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    Fri Jun 03 2011

    I switched to Shaw because someone came to my door and pressured me into doing it making it seem like I couldn't do anything else. The promotions were good, so afterwards it didn't seem so horrible. We were originally with Telus and once Shaw installed everything, it felt as if we down graded. The TV quality, the phone quality, and the internet quality. The PVR didn't work properly and was recalled after about 4 months, I then had to send it back to get a new one. The new one didn't work much better. I had also been used to Telus having wireless internet, and Shaw did not have wireless and I was told I would have to by a wireless router to make our internet wireless, which was about an extra $100 that I wasn't expecting to have to shell out. But for less money, you get what you pay for. Once our promotions where up, we were paying a ridiculous amount and for us to go back to Telus it was going to be much cheaper. And that was BEFORE any promotions. When I contacted Shaw to find out whe... Read more

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    Tue May 17 2011

    Shaw cable sucks... would not even rate it a 1! We had been a customer of Shaw's for about 15 years and have moved on many occasions. Recently we called Shaw to tell them that we were moving and they told us it would cost us 500 dollars to move! We asked why because we have never been charged before. Their response was that it was a new policy. After further discussion the guy on the phone said he would give us a deal and put the price down to 250 dollars! We said we are not paying anything and told the guy we will be cancelling our service. The guy told us that we will need to return the modem to the office or we will be charged for it, which we said okay to and the guy said fine and hung up on us!! We ended up switching to Telus, which we have found to be cheaper. THERE'S MORE.... We had not returned the modem and figured that Shaw would just charge us for it as we had not had time to go to the office and return it. Next thing you know we got a notice in the mail saying that a collec... Read more

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    Sun Mar 27 2011

    I was with out phone, internet and TV because shaw decided to change boxes, and again when the power was out for 12 hours, I was without service for 12 hours, of course shaw doesn't have any backup as it would cost show money. Shaws responce was to disconnect me from email so I could not complain any more. I am ready to switch back to Telus, as mush as I dislike the Telus scabs. Piss on Shaw

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I just called Shaw Cable to cancel my cable subscription and found out that they cancel at the end of your billing cycle. In my case, the billing cycle started two days ago, so now I will be paying for a cable subscription for 28 more days when I have no intention of using it. If you are thinking of switching providers away from Shaw, be sure to check your invoice for your billing cycle, otherwise you may end up paying for services for much longer than you expect to.... Very disappointed! They pledge that you don't have to sign up for a contact to receive their service. I guess they make up for it by charging you an extra month's charges when you do decide to cancel. Very deceitful!

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    I just called to cancel the cable because we moved to Telus. This big telecommunications company refuses to cancel via e-mail or chat because they want you to talk to their "Loyalty" department. Mr. "Loyalty" was a guy who whined about how much I'm going to be ripped off by Telus and wanted me to be informed about Telus' hidden charges, since Shaw apparently has so many people calling back, full of remorse for changing. Then, he told me that if only I had called to talk about my thoughts of moving to a company that is giving hundreds of dollars worth of a better deal, they would have offered me a whole lot of free stuff that would have been worth more. So, let's see...if I have the time, the energy, speak and read English really well, and am aware that this industry is really run like a car dealership, I could have saved a bundle. It will be years before I consider going back, if that's how they run their business - why have ads anyway??? What not just have good promotions so that... Read more

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    My day started off pretty good. I had some time so I decided to call Shaw to talk about some charges on my bill that I did not recognized. I was on hold for 55 minutes!!! Every minute that passed by I was getting angrier and angrier. I decided to just hang up before I snapped. The wait just to talk to a customer rep was ridiculous. If Shaw wonders why they get so many escalation calls they should do something about putting people on hold for so long. I didn't get to talk to a rep about my problem but, from this Shaw customer service already stinks.

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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    Avoid these jerks at all costs. Their customer service is appalling. They services are the most expensive. The most reprehensible company I've ever dealt with.

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    If you want to cancel keep a record of your calls, dates, bills, etc. We phoned to cancel our internet service but kept getting monthly bills. We kept phoning each month to explain we were canceling. Finally, after hearing nothing for a few months and thinking we had finally got it straightened out, we get a phone call from a collection agency that we owed 200 dollars. We phoned the collection agency and explained but they said there was no record of any of the initial phone calls and we had to pay or our credit rating would be effected. Just talked to a friend yesterday and he is getting the same treatment. He phoned to cancel their service and switched to Telus four months ago. He just got a bill in the mail for 4 months service, over 230 dollars. Again they said there was no record of the cancellation call. This is truly ironic for I have never heard of anyone having to phone twice to get an initial hookup. How is it that they manage to keep a record of these calls on the ... Read more

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    Wed Jul 28 2010

    Shaw sucks, don't get it. We've been with Shaw for about five years. At first it was good, we had good internet and the bonus Shaw Secure. However it went downhill from there. Things started to take FOREVER to load, every time one of my friends used our computer they always mentioned our poor internet service. They even SUGGESTED we switch to Telus. Their customer service isn't completely horrid. We've had a lot of nice representatives who tried to resolve our problems calmly as possible. But you have to wait a good amount of time before you get to speak with anyone. And you end up phoning them a lot, because there are a lot of bugs in their service. It's terrible. Now, when we first signed up with Shaw we were given these discs that installed everything. One day we uninstalled some programs to let our computer have more room on it (thus, it works a little faster). Everything was working after that but we had to re-install Shaw since I accidentally uninstalled it. So I put in the disc... Read more

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    Mon May 03 2010

    Moved to Vancouver from Edmonton about a year ago, had used Shaw for years and service was great. Have used Shaw in Vancouver for almost a year and have had such brutal sevice that I finally cancelled and went with a competitor. Not only did I have recurring techical problems but what got me to cancel was how frustrating it is to deal with them. When phoning for help I had to wait forever, over the year I estimate I used hours of my cell airtime on hold while their "Customer Support Representatives" helped others (this is probably due to the high amount of problems Shaw customers are subjected to). When I finally got through to service they were often rude. It was so bad one time I thought they were joking with me and I asked if I was on some comedy show something like candid camera but without the camera. When my wife went to Shaw downtown to return the internet modem there was a huge line-up of people returning modems and complaining about the service and guess what... they were bei... Read more

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    Shaw Cable sucks, they have a "No contract" promotion but when you call to cancel service they charge you for an extra month. This seems like a penalty to me. I will never use Shaw again.

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    Sun Jan 24 2010

    Shaw is horrid. You basically pay for lag. I wish I was in control of the internet in my household, because i'd cancel shaw and get some god damn dial-up. It'd probably increase my internet speed 10x. Nothing is wrong on my end, and several people I know also have Shaw and lag at the exact same times as me. Would be a VERY odd coincidence. Telus sucks just as bad, and there really aren't many other options between Telus and Shaw(in my area anyways). What the hell. Dial-up is the way of the future if this keeps up. Which is really, really sad.

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    Sun Oct 25 2009

    I've used telus for about 3 years with very little problems. A few months ago I decided to try Shaw for their faster 10mbs. Also we had constant problems with the stupid telus 2wire router dropping the internet signal. It would have that red light on every morning and needed to be reset. I was happy with the cable and It actually went a full 10mbs! I kept both services on for about a month. The cable eventually started sucking out at peak times. more and more the cable was unreliable. Having that 10mbs down is really useless when its slower than a 56k modem at peak usage times. Eventually cancelleed the service from shaw and stuck with telus. THEN. I moved to a new house in the same city. Called telus to get the service moved. long long story short they fked up and hooked out our neighbors address instead. had no service for over a week. spent hours on the phone with telus trying to explain to them that i dont need to restart my router because there is no signal on my phone line!! Fina... Read more

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    Fri Sep 25 2009

    I hate Shaw Cable Internet service! My God they are awful. When we were with Shaw Internet there were three people living in my house all sharing the same internet. We had an Xbox hooked up to it too. They shut our internet off for going over the bandwidth cap or whatever. I think it was about 60g or something. With three people using the internet at the same time, watching videos, playing games, playing xbox etc, it's pretty easy to go over the bandwidth. We had to call them so they could try to sell us a bigger bandwidth plan and suck more money out of us for their slow internet. Also, the internet was sloooow! They throttled our bandwidth and it was slower than hell! I happily switched to Tbaytel and haven't had a problem with my internet at all. If you use the internet for more than your email you might want to switch to a new internet provider. Shaw cable will just hassle you and make you pay more for their slow crappy internet. Oh yea we were paying for their "FAST" i... Read more

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    Thu Sep 17 2009

    I'm disgusted with Shaw Cable!! I have phone, fax, internet, cable, UFC, Canucks Pay-preview and movie central. My mom and I own a house together and because she lives downstairs they audited our home, demanded that they come in to ensure that we don't have a basement suit that we are splicing cable to. They threaten to cut off our cable unless we pay an additional 29.95 a month for the downstairs. When we set up our cable we explained that we are joint owners and live as one family and they said that was not a problem. 2 years later they are treating us like criminals. They are thieves and I have cancelled all services with them.

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    Those of u who like shaw should not be allowed to vote because either your in management, mental, unfit, or just totally brain dead

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    I have never had worse service from any other provider. Shaw makes Telus look really good. I own a small buisness and have been with Shaw for my telephone, internet and cable. In the 17 months I have been with them I could count the months I have gone with problem free service on one hand. Everything will cut out at any point in time. Calling them to inquire about the problem is always a frustarting experince. I wouldn't recommend them to my worse enemy.

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    I never had problems with Shaw, until I cancelled my cable. The month after they disconnected my cable, Shaw continued to bill my credit card. I phoned them, and was told that it was all sorted out, and that I could expect full reimbursement for their error. The next month, they not only failed to reimburse me, but once again billed my credit card for non-existent cable! After spending more than 3 hours on the phone with multiple representatives, Shaw stopped billing me. Unfortunately, they continue to owe me over $80 more than a year later.

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    I haven't had a problem with their cable service. I have had problems with their customer service in regards to their digital phone. We were unable to make any long distacne calls for 2 weeks. My entire family lives in another city and so does my husbands. I had to call them 4 times before it was fixed. They told me I was going to get a credit for the 2 weeks we had no long distance, but guess what? I got the bill and no credit was ever issued. I've lodged a complaint but I'm certainly not expecting anything. I would strongly caution people not to use them for phone service.

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    I've read over all the reviews here so far and found myself chuckling at the poor ones. I see over dramatized words like "victim" thrown about and I can't help but roll my eyes - if you feel that you have been “victimized” by Shaw, you are most likely part of the extremely low percent of people who has had a bad experience with this company. People get pissed when their internet or cable go down, and if there is not an immediate fix, then the problem most likely escalates in their mind and makes people more prone vent their anger here. The two star overall rating is not an accurate representation of Shaw’s customer service. I have gone with Shaw for years now. I am a computer junkie, and play games online. If my connection goes out, or if things are loading much slower then they should then I am one of the first people to get angry and call up Shaw. I have had a couple times where the wait was longer then 5 minutes, but in those instances they do give you an option to leave a messag... Read more

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    Thu Apr 17 2008

    If you are going to move, watch out! I use Shaw more than 10 years in Richmond BC. Both TV and Internet Signals were good. BUT.... Two years ago, I sold my house and moved to a new place (in Richmond, too). I called to move, they said that they must close my old account and then open a new account for me, all fee are waived for good customer like me. Guess what happened? My package bundle discount gone! They don't offer the package I had before. I use pre-authorized payment, 8 monthes later, I found I paid much more. Then, I called them many time, very bad and rude "customer service". I never got my bundle and money back.... If someone knows how to deal with this kind of deceive, please let me know.

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    Shaw is reliable, consistent and very gifted at providing both reliable internet and cable. I dare say they are prepared for the multi-tasking...unlike those one hit wonders over at telus. Good luck to you if you use them for anything beyond your phone!

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    Thu Jan 17 2008

    This is how Shaw Cable is: I pay for 10 MBs per second fast speed and ofte it runs with a speed less that of the dialup speed.The Shaw Cable company has a very bad services to its customers.The MBs Spykes in a matter of seconds between 2404 Mbs to 6.000 Mbs 7 and 8 as you look at it on when downloading or at DSL speedckeck report websites.It is very unstable and it treats their customers very unfairly for what services they are paying for.It is a total garbage for gamers and downloaders alike to have it set it up. It causes me lots of anger and displeasure and disapointment using their cheap good for nothing garbage quality of highspeed internet services. I hope they go out of business these dumb loser crooks! Online Gamers Never Sign up with them. Instead choose a broadband connection services which is a lot cheaper if you have a basic telephone line in your home you can connect to it by calling a broadband customer service like ex: the "Primus".Good Luck and good ridance of Shaw In... Read more

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    Internet cable service by Shaw sucks, the speed they charge me for is 4.5 Mbps, yet many time I don't get more that 250 kbps. This is misrepresentation of their service, I am tired of calling Shaw to reset and reboot modem, spending over 1 hour on the phone everytime I call for help.

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    I'm not sure why the others have such a bad review of Shaw. I guess a review site draws those looking to vent. I've been a customer of Shaw (both at home and at work) for more than six years now. Cable television since the beginning, then internet service and now digital phone. I have very little to complain about - in most cases when there were issues, they resolved them over the phone, or dispatched a technician to fix it the next day. Technicians were always on time and friendly. In some cases where I needed, for example, my digital box replaced (which I own - not rent from Shaw), they replaced it for free right on the spot. No warranty repair or anything else... just replaced & fixed. Nice. I've never waited on hold more than a few minutes for help. If their call center is very busy, they give you an "immediate callback" option where you punch in your phone number, and it "holds" your place in line so when a customer service rep is available, they call you back. No wait... Read more

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    Tue Jul 24 2007

    Customer service is so bad it takes 3 calls ( waiting time totalled over an hour) to get them to reset my cable box by remote! The first 2 guys did not do it right. The 3rd guy got me my channels back but now the picture quality is screwed. This has happened many many times with me and Shaw.

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    Sat Jan 13 2007

    Internet service has been good. Installation technician was friendly and quick. Unfortunately from a technical standpoint, the Terayon cable modem is only 10Mbit Half Duplex which means you can have all the download performance in the world, but with the end point at 1992 speed there's no way you're going to use it. Which is probably the reason why, in 2006, they're supplying kit which harks back to those early days of ethernet performance. Try starting two or more low bandwidth (5-20kbits) streams and that half duplex link will kill the line from the context switching. Don't think you need to download two things at once? Use a modern interactive website with banner advertisment affiations.... ooo all of them.

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    Thu Nov 23 2006

    Has anybody ever encountered the so called 'Customer Service' provided by 'Shaw' ? It brings me to shame and shock to see the height of disregard these people have for the residents of this region. Firstly, if you ever try calling their customer service number - you'll be put on hold ad infinitum. (You can have a 5 course meal , play soccer , watch a movie and still when you return you'll still be on hold) . and if you leave your message and number for call-back ; they'll call you at the oddest of time when you least expect it. (and if you happen to miss that call then they'll black-list your number so that you don't get the call-back option whenever you try to call again). I've been a victim of this many times (and so have been some of my friends). They don't have anything other than to say 'We are sorry!' or 'We are experiencing excess number of calls' . Why can't they increase the number of staff? (Oh! I see , SHAW wants to be RICH as SOON as Possible by cutting the number o... Read more

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    Sat Dec 31 2005

    great service, blows telus away

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    Fri Oct 28 2005

    Shaw's customer service reps have been nothing but helpful to me. Whenever I call with a question about my bill, or about programming, or anything really, I get treated with the utmost respect and warmth. I have nothing but good things to say about these genuinely kind people. Way to go Shaw! Keep it up!

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    Thu Sep 30 2004

    Shaw has changed somewhat, but still use unethical practices. Bait and switch advertising, misleading advertising, slow, rude, and uneducated technical support.

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    Wed Oct 08 2003

    Poor service.