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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    I had such a wonderful experience at Scissors Hair Studio! The customer service is amazing –they offer tea, hot chocolate and have popcorn to eat. I knocked over the popcorn bowl and made quite a mess -they couldn’t have been nicer about it –the staff is so friendly and treats all their customers so nice. I was a bit anxious about getting my hair cut (the last salon I got it styled at –didn’t listen to me and I hated my hair for quite a while). My consultation with Simone was quick and precise –she knew exactly what my hair needed and made it look amazing. She suggested things no other salon had suggested to me before and clearly knows what she is doing. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair (many from complete strangers) and can’t wait to go back! Simone and Melanie really know how to cut, style and treat hair! I would highly recommend them! They are also very reasonably priced.

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    I have been going to Scissors for several years now. I love the location, I love the atmosphere, I love the prices, and I (for the most part) love what happens to my hair in there. I would seem that I am a die hard for this place. In fact, I would love to be able to say that I am a die hard for this place. However, there are certain aspects of Scissors that literally make me feel as though I have walked into the Twilight Zone. The first time I ever went to Scissors, I was blown away. I loved the hair cut I got. Simone gave me homemade ice cream that had raspberries in it. I got my makeup done for free. I walked out feeling like I had struck gold. And for $45! Awesome. However, each ensuing visit has left me with a more and more sour taste in my mouth. I love Melanie and I love that she listens to me, even when I'm being extremely demanding. Simone, on the other hand, seems to have done a complete 180 since my first visit all those years ago. Approximately one year ago,... Read more

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    Thu Feb 04 2010

    This is, by far, the best salon in Richmond. In fact, it's the best I've ever been to--even better than the ones I had access to in Philadelphia. Their customer service is absolutely unparalleled. I came in today and it was snowing outside, so they made me a huge hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Every time I go in there, I literally leave with the best haircut I've ever had. Their color work is incredibly beautiful. They customize the color for each person and even take pictures just in case you like it so much that you want to replicate it exactly next time. They are wonderful, and I couldn't recommend them more highly.

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    Sat Jan 09 2010

    Simone did a wonderful job cutting my hair and changing my look entirely! Today I was feeling particularly lazy and my hair was looking especially bad, so I decided to drop by Scissor's on my walk home. I hoped maybe there would be an opening, and my hair was in such bad condition that it couldn't hurt. I am incredibly finicky about my hair and Simone was the PERFECT person to go to. I walked in and she said she'd be able to help me out right then and there. Since I always panic as soon as I enter a hair studio, it was great that she asked me to sit down and flip through some pictures so we would ensure we were on the same page. She had me let my hair down and just looked at it. Simone was even able to tell I had a bit of glaze in my hair, which was pretty impressive since it didn't actually change the color when I did it. Simone then washed my hair and explained how I should wash it in order to keep it healthy and, since my hair is VERY curly, how I should condition my hair. ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    Simone did an outstanding job with my hair - again! Until recently, I have been cutting my own hair since I can remember. I kept it simple - straight, waist-length. When I finally decided that I wanted a change (layers), I was very hesitant to trust anyone with the hair I've cherished for years. I did a lot of research, asked around, read reviews. Scissors Salon sounded too good to be true, but decided to give it a try and set up an appointment with Simone. On the first visit, I was quite nervous. However, Simone and the girls were genuinely friendly and made every effort to make me feel right at home. Once I sat down in the chair, Simone and I discussed what I wanted to do with my hair. She was very professional and made sure we were on the same page before she started cutting. Because I was nervous, I did not agree to all of Simone's recommendations. However, despite me being a hinderance, she made my hair look absolutely amazing. After the first visit, Simone more t... Read more

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I recently went to Scissors for a facial and it was a really good experience. Dreena, the esthetician on staff, was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable about skin care. I could see the results immediately and she gave me useful advice on how to better take care of my skin in the future. I look forward to visiting again!

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I'm not young but I'm not old either! A lot of hair stylists will either make your hair too funky or will make it too conservative looking. Simone was able to give my hair a lot of style without me thinking I'm trying to look younger than I am. This is the second time I've been to the salon and I've had two great experiences! The salon was fresh and clean. I'm definitely going to stick with Simone.

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    Rating on my first experience at Scissors (I did a second review regarding my second visit at Scissors as well): I first went to Scissors back in February of '09 right before my birthday. I figured because of all the great reviews, something must have been done right at Scissors, so I decided to check it out. I called and was able to make a Saturday appointment on the same day. When I arrived, I swear I was at the wrong place. The first floor of the salon (where hair is cut) is dingy and dirty looking. The place reeks of clutter and dust. The place when you walk in looks more like a gypsy room with random tidbits here and there, which from my memory I believe all the random things are for sale, but I am not sure who would buy any of the random items anyways. Anyways, as I sat down and waited, I wasn't too sure what to think since back in February it was only two stylists and two hair chairs. I was a little confused since I thought this was a hair place, but there was really... Read more

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    I have been searching for the perfect salon and hairdresser ever since I started caring about hair. My hair is so fine and thin that it's been so hard finding someone who knows what to do with it. I have never been truly happy with a place until now. I got an awful haircut from Vidal Sassoon in Tysons Corner-they chopped all my long hair off and gave me this funky short haircut that just wasn't for me. After awhile, it was time that I find someone that could fix it. I did a Google search and found scissors with great reviews. I have gone to Simone ever since I found the place and would not even think of going anywhere else. Each cut I get I receive compliments. I have even had strangers go out of their way to compliment me on my hair. Not only do I receive a great cut, but the service is awesome, everyone is friendly and it truly feels like I'm being pampered, just going in for a cut. Thank you to Simone and the rest of the staff for providing such quality service!!!

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    Fri Nov 20 2009

    I love my cut, I love my color, and I love this salon! I first found Siccors Hair Studio when I lived in the Fan and Siccors was a small salon on Strawberry Street. After searching many other hair salons in Richmond, I finally found the one salon that could do my hair to perfection. I have had many hair color mishaps, but Siccors Hair Studion finally got my color right. Thank you Simone!!! After many good hair experiences at Siccors, I got spoiled and expected no less from a salon. Along the way, I was offered a great opprounity in North Carolina and moved to the Durham/Chapel Hill area. And once again had to shop for the hair salon that could cut and color my hair well. It was quite a search and never really found the salon that could cut and color my hair as well as Simone at Siccors in Richmond. As life would have it, after six years in living in NC, I found myself making plans to move back to the city that I love, and the place that I call home. With moving back to R... Read more

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    Fri Nov 20 2009

    I have frequented Scissors for about seven years now. My husband and I found the salon when we lived in the Fan and now that we have moved out of the city I still go to Scissors. As a woman with thick hair that is very curly it is hard to find a stylist that I trust to work with my hair type. Simone has always listened to what I wanted and given me just that. She never pushed me to make any type of change but will make recommendations from time to time. After some time I did take the chance and decided to have bangs cut. I really was worried how it would turn out with having such curly hair, but she did a brilliant job and I have kept the style for the last few months now. I have also had my hair colored by Simone before and loved it. Simone has also always done a great job of waxing my eyebrows. In my most recent visit to Scissors I talked to Simone about a Keratin hair treatment. I have recently become bored with my hair and figured it would either be a color change or str... Read more

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    Tue Nov 03 2009

    I have been going to Simone for about ten years and it has continued to be a great experience. Last week, I had time for a facial with Drina. I must say that was the best decision I made all week. I don't know what she used, but there was a noticeable difference in my skin once she was finished. I have been priviledged to have enjoyed many facials over the years and believe this was the best one to date!

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    Mon Oct 12 2009

    I recently had my hair colored by a trusted stylist in my hometown. (Richmond has been my home for just 3 months.) The color, though, was not what I expected. Well, actually, it was embarrassingly different! Not only did I feel shocked each time I saw myself in the mirror, I did not want to be seen by anyone who knows me. And, the next day I needed to pick up my husband at the airport after a business trip. Would he recognize me?!? Something had to be done. The next morning I did a google search for salons in Richmond, and saw reviews of Scissors that gave me confidence that this salon could help me with my color problem. I called, and Simone answered. I explained my problem and she spent time with me - listening to my problem, suggesting a solution, etc. It was clear immediately that not only is she passionate about her work, but that she is also very knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. I felt assured of her ability to do whatever it would take to correct my proble... Read more

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    Thu Sep 17 2009

    If there are any slaves to hair color out there, i hope that you read this. I am in my 40's, and have been coloring my hair for the past 20 yrs. I have for some time now, enjoyed the luxury of not having to worry about cost when it comes to my hair. I've had my hair colored in several european cities, and many times in London and the surrounding area (i was born and raised in England), in high end salons in the U.S (east coast and the south) and for the past 10 yrs, in the several of the best salons in Richmond, and i can say- without reservation, that i have not encountered any stylist as talented and patient as Simone. Anyone who colors their hair a lot knows that eventually no matter how reputable or expensive the salon (trust me- i was going to a ni$e place) your hair colour turns out "strange". It happens- and is a risk of coloring ones hair, but this time, my old stylist's attempt to cure the problem actually made it worse. Looking back on it now, i think it's quite amusing,... Read more

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    Tue Sep 15 2009

    I've been going to Scissors for almost a year now. I did alot of research and read a ton of reviews looking for a new salon. After reading about 100 excellent reviews on Scissors, I called and spoke to Simone. I scheduled my first appointment last October and have been very happy since. Simone is awesome! She knows color!! The salon is cool; very chic and stylish. I have never had a problem getting an appointment either and never waited for more than 10 minutes (if at all). All of the stylists continue to go to shows in NY and FL and are learning new techniques to make sure our styles are the lastest and greatest. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Simone and Scissors Salon.

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    I called the salon in dire need of an appointment that same day. It was the first on my call list due to all these good reviews, but I didn't really expect to get in. I was told they were booked for the day, but they could get me in a couple days later. I really needed an appointment that day, so I thanked them and told them that I would just try somewhere else. I was asked to hold, and then when the girl came back on the line she said I could come in later that day. Weird. I figured someone must have agreed to stay late, which was very nice, and I was excited that I would get to go in. I was called back and told an appointment had opened up 30 minutes from the time they called. I said I wouldn't be able to make it at that time exactly since I had to drive a ways to get there, but I would leave asap and get there within 15 min or so of the appointment time. I was asked to hold, and when the girl came back on the line she said that would be fine. I got there 15 minutes after the can... Read more

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    Sun Sep 06 2009

    I have been going to see Simone for about 1 1/2 years now. I love to go to her salon. When I was in my 20's I had a stylist that was wonderful, I could sit down in her chair and tell her to do whatever she thought would look good and never have to worry about it. Well my 20's were a long time ago and since then I have been fumbling around trying to find that type of stylist again. I have found that in Simone and could not be more satisfied with the way she cuts my hair. I receive compliments on my hair on an almost weekly basis. The color is natural looking which allows for easy partial coloring when its needed. The salon itself is fantastic...I am a little biased living in church hill myself, I love the structure with all its quirks. She has set up a very relaxing spa upstairs for manicures/pedicures its just beautiful. Try it out you will not be disappointed.

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    Fri Sep 04 2009

    Great experience! I wanted to get a hair cut and called Scissors and asked if I could come that day and they were about to close... Simone, the owner, opted to stay to cut my hair. I was worried because I have really long, thick hair and it's hard to find someone to cut it the exact way you want. I told her what I wanted and she delivered. Her staff is super friendly and really knowledgeable. I can't say enough good things about this place!

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    I was referred to Scissors by a friend of mine. I adored her hair style. I was new to the area and looking for a stylist, so it worked out perfectly that I would be referred to Scissors. My first appointment with Simone was fantastic! My intentions were just a trim, but my hair was so dull and needed a change. Simone mentioned trying bangs, she said they would look great on me. I never imagined bangs working for me, but I trusted her judgment and gave in. I immediately fell in love with my new hairstyle and I've received so many compliments. It has been over a year since my first appointment with Simone and she has never let me down. The staff are all polite, and the atmosphere is relaxing. Check it out for yourself!

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Super haircut. Have gotten several compliments on style. Thanx Stacy! A truly scrumtrulescent hair experience.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    I've had horrible experiences with my coloring of late and also have not had any luck with any local salons. I went on line to find a colorist I could trust. I found Scissors through the reviews here on Citysearch. I read them ALL! I went in to my appt w/ Simone armed with my horror stories of color gone wrong and all my fears...she listed and two hours later, I had corrective colors and great highlights. I also had the best waxed eyebrows I had ever had from Trina! I appreciate the the patience Simone showed me and the care she gave me. I will admit the cost was about $75 more than I expected and I would've liked a more drastic change in my hairstyle (but I did not tell Simone this) we were concentrating on color. I will be going back before Thanksgiving and Simone did tell me we would be able to drop down to 2 colors and that would reduce the cost and I will try and find some styles I may like to try on me. Simone was great to work, Trina was excellent on the brows and they ... Read more

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    Sat Aug 29 2009

    Due to a major color malfunction from another "professional" stylist, I made my appointment at Scissors because of the excellent reviews on this site. I arrived with blotchy almost black hair and orange highlights.I was received with kindess and understanding from the entire team and hoping for a miracle from Simone. Simone educated me on what to expect with an understanding this could be a process. She was able to improve the color of my hair dramatically. However, the next day, I was still not happy with the overall result. I called and was again received with understanding and told their goal was to make me happy with the results and to immediately come back in. I arrived about an hour later with nothing but compassion from Simone and her team. The best news of all was she managed to completely get my hair the color I originally wanted from the other stylist, with no evidence of it being colored 3 times in 3 weeks. My hair color and cut are superb and my hair looks and feels extreme... Read more

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    After reading the booming reviews I quickly made an appointment at Scissors. It was kind of hard to find, but the drive and search was worth it. I asked for a cut and color. Simone made sure to know what I wanted, and fixed my hair right on. She also showed me some ways to fix my hair without as much heat damage. Overall its one of the best colors i've ever had, and it looks natural. Simone wasn't the most friendly person I've ever met, but I'm not paying her to be my friend, so I'm okay with that. I will definitly come back.

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    Simone and Dreena were both amazing on my recent visit as a first time client to this salon. My cut and color are fabulous and Simone really took her time to discuss with me what I was looking for. This is the first time I've felt like a stylist really listened to me during a consultation since I moved to Richmond years ago. She did a great job with my poor abused hair, and even the stubborn little premature white hairs around my hairline are holding color where they usually are white again the first time I wash my face after a coloring! I got there very early for my hair appointment and Dreena gave me a wonderful facial while I waited. My eyes look amazing! My husband keeps commenting that I look so much younger, and my skin already seems much better than it did when I went in. A great experience overall!

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    I can fill up this space here and still would have more wonderful things to say about Scissors. Better yet, let me retract that statement. I could go on and on about Melanie and how wonderfully she does my hair. The first time I went into the salon, she sat down with me on the big, comfy, leather chair and talked with me about what I was looking for in my cut, a practical cut for my lifestyle, and even how I could look my appropriate age. After being offered water or a tasty beverage, she sat me down and proceeded to wash my hair. Not only did she wash and condition, she talked me through the process; teaching me the correct way to wash my hair. She worked her magic (yes, they are specialists in color) and my hair felt ten times better. Then she told me how I could best style my hair. I requested Melanie for the following two cuts and both times she has performed a hairstyling miracle. She's a wonder with scissors or a razor, a magician at styling with merely a dryer and brush... Read more

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    Stacey a new team member at Scissors Hair Studio did an amazing job on my lashes!! I dont have to bother with mascara any longer and it looks soooo natural. Having eyelash extensions saves you so much time and looks so much better than mascara too. It takes about 45 min to an hour, the price is right and includes a follow-up visit at no additional cost. scissors hair studio has before, wearing mascara, and after pictures an actual client on facebook. Check it out!!

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    Then get to Scissors, NOW! I recently went for a regular haircut (have been a happy client of Simone for almost 10 years), when she showed me the latest beauty craze--lash extensions. Sounds wild, but lash extensions truly make a dramatic but yet oh-so-subtle impact on your everyday look. Bat your lashes without any clumps of mascara and make people do a double-take and wonder what is different and why you look so striking. I was a first-time client of Stacy, who put in my lash extensions and did a superb job of making me comfortable and look incredible. Highly recommend visiting Scissors, Stacy and trying out how something so small can make such a BIG difference on feeling great!

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    I recently took an airline trip and going through the security line, had to show my driver's license. Now, I think my DL photo is decent, my hair was long at the time. Both times the security guards checking my identification looked up at me and said "I like your haircut." Knowing that they see hundreds of people everyday, I thought that was a real compliment! Thank you Simone!

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    Fri May 29 2009

    Simone gave me the best cut and color I've ever had, which is saying something as I'd tried coloring my hair myself and went in with not the best results! She not only saved it, but made it look great - I've gotten many complements, and everyone asks if I got it done while I was in Europe, but it was right here in Richmond! Now I'm ready for my reunion!

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    Thu Apr 09 2009

    I discovered this place through a google search, and decided to give it a shot. There's another studio in the Shockoe area that caters specifically to men, but I didn't feel like the quality of haircut was worth the hefty price tag. Scissors, on the other hand, was definitely worth it. I got a great haircut from a very friendly stylist, and liked it so much I brought my fiancee in a couple days later, and she got a fantastic haircut! The decor is really unique. Rather than feeling sterile and hospital-like, it has a down-to-earth, lived-in feel that feels much more personal. As soon as the girl cutting my hair realized I didn't know anything about my own hair, she walked me through the process, explaining why she was doing what she was doing, and gave me tips on how to handle my hair on my own (I have longer-than-average hair). My fiancee was so impressed with her hair, that she wants to bring in all of her bridesmaids for a wedding day style and spa session in January. Sci... Read more

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    Thu Mar 26 2009

    I really fell hook, line, and sinker for these reviews, and you know what? I did get a fantastic haircut. Probably one of the better ones I've ever gotten. However, Simone just seemed...annoyed. I'm perfectly fine with someone having an off day, but she seemed this way both times I went. My first visit, there was another girl working there who seemed new (can't remember her name). Simone was very short with her to the point it made me feel uncomfortable for the girl. Then, Simone had the new girl style my hair after the cut (if memory serves, there was no one else waiting). Not the end of the world, but as a new client I expected and wanted to see how Simone would style my new cut. That said, Simone was very thorough, having me stand up when I was done and snipping at the odd stray to make it just right. I appreciated this. So if Simone was a little aloof the first time I went, the second time I went she was downright unsociable. Now, I don't need to make a new BFF out of m... Read more

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    Sun Mar 15 2009

    I always feel SOOO MUCH better after having any services done at Scissors. Simone and her staff put the "C" in Class and Comfort. I Always Look forward to my next Trip to Scissors. I know I'll be rested & relaxed And LOOK GREAT TOO!

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    Sun Mar 15 2009

    I've been to MANY salons in Richmond and finally found what I was looking for at Scissors. I am so fussy when it comes to my hair and have often left salons disappointed. Simone is straight forward, honest and easy to talk to. She found out exactly what I wanted and made sure before I left the salon that I was completely thrilled. I have dark brown hair but love blonde and Simone was able to give me the best color I've ever had. She did my hair extensions this past week and I LOVE them. I feel so pretty and get compliments everywhere I go about how great I look. It's amazing how just having great hair makes me feel great about everything in my life...cheesy, i know - but true! Stop by Scissors and see Simone - you will be so glad you did!

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    It's hard to find a new hairdresser, right up there with the OB/GYN conundrum. You don't want to trust just anybody with important things, am I right? Yet, when you're new in town, you have to start somewhere. I searched city-data and found great reviews for Simone at Scissors. Plunging ahead I found the shop to be quirky and cool, and the service was fabulous. Simone really cared about the BIG change in both color and cut that I wanted to make (OK had to make) and she went the extra mile by calling me at home a few hours after my appointment to gauge my family's response and if I were still comfortable. I've NEVER had that happen, and I've lived all over the U.S. Here's a lady that can cut, color and provide wonderful customer service. Don't hesitate, you won't be sorry.

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    I went to Scissors last night for the first time and I am so glad that I did! I chose Scissors based on the great reviews that I read here. I was not disappointed. Simone is amazing. She is very professional and you can tell how passionate she is about hair and making her clients happy. I went in for color and a cut. I wasn't sure what kind of cut I wanted but Simone knew exactly what would look best for my hair. I now have beautiful glossy color and a cut that is absolutely fabulous!! Not to mention my hubby thinks it is super hot! ; ) She is also good about explaining what she is doing and how to take care of your hair to keep it looking its best. There was also another client there getting hair extensions. I thought they looked great and really natural. They blended in with her hair beautifully. I would not have known that they were extensions! To sum things up...if you want to look beautiful go to Scissors! I will definately be going back. Thanks Simone : )

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    Sun Mar 08 2009

    I have to reply to the "Wake Up People" review. I have been going to Simone for over 15 years. I have followed her to 3 different locations. She by no means is the type of person to write reviews about herself. Simone explains to me what she is doing to my hair and over the years I have picked up on terms that most people do not use. In response to the shop being obsessed with City Search I think you are forgetting that we are in a technical age. I don't use this site because well I have been going to Simone forever. But I do use it for things like restaurants. Getting your customers to write reviews online is actually good for business. As you can see that people have found the salon via this website. Especially in these tough times it makes sense to use all of the free marketing that is out there. I have encountered only one person in all of my time of going to Simone who did not like her haircut. I knew she did had not explained what she wanted completely and did not voice her conce... Read more

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    I was ready for a Big Change haircut & my beloved former stylist is no longer in the area, so a friend told me about Simone. He & another co-worker have been going to her for years & were really happy with her work. Now, in my opinion, it's probably not too hard to give a guy a good short haircut, but the other co-worker has long, super-curly hair & I know that's got to be a bear to work with, but she always looks fabulous! I mean "movie star" fabulous! I was sold. First off, the place is in a cool part of town, surrounded by great indie restaurants & shops that I love. Her shop has such a great, funky but classy vibe that it makes you feel comfortable right away. Then, there's Simone & Melanie, who are both really friendly & make you feel at home. Even the background music was great, thanks to Melanie being hip to Pandora. But all of this would be nothing if the haircut wasn't good, right? Well, it was one of the best salon experiences I've ever had. Simone knew what I wanted wi... Read more

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    I am extremely picky about the color brown when it comes to my hair--having wanted a richer look with more depth many times in the past, I have often come out of salons with nearly black hair...not so becoming on me! I rank pretty high on the list of "oopses" when it comes to my hair color---so naturally, I was slightly more than a little nervous when I came to Simone for a dose of color. Once I showed her pictures, she immediately clued into what I wanted, and I could tell instantly that she just got it. She advised a gloss as well as highlights to eliminate the red undertones (left in my hair from a color stripper I had used in the past months) and leave my hair with dimension like I had wanted. I truly appreciate the time she spent graciously putting up with all my nervous questions and banter about my hair :) She was patient and was extra sure to take into consideration how I felt and what I wanted...needless to say, I was not surprised to see that the end result is B-E-A-U-tif... Read more

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    I found Scissors last year when I first moved to Richmond and have been trusting my hair to Simone ever since! I am very particular about my hair but am always willing to try something new as long as I trust my stylist. After reading all the highly recommended reviews here on Citysearch I decided to make an appointment with Simone. The minute you walk into the salon you feel welcome and everyone there tries to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Simone is amazing and makes sure you are getting exactly the color and style that you are looking for. I have never had a stylist spend so much time with me to make sure I get the results I want. Every time I go in for an appointment with Simone I know my hair is in good hands and I let her have fun with my color. Today I walked in a blonde and out an amazing red head! I have never been happier with my hair color results! I can always count on Simone and her expertise to give me an amazing look to fit my fun, youthful personality. Any... Read more

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    Thu Jan 15 2009

    Absolute waste of money. Pls don't go there, else you would be trapped in the sweet talks by the lady. So expensive but horrible ambiance, no cleanliness. No hair specialization as they mention. They will charge for nothing. COMPLETE NO NO! I had horrible experience. Right now they are trying to invite customer for some Client Appreciation Party! People find a better place worthy spending so much!

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    Until I went to Scissors!! After reading a bunch of reviews yesterday, I made an appointment today. The second I walked in I felt totally comfortable and relaxed. Simone was very friendly and interested in what I wanted for my hair. She showed me around the salon and told me about all of the wonderful treatments available there, from waxing and massages to pedicures and facials. During my cut she gave me tips on coloring my hair, what to use and what not to use. She also gave me tons of information on making my hair healthy again. Great price and great cut, I will definitely be back again and again.

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    After my hairstylist stopped doing hair years ago, I hadn't been able to find a hairdresser quite as good. But my search ended with Scissors! I hadn't gotten a haircut in almost a year, and was in dire need of one. I had no idea what I wanted to do, other than chop it all off and donate it. Melanie was absolutely wonderful! She sat down with me for a good 10 minutes and looked through magazines to get ideas and better understand what I liked and disliked. I have NEVER had a stylist spend so much time making sure we were on the same page with the haircut. As she was braiding my hair to cut it off, Melanie was absolutely wonderful, encouraging me and making sure I really wanted to cut off so much (losing over 10 inches of hair is a big deal!). Melanie gave me an absolutely wonderful, low maintenance cut, just like I asked for. She listened wonderfully and gave me exactly what I wanted, and taught me how to style my hair on my own... not many salons take that kind of time. Simone and Mela... Read more