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    Thu Sep 21 2023

    The Siberian Husky is not just a pretty face. Their endurance and friendly demeanor make them top companions!

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    Wed Apr 14 2010

    We have an almost 8 year old Siberian husky named Bailey. We got him at 6 wks old and he was the cutest puppy you could ever imagine. House training him was fairly simple. They are very, very smart dogs, however, as many reviewers have posted, they are free thinkers. If you tell them to sit, and they don't really feel like sitting, they probably won't obey your command. They are definitely escape artists and Bailey has escaped many, many times. However, his sense of smell is amazing. He once escaped from my mother-in-law's home (4 miles away) and found his way back to our house completely by scent. I'm not kidding...he had never even been walked to or from that home before! We have a fenced-in yard at our primary residence, but have a ski home that he LOVES to go to that is not a fenced-in property. He roams the area freely and always finds his way home. He seriously ALWAYS finds his way home. He has attacked and killed small prey, such as birds, and even a kitten once, but he se... Read more

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    Siberian Husky: "Dangerous?" ....naw. I don't know who the folks are who came up with the list or criteria. After 10 years, I had to recently put my red & white with blue eye Sib - Akira - down because he became so sick. He was a wonderful pet ... buddy ... companion. When I'm ready, I'll get another ... maybe two the next time. For me, it's a wonderful dog. When he was a young dog, about 2 yrs old, he got a little aggressive, and I took care of it. I grabbed him by the face and eyeballed him until he looked away. (I growled a little too.) Akira had a great sense of humor, loved riding in the car, his walks. He was funny, and he died in my arms. As sick as he was, he never growled, snapped, ... nothing. With that being said, it's important for potential dog owners to learn about the breed they intend on owning. Each breed has their characteristics. I'd never own a Dalmation ... and I'm not sure about an ankle biter, though some are very cute. I read on another sit... Read more

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    Dangerous? If you soaked your underwear in fish oil maybe, but otherwise a reasonable easy to train large working dog. Like any large dog it shouldn't be neglected.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Beautiful animals and prized because of their coat and ice blue eyes. Although these dogs can be affectionate towards family members and children, they can be wary of strangers. They are stubborn, and are an extreme flight risk on walks. I would advise no off leash at the dog park because it may be days before he/she finds his way home again! They are also bored easily and might develop some behavior issues if ignored. Obedience training would be a good preventative measure.

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    WROTE REVIEW SOMETIME IN NOVEMBER! I currently have a black male German Shepherd Dog but I will be adding a male white Siberian Husky puppy to my family in February. They are beautiful dogs with lots of personality. They are very very active dogs, they are runners and will run away if they are not supervised. It's a shame that people buy this beautiful breed without doing there research and then decide that they are not right for their family. There are alot of Siberian Husky's on Craigslist in my area because people no longer want them. This breed in amazing and deserve great homes. Please do your research before you get one of these dogs. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I did get my Husky puppy. He is absolutely horrible! He bites, growls, stalks and attacks EVERYONE. He doesn't play bite like a normal puppy, he bites down aggressively. I took him to the Vet and she said she has not seen a puppy that aggressive in a long time. She told me that he will need puppy classes immediately and that he ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    Siberian Husky from my experience is dangerous, the male one. I have 2 friends that have the Huskies. One has a male and the other one has a female. The female is nice but super energetic. The male is horrible. He growl at everyone and everything. That dog will bite you if you do anything that he doesn't like. A trainer in Petsmart refused to train him because he bit the trainer. That is less than 10 minutes of training. The dog jumps on other people and knocking them down. There was one time the dog bit the owner in the face because he is annoyed. Good thing it was not a hard bite that causes a scar. My friend loves that dog so much, she doesn't care if it's bad, even though many people don't want to come to her house because of that dog.

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    Siberian Huskies should NOT be listed as a dangerous breed. I have owned three and none of them could be considered aggressive let alone dangerous. Their temperament is fun loving, energetic and simply sweet. I'm unsure as to how they have been added to any dangerous dog list, but it is a misrepresentative listing that is begging for re-consideration and removal.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    These are the best pets in the world!!!!! I have four of them, all house dogs, and they are extremely affectionate, sweet, highly intelligent, and seem to attach themselves to the family, and very eager to please! They are high maintenance though, and if you do not have time to take care of them and give them plenty of exercise.....then please DO NOT try to raise them!! They need lots of time, love and affection, patience, and exercise as stated. Also they are natural-born free-spirited escape artist's, so be prepared to raise them in a highly secured area, because if one gets loose, it is not likely you will find it & oddly enough, they do not have a good tracking sense to make it back home...... or worse, it could get hit by a truck in the road! Keep in mind that invisible fencing does not work for this breed and nor does the shock collars, and you will need stainless steel fencing that is at least 6'-7' high because they are adept climbers/jumpers. They will need plenty of room to ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    Wow I could not even imagine there being an aggressive Siberian Husky. They are the sweetest dog. The only intention that my Sibe has when he is running full force at you is to lick ever inch of your exposed skin. He gets along great with my cats, and other dogs, never once attacked or bit anyone (animal or person) He leaves bunnies sleep in his dog house. Dangerous I think not.

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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    I LOVE huskies.I adopted one recently,she is my first siberian husky,and already I can't wait to get a second one.She is sweet,very intelligent,loads of fun,loving,gentle,beautiful,graceful.I have never seen another dog get as excited as she does when we come home from somewhere.She is great with my kids and other pets,so sweet and gentle and loving.She doesn't bark 24/7 like alot of dogs do.I love the way she "talks" and howls..sooo cute.I don't know If I will ever consider owning a different breed of dog again.They are awesome!

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    Fri Jan 09 2009

    They can be a handful, but they have such great personalities. If you live somewhere in the northern climes, they are great dogs

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    Thu Jan 08 2009

    My family has had Siberians (7 in total) for years.  They're a great breed and at this point it's hard for me to imagine having any other breed of dog.PROS:  They're generally quiet (don't bark much at all); they're VERY clean (just a couple baths a year and no doggy-smell); they're biddable and trainable (and usually food-motivated); they're funny and expressive; they're even-tempered; they're sociable and friendly around people of all ages, including strangers, and they don't usually have dog-aggression issues; they're adaptable and resilient; they regulate their food intake and really don't eat much, despite their size.CONS:  They shed A LOT -- this really can't be stressed enough; they can be stubborn and willful; they can't be trusted off leash and they love to run, so an unwatched Sibe can run away quickly and easily; they have a strong prey drive and cannot always be trusted around cats and other small critters (domestic and otherwise); they need a strong handler who understands... Read more

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    On Beauty I would give the Husky a 10.  On traiability I would have to give a 4.  As the person below mentioned these dogs do have a lot of issues and aren't a breed for just anybody.  Siberian Huskies were bred as working dogs that worked all day long, pulling sleds for miles and miles because of that, they have boundless energy.  Just running around in a back yard isn't going to make this dog happy.  These dogs need to be able to get out of the yard and go places every day and if you don't take them, they will find a way to take themselves.  My last one was a Houdini and could problem solve her way out of any kind of an enclosure. Huskies love to wander.  Huskies do not like to be left alone, not even for a few hours.  If you go on a trip and leave them at a boarding place, they will not be happy and will try to escape.  Huskies are a very smart breed but they are also very independent and are not easy to train because of this.  They won't mindlessly do what you say like some other b... Read more

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    siberian huskies should NOT be on this list i have owned siberian huskies for years and they are lovley. My 2 huskies often fight with me but only play fighting. No biting, no snapping just running after me and teething on my hand because they are only 11 months old. THEY ARE NOT EVIL DOG BREEDS LIKE PITBULLS.

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    Very pretty dogs but tons of temperment issues.  Most of the ones that I see at the vet clinic where I work are overly nervious. They are fearful and flip out quickly and without reason.  We have to muzzle many of the one's that we see.  I wouldn't suggest this breed to a family with small children because they just do not have a stable enough character to handle lould, hyper children.  They seem to not be very intelligent and train slowly.  Now, the athletic ablitly of a Husky can be profound as they were bred as sled dogs.  I think that given a handler that will train the dog and give it an outlet (agility, hiking, weight pull, etc) that the dog will do fine.  It is just not what I would consider a family dog.  Also, very thick coated that required a ton of grooming.  Not a dog for hotter places.

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    they are beautiful

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    These are such beautiful dogs with haunting eyes. The have the softest fur and the most interesting coat patterns.

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    My daughter has a beautiful Siberian Husky named Sadie. Sadie was a skinny stray and my daughter rescued her off the freeway.She lived in an apartment and couldn't keep her there so she took her to the vet and drove her to me 3 hours away so I could nurture her back to health until she bought a home just to have Sadie. She's a great dog,they have had her for over a year and anew baby as well and Sadie is very protective of her and very sweet. The only drawback on Sadie is that whenever she has an opportunity she will run off (but that is becuase of the breed they need to run) solution, she got her microchipped!

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    One of my favorites! Very smart and have great personalities! Love them- I used to have one named Shieva. But she killed the cats we had so we had her put down :( Other than that she was the best dogs I have ever had!

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    Mon Mar 31 2008

    My Husky is a little on the large side (75 lbs. but not fat).  She is great ~ other than the always wanting to run away, but that is the price you pay for owning one.  And actually, to disagree with twolittledolls a little bit, our Husky sheds twice a year ~ in the spring and in the fall.  We do brush her once a week, and the maintenance isn't really that bad, but twolittledolls is right about the running away.

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    A sweet, beautiful, lovely breed that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who has a job that doesn't involve sitting at home with the dog. One of the most high maintence breeds I have ever worked with. The coat needs constant brushing, they need to run be miles and miles a day, the minute you open the door they shoot out like a rocket...this dog needs your attention, 24 hours a day unless you like living in a house with no furniture. Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous dogs, sweet (though not super affectionate in my experience) but more work than the average person is willing to put into a dog.

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    Thu Nov 22 2007

    i lOve my husKy !!

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    Sat Nov 17 2007

    huskys are working dogs and need somthing to do so if you are lazzy then dont get a husky

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    I rescued my Husky last year and he's never snapped nor came close to be aggressive towards anyone. He play's nice with all the little dogs on our block. A lot of these negative reports about Huskies are bull.

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    Fri Sep 28 2007

    In have had my husky "Buddy" for 10 years and you will never meet a nicer more laid back dog anywhere!! He is 100 pounds of love and kindness. All my neighbors love him and he even plays with the neighborhood cats...

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    Fri Sep 21 2007

    I have owned 5 huskies total and at the moment own 2 show huskies (one out of the #5 huskie in the nation, and the other out of a top dog many years ago).... neither have EVER, let me repeat EVER, tried to escape... Now i am not saying this is typical i am saying that they know the limits... Also they are both obedience trained and one has titles (the other one is in progress of titles, she is still a puppy).... Overall this is a breed that needs someone who knows how to train and handle them but NOT AT ALL a breed i worry about my newphew, who is 5 months, having issues with

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    if i wanted to keep my husky with another breed of dog, a breed thats a bit more of a guard dog, what can u guys recommend??? thanks in advance.

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    Mon Jun 11 2007

    Sibes are a stunning breed and what goes for any breed - its the way they are brought up! Yes they all have instincts but with correct handling and training dogs are a mans best friend regardless of the breed!

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    Wed Apr 18 2007

    My husky does not want to eat, she is 6 months and just stopped eating all of a sudden. What can I do?

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    Wed Apr 04 2007

    I have 6 siberians, and 5 are rescues.  Because they are pack animals they are friendly to other dogs and love people.  They are awesome dogs for the right people, but if you cannot regularily exercise them, be willing to deal with a lot of fur, or devote a fair amount of attention to them, do not get one.  They end up in the rescue too often because they are pretty, and stupid people who will not walk them EVERY day and will not brush them buy them and lock them in an apartment, and then wonder why the dog eats the couch.They are a working breed and they therefore need to exercise.  Also, they are useless watch dogs because they are not people aggressive and you can NEVER trust one off leash.  Moreover, while extremely smart, they do not use that intellignece for blind obediance.  They will look at you when you throw the ball as if to say, "you threw it, go get it."  They also have a huge prey drive, so they are not always trustworthy around small pets.  However, some can be cat-toler... Read more

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    Fri Jan 19 2007

    These are wonderful dogs! I have 2 out of rescue, like many ignorant folks I decided to get one because they were pretty, well and the fact that the shelter had them on death rowe was the other determining factor. they are friendly with everyone, and i mean everyone. they will lick you to death before biting you! they are beautiful, they do shed (also known as blowing thier coats, and this does mean just that, it blows out and everywhere in clumps any time the weather changes...), they back talk (yell, scream, cry, rarely bark though), they have blue eyes (sometimes party eyes, brown eyes), they have many colors of coats (mine are the typical black and white), they are smaller sized (40-55lbs, this is small in my book), they are smarter than anyone gives them credit for (they will escape, ignore, backtalk, and completely torture you if given the chance), cannot be left bored at any point in time unless crated (they will destroy stuff, counter surf, empty your cabinets (yes open them... Read more

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    My buddy loves his Husky.She sure is a beautiful dog-but she's not very friendly to strangers and he has to tell people not to pet her when he walks her.They are very territorial and play the "dominance" game with every person they meet.

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    Sibes are aloof and known escape artists so I guess they are mainly dangerous to themselves! Not typically aggressive though as with any dog there are acceptions to the rules.

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    these ret*rds talking bullsh*t about huskies don't even have a clue what they are saying. huskies are the best and i have 2 since 5 years

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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    You better know your stuff if you plan on getting a husky! My mother's stupid boyfriend got one and kept her in his apartment while he worked 10 hours a day. She chewed, she bit, and she was terrible on the leash! I believe that if you give them a job - like pulling you around on skates for hours, or maybe playing fetch uphill - you can handle them, but I would like to shoot every irresponsible owner letting loose an untrained, unsocialized and bored husky.

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    Thu Jul 21 2005

    omg huskies are evil bloodthirsty monsters that will bite your head off and laugh! they will gnarl on everything and WILL MAKE YOU BLEED TO DEATH if you have insufficient yourselves a lot of trouble or even your lives and AVOID GETTING THIS INSANE SANTANIC BEAST!!! i shot mine after 2 months.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    They are a great dog for the right person. They are very intelligent and stubborn, and they SHED! But if you do your research and they are the right dog for you, enjoy! They are generally very good with kids and other dogs (of course there are some exceptions)

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    Thu Nov 25 2004

    Great dogs, and beautiful too. But they can be hard to keep if you live in the subarbs and are definitley happiest in front of a sled!

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    I love Siberian Huskies. I have been a husky owner for a long time, and I know many othe people who are as well. They are extremely friendly and social, and are usually good with other dogs. They are also very intelligent and stuborn. They can be difficult to train, but not impossible. They can also be destructive when they're bored, but plenty of attention and a little husky-proofing will prevent this. I do not recommend this breed for everyone; owning a Siberian does require work and commitment. However as long as one knows what they're getting into, the experience of husky ownership can be infinitely rewarding.

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    Fri Jun 18 2004

    One of my favorite dogs I had growing up was a husky.

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    for sure a lovely breed but i find them too medium sized

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    Tue May 04 2004

    I find it quite amusing that you can rate a breed, when in fact it is more a matter of finding the right breed for you. First off, for the right family, there isn't a better breed in the world. Our little boy, Hodgie, is the most affectionate dog in the world. We wants nothing more than to say hi to everybody and gives us as much love as we give him. To say that Huskies are stupid makes you look stupid. Huskies are extremely intelligent... just stubborn. Hodgie knows exactly what we're saying most of the time; he just decides whether or not he wants to decides to obey. Are Huskies right for everyone? God no! They NEED to run, they NEED to play (if you don't have a 2nd dog, then you should find a neighbor with a playmate for him) and they WILL escape and roam. Our Hodgie has been to strip malls, Home Depot (he actually went inside... probably to say hi to everyone) and even 6 miles away! Hodgie gets more attention than if I was driving a Ferrari and has to be one of the most bea... Read more

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    Wed Apr 14 2004

    I don't wish to criticize the breed, only to try to be helpful to prospective owners. This can be a good dog for the RIGHT family and the RIGHT home. Of course, the exact same thing can be said about most breeds. The main thing to consider when purchasing a dog for your family is finding a good match for the whole family based on the dog's temperament, physical needs (exercise, grooming) and your family's lifestyle. Unfortunately, I see a lot of families make mistakes by purchasing dogs simply based on looks. Just because you think a dog is beautiful does not mean it is the best match for your family. Siberian huskies are one of the breeds that I frequently see this problem with. Some people think they are very beautiful dogs - they have pretty coats, gorgeous eyes, nice curved tails, etc. However, there are so many other important things to think about when considering adding a husky to your family. These dogs require patience, patience and more patience. They are very brig... Read more

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    Mon Oct 13 2003

    The most beautiful dogs in the world.

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    Mon Oct 13 2003

    Siberian Huskies are probably one of the most beautiful breeds of dog I've ever seen, and they're sweet-tempered (most of the time). My best friend had a Siberian Husky, and those bright blue eyes were so adorable! Too bad, like many large dogs, he thought himself fit to be a lap dog. Thick-furred, probably not a good idea for warmer climates.

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    Sat Jul 26 2003

    I have had dogs all of my life. I know how to train and work with dogs. This dog (a Husky) is slow (thinking) and fails to responds to comands. The Husky is also VERY destructive. I would never buy another Husky.

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    Fri Jun 27 2003

    These are terrible dogs from with terrible tempers. I know that its all in how you raise your dogs but some just have bad tempers. My cousin was attacked and partially consumed by one so I guess thats why I have a bad opinion about them.

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    Thu Jun 12 2003

    I want one!! :(

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    Sat May 31 2003

    My husky is quiet, clean, beautiful, fuzzy, and could care less what I think that he should do. I love him.