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Shiba Inu

Breed of hunting dog from Japan Website

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    A small game hunting breed, these dogs are independent and wary of strangers. However, they are loyal to family members and can be somewhat affectionate. Although they adapt to various living arraingements, they still need room to run and play. Additionally, obedience training may be a challenge, it would be well worth the time and money in their early years. Care and maintenance is minimal because these dogs tend to groom themselves. However, I would not recommend this animal as a dog park or off leash dog due to their hunting drive.

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    Fri Aug 07 2009

    Shibas are amazing. At first, when I researched about them on the internet, I was turned off by the very independent style of personality and that you have to socialize them real early in life. It is true when they are little..... But if you train them well and treat them right, they reciprocate the love and respect that you give them. I'm talking about my sister's shiba inu and everyone adores him. All of our friends and family desperately want him but he is not for sale. I plan on getting a shiba in the near future but taking care of two mischievous ferrets is a handful!

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    I can't believe how intelligent this breed is! They are so spunky and so smart and I really love them. They do have to be socialized early on and will try to one up you if they get the chance. This breed is full of life and fun and are so adorable. I know one Shiba Inu that when she wants to play, she comes up to me and hits me with her rear. Makes me laugh everytime she does it.

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    Thu May 07 2009

    At first I thought I would lose my mind with this Female Shiba Inu. But a year later,(Currently 2 1/2 but I did purchase her as a puppy) I cannot recommend another breed more. What a joy this dog has brought to me and my family. I went to buy a dog for my 3 and a half year old. OK I am a softy with my daughter (only) and I gave in on a dog I had no idea about. The breeder raised a few different breeds and I had all intentions of getting a Boxer. But my 3 year old saw this little thing playing by herself with a ball. She was laughing at it and said I want this one. He also breed Bull Dogs. I even suggested that but she had her mind made up on this female Shiba Inu. I got it home and looked up on the net all I can find on her. Well I was not pleased at all. Independant.... Not great with small children...... Not great with other animals..... Needs to be socialized to get along with others....... runs away...... Tough training....... Wow I said to my wife what did I do. She was no help ei... Read more

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    Wed Jan 17 2007

    these are the most beautiful dogs of their size. I just got a shiba puppy and she is the cutest thing i have ever seen. This breed does need to be socialized alot when they are young. they can sometimes be shy and reserved.

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    Thu May 11 2006

    Shibas are great dogs but not for everybody. If you are looking for an independent, very intelligent and high alert companion then the Shiba is the right dog.. but if you want to have a dog who just adores you and listen to you all the time... stay away from this breed! We have a 6 months old Shiba... and we really fell in love with this breed so we decided to get another one =D

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    We have two Shibas and they are beautiful dogs, but not very obedient. The obey when they want to. They try their hardest to find ways to escape from the backyard. They are loving , but we aren't able to take them places like we'd like too since they are constantly trying to escape. We love them, but would not get another one.

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    As other people have said here, the Shiba Inu is an amazing, loving dog. My Zoey is very affetionate but not overly so, highly intelligent, a problem solver. She learns very quickly, but only obeys when she feels like obeying. She is also an escape artist who has absolutely no respect for vehicle traffic. She needs to be kept on-leash at all times away from the house. She is great with kids and with other people, but will bark her little head off if someone comes to the door or is skulking around outside. Very playful but quick to yelp if she gets into a situation she doesn't like.

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    Fri Apr 23 2004

    These wonderful catlike animals are more indipendant than loyal. Most adopted by their owners because they are such cute and do not realize what they are getting into. They end up giving them away if they do not run away themselves. If you truley love your Shiba, you know that you can never trust him or her off a leash. Part of their apeal is their quirky unpredictable personalities. I LOVE MY SHIBA - but I do not plan on getting another in the future.

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    Wed Apr 21 2004

    My shiba is the coolest ever! Shes annoying, but still really cute

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    Sat Mar 13 2004

    I have two of these wonderful creatures. They make me laugh every day, are always up for adventure and keep me on my toes. (They are always thinking!) A dog for an experienced owner willing to work at establishing a strong bonded relationship.

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    Mon Sep 30 2002

    I love my Shiba. He is a great dog with such a personality. He is a quick learner and easily trained - although he only "comes" when he wants to. Playful and fun, curious and cute. Drawback - cannot be trusted off-leash.

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    Sat Mar 09 2002

    What a smashing dog.Medium-sized,gorgeous-looking,with a striking foxy colour,the husky-spitz family smile and the well-defined athletic definition of a (small) Akita.And a winning personality to match:friendly,intelligent and loyal.I'm only surprised by their relative rarity.

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    Wed Jun 06 2001

    If this is what we in Norwegian call "elghund" or 'elk hound", this was for a long period of time my favourite dog, still it's among the three at the top! :-))

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    Sat Feb 17 2001

    I know a family who got a Shiba a little over a year ago. One of the cutest puppies I have ever seen! At only about 10 weeks of age, I was struck by how calm and intelligent he was. From all reports he has grown into a very wonderful dog.

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    Sun May 07 2000

    Fantastic Dogs! Great medium size (the standard is only about 20-25 lbs, but many are actually considerably larger), athletic (good running partners), beautiful (like a cross between a husky and a fox), interesting personalities, nice level of independence (affectionate but not annoyingly dependent). Only negative is that they require a good bit of training to be safe off-leash.