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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    I thought programming was great when I had it. I will never deal with the company again due to their customer service/billing/account department. Their dealings with me been somewhere between absolutely incompent, unethical, and illeagle. The highlights: 1) resumed billing me after I had suspended my service. 2) re-activated my service and resumed billing me after I completely canceled my account. 3) continued to send me emails and advertising after un-subscribing to email lists and canceling my account. 4) Continue to send programming emails after calling customer service and telling them that I never wanted to hear or speak to them again. Points 1 & 2 are enough that I will never do business with them again. I want nothing to do with a company that bills my credit card for products / services that I have not purchased.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    I re-activated my account after the dealers first free six months ran out and what a mistake I made. I only wanted mostly music and was told by the rep. that I would recieve stations 01 thru 089 and I agreed. Now after three and a half weeks all the programing changed and we no longer get the stations we liked. I was told the rep didn't quote me correctly for the stations I would recieve. I do not want the catholic channel or BBC or news or christian channel EWTN Catholic radio or Kids Place live. I bought and paid for music. This is the worst customer service and misrepresentation of services I have ever dealt with. Save your money.

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    Sat Nov 14 2009

    Sirius radio, Awesome stations. But I seem to always be fighting static no matter what station I have my radio on, but a new antenna. But this happens at the beach with my boombox as well and on my home unit.It's like having cable and having the channels come in part of the time. Oh and if you ever get your unit stolen, they don't track it at all, cause they can't according to them. So whoever takes it only has to pay a activation charge and it's there's. Seem's as long as sirius get's there money. Thinking that my free radio and cd's aren't that bad.

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    Sirius Radio has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. This company should be investigated for unethical and illegal practices. They routinely lie to customers, out source all customer service along with all of your personal information to Central America and treat customers like garbage. I would NOT have purchased Sirius Radio if I had known how bad this company really is!!! Tell all of your friends and family to stay away from this company. Do not reward bad practices with your hard earned money!!! Warn EVERYONE!! Danger...danger....danger....stay away!!!

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    I had XM Sirus for three year contract. For me to renew another three year contract, was going to be a 29% increase on the price. Was glad that the Saturn I bought came with the satellite radio. I would of hated to pay for the radio and then find out they were going to gouge me three years later. Don't miss XM at all after having it for three years.

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    Sat Aug 22 2009

    Great radio content. I listen to it everyday in my car and enjoy most stations. Here are the pros and cons from someone very happy with the content: Pros: Great content, somewhat reasonable price I believe for all stations you receive. Cons: terrible customer service-they do lie to you, and billing is never ending. **NEVER give your debit card # to them, try to do the monthly or quarterly plan-you wont be saving in the long run w/ the other susbcriptions becuase they WILL still charge you for something after you cancel. Call and cancel more than once and NEVER take the hold option so you don't have to repay the activation fee in the future.

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    Sun Aug 02 2009

    I tried to cancel my subscription in February due to financial problems. The rep told me that the account can be put on hold etenally until I want to reactivate and therefore avoid an activation charge if I ever want to restart. I agreed. I just found out that they started charging me in April. That's 55.28 I was charged without my knowledge. It turns out that a hold is only good for 2 months, although the rep I talked to decided not to share that with me. I just called, and after 3 holds, the rep finally got the entire amount refunded. I'm glad they acknowledged their mistake and refunded the money, but if you want to cancel, just CANCEL and don't allow them to talk you into a "hold" on your account.

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    TERRIBLE BEYOND BELIEF! I have to agree with the reviewer who so aptly wrote that it was like dealing with their customer service was like dealing with someone with multiple personalities and a single digit I.Q. -- you can only truly only understand what he/she was talking about if you have had to deal with this company. I have spent at least 6 hours since January on the phone trying to get my father's birthday present working correctly. First it was the billing issue, and my bill since January currently shows over 15 documented billing errors. He had wanted to hear baseball games, so when I called I was told I would have to upgrade the service to the Sirius Everything Plus the Best of XM. The sales rep Tony told me that he would get all the baseball games with that service. Now, 2 months later after at least 30 minutes on the phone, mostly on hold I am told that no, they can't really offer that service, never could. If this was not my 70 year-old father's birthday present I wo... Read more

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    Tue Feb 24 2009

    A big 0. I bought the Stiletto a year and a half ago and it just stopped working one day. It sat in an office and had never been moved. It was used only on weekends. It will currently power up but will not go into its menus. The problem is clearly software. When I called Sirius I was simply told to buy a new one. There is no repair service and the radio is no longer good.

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    Sirius is quite possibly the most dysfunctional corporation of the 21st century. It is no wonder why their stock can be bought for about 12 cents per share. Their radios are of the same quality as the Yugo, and dealing with the people in their customer service department is like dealing with someone with multiple personalities and a single digit I.Q. It seems that when you are on the phone with one of their customer service representatives (after being on hold for at least 15 minutes), you are either told what you want to hear, transferred to a representative that is equally stupid, or disconnected. If you are told what you want to hear, you soon find out that what you originally called about has not been dealt with, and two or three other problems have been created because of the incompetence of the person you spoke to the last time you were on the phone. Although I am a stockholder (unfortunately), I hope the company goes bankrupt or is bought by another company that has a clue about... Read more

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    Thu Jan 08 2009

    We purchased a one year subscription as a gift for a relative. The service was not up to par and we soon discovered that they will delay canceling your account to collect additional fees from you. We found their customer service to be severely lacking and the follow through to be very poor. I would not recommend this service.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    I got stuck with mine when I ordered direct tv. I had to pay a $75 dollar fee or activate it. I didn't want it to start with. The reception is crappy at best and you are constantly getting bombarded with "sirius atelite radio". Then I tried to cancel and they want me to pay $80 to cancel. It truly sucks.

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    Thu Aug 28 2008

    Sirius sucks. My radio worked for 14 days. Everytime I call I get a person who is not located in the US and is 'reading' from a script and unable to help. I have not dealt with customer service this bad in a long time. They could not care less about retaining their customers. A NIGHTMARE not worth the content which I generally like. I never would have purchased this if I'd had known I would have to deal with dumb and just plain rude customer service reps.

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    Sirius... what a chump company. They make it painful to cancel on purpose. 14 Minutes on hold and still no representative on the phone. If they cared about their customer they would allow you to do this online. I won't make this mistake again... thank goodness for MS Sync.

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    This company is a pack of thieves. 14 months ago I ask them to terminate my service. As I reviewed my bank statement this morning I'm still being charged. When I call them on the phone it was answered by terry who transferred me to the disconnection service. I talked with Steven. He was not allowed to give me his last name, nor his supervisors name, but he did tell me the owner is Mel Kasman. The owner has no phone, no extension, no way to contact him. This company has stolen 194 dollars from me. After repeated attempts to get them to stop taking money out of my bank, even today they're still charging me a monthly fee. Their radios are junk, the customer service is deplorable, and they continue to charge you even if you don't have a radio. Please do not buy this radio, I'd guarantee you will be sorry.  If there is an Atty. out there that will prosecute these people contact me and.

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    Wed May 07 2008

    Sirius Radio is an unethical business which makes canceling service VERY time consuming by intentionally not having this feature on the website. Instead, you are directed to a phone number. I have been on hold for almost two hours trying to reach an operator only to be transfered to the "cancellation" department which dropped my call.

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    Tue Apr 15 2008

    HORRIBLE customer service. I had a problem with my boombox. They told me to send it back, and they would send me a new one after charging my credit card, then they would refund that money back to me once they received the broken boombox. Fine. Well they sent the funds to a checking account that had been closed, so I never got the money. After months of calls, hang-ups, inssane hold times, and people who had no clue what they were doing, I still don't have the money. They said it went to my account. I sent them proof that the account had been closed. They just keep insisting I got the refund, and they won't go through their records to show that the transaction was rejected due to a closed bank account. I have called the bank several times too (Sirius tried to blame the bank) and the bank offered to do a conference call with Sirius to resolve the issue, but Sirius would not do so. So, I'm out over $125 bucks, and I am just DONE. I enjoyed the content however the months-long hass... Read more

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    Customer Service with this company SUX!!!! I have been trying to call for days and everytime I call I get put on hold then my call is disconnected, WTH???? Worst customer service I have ever seen, why have a number to call if you can't get through?????

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    I just canceled my 2  year Sirius subscription today for several reasons. I originally subscribed to Sirius for Howard Stern (not to everyone's taste, I know, but I found him entertaining on terrestrial radio and he was a huge draw for millions of subscribers). Unfortuantely, the quality of his show has been declining rapidly since his first year and the number of 'breaks' including commercials and old bits are hovering around 20 minutes per hour, not to mention he's only on four days per week and has ten weeks off per year. Howard aside, the startup costs to get Sirius can be quite steep depending on how 'portable' you want it to be. For example, if you want to listen to Sirius at home (depending on reception) and in your car you'll pay anywhere from $30 to $200+ for a radio, home kit around $40, outdoor antenna $50, extension cable for outdoor antenna $50, activation fee $15.  And then you of course have a variety of subscription prices starting at $12.95 a month. Whew! I had trouble... Read more

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    Sat Dec 15 2007

    Sirius uses mp3s encoded at a low bitrate with results in degraded sound that is not even as good as my 20 year old TV. Certainly not worth paying for unless you are tone deaf or don't like the sound of cymbals and acoustic guitars!

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    Sun Nov 18 2007

    Great radio content. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS APPALLING!!! I have three Sirius radios in our cars and recently sold one. I tried to have that radio deactivated and the off-shore customer service is absolutely worthless. They claim they are not allowed to deactivate radios say they are transferring you to somebody that help. After being put on hold for 15 minutes, I was disconnected. TWO TIMES IN A ROW and the radio still isn't deactivated. THINK VERY SERIOUSLY BEFORE YOU GET ON THE HOOK BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF!!! They are operating just like the scumbag cell phone providers.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    Unfortunately, the quality of the radio service was seriously impacted by the lack of quality in the Customer Service department. Whenever I had technical issues, they only read back to me what I could already read in service bulletins. And the Studio software is not yet compatible with Windows Vista. After months of trying to correct an operating system problem, I finally decided to cancel my service. The first time I called to cancel, I was told I was being transferred to "Retention", but all I heard was silence and never got connected. The second time I called, I was again transferred to "Retention", where I waited for 20 minutes on the phone before someone picked up. I did enjoy the service while it worked, but became too frustrated with lack of technical support recently.

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    Mon Aug 06 2007

    Customer service is TERRIBLE!!! We have been loyal customers of Sirius for more than 3 years now. We "upgraded" to the sporster about 3 months ago only to have nothing but problems with the radio. Long story short, we had to ship the new radio back to get a broken, refurbished radio, shipped that one back to get another broken refurbished radio, now we need to send that one back. All the while they are billing us for service!!!! We were under the impression that our account was on hold until we reactivated. Just found out that is not so. We have spent more than 3 hours on the phone tonight trying to get this mess straightened out. And still we don't have a radio!!! They are not at all willing to work with us!

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    Wed Jan 24 2007

    Would never never never go back to regular radio ever again.

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    Fri Dec 22 2006

    CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY RUDE!!! has no RESPECT!! I would have not gotten the radios if i knew this before hand!!

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    Fri Nov 24 2006

    Great Programming at a bargain price. Only problem is the satellite moves around so somtimes the signal gets lost, especially with the stationary boombox. But, it's not enough of a problem for me to not subscribe to the service!!!

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    Sat Jun 10 2006

    When they said "The Best Radio On Radio," I thought they were exaggerating. Turns out they weren't.

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    Sat Apr 15 2006

    I love my Sirius satellite radio! One great song after another, great comedy, political radio and Dave Ramsey. I travel a lot and the signal almost never cuts out. Great product and service. They just added Playboy Radio on channel 198 and it's really a hoot.

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    How do I cancel? Howard Stern is on very little when I can listen. I feel shortchanged when I think of Friday's off and never any repeats. I wrote to the service department about my concerns and received a glad-hand boiler plate response. It is time to cut my losses and run. Serius is being stingy with howard exposure.

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    Tue Mar 14 2006

    Had Sirius for 3 years now and it just keeps getting better.

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    Fri Feb 10 2006

    I think that Sirius Satellite radio is a rip off. I had to return it because I got a new car and was charged half of the amount that I paid just to cancel it. I never used it and I called to cancel it in 2 weeks. I will tell everyone I know not to subscribe to this service based on the fact that their customer service is the absolute worst I've ever seen. Three days isn't exactly an acceptable length of time to decide if you want to keep the service especially if it is due to circumstances out of your control.

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    Sun Jan 22 2006

    The only thing that prevents a 5-star in my mind is Stern, and that's just because I can't stand him. As for the rest, an easy 5-star on musical quality, absense of commercials, and availability of signal. No more hunting on the FM band after your favorite stations static away on a long trip. Set it and enjoy it. :)

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    Sat Jan 21 2006

    My wife and I have been customers for quite some time now and have been pleased with the variety and quality of radio stations available. Unfortunately, we have recently encountered a couple of seemingly minor problems over the past month or so that required correspondence with their customer service staff. To make a long story short, it appears their service staff is located in the middle of some godforsaken country that does not effectively comprehend the english language or the corporation pays them so little that they simply don't care and fire back canned responses with the hope that you will give up. Two minor issues that I would think should be resolved in one pass are still unresolved after a month of frustration and written complaints. Seriously (no pun intended), my wife and I are thinking of dropping their service altogether as a result of this p$ss poor experience.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    Buyer BEWARE totally dishonest company that rips off people. supposed to receive gift card, never received. cant get in touch with customer service. when you do get to speak to someone they just pass you from department to department. gift cards were promised to be shipped several times, never received. reception sucks no signal in 50% of areas while driving. home units need antenna to be OUTSIDE, this in inconvenient. just all around awful. want my money back !!! Love Stern, Hate Sirius.

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    Sirius Executives, Howard... SOMEONE Please take note of the customer service problems and get them fixed. I just purchased my second Sirius system for my wife's car. I have had to call customer service 3 times and all three times the customer service was mind blowing. I heard cursing when the rep. thought he was muted. "son of a bitch this guy!" ,he said. I just asked how to change the frequency on my Sirius hardware. He simply could not understand what I was asking and then he became just plain rude and mean. I own stock in your company,(Heck, I talked my Father into buying stock in Sirius) I believe in your product, and I enjoy the programming much more than any other service currently offered. But if the programming were on somewhere else I would leave. Again, take note of these serious customer service issues and get them fixed. I am certain anyone reading this that works for Sirius is well aware of what I am talking about.

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    Mon Jan 09 2006

    Serius' customer service was outrageous. I purchased a radio for my husband for Christmas and everything was fine the first day. After the first day he was not getting any reception for over half his stations. We called serius and asked them to help us or maybe send us a new antennae. No one wanted to help us, or even point us in the right direction! We were put on hold over ten times ...sometimes for twenty minutes at a time! After spending over an hour and a half on the phone trying to get some answers they gave us another number to call! We called that number over twenty times and all we got was a busy signal. The next day I called and after specifically telling them the number was only giving me a busy signal he put me on hold for another twenty minutes and then transfered me straight to the busy signal again! That day I went out with my husband and returned the radio and bought him XM. WONDERFUL! It was up and running in no time and they were great. Ohh and of course ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 22 2005

    Sirius radio is great, the music and news channels are great, sports, ect... CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!! ESPECIALLY an agent named DENVER, ext. 3815, located in their retention department. He actually told me that the problems that I have been facing with my service are my fault and that I am better off cancelling my service. Crazy that customer service, especially their retention department would encourage turning away customers. Read below for more details. Because of the great stations, I have been willing to be patient with the customer service. The crap started when I actually purchased the unit. I was suppose to receive free speakers in the beginning, faxed in the free paperwork numerous times and for some reason the main person that I was told to send it to, never received it. Anyway, it took nine months of calling and e-mailing for customer service to send me a refund because they no longer had the item in stock. I have also been billed twice, two years in a row. ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2005

    bought Sirius this year. I was skeptical at first having to pay for radio but boy was it worth it. I was tired of having only one channel in my area with music that I liked and tired of waiting for the commericals to end. I now love Sirius and haven't listend to FM since. No commercials on any of the music channels, NFL, NHL, NBA, and NASCAR in 2007. Dang...I sound like a commercial. The only downside to Sirius is deciding what to listen to. For $12 bucks a month, well worth it. I bought Sirius for the coming of Howard Stern at the end of this year. I still would subscribe anyway even if he wasn't coming. Terrestrial Radio, in my opinion, will be obsolete in a couple of years.

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    Tue Apr 26 2005

    I guess as will all products, there are people who love it and people who hate it. I love my Sirius Set up I have it in my house and in my car (same subscription) I have never had a problem with service, the people are all nice in there office, and the companies that they work with are all great. I have had it for 3 years now and I cant find anything that i dont like. I drive coast to coast once a month and I get continious reception. The programing is wonderful as well. I wish that Sirius aquired the baseball package, but I Will not switch to XM just for that. Sirius does carry alot of sports including the NFL package.(every game, Even Blackouts). I hope this helps some one make a decition

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    Tue Jul 06 2004

    I've had my sirius radio for over a year now. Other than a connection issue which was my fault, not sirius', I've had no problems. I've had 6 of snow on the antenna with no drops. Occationally I'll lose the signal when driving through forests. Very good product. I can't wait to get a second portable unit for the house/other car.

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    Fri Apr 30 2004

    I had both XM and Sirius and Sirius customer service was horrible sent my payment in they claim never received it then wanted to charge me 75 for cancelling my service which I had not done. I am cancelling my subscription.

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    Sat Apr 10 2004

    Had sirius for over a yr, no problems...listed to xm a lot in friends car.....seems like my local radio station with a satellite system. Sirius rocks.

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    Wed Feb 18 2004

    I purchased the system and the adiovox boom box... Well with 2 different boom boxes both were defective (their technical support staff were very rude, so I will also never buy any adiovox products) and when I had had enough of poor product quality, I had to argue with the Sirius customer service for just over 26 minutes to avoid a $75 canncelation fee. At one point I heard one of the customer service staff in the back ground make a sarcastic please hold before the person I talked to put me on hold... ANd this was about 20 minutes into the conversation. I won't bore you with the blow by blows, but I will say that both Audiovox and Sirius are very poor products and will tell everyone I know to avoid them both at all cost...

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    Mon Nov 10 2003

    I bought it for Serius Left so I could listen to Mike Malloy. Aftetr I bought the system they started carrying all NBA and NHL games. In November they preempted the Malloy program about 80% of the time. They changed the deal after I plunked down over $400 for my system and their subscription and I feel ripped-off. Other than temporarily losing signal nearly every time I go under a bridge, there is a good selection of items. If they had not changed the deal from what was promised, I would recommend them. The way it is, I would say, "caveat emptor".

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    Fri Oct 24 2003

    I got the amplifier and antennae on Ebay for $100. The reception is great. I've made a few long trips since I had it hooked up and now I never have to scan to find stations. Even in the mountains with rain all the stations come in perfectly. They have alot of good music & sports channels. They're comedy station could be better. It's mostly gay comedians. I have nothing against gay people, but I don't want to hear their gay jokes for half an hour. Altogether, I'd still give it a five though.