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Word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a game board divided into a 15X15 grid of squares Website

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    Wed May 19 2010

    Even those who possess a vast lexicon must practice to be good at scrabble. Any game that must be played before results can be expected (e.g. bowling, darts, billiards) requires too much work.

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    Wed May 19 2010

    I used to play this all the time when I was younger with my family. It's not a game that I've played recently. Not that I wouldn't, but the opportunity for this particular game hasn't come up lately.

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    Wed May 12 2010

    One of the few board games I've played more than a few times,and one at which I'm a formiddable opponent.There's a game based on it called "Upwords" that looks intriguing,but I've never known anyone who had it.I'm just not much of a board game guy,more likely to be caught playing poker with the guys.

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    What an excellent way to pass a Saturday night! A few friends, a round table, and a whole lot of fun. I'd recommend using a Scrabble dictionary, to avoid too many conflicts (though these can be fun too. My friends always say I cheat, because I use odd, short connector words to get major pointage, but then I just pull out the Scrabble Dictionary, and BOOM. I win.) I also recommend using the Deluxe version, because that has a board that locks pieces in and rotates on a Lazy Susan, to avoid pieces shifting out of place as the board moves from person to person. Thank you for being, Scrabble.

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

    Words cannot describe the ways and depth of my loves for my dear Scrabby.

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    Good game. . .but arguments about words can drag it down somewhat. . .

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    A good game, most people would consider it a classic. Sometimes excessively frustrating.

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    Tue Jul 18 2006

    Developed in 1948 (and originally called Lexico and Criss-Cross Words by creator Alfred Butts), Scrabble is another near-perfect family game. I remember getting a deluxe version (the board was heavy plastic, had indentions to hold the tiles, and spun around) for Christmas one year. One is hard-pressed to think of a better way to remember new vocabulary than winning or losing a word challenge. Nevertheless, the fact that my interest has faded and the luck factor of Scrabble (i.e. which letters are pulled) costs some stars.

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    Sun May 07 2006

    As frustrating as scrabble cn be sometimes, its also incredibly fun and again, one of those games that makes you feel smart when you win.

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    Sat Apr 01 2006

    I've loved this game my whole life. I started as a kid and it has fueled a love of words which has made me a better reader and writer. I downloaded a Scrabble game from the internet where you can play against the computer. I play daily. My fiance is good with words and since we've been playing each other we've scored in the 400s. Great family game.

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    Thu Jul 14 2005

    This is definitely not for morons! You need a little bit of luck but it would be well to review some of the obscure words that you can use with the high value tiles. That will give you a decided edge.

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    Mon Mar 14 2005

    Great board game, but your getting that from a kid who's been in the national spelling bee before and gotten 3rd.

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    Tue Feb 22 2005

    A great chance to impress everyone.

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    Sat Jan 29 2005

    Let's not understate the factor of luck in winning this game. If somehow you repeatedly end up with seven vowels at the beginning of each turn, you're going to lose no matter how voluminous your vocabulary may be.

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    A very good game, which, considering the spelling abilities of a good number of reviewers, is achieving a surprisingly high rating. UPDATE: GoneAway, I assume your comment about going through spells with this game was a deliberate pun.

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    I have always loved playing scrabble. Got to love that triple word score when you have a word that begins with the letters QU.

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    Only a five when played dirty.

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    I never play with points, but it's still a great way to have some fun and kill time when you're bored.

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    Sat Aug 21 2004

    have trouble spelling so it isonly a ok game.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    It's a good game if you know how to spell. If you don't know how to spell I suggest you go find a different game or go and find someone who cn help you. Its a good game. Just not one of my favorites.

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    Fun, classic word/board game; I just wish there had been more letters, and not so many Qu's and X's.

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    Thu Dec 18 2003

    Another great game for the bright and verbally unchallenged. It's fun to get people to challenge you on a bizarre word... there is opportunity for bluffing a little like in poker.

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    Thu Nov 13 2003

    Nothing beats a good game of scrabble because you actually have to use your brain. Ef u kant spel thin u khant pley.

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    Wed Sep 03 2003

    this is a great game, especaily for children so they can improve ther spelling and vocabulary skills!!!

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    Thu Aug 07 2003

    I love playing Scrabble. I was the Scrabble champion at my school, and it is a great game for kids to play because it can help expand your thinking. Which is better than some stupid games people choose to play.

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    Thu Jun 12 2003

    I absolutely love this game. Its so addictive..Once I was up till 6am playing it! A good online alternative is a game called Bookworm on

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    Sun Jun 08 2003

    Too much thinking in that game, it creates stress! lol

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    Sat Jun 07 2003

    This is a fun and educational game of strategy that helps kids expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling skills. I love playing this at school- some of my friends get really, ahem, creative with their words.

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    Tue May 13 2003

    Love it great fun and gets you to think and each game is different.

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    Sun Apr 06 2003

    Don't mess with perfection, great rainy day game!

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    Thu Mar 27 2003

    This game has a happy combination of strategy, vocabulary, and flexibility. Scrabble is one of those games that's fun for casual gamers but also rewards the more serious players. Plus, unlike other addictions, Scrabble leaves the fanatic with a larger vocabulary, better spelling, and a generally more agile mind. And if the regular game gets boring - or you need to level the playing field against word nerds - there are Phonetic Scrabble, Dirty Scrabble, and The Word of Apocalyptic Destruction variants (among endless others) to keep things exciting.

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    Wed Jan 22 2003

    It's a great word power game, a way to expand the vocabulary. Plus, it's funny to hear what kind of words intoxicated people can come up with when played at those wild parties.

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    Mon Jan 06 2003

    I abolutely adore this game, but I prefer playing this against the computer instead of a human being. There is a version called 'Scabout' that you can download for free from the internet. I think this game takes a lot of skill, strategy and good usage of the English language. Its great when you can build a word up, such as 'film' and also getting words such as'helix'. Its so satisfying when you beat the computer as well.

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    Tue Jul 02 2002

    Ah, the immortal Scrabble! Oh, how I miss that cool Gameshow. But, the board game rocks the house too! A highly-enjoyable multiplayer game (there is also solitare scrabble and a PC/PSX game too) for the whole family, it takes intelligence, strategy, and a little bit of humor for a good time.

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    Sat Nov 10 2001

    Not my favorite of board games, but it's still a very good one. It challenges you to use what letters you have to express how much sophistication of vocabulary you can create with the resources at your disposal.

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    Tue Oct 16 2001

    Scrabble is one of the best games ever and my absolute favorite. If I could have one game on a desert island, or Survivor!- it would definately be Scrabble. The game is never the same twice and its a challenge to make your letters count for the most points each time. Its thrilling to know if you put your "z" on a "triple letter score", it's 30 points right there. Scrabble is great with family or even on a date - just add wine and a fireplace. I am going to splurge and finally buy myself the deluxe addition for my birthday this year.

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    Sat Apr 14 2001

    Scrabble just isn't a board game that I got into playing alot, mainly because all of the tiles go all over the place and taht really annoys me. The other reason is that the game gets so confusing and you make up these stuid words, and get so embarrassed when someone tells you that it's not a word, and it's just really weird.

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    Tue Jan 02 2001

    Very hard but fun

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    Mon Jan 01 2001

    Having played most american made word games made in the past 25 years, I still haven't found one to stand up to the playability and balance of Scrabble.

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    Fri Dec 15 2000

    Scrabble is cool for playing with your family or just a bunch of friends. It can get kind of long, but it's usually fun. Just make sure you have a dictionary handy.

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    Thu Dec 14 2000

    I love Scrabble! I have just started playing and it is addictive. You show your creative sides and also you learn more words and you become smarter. I used to hate Scrabble but now I play it all the time. Everyone should play.

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    I have played this game ever since I can remember. It's still a game I play often with my family and friends. We even make up our own rules that include street slang. I believe it helped me with my vocab growing up.

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    Scrabble is very good in many ways. It teaches kids how to spell and learn to connect words and really develop spelling and english. For the older crowd it's fun because there are no limitations to what you can do. It's a fun, family game that any age can play. It serves everyone.

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    Scrabble is a really fun game. It teaches children how to spell and it's also good for adults. It has excellent quality and the pieces are easy to keep track of. It's good for definitions and vocabulary.

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    It's a great game because it makes you spell. I suck at spelling so it helped me. Also, it used strategy to get points and it's fun to challenge people's words. It's a good family game and I play it with my mom sometimes. It makes for some family bonding.

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    Scrabble is one of the earliest games I remember playing. It is good to increase vocabulary in kids and is fun and very easy to play.

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    Wed Nov 22 2000

    A great game of creativity and brains. I guess luck of the draw on pieces counts too. It's a fun game that can end up taking hours to finish, but it's all worth it in the end, that is, if you win.

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    Tue Oct 03 2000

    I guess it is a good educational tool for kids, and I do remember playing and enjoying it. However, now I don't think I would look forward to a good ol' game of Scrabble after a busy day. It doesn't seem very relaxing, takes too much brain power for me.

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    Sat Sep 30 2000

    Scrabble is a great game. My grandmother and I have played it since I was little. It's like "our" game. She used to let me win when I was little, but now I have a fighting chance. Scrabble increases your vocabulary!

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