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Silent Hill 2

2001 survival horror game developed by Team Silent, a group in Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and published by Konami Website

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    This game is Friggin scary!! the graphics are fantastic , it makes the game looks real . its pretty long , yet some parts are a bit disturbing . The enemies look a little hilarious , the pair of legs attatched to another pair of legs , hahahahaha! This game is loaded with enemies having seizures , and there is a part of the game that everyone will remember , the hospital , you know how hospitals are at night . Anyway , if u want to stay up and have night terrors for the rest of your life , play this game or i will be pissed , just kidding , play it please !

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    Thu Mar 10 2005

    Of the Silent Hill franchise, this second installment is the fan favorite and it's easy to see why. Every detail in the game has been designed meticulously with an excellent understanding of the psychological roots of terror. Sounds are designed to be unpredictable and are indescribably unique, avoiding as the sound director comments, the cliched groans and gunshots you might find in a Resident Evil game. Adversaries are designed with the concept of twisted psuedo-humanity in mind and are grotesque to behold. Backgrounds are all designed from the observation of dilapidated buildings to give the image of bleakness and desolation. All design elements though, despite their brilliance, fall prostrate to the plot and the characters. The moody scenario, that of the young widower James driving to the ominous lakeside town of Silent Hill because of an inexplicable letter from his dead wife, is ever evolving but constantly enigmatic to the very end. Along the way James meets Eddie( the lonely l... Read more

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    Fri Jun 04 2004

    it's too scary, gives me heart attacks

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    Thu Mar 18 2004

    alot of people say this is scary. well its not. it did concern my parents when they saw me play it. they think its evil. it could have used a better final boss. out of the 5 endings the dog ending is crazy yet funny.

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    Fri Mar 12 2004

    It was veary fun to play.

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    Thu Jan 15 2004

    I love the style and pace of this game... I just wish they did something about some of the game controls and gameplay. It really took a lot from the experience.

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    Tue Jul 01 2003

    a favorite of mine. i can't wait for silent hill 3.

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    Tue Apr 22 2003

    Now THIS is a game to make into a movie. This game will scare even the hardest of hearts. I have beaten this game twice and I still love it. It STILL scares me. The camera angels are PERFECT.

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    Fri Jan 10 2003

    SILENT HILL 2 This game is the best and scarest game I've ever played. the graphics are supurbe adn the music and sound effects are awsome. the story of the game is one of the best i've ever seen in a game. It make you keep playing no matter what because you don't know what will happen next but you want to ficd out. And with over 7 different endings It is worth playing over and over. If only thay would make a movie based entirerly on the game!!!? but i heard that they were so awsome!!!!!! Go buy this game if or even if you havent played it it will scare the the hell out of U garented... Greg over and out!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 10 2003

    I never played But I watch GregWheeler even though he sucked at it iwas cool

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    Sun Apr 07 2002

    I think Silent Hill 2 is the best game out at the moment. People say that it is scary, but I think it is more disturbing. Its got great graphics,gameplay and music. The sounds are fantastic - they just freak you out. If you dont get scared easy you will with this game. The FMVs are absolutly mouth watering. The gameplay is excellent - it was that good that at the beginning I didn't know that I had to play. I thought it was still the FMV. Then there is the sound and the music. They just put them in the right places to scare you! The monsters are even scarier than Silent Hill. If you wanna get freaked by a game this is the one - but remember if your gonna play it keep a pair of clean underware next to you cause your gonna need it !!!

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    Sun Nov 11 2001

    The scariest game i've ever played. I can't tell you much about this game because i turned it of after a couple of minutes cause i couldn't stand being that scared. It's pitch black, you can't see, you're hearing weird noises, and the only warning you have of a monster coming is that scary radio. This game is disturbing the way the monsters look doesn't help. So before you play this, get plenty of sleep bacause you won't want to go to sleep.