Schaal Heating And Cooling

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    Wed Jun 29 2011

    Bad service. Charged me 74.00 for doing absolutely nothing. Will never use again.

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    Mon May 11 2009

    WOW! I guess we really messed up:( I am so sorry!! as hard as we try, we are not perfect I would love for you to please contact me and I will gladly refund all the money you paid on your service call, its the least I can do:) I would be happy to send you a gas card for $50 as a token of our apology as well. sincerely Roger Fouche, Owner 515-288-3631

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    The service that was provided to me and my family was terrible. I would not recommend Scaal to anyone! I also know some one that works there and that person said that the employees are not treated fairly, I feel sorry for those people. I would highly recommend using another company, I don't see how Schaal could have possibly been recognized by any organization!! I switched to Lozier Heating and cooling and I'm glad I did!!!!

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    I would not use them again