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Saudi Arabia

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    Fri Jun 10 2011

    Good ol' Saudi Arabia, the land of intolerance, the land of terrorist sponsorship, the land where women are treated as pets. Abdel Salam al-Yamani, who is head of the Saudi Electricity Company, was reported in El Economista magazine that Saudi oil reserves will run out in 19 years at the current rate. =_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en& ; a-Saudi-teme-que-se-agote-su-crudo-en-2030-si-se-mantiene-el-consumo-actual.html&act=url This is bad news for an economy that is dependent on continuous growth, you know, such as ours. OPEC just released a report that says there will be an oil supply gap later this year: Peak Oil, anyone?

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    Tue May 12 2009

    2 stars for this countries relations with the U.S. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest OPEC contributers, and has one of the wealthiest kings in the world and they have a big impact on our gas prices and rarely try to help us when times got tough energy wise, and many other western countries as well. It's like pulling teeth before they eventually (barely) increase their out put. They are supposed ally of ours.

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    I don't know if it's the government, or Islam or what, but I once heard about this school that caught fire in Saudi Arabia.  The girls in the PE class wasn't allowed to leave the building because they werent "properly dressed for public" - A.K.A they didnt have their robes/veils on.  To sum it up, They were locked in the fire and they burned alive, and for that, I'll never give this place a higher rating that one.

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    Thu Sep 11 2008

    mean to women

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    Sun Aug 24 2008

    maybe visit

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    Wed Jul 23 2008


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    Wed Jul 06 2005

    if they dident have oil, theyd still be running around in the desert trying to %&^*$ their camels.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    Please stay out of this hellhole, my friends.

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    Fri May 28 2004

    I'm not here to assess Saudi mores and politics (I do not do politics on Rateitall). This is a forum for rating countries in terms of how good a travel destination it is. I did visit this country twice (Jeddah and Al Jubayil) while in the Navy in 1985. In both visits, there was an absolutely void of dining, entertainment, recreation, and culture. We just moseyed around the crowded, dirty streets, looking at bearded males moseying around the crowded, dirty streets. Neither us nor the bearded males had nothing to do. We found nothing to do other than buying some gold jewelry at a souk (market). Even though we were at sea for weeks, after a couple of hours, we went back to the ship just to get a meal. We did go to a compound owned by the U.S. Embassy. We enjoyed a couple of beers. But since that is technically U.S. territory, that does not count for Saudi Arabia where there is no beer to be found. Can't think of a worse travel destination (Maybe Hell, Pluto, or Mordor might be ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 07 2004

    Its the government not the people arguement that works for Cuba. Here it is both that need a new reading list.

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    Mon May 26 2003

    I'm not a rascist, but most Arabs are all talk and no show. Remember when there were all of those protests before we went in to Iraq? How they were going to wipe all of us out and that they have declared thier "jihad" (Arab Suicide) on us? Well, were in Iraq now and... where are they? Saudi Arabia has the most of these people. Terrorist regime just as evil as Iraq.

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    Wed Mar 26 2003

    The source and wellspring of a considerable amount of evil aka Islam.

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    Sat Jan 04 2003

    I've never been, but they certainly don't seem to treat their women very nicely.

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