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    Fri Jun 26 2009

    Shaq is going to Cleveland. This is an intriguing deal. . . An aging past-his-prime Shaq scored 17+ points a game last year. Big men in the NBA (like porn stars) age rather quickly and I wonder if Shaq's production will decline noticeably. . .But even 13-15 points a game and 8+ rebounds a game will give the Cavs a physical presence in the middle. It also moves Ilgauskas to backup center (where he belongs). Lebron and Shaq. . .Cleveland just became more interesting overnight.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I think he will definitely go down as one of the most dominant players in NBA history.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    It's shaq

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    It doesn't matter what Shaq does from here on out. Shaq, in his prime was one of the most dominating players the NBA has ever seen. Every team he plays has to develop a scheme to foul him before he dunks on his inferior denfenders. Shaq has the 2nd highest Career FG % of all time in the modern era, (best FG % for anyone with 10,000 + FG attempts)

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    Shaquille is one of the two greatest centers of his era, the other being Tim Duncan.  He was/is deficient at the foul line, but so was Wilt Chamberlain.

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    Love him or hate him, he's left a lasting mark and got four rings out of it. If pushing weight around helps in the NBA (and it did Shaq) then use it to your advantage (as Shaq did).

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    Underdeserving, yes; mediocre, no. People say that Shaq owed everything to his freakish physicality, my favorite version of which below is: "Shaq is an average player in a bodyguard's body." But being born to the role doesn't make you any less great; it just makes you unlikeable. Shaq was, in fact, the reason I stopped rooting for the Lakers. But that hardly diminishes his claim to greatness; what does diminish it was his horrendous shooting from outside of 5 feet. As an added bonus, he was funny at times because audiences were never quite sure how seriously to take him. For example, his desire to be known as "the big Aristotle" was to me pretty hilarious, and even that anti-Kobe rap was riotous.

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    Possibly the best center of all time although with centers like Wilt, Russell, Kareem, and Olajuwon this is debatable. Of course he's getting old now, but he can still be pretty dominant, only now its more in spurts instead of whole games.UPDATE: Let's wait and see what a summer off  and that almost magical Phoenix medical staff (look what they've done for Nash's chronically bad back and Hill's fragile ankles) can do for him. Maybe "The Big Cactus" has something left, but I get the feeling that after next season starts that I'll be dropping one of the top big men of all time to  a 3 star rating. Remember everyone, this isn't a list of the greatest of all time, it's about current players. And as a current player, Shaq is sliding, and sliding fast.

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    This is common sense. How could you vote him less than a 5. You should all be ashamed of yourselves if you didn't vote him a five. There aren't five other players in the league that changes a game more than Shaq. I can't wait to see what he does in Pheonix.

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    The guy's an animal! Great NBA player, great orator (Shaq-isms), great actor (Kazaam, Steel, etc.).

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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    He BIG

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    I don't like the man, but he's stepped it up once again. He earned himself another ring, proving he's still the most dominant player in basketball. He's getting older and he's not the player he used to be, but he's still got a lot of fuel left in him to terrorize opposing teams.

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    Sun Jul 02 2006

    Ithink Shaq used to be one of the best but now Ithink he isn't as good because he is getting older. I stillthink Miami needs him on thier team

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    Sun Jan 22 2006

    Fat, slow, lazy, and he can't make a free throw to save his own life. Always states that he makes them when it "counts." He Shaq, they all count! This guy has a shooting range of about two feet, and that's only when the two feet are directly above the rim and all he has to do is bring the ball straight down. Quoting the great John Wodden, "He's a dunker."

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    5 star talent, but a 3 star for the bull crap he still carries. All of this " I don't know no one by that name ( referring to Kobe Bryant)", " Who you talkin' about", and the little hissy fit handshakes to Bryant should stop right now. Shaq got what he wanted; out of L.A. Come on Shaq. Have some respect and cut out all of this not-saying Kobe name. I don't Kobe was innocent in the lawsuit he was involved in, but I still believe NBA players can show respect for one another. At least to the public Kobe has shown Shaq respect. Shaq can do the same.

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    Mon Sep 26 2005

    OVERRATED. If I was 360 pounds and 7'1 I'd dominate the NBA too. Shaq doesn't actually have basketball talent he's just huge.

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    Thu Sep 08 2005

    MDE.I have a newspaper clipping at home that shows shaq dunking on five New Jersey Nets.He gets swarmed every time he touches the ball.I dont remember a center that has commanded as much attention from opposing defenders as he.It doesnt matter to me whether he can hit a jump shot or not.Can u score?Can u intimidate?Can u make the other team adjust their entire defensive plan because of one person?Can you make those guards and fowards scared to visit you in the paint?To me thats more important than if he can hit a 15ft jumper.He's not supposed to be out that far anyway.Ive also never seen one person change the balance of power everytime he arrives at a new team.Some people who never played at that level (including myself)are critical of his play but you really gotta ask yourself why does everyone else who does play on his level want to play with him?

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    A great player and a weird b@stard!... Still the most dominate force on the inside, though his impact in important games seems to have diminished....Those important games that involve the Pistons, that is.

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    One way to rate a player is how dominant he was. Seriously, how many players in the history of the NBA were more or at least as equally dominant as Shaquille O'Neal? I can only think of four: The NBA's first superstar, George Mikan; scoring machine Wilt Chamberlain; the owner of the most dangerous shot in NBA history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; and Michael Jordan. Now that's pretty good company. Not saying Shaq is one of the top five players in NBA history since dominance is only one factor that makes up greatness (one of two or three key factors, mind you). But anyone who suggests that Shaq isn't one of the top dozen players in NBA history should not be taken seriously. Pat them on the back and nod with a tolerant smile but don't take the Shaq detractors anymore seriously than you would an angry child throwing a tantrum. Shaq destroyed the competition. To suggest he was (is still to a lesser degree) dominant is an understandment. In his prime, he was the fifth fundamental force of ... Read more

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    Mon May 02 2005

    the most dominant player

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    Sun May 01 2005

    he's got the size and there's nothing wrong with using it. You need to work with what you have. But because i think his physical stature not skill is such a big part of his sucess I can't call him an amazing player.

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    shack is the WWF with a basketball. how can anybody with even half a brain even think that he is a good player, when the average person can beat him at a game of h.o.r.s.e. Hell, my son who is only 13 can beat him at the free throw line. I cant belive anyone can think that shack, with his great range of 3 feet, is even an average player. There is a lot more to basketball than just dunking the ball.

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    Tue Apr 19 2005

    Best player of his generation (post Jordan) Maligned because of size and the fact he uses it. Would you rather have him shoot fall away jumpers like Ewing?

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    Tue Apr 19 2005

    Great basketball player. Size is an advantage, skill is helpful, and desire got him where he is now. His is in a league of his own. He can rock a court!!!

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    A man among boys.

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    Sun Apr 03 2005

    Of course the most physicaly dominate player ever since Wilt Chamberlain

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    Fri Mar 18 2005

    Probably the best in the game today. He can do it all except hit a freebie or a three-pointer. When he's on, he's on. He's got a nice spin move and a sweet stroke, so he's not all dunk, dunk, dunk!

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    Wed Mar 16 2005

    The greatest, most dominant player of all time. He can make any average player into a all star or supersar as seen in Kobe Bryant and Dwane Wade.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    I don't think that some people here understand Shaq, or basketball at all. I more or less agree with bruns, but not completely. Shaq is probably the most dominant player in the league today and teams honestly are forced to focus their defense around him to hold him to under 30, and still fail sometimes. Now that he is on the Heat and away from Kobe, it shows who was the most important to that franchise. Shaq = instant success.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    No argument that he's one of the best players of all-time. I don't care about lack of skills or free throws, just look at his stats and 3 championships and how much and how quickly he improved every team he's been on, Magic, Lakers, and Heat.

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    Tue Jan 04 2005

    Before he can figure out if whether its caramel or carmel....he should fix his eyes and his voice that sounds like cher...

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    Tue Dec 21 2004

    One of the best players I've ever seen in the NBA. He's always a guy on the team to count on. He's scored in the 40's about 50 times in his career. He makes amazing slam dunks, has made over like a thousand in his career. The only thing that would make him the best player of all time would be if he worked on his free throws and 3 pointers.

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    Sat Dec 11 2004

    Shaq is a good player throws are key...sometimes even decide the game...if he works on those hes got a good chance to be around longer. still one of the greats

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    Thu Sep 09 2004

    i have to give shaq a 5. he likes malone and i do to. most everyone that knows anything about basketball or even catches a minutes here and there, talks smack about #32. i mean both of them. give these guys there do credit and move on.

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    i have to give him his due though he is not my type of guy.

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    Tue Jul 27 2004

    shaq has no skill at all. he cant even shoot 5 feet away from the hoop. the only reason he is any good because he is so fat. he is allways in the key for more than 3 sconds.he fouls all the time and never gets called for it...people give hime to much credit.

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    Sat Jul 24 2004

    the most dominating player to ever play the game... nobody could stop this man... the definition of unstoppable

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    Wed Jul 07 2004

    Some of these takes ripping Shaq are the dumbest I've ever heard. He just dominates because people are afraid of him? Anyone that size should score more? He's not an athlete, he's just big? Are you KIDDING? I HATE the Lakers, but it doesn't take too much thought to realize that to be able to run the floor, rebound, defend, and yes, score the way Shaq does, at 7'1 and over 350 lbs, you've got to be one hell of an athlete. Listen to anyone who knows the game talk about Shaq, and you'll hear a testament to a combination of size and agility that's never been seen before in the league. If you're telling me that Robert Parish, Patrick Ewing, or any other big man that rates higher than Shaq on this list is a better basketball player, you sir are an Idiot.

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    Wed Jun 30 2004

    Excellent in the post but man work on your free throws

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    Tue Jun 22 2004

    Shaq is a an excellent player. he doesn't miss layups most of the time and he can dunk on an asleep defender easily.

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    Mon Jun 14 2004

    Give Shaq the damn ball!! Not just some of the time, not just most of the time - give him the damn ball EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION. I'm talking to you Gary, and you Devean, and yes you too Kobe... and especially you Phil Jackson. Any possession in which this man does not touch the ball is a flat out failure. He is the ONLY one with a match-up advantage against the Pistons, and he is the only way this series will go back to LA. If they single cover him, he will most likely score, and probably get fouled. If they double, Shaq will most likely score anyway, and if not, will make the right decision. Give this man the freaking ball. It's not complicated.

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    Sat Jun 12 2004

    Im not doubting that shaq is a great scorer/rebounder, but let's face it. He has no skill. In fact an argument could be made that a man his size should score MORE than shaq actually does,thus exposing the truth. Shaq is an average player in a bodyguard's body.

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    Fri May 28 2004

    he sucks at his free throws and the omly raeson why he is so dominate is because everyone in the nba is afarid of him

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    Fri May 21 2004

    I was too young to see Wilt Chamberlain as a 40 PPG scorer (I saw him in his role as a Laker where he was more of a playmaker). But I can imagine his game must have been something like Shaq Diesel when he is on. He is just too big and strong for anyone to contain. Three rings for the Lakers; also got the woebegone Magic to the NBA Finals when he was a little Diesel. Shaq is a true mason (bricklayer) at the charity stribe; but so was Chamberlain (who barely shot over 50%).

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    Sat May 15 2004

    Shaq's been named one of the best players in the history of the game by many, many basketball critics in many magazines. That should say enough. 3 rings in a row should speak for itself also. He's the most dominant player ever. No one can single handly gaurd him. The best post player in the game right now and has great ball handling skills. His free throw shooting is pretty bad, but every player has a weakness, so oh well. But he's about to get his 4th ring in about a month, so, there ya go.

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    Thu May 13 2004

    No shooting touch. Just a brute.

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    Wed May 12 2004

    He has unbelievable power. The only thing that is keeping him from being a record book center is his free throw shooting. He didn't used to shoot that bad but this season has been horrible for him. He kind of a jerk to. If he doesn't get what he wants then he uses his power to persuade people. That's just wrong.

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    Tue May 11 2004

    This Shaq debate, lets look at it does anybody remember when he was with orlando, they played the Bulls Dennis rodman guarded him and shut him down shaq wined after the series like a baby, he is abig fat slob who only can scored by committing a offense faul almost everytime he posts up , he lowers his shoulder like afootball player, he has no other move, and wait a minute am I wrong did he ever lead the league in rebounding, huh you mean the most demonate center has never led the league in rebounding ecause folks thats what a center is supposed to do rebounding is important because you cant score without the ball, so demonating whats his hihgest scoring game, You know chamberlain led league in scoring and rebounding almost everyyear he played and when they said all he could do was score Wilt said I can lead the league in Assists (passing if I wanted too0- they laughed at him the next year he led league in passsing and the year after that he was second, plus harvey Pollack the NBA offic... Read more

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    Mon May 03 2004

    he brings past to present. reminding of wilt chamberlain, shaq shows great domination around the rim, his quick feet, great positioning, huge block, big mass, powerful dunk. what a true center he's been

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    Wed Mar 31 2004

    Louisiana has bred another beast. I would agree with others that if I was 7'1'' 340 I would be in his shoes but I am not. Give him his props he is the Lakers and he is ugly not too smart