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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    One of the very few disappointing San Francisco attractions: cold, foggy, distant, not well maintained. The Oakland zoo, though a little smaller, is livelier. I felt sorry for the tropical animals when I was at the SF Zoo, who would have been much happier on the sunny side of the city. And of course there was the tragic event in Dec '06 to further sully the park's reputation. Maybe there's some open land in the China Basin?

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    its aweosme i go there all the time!

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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    Don't taunt the tigers...

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    Fri Mar 21 2008

    I have been there, and it is a nice zoo. I recommend.

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    poor aminals!!!

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    It's not the best zoo, but it consistently getting better year to year. Some exhibits are still antiquated and look like they are from the 1950s. These look cruel by modern standards. Other exhibits like the Lemurs are new and much more open and modern. Just please don't taunt the tigers when you visit!

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    I have very mixed feelings about zoos in general.  This particular zoo, however, makes me feel ill. It is one of the most depressing zoos i've ever stepped foot in.  For starters, not only is it located in a city that remains cold for the most part of the year, but it also is in the part of San Francisco that is fogged in the majority of the time.  It is cold and gray. The animals seem depressed, and certainly cold. It is not normal for animals that evolved in tropical or dessert like environments to be displayed in 50 to 70 degree and overcast weather all the time.  I really wish they would relocate the zoo to a warmer location.

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    Fri Apr 08 2005

    this is a huge zoo. alot of natural habitats for the animals. i cant say id want to see it twice though

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    Thu Jan 01 2004

    I think the zoo is taking a step in the right direction with the African Savanna and Great Ape Forest. But there are still improvements to be made. 1)Take the Giraffe/Zebra wing and make new habitats for the African and Asian elephants,River Hippos, Pygmy Hippos, Indian Rhino and Black Rhinos. The River Hippos should have both Underwater and above water views. 2)Take the Nyala, Blackbuck,Warthog, Eland and Black Rhino exhibits and create a new exhibit called the Artic Circle. This new one of a kind habitat will be home to marine mammals and birds filled with both underwater and above water viewing. Animals here should include Beluga Whales, Bottle nosed Dolphins,Walruses,Seals,Sea Lions,Sea Otters, Puffins and Sea Turtles. 3)Make the old Chimpanzee and Orangutan exhibits and create a Giant Panda Conservation center with both outdoor and Indoor viewing of Giant Pandas. 4)Move the BlackBucks and Indian Muntjac down by the Patas Monkeys next to the restrooms, where the Elands were at some... Read more

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    Tue Jun 25 2002

    I went here with my family when I was a little kid, and I remember I loved it! It was crowded (of course!) but there were these awesome water fountains that looked like hippos, and I even got to ride a pony! So, judging from my very early childhood memories (which are, actually, pretty vivid!) it's a great place!

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    Sun Dec 17 2000

    More fun than a barrel of monkeys, seeing as they have a whole housefull. Be sure to check out the otters, you can get crazy close up to them. Be sure to find out what time they are feeding the big cats.

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    Sat Dec 16 2000

    I visited the zoo lately and had fun, but it looked a little run down. It needs more cheerfulness to invite the younger crowd who could continue to visit. It needs more things you can touch, like a petting section.

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    It's the only place I've been in San Francisco besides the airport. I love animals. Very educational and different.

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    Tue Jul 11 2000

    People of all ages can have fun here. The person has to love animals though. The admission is not too costly but the best part is you get to get in free the first Tues. of the month.

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    Wed Jul 05 2000

    Many exotic animals to see at the zoo and best of all, it is free on the first Wed. of the month.

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    Wed Jul 05 2000

    The zoo is my favorite San Francisco attraction. It has something for everyone. My favorite animals at the zoo are the hippos and the penjuins. They make the whole experience for me.

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    Sat Jun 10 2000

    The zoo offers a wide range of all different animals from flamingos to white tigers. There are often protests, but they are generally quite. The zoo is a great place for kids and families to get together for the day. Afterwards the beach is right down the street to cool off.

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    Thu Jun 08 2000

    I really liked the zoo. It's a good place for the family. You can spend the whole day there. Make sure you go in the morning so you can get good parking right next to the gate.

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    Sun Jun 04 2000

    The San Francisco zoo is a great place for family to spend their day. The park is always clean and that is great. There are many types of animals to see.

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    Sat Jun 03 2000

    The zoo has gone down hill. It is not a pleasant place to view animals. The animals look unhappy and you see no love from the animals whatsoever.

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    Fri Jun 02 2000

    Considering S.F. is so popular, the zoo could stand for improvements. The weather in the area is usually horrible, so it is hard to enjoy yourself in the fog and cold.

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    Thu Jun 01 2000

    This is a great place to go with friends or family. Kids will learn a lot in this environment and they will like it here.

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    Mon May 22 2000

    The animals look neglected and there are too many vacant sections. The only interesting section was the reptiles although it was very small. I expected more exhibits, animals, and exciting things for kids to do.

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    Mon May 22 2000

    I love the zoo. It is a lot of fun. It is good for children.

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    Tue May 16 2000

    I went to the SF zoo just about 3 years ago and I feel that this zoo needs a little bit of an improvement. One thing was, the area of the zoo was very trashy. There was papers and other non-enviornmental things flying all around the place in the windy city. Second, the animals seem to be un-happy. I think they need to make the animals have a better living environment.