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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    Went there with my boyfriend on a Friday night. I made reservation ahead. But still got a bad spot. Maybe it's just they are too popular so they are running out of nice spots. Each customer must order at least 4 items. Food is good, but it's not beyond my expectation. IAnd each came in a tiny portion, only 2pcs for each order. And there's nothing other than sushi on the menu which means my boyfriend and I have spend more than $50 on sushi and still feel starving. And the waiters are not friendly.

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    Tue Mar 24 2009

    Little Tokyo has the bomb sushi for realz...a great spot. Club Sushi is the best in Hollywood. It really depends on where you want to drive for good food.

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    Tue Mar 24 2009

    I was impressed. This doesn't look like a great sushi place, but it surprised me. Best sushi I've had since Club Sushi in Hollywood

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    Sushi Sasabune is the best sushi restaurant ever! The fish is all super fresh. Nobi, the owner, wakes up before dawn to go to the fish market. In fact, one of the reasons that Sushi Sasabune is closed on the weekends is that the fish market is closed and Nobi only wants to serve the freshest, yummiest fish. Other sushi restaurant owners follow Nobi around the fish market, trying to figure out how he is able to select out the best fish. The albacore sashimi appetizer is amazing, and way better than another sushi restaurant a few blocks away that tries to copy it. I highly recommend the American omakase. The blue fin tuna and toro are amazing, as is the butterfish. The list goes on and on. If the scallop with yuzu paste is available (but not part of the omakase), make sure you get it! The same goes for the lobster! Sushi Sasabune certainly isn't cheap, but it is so worth it! My wife lived in Japan for 6 1/2 years, and she says that it is the best sushi she has had outside of ... Read more

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    Sat Sep 20 2008

    Hands down the best sushi in LA. This place knocks Nobu and Koi completely out of the game. Also, at $65 per person, an incredible value for the amount of food and the quality of the fish. I am completely baffled by the negative reviews on here. Clearly, some of those folks should stick to california rolls.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    This is the sushi place to go in West LA! It looks like just another house from the outside, but you'll see the neon open sign. It's a good ...

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    Sun Aug 17 2008

    The best sushi in town, hands down. It's not cheap, but it's totally worth it. When I had a larger disposable income I used to frequent it once a month. If you're a foodie, you'll love it. So the ambiance is not that of Nobu's, who needs it with food this good!

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    Went with a group of 7, and sat at a table for Omakase. There was a lot of interesting sushi/raw seafood that you can't get at a typical sushi place. Such as raw abalone (can't say I like it though). My favorite was the monk fish liver, chilled toro, spanish makeral. Our omakase included albacore sashimi, abalone, some shell seafood type of thing cut in slices(didn't catch what it was), small oyster, salmon roe, uni, yellowtail, salmon, toro, tuna, ell, monkfish liver, spanish makeral, makeral, snapper, halibut, and blue crab hand roll. We also ordered some miso soup, chilled toro, a few beer, and a couple lychee ice cream(highly recommended). The bill after tip and tax was $110/person. The omakase was a good experience to try different stuff. But if i go back next time, probably will just order a la carte, my favorite ones only. :)

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    Sat Jun 28 2008

    I can not get enough of Sasabune. Seating is prompt and the service is polite and attentive. The fish is fresh and the authentic sauces are delicous. Although I wouldn't recommend going here if you want fancy rolls- it is a must for a true sushi lover!

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    Wed Jun 04 2008

    been going to sasabune for years and consider myself a sushi connoisseur. I've never written a review but when i read the review by jinx2life i felt compelled to stand up for arguably the best sushi joint in LA. to address his review directly - salmon sushi comes with a layer of kelp + sesame seeds to enhance the experience rather than to distract from any fishy-ness they didn't mention the salmon roe cuz it's actually so good no words can do it justice & they would have had to eat their words. marinated in sake for at least a day, these delicious little eggs pop ever so refreshingly with every bite. the warm rice crumbles cuz it's what makes it melt in my mouth & is not overpoweringly sweet & complements the fish besides it's sushi rice after & there's mirin in it recommend the chef's special to taste the majority of fish they offer especially since they only serve what's best for the day first - albacore sashimi plate 2nd - sushi o-toro (highest grade of toro) and chu-toro or sweet... Read more

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    The servers were friendly enough. Our server explained the menu was sushi only, that most people get the Chef's choice, for which you pay minimum $65 per person, but you could also order a la carte. There is a minimum a la carte order of 4 sushis per person. We decided to go with a la carte. Having been to a number of bad sushi restaurants, we wanted to make sure the place was quality before spending that kind of cash. The first bump in the road came as the waitress was about to turn in our order. She informed us that the sweet shrimp, (which generally comes as a sushi, but includes the heads of the shrimp fried and served with ponzu sauce) would be coming as sushi only, and there were no cooked heads with it. Because the price was similar if not more expensive than most sushi places I've eaten at, we passed on it and went instead with salmon roe. The test for us at a sushi place is the salmon sushi. If the fish tastes at ALL fishy, or looks bad, why bother trying their more ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    this place is seriously the best sushi i've ever eaten. EVER! i currently live in austin, tx and have been anticipating my move to los angeles so i can be reunited with this restaurant with which my roommate and i have fallen in love with. everything was perfect: the food was superb and the waitress who served us was so incredibly sweet, we went to and came back from our car to give her even more tip. though, truthfully the food is so good, i probably wouldnt have cared or even noticed if the service had been lousy. a note to the reviewer below and anyone else who cares: though that encounter did seem very rude and uncalled for, generally you only ought to follow the host(ess) if they specifically ask you to. otherwise, you'll just be getting in their way of setting/cleaning up a table (especially on a busy night!). for the most part, though probably not applicable to that situation :P, they'll be doing everything they can to get everyone taken care of as soon as possible so please l... Read more

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    I arrived only to be greeted by some guy who walked away after he asked how many were in our party (2), then he told us to stay where we were after we started to follow him (isn't that the usual protocol in restaurants? follow the person who typically greets and seats you? No, not here, apparently.) Finally he returned-but he was obviously busy with a phone call. Ten minutes later (and at this point ready to head to Taco Bell) he seated us. Spare yourself, and go to the original. This guy clearly copies Nozawa. The first dish was strikingly similar, but not as good as Nozawa's baby tuna in ponzu. Sasabune uses albacore instead. The rest of the Omakase was similar but fair. Don't come here if you're hungry. I had the green iced tea-again, identical to Nozawa. I had the yellowtail, ditto, same thing. Here's the kicker, when they bring you the rolls they cut them in half, so you get 1/2 of a roll. The tune roll is repulsive and tasted like it had been sitting outside in the sun for 3 d... Read more

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    My god i love their sushi. It's the melt in your mouth kind of sushi that is just out of this world... They used to be in a tiny little place on sawtelle, but have since moved to a bigger spot on wilshire, so no long waits anymore! It's a little expensive, but worth EVERY PENNY. The rice is warm, the seaweed wrap is toasty, the crab fresh!! delicious!!

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    I adore going to Sushi Sasabune and sitting at the bar with the sushi nazis. I do not consider myself to be a very adventurous eater, but I...

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    Thu Jan 24 2008

    I thought the fish was NOT GOOD, they forced the omokase on me and several of the pieces of fish were unedible. and the atmosphere is dreary.

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    Tue Oct 30 2007

    When we lived in Chicago, my husband and I had friends from Honolulu who knew Sasabune from Hawaii and from Los Angeles. We would go out for sushi in Chicago, and what tasted fine to me, never met their satisfaction. I never understood their point of view until we visited Sasabune on Wilshire for the first time. We had lunch during the week, and at first the place was empty, but it gradually filled as the noon hour wore on. Celebrities trickled in, and the staff was friendly to everyone. We sat at the bar for omakase, watching the chef deftly cutting and shaping little morsels. Once I took a bite, I understood what our Chicago friends meant. The sushi here is just of a different class--the freshness, the texture, the flavors--everything is perfect. It was one of the more expensive lunches we've enjoyed, but I would do it again in a second. Can't wait to go back.

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    Thu Oct 25 2007

    The only place I've ever had better sushi was at the fish market in Tokyo. Admittedly, I'm not a profesional sushi critic, just an armchair fan, but that's my experience as a "civilian". Fish so fresh it melts in your mouth, warmed rice that (to me) enhances the flavor, and fresh (not fake?) wasabi. Omakase is good, but if you're in a party smaller than 4, go with a-la-carte and order your favorites. (sometimes I've gotten some items on the omakase that I wasn't thrilled with). Absolutely recommend: salmon sushi, albacore sashimi, chilled toro, and butterfish. Heaven, heaven, heaven....!

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    Thu Oct 18 2007

    I am very picky when it comes to sushi and sashimi. Sushi Sasabune really impresses me when it comes to freshness and quality of their ingredient. I am so in love with their toro, melts in your mouth! The fish is what's keeping me coming back. However, I am not too happy with their rice. First of all, I am not a big fan of the warm rice, I still like it the traditional way. Second, they mix diff. sauces into the rice on many of their sushi. Sauces are delicious in a way, but the taste is too strong, makes it very difficult to taste the fish. Also, because many sushi have sauce mixed in the rice, the rice ball become very loosely packed. I will not recommend the omasake because it is just sushi after sushi, and they charge based on what you had. I always order a la cart so I can be sure I am getting the sushi I like. This place is definitely not a romantic dating place. It feels more like nice lunch spot in business district. It is a little pricey, normally cost me around $7... Read more

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    Fri Oct 05 2007

    I keep coming back here and love it every time as the sushi is hands-down the best I have ever tasted. I even convinced my husband to come with me and sit at the sushi bar to try the chef's choice, and he is very conservative when it comes to sushi/fish, and he thought it was very good too.

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    The Scene Nestled into a Wilshire office building, the minimalist dining room here is spacious and airy, though somewhat noisy. Tall windows and white walls are accented with blond wood and cherry-lacquered tables; a slinky wraparound sushi bar encircles a half-dozen lively sushi chefs. Business crowds come for lunch, while after-work groups and younger upscale Brentwood locals stop in for dinner. The Food Like his famous sushi master Kazunori Nozawa chef-owner Nobi Kushuhara offers a streamlined menu of only sushi and sashimi--no hot dishes or fancy rolls. The attentive staff discloses this early, firmly suggesting the chef's choice omakase menu, which consists of a delightful culinary landscape of daily specials, some flown in from Japan. The more expensive Japan omakase features rarer delicacies like abalone, monkfish liver and sweet shrimp. Kushuhara's signatures are warm rice and subtle, infused sauces like ponzu, chile and miso, along with accents of kelp, sesame and shiso in u... Read more

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    As is the case with othe Omakase service, it becomes assembly line which does detract from the service. 3 of us were there for an 8:30 appointment and begged then to let us wait (at a table) for the 4th party who was to be be 10 minutes late. It's lucky he got there at 8:40 because they were about to tell us we had to start eating that very minute. Except for the pace, the omakase is superb. The sushi was superb, excellent quality fish and flavorings, although I have been to other omakases which were a bit more daring without Americanizing the fish. Service was kind of automatic but pleasant. It was a most enjoyable dinner. Although I've been in nicer atmospheres, this restaurant does not deserve the ignominy of a 7 on decor as given in the Zagat. It was a large room and had an exciting, vibrant feel. Parking was a breeze. What I can't get over the omakase service and this was no exception: if you want more sushi after the chef's tasting is over, they get wigged out, even though you a... Read more

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    Fri Jul 27 2007

    although the ambience is not the best... you will never chew, smell, or be disappointed in the consistency, the texture the taste of this sushi. this is truly the way raw fish should be prepared, we have eaten at the best restaurants in the world, and never ever ever have we found a place like this! The chef is THE most dilligent, hard working man... he is there night after night after choosing the freshest fish in the morning. And we mean early morning. He will run out of fish at nite so that the fish does not SIT there waiting for you to eat it tomorrow. you will not be disappointed

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    Tue Jul 24 2007

    I went in on a Tuesday night, 6pm, and it wasn't crowded at all. The atmosphere is nice but doesn't have an authentic japanese feel. I sat at the sushi bar and ordered the chef's special (there are two versions -- the japanese and american ones). I am not a huge sushi connoisseur but I liked the quality of the fish, taste, and the warm rice was a nice addition. However, in terms of tastiness, I wasn't a huge fan of the Japanese chef's special as the raw squid, shrimp, salmon eggs, and sea urchin, are definitely acquired tastes. Overall the chef was friendly and so were the serving staff. The major complaint I have is that I was slightly surprised by the bill. I only ordered one japanese and one american chef's special (water, no dessert, no appetizers, etc) and the bill came up to almost $190 after tax/tip! I only ate what the chef's gave me and I didn't order any "extras" at the end of the course. This was slightly surprising given that my friends and citysearch say that it'll be ar... Read more

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    Tue Apr 24 2007

    Granted when I went there I did not have the Omakase. I went there for Valentine's Day with my girlfriend and we ordered off the menu instead. I am willing to try Sasabune again and to have the omakase this time. The sushi was good but not great. Another thing that you must realize before trying this place out. Their style of sushi is made with "warm rice" as opposed to room temperature or slighly cooler rice that you get everywhere else. Not that it is bad but just different. Like I said, I'll have to go back and try the chefs menu before I give a final review.

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    Thu Apr 19 2007

    I took a friend there for his birthday a couple months ago. When we sat down we were almost forced into ordering the "chef's special" but since he had never been there before, he wanted to order off the menu. It's annoying that on a week night they still almost force you to get the "chef's choice" - it's good but pricey. The sushi was really good. The bill for both of us was almost $100 with tip but it was his birthday! I've been going to Sasabune since I first moved to LA almost 10 years ago. The atmosphere could definitely use work but it's stil the best sushi I've had in LA, especially the salmon. Melts in your mouth!

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    Thu Mar 15 2007

    The best quality fish in Los Angeles. While the setting and the service leaves something to be desired, the food is absolutely fantastic every time. I have been dining at Sushi Sasabune for over 3 year's and preffered the old (hidden house on the corner) location on Sawtelle to the new (office building) location which is un impressive and poorly decorated, but that doesn't stop people from keeping the place totally packed and reservations a MUST. The wait staff will try to push you to the Omakase (Chef's Special), but after a few tries, I prefer to order off the menu and I am always made to feel bad for doing so as if I am insulting the chef. But none the less, if you enjoy great Traditional style (No fufu rolls or California Fusions) sushi, then look no further than Sushi Sasabune.

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    Wed Mar 14 2007

    I think Sasabune is the best sushi, but that is mere opinion. You decide yourself if you like it. However, if you are a food-o-phile and you throw away excessive amounts of money every year just to experience the ?art? that underlies a cuisine, if food goes beyond flavor and presentation -- if knowing the sources of ingredients and analyzing a chef's reasoning during preparation each individual dish turns your crank -- then Sasabune is the sushi place for you. This place is one of a few that approaches sushi as a creative and expressionistic opportunity rather than merely as a craft of making tasty food. I am talking about the way Sasabune picks ingredients, treats and prepares each item, and focuses almost entirely on creating a wild and dazzling experience for your tastebuds. If you are not busy analyzing every bite with an equally fanatic sushi friend, the Master Nobu will gladly discuss his sushi philosophy with you if business is slow. In addition to the fish being fresher a... Read more

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    The sushi here is amazing and the service is good too! What more can you ask for. It doesn't look incredibly high-end and parking could be tricky, but after you leave you'll swear you'll come back. I have been to dozens of sushi restaurants and this place is definitely up there. The sushi is fresh and the servers tell you how it should be eaten... and compared to other omakase style restaurants, it's very affordable. A definite must for sushi-goers.

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    Fri Dec 29 2006

    If you are looking for a well prepared sushi with some of the freshest fishes, then Sasabune might be the place that you are looking for! Try the Omakase (Reservation is a MUST: $60/person), though a bit expensive is totally worth it! The rice could be a little dry though for sushi that the fish may fall from the rice, but after you eat the fish, you'll forget about the problem with the rice (which is not much at all). Anyway, I highly2 recommend Sasabune! I tried Matsuhisa's Omakase before (at around $150/person, the quality of the fish was not even close to that of Sasabune's)

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    Wed Nov 29 2006

    We went here for dinner because the rating was a 9.8. I would give this place a 10. We sat down to a very fresh omakase with great quality and variety. Our chef was very personable and made delicious selections, but first he checked to see if there was anything we couldn't eat, or if there was anything we really enjoyed. If you go, be open minded and trust your chef. It's really too bad this place is closed on the weekends.

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    Wed Nov 15 2006

    i've been to numerous sushi spots in LA, and nothing compares to sushi sasabune! the fish is soo fresh and yummy.. their omakase is always great and very filling.. even fish that you might not normally eat tastes wonderful at sasabune.. a must try restaurant for sushi lovers!

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    Sun Oct 01 2006

    If you want fresh and the highest quality fish this is the place for you. The sauces are amazing also.

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    Tue Jul 25 2006

    You can't lose if you go here, except for some cash. This is my favorite sushi restaurant hands down. I love the sauces the sushi comes with. Everything is great. The bill for two of us was $180. I would eat there more often, but need to pay rent. New comers might be turned off by the "trust me" service at the bar, you don't order, they give you what they want, but try it. There is nothing super exotic like blowfish or urchin. Just great sushi.

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    Fri Jul 14 2006

    Just came back from dinner at Sasabune. It was packed but we made reservations so we were seated promptly. We sat at the sushi bar and had the chef special. It was pretty good. The one thing I didn't understand was the wasabi, which was creamy?!?! The service was ok, I guess it was because it was so busy. So busy that one of the busboy took our little plates too fast and spilled some ponzu sauce on my shirt. I really wanted to complain, but since I used to be a waiter when I was in college, I didn't complain but told the busboy to give me some extra hot napkins instead. Other than that, food was pretty good, but the mochi ice cream was not authentic. I will go again, but maybe not on a Friday night.

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    If you are a sushi lover, this is The Place. The sushi is so fresh, it melts in your mouth. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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    Tue Jul 04 2006

    I've been a loyal customer of Sushi Sasabune ever since they were in the little house in Sawtelle. Sasabune does not serve California roll nor spicy tuna roll. So if you're expecting the "usual" rolls that you are accustomed to, then Sasabune is not the right place for you. Sasabune is open only from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. They are closed on weekends. This is in itself is an indication that Sasabune is a good sushi place. They're doing so well that they are closed on weekends when other Japanese/Sushi establishments are open. The chef only serves the best and freshest fish every single day. Therefore, since the fish market is closed on weekends, then the restaurant is closed on weekends. The chef does not buy fresh fish and store them in his freezer for the weekend. The servers would normally ask you if you want the Chef's Special, "Omakase". I would highly recommend the Chef's special. Of course, you always have the option of asking for their list. There are two kind... Read more

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    Mon Jun 19 2006

    so i went today for dinner w/my mom to sasabune. i loved it soo much! the fish all melted in my mouth and i just cannot wait for my next visit. mmm yum!! and our waitress was so sweet.

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    Thu Apr 27 2006

    Wow. Well you are in the minority. To say that Sasabune is not in the top ten sushi restaurants in Los Angeles is absolutely crazy. Moreso, I have read reviews of people who say, "if you know anything about sushi" and then proceed to knock Sasabune. Well, they are obviously from a rival restaurant or have lost the ablilty to taste. But to each their own. The only question is, if you really dont like Sasabune, then what do you like? Asanebo, Nishimura and Kazu are all fantastic spots but a bit overpriced. If you feel like you can get the quality of all those sushi joints plus the price of Sasabune then please, dont be offended by my review and let me know what places you go to? Till then...believe me, Im not holding my breath

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    Tue Apr 11 2006

    This place serves up the best sushi anywhere. This statement was made by a celebrity I met while waiting outside. In her travels throughout the world, she has never encountered a better sushi house -- even compared to Tokyo! Sasabune used to be in a small house on Sawtelle, but moved in 2005/06 to an upscale location on Wilshire. The new place doesn't give the warm, hole-in-the-wall feel of its predecessor, but its heavenly food hasn't changed. Everyone I know dreams about the next visit (spend at least $50 a person). There is no tempura or teriyaki (no California rolls) -- just the best Omakase ("Chef's Special") style sushi/sashimi around. All fish is purchased every morning and anything left at the end-of-day is engulfed by the staff, guaranteeing freshness. Even the rice rolled with the sushi is specially prepared, warm and delicious -- same with the ginger and wasabi.

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    We had reservation at 6:30pm, but we arrived early and have no problem seating in early since it's not much people. This new location is much nicer and bigger than the old one. All the sushi and sashimi were great; from the albocore, toro, yellowtail, halibut, eel, tuna, salmon, giant clam, monk fish liver, oyster, salmon egg, uni, to egg custer ... yet are all very fresh. Except at the end, we order extra toro and sweet egg, the toro isn't as good as the previous one we had; and the egg is so cold that it tastes like it just get out of freezer. It is a very nice experience, but it is not as good as Matsuhisa.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    I've eaten at Sasabune about 10 times a year since 1996. A few times, the sushi was not up to par, by Sasabune standards which is extremely high. I ate (the omakase) at the new location a few nights ago and was thoroughly disappointed. The sushi was mediorcre, and the service was horrible. I asked for tea from two different waitresses, and after 20 minutes I asked a worker bussing tables who brought some promptly. The sauteed lobster and miso soup were new yet unappetizing. The butterfish was not supple, and the ono was falling apart. My companions and I noticed that the same serving of fish varied in size and most were poorly cut. We did not drink much unlike most nights at Sasabune but the bill was about $15-20 higher than normal. Overall: average for sushi and way below average for Sasabune. The price--not worth the mediocre quality.

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    Tue Jan 31 2006

    I've been going to Sasabune for about 2 years now, about once a month on average. The quality of sushi hasn't changed at all. It's still the mouthwatering, melt in your mouth sushi I've come to expect for $70-80 per person. As they have changed locations to a much bigger, classier place, it's not as loud and cramped as it was before and service got a lot better than before. Upon sitting down, you're asked if you want the chef special, which just means the chef gives you whatever is most fresh. Get it, trust him. I recommend getting the Japanese special, which has more exotic fish selection, which usually include monk fish liver, abalone, uni, japanese oyster (it's really small, but sweeter), sweet shrimp, etc. While the price is a bit expensive, I can't help it as the sushi at Sasabune is amazingly good. Best in LA.

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    Wed Jan 25 2006

    First time I went, I was forewarned: No rolls, no cold rice, no ordering for yourself. Sit at the bar, and let the chef give you what's best that day. It was the best sushi experience I've ever had. Even today, after countless visits and after trying the top sushi places in NY (Yasuda, Sushi of Gari and Nobu), nothing compares to the amazing fish at Sasabune. If you go expecting spider rolls, edamame, cold rice and green tea ice cream, then forget it. Go for the fish, and the crab handrolls, and the eel and the uni. There is no better sushi in LA. It will be an eye opening experience.

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    The fish is average, but the rice is too warm. Too expensive for quailty. Impersonal. I wondered if the fish was precut. i saw a tray come from in back.

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    The restaurant itself is rather small and not very fancy. The sushi itself more than makes up for it. You get several dishes that the chef chooses for the day for the flat price of $50. If your palette is yearning for fresh, authentic sushi, Sushi Sasabune is the place to go. You will not appreciate this place if you are in the mood for California rolls, spicy tuna rolls and the typical dishes normally served at more Americanized Japanese restaurants.

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    had dinner here last night, and although it's a rather big restaurant the sushi quality didn't suffer in any way. the albacore, toro, yellowtail all melt in your mouth. the blue crab handroll was amazing, as was the salmon skin handroll (which i NEVER order anywhere) which seemed like it was marinated in a delicious sauce. the service was very nice and the staff attentive. in general, the style of doing things is very much like Nozawa, but with a smile. price was $100 for two people, very reasonable for the quality of fish served.

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    Wed Dec 21 2005

    This was a AWFUL lunchtime sushi experience. Not only do they enforce a minimum order and refuse to make spicy tuna, but they charge an outrageous amount for BAD SUSHI! Every piece/roll we had came with loose rice and they would not give us plates to catch the rice that was falling out all over the table and us. Our lunch consisted of a loosely-rolled, bone-filled, uncut (not a handroll) salmon skin roll, a tuna roll, sickly sweet shrimp with a nauseating texture (2 pcs for $9!), eel, toro and albacore. The above items added up to $60. For 2 people. There are dozens of better places to get sushi in this city. Spare yourself and your wallet.

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    Fri Dec 02 2005

    I was very excited to have the chance to come to LA and try the original, now in a new more up-scale (though still not quite as nice as that in Honolulu) location. The food here is on-par with that in the Honolulu location - no surprise since the chef in Honlulu was trained here. The rice is intentionally warm and sticky, with cool fish - a superb combination which must be eaten shortly after it's served to ensure the fish doesn't start to warm. The only difference I found here was that there was a bit more rice in each piece than in the Honolulu location, sometimes overwhelming the fish a bit. Other than that, you'll find here nothing short of the finest sushi experience in the 48 contiguous states.

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    Thu Dec 01 2005

    I live in SF, but everytime I travel down to LA sasabune is one stop I dont want to miss. (I have to drive 90 miles each way to have their sushi) Been there twice and going down to Santa Monica to have their sushi again soon! My Gf and I always get the omakase. Last time we had something like the blue fin tuna toro, Abalone with citus dressing, and sea urchin dunkan that taste like the ocean. the dinner was out of this world. Each time we visit there is something different on the omakase menu, last time was about 80 per person plus tax. Is it worth the price? you bet.

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