiny fur, good energy and healthy demeanors.

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    Sun Nov 07 2010

    I switched my dog to Solid Gold Wolf King Bison in an effort to upgrade to a more holistic food. Three days after beginning the transition, she had massive amounts of diarrhea all over the carpet in the middle of the night. I slowed down the transition at that point, but the diarrhea recurred three days later. My dog has never had a problem like this in her life, not even from foods that had ingredients she's allergic to. It was truly as though a horse had experienced a colon cleanse in the middle of my living room - TWICE!! Now I'm reading others' similar experiences with this food and it makes me wonder what's in this food to make certain dogs have such dramatic reactions. Scary.

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    I fed Solid Gold Kat floxen (cat dry food) for 5yrs. It does not state on the bag the guaranteed analysis of Ash & Magnesium and others, so I asked Solid Gold. The ash is 6.9%, WOW is that HIGH! It caused my male cat to almost die from a blocked uretha. He could not urinate. The poor cat was in misery. I rushed him to the vet and he immediately performed surgery. The stress on us and particularly my male cat is unforgiveable. Solid Gold makes pet food and they know that all the ASH in it would cause blockage and death if not caught in time or if the owner cannot afford the vet bill, yet they continue to do it. My vet bill was $1000.00! I would like a check from Solid Gold for my vet bill. These people should be brought to justice for their damage.

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    I read up alot on the right puppy food for our new maltipoo who is 12 weeks. The breeder had her on purina pro plan select and she developed tear stains so I decided to look into other foods. I was going to go with either wellness puppy, acana small breed puppy, artemis small breed puppy, orijin puppy or solid gold hundchen flocken puppy. I was concerned about too much protein in orijin for my small toy breed so I went to Petco to see what they have and they had solid gold and wellness. I was going to try the solid gold hunchen flocken but the nutritional consultant there said that alot of his small breed owners swear by solid gold wee bits for tear stains. He says they get very mad when he is out of stock and he has a list he has to call when the food comes in and it is in very high demand. I just looked on the website and under the hundchen flocken puppy it says all of their foods are exyquin or however you spell that chemical - free. I read on another website where they recom... Read more

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    Solid gold is an awesome natural dog food! We have a 4 month old pit bull who's on wolf cub! He looks amazing! His coat is Amazing and he has A lot of energy! Solid gold is a great food if u do your research for the right formula for your dog. There were many reviews on how bad solid gold barking at the moon is. But barking at the moon has 42% protien. It is a very high protien level for just your average dog. To much protien and not enough exercise could cause break outs and a lot of digestive problems. Same as if u ate straight meat everyday. Other than that if your switching to any dog food you should always give atleast a week to transition meaning mixing new dog food with other brand. Solid gold is a great dog food. If u love ur dog you'll feed your dog the best!

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    My mom had her shelties on barking @ moon for years. Her dogs have been very healthy on it. However it seems they have cheapened their ingredients. Where the ingredients used to say salmon it now says "ocean fish meal" in the ingredients. That means they could be using several different kinds of fish in every batch, not good for sensitive dogs. They also do not say they use ethoxyquin free fish sources on the packaging or on the website. I know this for sure because we carry this line at the pet store I work in part time. I decided not to use solid gold for my new puppy because I believe where this brand used to be a leader it has been surpassed, but still is very costly. If it came down to it I would use the wee bits as part of her rotation. I do use the seameal and multi vitamin supplement. This company has an excellent track record with no major recalls and I believe it's alot better than many other brands out there, just think they need to step up their game if they want to stay on... Read more

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    I've had my min pin on solid gold since i got her that was 3yrs ago. She is doing GREAT on it...keeps her coat shiny, GI upsets away, and her engery up. I had gotten a Doberman Pinscher 10weeks old now and have gotten him on wolf cub, he loves it. At first he had a little GI upset and gas but he was being fed low quilaty IAMS before. I firmly believe all puppies have horrible gas and it is not the solid gold. either way i believe it will even out with age. Also, my cat eats solid gold, once we started her on this brand she stopped having GI upset ---THANK GOD! All of my animals seem to be at great weights, beautiful skin and coat, less tarter on teeth, energy, muscle gain and less fecal waste. All i see for the bad review is gas and GI upset....which is expected with food change. My older animals do great and are without GI upset and without gas, my puppy also has no problems now that he is over "food change" and has no stress of being in a new home.

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    My German Shepherd pup does amazing on Wolf Cub. He had Giardia (a difficult parasite to kill) for several months and it wasn't until I switched him from Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul to the Wolf Cub that he kicked the parasite for good. I also feed him Nature's Variety Raw Lamb and Raw Bison. Raw is truly the best way to go to feed your dogs what they need, but it can be expensive... Mack likes his raw more than his kibble, but as far as kibble goes this is the only brand I prefer to feed him and he seems to really like it. I also sprinkle "Missing Link" on all his food because he's had such a stunted start to life due to the parasite. I'm very happy with his progress and I'm glad I made the switch to Solid Gold.

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    Sat May 22 2010

    Don't become skeptical when you see the bad reviews. Right now I'm feeding a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer on the dry food formula mostly. She's an extremely active dog and tends to hold up her energy when eating a good quality food. Her stools are always normal, they're not runny or mushy, and her coat is awesome. I ALWAYS provide her fresh water while she's eating and show her so that she's enticed to drink something. It's extremely important to be well hydrated, for dogs and humans, so that the digestive system can operate properly! I would definitely recommend this brand of food to any dog owner. It's a balanced food and contains so many important ingredients that the animal should be having on a daily basis. Thumbs up for the flaxseed and blueberries. It may cost a little more but I feel better that my dog is not eating a high ash content, containing metals (I've seen one dog who ate a large amount of this in cheap dog food and the dog developed bladder stones!!! Yes, do... Read more

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    Mon May 03 2010

    I wouldn't even give this food ONE star! DO NOT BUY THIS FOOD! My two dogs both got sick. The latter had bloody stools for three days and both dogs had a fever. They are now on anti-biotics. From the looks of the other low ratings, other people have had very similar experiences! If you used this food and it negatively affected your dog, please post your story. This food is expensive and if it is making dogs sick, people need to know about it!

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    Mon Apr 26 2010

    We used Solid Gold Adult Maintenance Food for years. Our dogs thrived on it until recently, they started getting very soft stools. We noticed that the color and size of the pellet had changed so we asked our pet store owner who called solid gold and found out that they have shut down their california plant and now all the food comes from Missouri. She said that the formula hasn't changed, but the grains, etc are from a different part of the country so they may be different. Well after two 33lb bags from the Missouri plant our Silky Terriers are still having very soft stools. Obviously something is different. This is too bad because for years the dog food was great, but now we have stopped using it and could no longer recommend it. We noticed that other reviewers are having similar problems, our pet store owner said that Solid Gold has been receiving many complaints about soft stools.

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    I've heard so many good things about Solid Gold! We have just adopted a really old dog and gradually changed her over. Well, I noticed gas right away. We can live with that. However, today, she had diarrhea all over the house. We put her back on Hill's (that's what they fed her at the shelter). Never again. Lost that money on the food. I expected more from what I had heard.

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    Mon Mar 15 2010

    BARKING at the MOON Dry Dog Food: I fed this to three Papillons for a couple of years due requiring a grain free food for one of them. All was well until: About a month ago they started having very soft, sometimes bloody, extremely smelly stools requiring "butt baths" everyday. I didn't suspect the food because it was not new. I also saw an increase in their itching which should have clued me in. However, since I have fed this for years, I ignored the signs. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS in vet bills and treatments later, I finally switched food as a last resort. All dogs bounced back with two days. Normal stools, itching gone. As a test, I fed ONE dog a dinner out of the bag. The next morning we were back to the same garbage... stinky, runny stool. Culprit found! I went on the website, looking for a recall and found that as of January 2010, they ceased making their dry food in the CA plant and all dry food was now being manufactured in the MO plant. (Solid Gold's site -> News) Th... Read more

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    Solid Gold's 'Barking at the Moon' flavor is great for my dogs. I also use it as a treat in a Buster Cube so the dogs have something to do when alone. The ingredients are impressive. I recommend the S.E.P. powder too for Corprophagia (stop eating poop) but I had to use it for several months.

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    Sun Feb 28 2010

    I've been using Solid Gold for about 6-8 months now, for my 5 dog household. 2 of the 5 STILL have runny stools. They've been checked for parasites and have a clean bill of health. Both are around 1 year old. One is also rather itchy, and we've tried both the beef based version (Mmillenium) and the lamb. Still itchy and runny stools. I thought we had found a great food, but for the price, and the problems we're still having, we're going elsewhere. Update: We switched to Canidae, and everyone is doing GREAT. No runs, no itching, and when we were switching they specifically dug out the Canidae pieces from the Solid Gold/Canidae mix to eat them! I think we found a new dog food. It's much cheaper also. Solid Gold wasn't horrible, but again, for the price and the issues we were having, we found it better to go with a different brand. Also interesting to note, I emailed Canidae to ask for free samples and some coupons, and they responded quickly and sent them out quickly. I emailed Solid G... Read more

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    I have used the Hundchen Flocken Puppy with two of my dogs. They both do great on it and love it. I am about to start using Barking at the Moon with my high energy dog, I will see how it goes! I am excited to give it a try. I have also used the Indigo Moon All Life Stages for my cat and she looked great on it. My only issue with this grain free is that it has a lot of calories, my cat is older so I she doesn't burn many calories! I will use this every once in a while, but I have her on another grain free that has fewer calories for now. I would definitely recommend it.

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    Mon Jan 18 2010

    Breed: English Mastiff puppy, 10 months. Problem BEFORE SOLID GOLD: Hives/Skin Allergies to underarms, stomach and paws. Skin was dry. Seemed to not fill up very well, gaining too quickly. AFTER: Skin cleared up, no longer scratching/bleeding. Skin is elastic again and coat is shedding well and staying softer to touch. Cons: PRICE Cons: Size of Kibble In my opinion, a large breed dog, puppy or not should have a large kibble, these are small like small marble size if not a tad smaller. Would like to see it larger. My dog does not eat near as much as she used to, seems very well satisfied on it and skin is 100% improvement. Gaining at a slower pace which suits her well.

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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    I LOVE SOLID GOLD! I have a solid black male German Shepherd puppy that will be a year old in March 2010 and he has been on Solid Gold Wolf Cub since he was 11 weeks old. He absolutely loves his food. He cant wait to gobble it down even after eating it for months! We use the Green Cow Tripe sometimes just to make sure everything goes right and he just cant get enough of it! Everyone comments me on how beautiful his coat is and how soft and silky it is, he is stunning! I tell everyone that I use that brand and I highly recommend it! My friend is using Solid Gold for her Pomeranians and her Yorkie and she said she's seen a drastic change in her dogs fur and behavior. In February we will be getting a male Siberian Husky puppy and he too will be put on the Solid Gold Brand. This brand is seriously amazing. Just remember for all of you haters, that every dog's stomach is different. Just like people have different allergies. I'm allergic to glitter. So just because your dog has a problem on ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    We bought the Solid Gold Barking at the Moon for our 4 dogs. It did nothing but give all 4 of our dogs horrible continuous gas! The smell of the dog food alone was very strong needless to say the smell in the air was absolutely gagging. We will NEVER buy this dog food again.

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    Mon Nov 30 2009

    Solid Gold Wolf King is one extraordinary dog food. My German Shepherd, who's going on 7 years, underwent a complete transformation after we switched from Wellness to SG Wolf King Bison. Her coat seemed to morph to another dog's coat in two weeks. Shiny, soft fur, easy to brush, no itching, matting or dandruff. Her weight leveled out, too, as bison is less fatty. She's bright eyed and happy and energetic without nervousness. We're always asked what we feed her, because she is truly stunning now with her "Wolf King" coat. I like that SG has never had a recall in its history since 1974, and they use no corn, wheat or soy products. She's the picture of health, and even at low activity, she's not chunking up like before. Best of all, she loves her meals! She eats every last carefully-measured kibble, mixed with some canned food, and looks forward to her meals. I love this food, and stand behind it 100%.

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    My dogs were on Solid Gold Holistic for years, when I got another rescue she was loaded with allergies, ear infections, eye goop, I put her on it and wow, she was biting her feet even more, I did hear from several high end pet stores that yes the product has changed, I gave the rest of it away. I now use 6 Fish by Orijen and very happy with the food & my rescue looks and feels great!

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    Sat Aug 29 2009

    I have used Solid Gold for a year now, I have a Maltese and I feed him the small bits. I was not sure what was going on with his coat and now I understand. His coat was shiny and soft and now looks very dry and has lost a lot of its luster. I have not changed anything in his routine so I have been struggling to find out the cause. This change has been very recent and my dog is still a young dog. I was not aware Solid Gold had changed its ingredients, I will no longer use Solid Gold.

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    Solid Gold is a great brand and one of the BEST you can buy. I personally dont feed my dog SG, but working at Petco for quite a while and reading tons of books during training I picked up a couple of things lol. Solid Gold is a holistic all natural brand for all dogs although I'd say the majority of people I've seen buy this brand, buy it for their large breed dogs. Pitbulls, boxers, ect. Really gets your dog plump(and by plump I dont mean fat!), strong and healthy!

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    Have had my English Bulldog for just over 5 yrs. now. He was unfortunate early on by having parvo virus and tested positive, like many others, for all kinds of allergens. Living in San Diego, CA my vet recommended Solid Gold. I get consistent compliments on how good his weight/coat is and we strongly agree this is a result of Solid Gold. Just got a 13 in. Beagle who is also on the lamb/rice meal...same situation as the Bulley! Highly recommended..

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    In my country there are just a few nice dog food.I am buying Chappy for my dog,and as far as I see he is pretty happy with it.He is 6 years old now,and all the time I have changed his food twice,but he wasn't happy at all.He loves just Chappy!

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    I have used Barking at the Moon. Very good food. Decent amount of quality ingredients. Has some filler, but overall, an excellent product. My dog did very well, firm stools, a little shedding though. But what exactly is "ocean fish meal"?

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    Tue Jul 14 2009

    I have a 2 year old belgian malinois. For those not familiar with the breed, they are a herding dog that has become very popular as a police/military dog. They are extremely high energy (as are most herding breeds) and literally run circles around any german shepherd that I have worked with. They demand a high protein, high fat diet, and tend to not do well on red meat diets. For his infancy, I was feeding him Purina One large breed puppy food. Even my veterinarian said that it was good dog food. After a lot of research in dog food, and in the natural diet of the malinois, I came to realise that Purina left much to be desired. My mal is a male, and because of his extremely high energy levels he has always had trouble consuming enough to keep his energy levels high, and his body weight at the optimal levels. Unlike many dogs, he had a hard time keeping adequate weight on. He is 26" at the withers, but would rarely maintain a weight above 65 lbs. He would eat 5 cups of Purina o... Read more

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    Wed Jul 08 2009

    I have read a lot of reviews of Solid Gold and need to add my 2 cents into the mix. I have 5 dogs and they are all on Solid Gold foods. 3 of the older dogs are on the holitique blend and 2 are on the Hund-n-flocken blend. They are all thriving, have stopped throwing up like they had been doing on Science Diet, their coats look & feel great, & their energy level is higher. I also run a pet business and a large portion of my clients are on the Solid Gold (including puppies). I even have a couple of cat clients on their cat formulas. ALL PETS ARE THRIVING. I realize, like with ANY pet food, some animals will do great and others will not, it just happens. Much like humans, some people are lactose intolerant and some aren't. The woman who started the Solid Gold brand really cares about animals and tries to get the best ingredients and so far, NONE of their foods have ever been recalled. How many of the other pet food brands out there can say that? One of the products I have not se... Read more

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Solid Gold is some serious food. I have 2 dalmatians and both have beautiful, shiny coats, bright eyes and lots of energy. I also had a 15 1/2 yr old dal who was on Eukanuba all her life and she did great on it. No problems at all. So with that said, I started my dog (who is now the older of the two) also on Eukanuba. It wasn't right for her. Even as active as she was, she always kept too much weight on her with this food and even at 3 years old, she was chunky & sluggish. I decided that what's right for one, may not be right for another. With that, I did some research & decided to make a change. I checked out the Solid Gold line and really liked what I saw. I also had friend who was feeding it to her own dog, a Samoyed. Her eyes sparkled & the coat was amazing on this dog. After doing some research, I put Abbie on Solid Gold Holistique Blendz. It is a semi-vegetarian food, fish based. She dropped her weight from 77 lbs to 66 lbs in 4 months. (Easy does it!) Feeding her 4 times per ... Read more

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    I have a young Australian Shepherd (2.5) and slightly younger Border Collie and alternate feeding them Solid Gold Barking at the Moon and Orijen Adult chicken formula. I spend no time blending between the two, just switch. These are very high energy frisbee dogs that get 30 minutes a day of hard play in the Nevada desert. This food is fantastic and for 33 lbs its not a bad price. Their coat is much better now than it was on Wellness Super5 (which we would still use without hesitation) and that was a noticeable improvement from Blue Buffalo. Their performance is noticeably better and they seem to last a lot longer at play. They do need PLENTY of water with this food as it is high in protein, but its not a problem if you keep fresh water available. To anyone with problems with their dog vomiting on this brand of food, try a different flavor or formula before trashing the whole brand.. and if you're coming from Iams or science diet, be patient. This high nutrition food may be a sh... Read more

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    Thu May 28 2009

    NEVER AGAIN! Was recommended by a family member who has a Chocolate/Yellow lab mix and has the most beautiful coat....I have an 11 week old yellow lab....thinking I was giving him the best I was very excited. My lab is potty trained and after 1 week of this food he began to have no control of his stool. He eliminated inside the house EVERYWHERE! I would rather feed my dog his own stool than to ever use this food again. I WILL be getting my money back. For 55 dollars a bag I expected LITERAL gold.

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    Like a lot of folks, probably, I went searching for a new dog food for my English Springer Spaniel when the tainted Chinese dog food story broke. After doing some research I settled on Solid Gold. I've tried three of the formulations, Holistique, Hundnfloken, and Millennia Beef & Barley. Make sure you check the ingredients, as each formula has a significant difference in protein sources. Another issue is that the pellets of each formulation are different in shape & size (at least in the three I've tried). I'd advise buying a small bag of whatever formulation you decide on at first, just to make sure your dog will eat it. My springer ate all three, but the Holistique formulation didn't seem to be her favorite (fish meal is the primary protein source for that one) but the pellet shape & size might have been part of the problem as they were flat and kind of small. I generally feed my dog the Hundnflocken, but occasionally mix in a bag of Millennia. She likes both of those. It's really imp... Read more

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    I heard from so many people who use solid gold food, that their dogs have digestive problems. I don't like their sources of fish and meat...or what sources...i don't see anything being free roaming meet, or pesiticite free..the fish might come from poluted atantic ocean vs. eagle pack gets it from pure alaskan waters... I believe, eagle pack/wellness is more safe, but I prefer orijen the most. The ingredients in these foods are very pure. I would not trust solid gold, there are better foods available for your pet. Also they don't have acidophilus in it, the youghurt bacteries found in colon, and important for natural flora/colon and for digestion.

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    I absolutely LOVE Solid Gold. I got my Yorkie, Zakkie in January of this year & he was in pretty bad shape. His coat was dull & he was always scratching. I asked the previous owner what she had fed him & she said it was whatever was the cheapest from Walmart. I didn't really know anything about dog food as he is my first dog so I listened when someone advised me to feed him Rachael Ray's Nutrish. After feeding him that for about a month or so I went online & looked up the reviews on it & found out it is pretty much junk. That's when I really started doing my research & came across Solid Gold. I liked everything I read about it so I went out & bought a bag of Solid Gold Just A Wee Bit. The first few times I gave it to him I mixed it in with the Nutrish & he would stand there for the longest time picking the Solid Gold out with his tongue. He left all the other stuff every time. He obviously loves the stuff! Now his coat is much shinier & he rarely ever scratches. His eyes are more clear... Read more

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    Fri Mar 06 2009

    My dog loves this dog food. It's the only thing that allows him to have firm stool. We've tried Innova and other premium foods but it gave him runny, watery diarrhea. I highly recommend this food. It's free of by products and the ingredients are great!

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    My sons female blue pit..had a horrible skin condition.. After just 3 days on Solid Gold "wolf"..A 100% improvement in her skin!!!

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    Fri Nov 28 2008

    I've known of, and used, Solid Gold for almost 15 years. The ingredients are fantastic, but the multiple sources for protein and carbohydrates makes allergic reactions more common than some foods with single source protein/carbs. If your dogs/cats have no allergic reactions to this food, I would highly recommend it. I've had great outcomes with it, but I have had one dog that did have a poor reaction to this food (and several others). As some have said, the owner is a bit "flaky", but then again so are many people in history who have produced great products.

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    I feed our Collie Hund N Flocken , it has been a great food for the skin and coat, I have had problems in the past with Collies on other "premium" Lamb and Rice foods.

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    My Mom's Pom was suffering form seizures and not given long to live. She began using only Solid gold when the dog was 8 and the dog stopped having seizures and lived to be 17. Also scabs on the nose dissappeared.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    I think Solid Gold is a wonderful food for many dogs; mine was just not in the group of many. I have a 5 month old Enlish Mastiff who has difficulty gaining weight on the wolf cub (I know, hard to believe....a mastiff with an actual metabolism :) He was being fed increasing amounts up to 8 cups per day; I was concerned with increasing this as I have already lost one to bloat. The vet noted he was to thin and needed more calories. I decided to get Orijen large breed and mix it with the wolf cub. This would provide increased calories, fat and protein. I noticed immediately a change in his coat; it was dandruff free. We now have some cover over the ribs and maybe, just maybe a roll forming around the neck...We are so happy with this yet want to be careful as the weight/joint issue can be very concerning. It seems that high calcium levels in food and too much food in general is sure to contribute to joint and bone problems. The Orijen dog food is high in Protein (kinda scary high for a gia... Read more

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    I switched to solid gold hundchen flocken puppy food after wellness just for puppy gave my puppy diarrhea for almost a month. so far so good, her stools are much more solid and have less odor. the only downside is that solid gold doesn't mail coupons like wellness does.

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    The only thing I love about this brand is the beautiful packaging. It almost makes me want to buy it for my kids, almost. However, it's 'fishy' that fish isn't the first ingredient listed on their Holistique Blendz Adult Fish. The fish is actually listed as the 4th ingredient.

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    This food really made my english bulldog puppy fill out nicely and he devoured it every time i fed him.  I only stopped feeding it to him bc I think he may be allergic to lamb or one of the many grain ingrediants in it ie. barley and millet.  He had really bad gas too but that's sort of a bulldog thing or it could be related to the barley?

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    Wed Oct 15 2008

    Solid Gold has been a great food for my dog since the food contamination occurred. But in the past three weeks my shitzu (we live in Tennessee) and my mom's shitzu/lhasa (they live in Oregon) have both been urinating blood and have bladder stones. Our dogs are not related and are on the same diets. My mom's dog has had her stone removed and it has been sent off for testing, my dog's urine was tested today and positive for stones. This has all happening in the past 3 weeks, my mom's dog's lab work all came back normal. Has anyone had any issues with solid gold and bladder stones recently. And does anyone know if there have been any changes in the food? I read about the salmon change earlier this year.