Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    I really can't say enough about how great this recumbent bike is. I was very unhappy with a ProForm Elliptical I purchased a while back. I had to return it twice and then got my money back. The Schwinn however, this is a dream machine. Completely silent, and gives me a great workout. I use this in the mornings before my infant son wakes up and I can ride knowing that the noise from the machine won't wake him up...

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    This has been a great purchase for us. The bike is worth the money even though we had some problems with the electronics. No problem, the company's technical assistance was fast and courteous to help fix the problem. All I had to do was describe the problem which was there was no change in the resistance no matter whether it was set on the highest or lowest setting. The bike's computer module would only do an interval training program no matter what program was set. It also didn't shut off after sitting idle for two minutes. The service rep sent a new computer module which arrived in 4 days!!! I installed the new module and everything works fine. As for the setup...I can see where some would have problems if you're not very handy. I didn't think it was very difficult but it did take me about an hour to put together. So far we are a happy customer. This bike is very stable and well built. I've tried others that couldn't compare in price and quality. We are very satisfi... Read more

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    Mon Aug 18 2008

    After having major back surgery I needed something for both cardio and leg strengthening . I decided on the bike over a treadmill. Amazingly quiet, extremely comfortable for having had back surgery and a good variety of programs that are easy to set up. The display is very easy to read and understand. Liked the large pedals, with the ability to remove the straps, which I prefer to do. Delivery was excellent with free shipping . Set up was easy with tools supplied.

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    I received this bike about 10 days after I ordered it. The 125 lb box was intimidating at first, but I finally opened it and removed the bicycle. I placed a mat underneath of the bike because I have hardwood floors and didn't want to damage them in any way. Then I commenced to putting the bike together. With the exception of one page of directions (putting the seat rail back on the bike--NOTE: Pay attention to how the seat bracket looks _before_ removing it from the rail, because there's no picture of it, and you have to put it back together - this was my biggest stumbling block) and some faulty wire connections (duct tape fixed one problem, but the heart rate monitor has two of the same connection, so I need to call to figure that one out), it was not difficult. I consider myself pretty average when it comes to being handy (my day job is behind a desk), but I had almost no problem following the directions. My back is a little sore from lifting and moving the bike around, but tha... Read more

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    Should have put together sooner. Damaged with flywheel scraping side of encloser. Hope can get fixed for less than bargain price I paid.

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