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    Tue Nov 17 2009

    I happen to come upon this place that offers a barber cut for guys like me who wanted to get a salon quality haircut without having to pay the salon price. I have yet to be disappointed. I recommend Amy or Mya if you want a styled or smooth looking haircut-for sure!

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    Wed Nov 11 2009

    I have to admit, I'm one of those people who is willing to try anything once. To me, hair is an adventure. I have spent a lot of time and money over the years on that adventure. I've had many looks I liked, many I didn't. Mostly, though, I've just never known what to do with it. When Amy suggested I come by the salon, I wasn't sure what to expect. I never know how hip and trendy a salon is going to try to be, versus classic and fabulous. While I'm willing to be brave most of the time, it would be difficult to explain to my boss what I was thinking when I "went there" with my hair this time around. But like I said, I'm willing to try anything once, so I gave it a shot. Salon b is a fantastic place. I felt at home in the salon as soon as I go there. Everyone is friendly, courteous, attentive and you can tell that they LOVE their jobs. I couldn't wait to see what they could do! Amy is the color goddess. She corrected my box-black mess with very little fuss, and only a mino... Read more

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    An exceptional group of high end professionals who provide artistic originality, and technical perfection. All this without the phony arrogance found in so many salons. Everyone there seems genuinely interested in you and works to make you comfortable and satisfied. You are definatiely well taken care of.

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    Sun Oct 11 2009

    I've gone to about every top salon in San Francisco and paid hundreds for hair cuts and color to find that perfect stylist. Little did I know she was hiding in Sacramento. Since I live between San Francisco and Sacramento and have been disappointed in all the hype over SF stylists, I thought I would research stylists in the Sacramento area. I read all the reviews on City Search and decided I would try Amy. Boy am I glad that I did. She actually listened to what I was saying and gave me the cut I've been asking others for, for over a year. I decided to stay conservative with my color, but looking forward to a big change the next time I see Amy. I also want to express how amazing the entire staff is, starting with Emiko. She fit me in and worked with my schedule. The customer service I received was more than I could have ever asked. While I was there I met one of the owners Scot, who was extremely personable. I can't say enough positive things about the salon and Amy. For t... Read more

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    I have been going to a popular salon downtown for over two years and was never completely satisfied with my cut and color. However, I did what a lot of us do.....I became comfortable with my hair stylist and did not want to step outside the box. Heck, we all get in a rut sometimes and it takes an act of God to get you out. I did not want to even attempt to find a new stylist, because there are so many salons in Sactown. I finally came to the conclusion that my hair could go on being average forever or I could take the leap of faith. I am so happy I finally took the chance and trusted Salon B and Amy. My hair color is awesome and Amy made sense out of the mess of a haircut my ex stylist made. All I can say is thank you for making me love my hair again!

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    I came into Salon b today with a color disaster, and left with the most gorgeous red hair EVER. Last week, at another Sacramento salon, I suffered a hair disaster - we are talking white streaks/chunks over a bizarre red color. It was AWFUL. I called Salon B after reading the great reviews online. They were friendly on the phone and set me up with Amy ASAP. Amy, who is a color certified expert, diligently worked my hair into this gorgeous, debra messing-like red hair. I was thrilled and I am SO happy with my hair. Reds are tricky and Amy nailed it. I couldn't be happier. During my appointment the owner introduced herself to me, and all the stylists were very professional and welcoming. Exceptional job by Amy - thank you so much. I will be back! I love Salon b!

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    Fri Jul 31 2009

    I was very nervous looking for a new stylist and color specialist, but Salonb came highly recommended. It was reassuring to know that Elle Magazine ranked Salonb one of the top 100 hair salons in the country in the August 09 issue. Amy listened very carefully to what I wanted and the results are over the top. I've never had a better cut and color... EVER! Amy is a GODDESS! The calming ambience of the salon is icing on the cake!

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I started out as a client of Kathleen's approximately 15 years ago. Over the years I have also used several other stylists in the salon including Scott, Lindsay and currently Amy. They are all WONDERFUL and I love that I can change between stylists if one of them is booked. I live in the Auburn area and I hate the drive to Sacramento just to get my hair done. But...every time I get the idea that I will find someone else, I come running back to Salon B. I do feel badly that they have to fix the mess that other stylists make of my hair when I venture off. I would trust any of the stylists at Salon B to cut or color my hair because they are all highly trained and skilled at both. I do not and never have worked for Salon B but I do feel like part of the family when I am there. I am not surprised that there are so many great reviews because it truly is the best hair salon I have ever been to. I have referred many friends over the years that are still loyal customers. In fact, ... Read more

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    Mon May 18 2009

    I think that Kathleen and Scott have a real gift for taking care of each customer and still have a busy salon. Their assistants are also very good. Kathleen is a specialist in color and Scott is meticulous with haircuts. I have been in awe of the clients that leave after having Avery do their color and cuts-they looked beautiful. I also like their vast supply of Aveda products.

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    Mon May 11 2009

    Love, Love, Love Aveda

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    Mon May 04 2009

    I have been with Amy for about 6 years, and have followed whenever she changed salons. Why? Because I can totally relax with my hair color knowing that it will always come out the way I want it. That is pretty amazing since I am one particular chick!

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    I'll start with the salon itself. Salon b has a sense of style that goes well with the great people that work there. I always feel welcome when I come in like I'm seeing old friends again. The staff is at the same time welcoming and professional and the salon is clean and comfortable, with a great design aesthetic. Amy at Salon b is definitely the best stylist I've been to. She does an amazing job every time on both cuts and color whether for myself or one of my friends. I used to have very straight hair down to the middle of my back. I made the decision one day to cut my hair short and she made me happy I did. Every time I go back I come up with some new style I want and she always manages to make it better and work for me. I highly recommend Amy to anyone out there who wants a professional and modern look.

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    Sat Apr 25 2009

    I needed a serious hair makeover. I had black ends, brown roots and this was all done by myself at home. I looked up Salon b on city search and liked that they had so many great reviews. I had an amazing experiance at this salon from start to finish. Lindsay at Salon b transformed my bad hair into a beautiful even hair color. She told me what I could expect and delivered 100%. I have received so many compliments on my hair (even from men). I am so happy I came into the salon. I even got a free hand massage while my color was on. Thanks again Lindsay you are so good at what you do!

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    I take my whole family to Amy Anderson at Salon b. My husband enjoys getting an old fashioned straight razor shave and barbershop style treatment. I have 2 pre-teen girls who enjoy get very stylish, trendy, but easy to manage cuts. I myself feel Amy is a miracle worker with color. Being prematurely gray (more than 50%), Amy always keeps my hair colored and cut in great styles.

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    Amy is the nicest stylist I know and the most artistic! She's been doing my hair since the dawn of time. She really has an excellent eye for what looks good on her clients, she is an excellent listener to what you have to say to achieve the style you want and makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease. I highly highly recommend Amy. If you are questioning which stylist to chose, trust me you can only do wrong if you don't choose Amy - yah!

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    Thu Apr 16 2009

    Amy cuts my hair just the way I like it. I,m a guy who doesn't usually like salons but the atmospohere here is lay back and friendly. Amy cuts my hair to last between cuts and it always looks good. She's been cutting my hair for 5 years.

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    Thu Apr 16 2009

    I have been going to Amy for 8 years, and I just love her! She really listens to what you want, and she is also great for just doing something fun and spontaneous. She is always on time for her appointmenta, I would never go to anyone else! I also love the atmoshpere of Salon B, everyone is warm and friendly!

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    Thu Apr 16 2009

    Amy gave me a make-over that streamlined my morning routine... A must for my busy schedule & long commutes. The new Brazilian Blowout—cut my morning grooming time by more than half. My new cut looks great whether I dry it sleek & smooth or let the waves go. NO Frizz, amazing. Amy is also a very talented colorist... whether I choose to be a red head or go hair looks amazingly natural. Thanks, Amy!

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    Amy has done wonders with my frizzy grey hair . I love it. I always leave looking fabulous and feeling relaxed. Bravo! Salonb and Amy.

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    Amy has made this 62-year-old retiree appropriately cute for years now. When I colored my hair she had my co-workers ooo'ing and ah'ing every time. Now that I've gone natural, she has found the perfect cut to show off my beautiful salt and pepper. Her recommendations for conditioner made a huge difference too.

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    Tue Apr 14 2009

    Amy Anderson is not only 1st class colorist and stylist with years of experience, but also licensed barber. This means you can combine an incredibly smooth and relaxing straight razor shave with a great, salon quality cut. Very unique experience. Go see Amy at Salon b!

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    Sun Apr 05 2009

    I have wavy, somewhat curly, prone-to-frizz hair. My stylist told me about a new technique--the Brazilian Blowout--that would change my hair. She said I wouldn't have to flat iron, and my blow-drying time would be cut in half, or less. Right. I went to Salon B, where this most delectable-smelling process was performed (it's smells like chocolate!). Afterwards--like all salon visits, my hair looked amazing. Smooth, shiny, curl and frizz-free. She told me that I wouldn't have to shampoo as often, and to let her know when I did (just for fun). Every day I checked my hair for dirtiness, oilyness, etc. I finally broke down on the 5th day after I had the service and washed my hair! After toweling dry, I applied some of the yummy Moroccan Oil to my hair, and started blow-drying. I am not kidding when I tell you that it took me 5 minutes to do my full head of thick hair. I did not have to flat iron at all for 2 months, and every time I washed and dried it came out just as nice as when I first... Read more

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    Kathleen has been my stylist for the past 12 years. I tell her often I feel like a walking billboard for her salon. I am constantly getting stopped by random people asking me where I get my hair done. Although I am flattered by the compliment, I know that my hair wouldn't look this good without Kathleen. So truly the compliment goes to Kathleen, not me. -As well, I have had many (and I do mean many) friends calling me over the years, in tears, asking me if I can refer them to someone at Salon B to "fix" their recent hair salon disaster they received elsewhere. Scot, Lindsay, Amy have all helped out and made every one of my friends in crisis happy as can be. I appreciate that Salon B is devoted to training each stylist as an ongoing part of their employment. Finally, Emiko is truly a godsend for Salon B. She manages the daily doings, always gets me into the perfect appointment when my schedule takes a turn, and greets each client by name and with a smile-always!

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    Sat Mar 07 2009

    I received one of the worst cuts of my life from a stylist at this salon. I asked for angled face-framing layers and got an all-one length curtain on the side of my face that was not blended into the rest of my hair. It was like a bizarre one-length level that came down to my cheek and then the rest of my hair underneath it. There was no layering or blending or thinning out. Just a two-level weird cut. I'm not sure if she was tryng to do some sort of structured modern thing or what, but it was not pretty. I went back to get it fixed, and she only made it worse. Later I found out that she only had about two years expeience total cutting hair and that she had previously worked exclusively as a colorist. I won't name names, but I was really surprised at how bad this cut was. I had to get fixed at another salon. The person who fixed it was just as mystified as I had been. She had never seen a cut quite like it. Beware.

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    Fri Mar 06 2009

    I have been a regular client of Kathleen, one the owners of Salon b for 22 years and have followed her through the years to the salons she has worked in and the two she and her husband, Scott, have owned. Why? Because of their basic intregrity to their clients and to their products. They are committed to teaching and training their employees tried and true methods of hair care. I recommend them highly as stylists and hair specialists. I am pretty particular about my hair and have never been disappointed with their recommended care and styling of my hair. They also stay current with new products and techniques by traveling, either themselves or sending their employees to learn new methods nationwide and internationally. I do highly recommend this salon to those who care for the health of their hair.

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    Thu Feb 26 2009

    This salon receives high scores. Customer Service is one of the main things I appreciate. The salon was very busy but I was greeted immediately when I entered the lobby. After intros I was addressed by my first name so I felt right at home. The decor is simple and elegant, I waited a few brief minutes before my stylist Melanie came to collect me, I was offered a beverage right away. After a long day at work it was heaven. The shampoo bowls are on a short wall so that the stylist can wash you hair from behind you. This eliminates someone leaning over you, not seeing the soap in your other ear, and who WOULD pick to have someone's armpit over your nose while they wash you hair. This design is fabulous! Melanie really listened to what I wanted and though I had a late appointment, she made sure I looked great! I have really thick hair, but within a short time Melanie cut, washed, colored and styled my hair. I cannot say enough good things about this salon. The traffic is bad at 5PM, so in... Read more

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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    Well, Kathleen is such "the artist". While shopping in Sacramento a year ago, I saw this "great hair" on a gal. Of course, I had to ask her who does her hair. She sent me to Kathleen at Salon B. I was always told "your hair won't do that" by other salons. Not true! She is a miracle with color and cut! Awesome salon and staff. I now travel with my best friend from Sonora to have her keep us in shape. Thanks Kathleen!!! Emily

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    Thu Oct 23 2008

    I am a native to Sacramento and have been getting my hair done in this city for at least 13 years. Never really stayed loyal to any particu...

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    My coworker and I were coming to a work conference from Alaska. And being small town girls we really wanted the 'big city' hair treatment. We found Salon B online and contacted them. They found out what we wanted, explained their prices and set us up with appointments. It couldn't have been any easier! Malerie was exactly what I needed in a stylist. I wanted to change my color and the style slightly but still wanted suggestions. She took what information I gave her and ran with it. I love my hair color and I have never received so many compliments. She's amazing and she recommended all these great restaurants and bars for us to try!! Above and beyond service! And for a 'big city' salon their prices were very reasonable, I think I got a great deal for how wonderful my hair turned out!

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    Sat Jul 26 2008

    I highly recommend this salon. I have straight, fine hair and zero styling capabilities, so I needed a LOT of help. I was going from a chin length to an earlobe length cut, but with all the wonderful reviews I had read on CitySearch and reading the stylist bios from the Salon b website, I had every confidence I would get a great cut. I showed up on July 22nd, armed with several pictures of some short hairstyles I had found in various hairstyle magazines. Malerie looked through the pictures I had brought and helped me decide what would work best for me. I'm not a chatty person so after the style was decided upon I let Melanie focus on her scissorwork. The final result was perfect! My style is very easy to replicate at home and I absolutely love it. Thank you, Malerie!

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    I first discovered Salon B by researching online for a new salon to try out in Sac. Salon B had the most positive reviews on Citysearch, and I decided to give it a shot. Although a little doubtful at first, I now completely understand what all the rave is about. I think I am the most picky client ever because I'm never completely happy with the outcome of my hair. I've tried out many "nice" salons in Sacramento, but I've never been impressed. Sometimes the cut is okay, but I always hate how the stylist styles it and I have to rush home to re-do it myself. Until Kathleen came along. She is the most talented hairstylist I've ever come across. I could tell from the start that she would do a good job from the way she moved her hands and how precise she was with everything. The biggest compliment that I can give Salon B is that they seem to really focus on PRECISION haircuts. I used to hate going to expensive salons and having them spend such a short amount of time on my cut becau... Read more

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    Wed Jul 09 2008

    ... and I feel amazing! I live in San Diego but I've never found a salon I like better than Salon B in Sacramento, so I always schedule an appointment when I know I'm going to be there. My stylist, Avery, is aware of this, so when I went in last time asking for highlights he used a different technique, not foils, that would make the color look better longer. He explained to me that this technique would allow the color to grow out without my roots showing and looking tacky, because he knows I won't be back for a while. Avery also treats a haircut like a work of art - he never seems like he's tired or annoyed and just wants to get it over with - he is proud of his work and dedicates the time to make sure it's done right. Scot and Kathleen are also amazing people. Last time I was there Scot would come over and chat with Avery about my cut, and Kathleen told me all about how they decorated the salon when I asked her about it. It was apparent that she and Scot paid special attention to cr... Read more

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    Tue Jul 08 2008

    Salon B is the only place I've ever been able to get the "perfect" cut and color. I live in Philadelphia now, and still make it a point to schedule an appointment with them whenever I go back to Sacramento to visit. I went in last week, and my hair was pretty boring from being dyed blond for a while. Kathleen gave it some depth with a darker color underneath, and highlights and lowlight on the top. I've loved my hair everytime I've gone in, and I highly recommend them. The service is great and the staff is super friendly.

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    I would like to start off by saying that you will not receive a snotty attitude from stylists or receptionists. I was a victim of ignoring my roots. It grew and grew, but I did not have the time to research a place to get my hair done. I finally chose Salon B. I explained to my stylist what I wanted to do (cut, color, full foilwork). She said she would cut, highlight, and do a glaze. My main goal was to get rid of the two-tone color in my hair. I had my color+highlights on the bottom & roots on top. I told her this. She said she would do lots of highlights and then a glaze. I wish my stylist had shown me what the end result would be similar to. It wasn't well described. I felt like she was getting annoyed by my questions. So, I trusted her and let her work. After the coloring was done we moved onto my cut. She washed my hair and did a cut to "get the basic shape." Her technique was different from my stylist back home. She then dried my hair. She put layers in with scissors. ... Read more

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    Thu Jun 12 2008

    Genuine review for salon b: The favorable citysearch reviews all sounded too much alike, I suspected they were written by the staff and management, but I respected their idealism and decided to give them a try. When I first walked in I saw a woman walking towards me. She had just gotten her hair cut, and was on her way out. Her hair looked okay, but when I glimpsed the apprehension and near despair on her face I should have taken that as a cue to turn around and leave. But they called my name, and I'm an idiot. The person who cut my hair seemed nice enough. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she seemed to know what to do. The model had long shaggy bangs, but the stylist--without consulting me--cut my bangs short, VERY SHORT, leaving maybe an inch in length. I'll spare you all the details, but it ended up looking freakish. While I was there, one of their own employees was getting her hair done. Afterwards she came by my station and my stylist a... Read more

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    Sun May 18 2008

    So upon search of the internet I had found salon-b.Upon calling for price and apt. info the secretary was very friendly and set me an apt. for the very next day. When I went to salon B,It was in a convenient location and lot's of parking was available.When I arrived at the salon I was greeted right away. I had an apt. with a hair (artist extroardinair!!!)by the name of Malerie,who was young,very friendly and fun to talk to.I was a little skeptical because of the condition my hair was in but .......It turned out like ten times better then I ever would have hoped to!!!Thanks Malerie I love it!U did wonders,I really appreciated it! I definately am going to be a regular at this salon.And highly recommend it to others. Notoriously blonde,that loves 80's movies!

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    Sat Apr 26 2008

    I was very impressed with Salon B. First of all I love their website, it was clean, sleek and refreshing and not overdone. That's I found them by searching on the web. I love the way it introduced everyones talents and strengths. I had made an appointment for my daughter's Senior ball for a Glamour style with Avery. She just loved his personality and his ideas. Now she wants to go back and have him cut and be more creative with her hair. She also had Amanda do a makeup application and was so happy with the results. Thanks Amanda she looked beautiful. I also want to add that while I was waiting for my daughter I got really inspired to do my hair also by listening to everyone around me and talking to Emiko at the customer desk I felt really comfortable. Since I have been scared to get my hair done by someone again after I lost my hair stylist that I had for over 10 years. I went and tried someone and was not completly happy, it was hard to try to trust someone again. But I really felt c... Read more

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    Wed Mar 12 2008


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    Mon Mar 10 2008

    One visit to Salon b and you will be convinced of the artistry and exceptional workmanship which is the trademark of an outstanding salon. As President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, I know what great haircoloring is. Kathleen has been a Board Certified Haircolorist for 8 years and has always been on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and products. To visit the salon you will recognize her dedication and professionalism that is present with the staff. their goal is to make your visit a memorable experience. You can't go wrong with Salon b.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    I can't say enough about how excited I get when I know I am getting my hair done. I always have something new to look forward to, whether it be new color, new cut, extensions or all of the above. The one thing I can always count on from Kathleen and Scot (the best stylists ever) is that I will always be kept on the cutting edge of what's going on in the hair industry. I have been coming to Salon b for over 8 years now and even though I now live in the east bay, I still drive to ensure the best look possible. I would never hesitate to recommend Salon b to anyone who wants to be in the latest hair fashion.

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    Wow! Finally an upscale salon without the snooty attitude! I made an appointment to have about 4 1/2 inches chopped and I'm glad I did! My mom seriously thinks I should be in a hair commercial! (And trust me, my mom is really difficult to please). The salon booked my with a sweet fellow named Avery. I told him I wanted a cute little swoop to disguise my "movie screen sized" forehead. :) My hair not only looks good but it feels so soft and silky. I'm very happy and will return shortly!

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    Wed Jan 09 2008

    When my last stylist left Sacramento to go to Sassoon in SF he sent me to his mentors Scot & Kathleen. No wonder he was so great....he learned his craft from the BEST! I never fail to get compliments on my cut & color wherever I go. Kathleen is so meticulous when coloring and cutting my hair and I've never walked out disappointed. I have observed her training Lindsay, Malerie, Craig and now Holly. Each have developed into skilled artists with engaging personalities and great humor. It is a pleasure to enter Salon b because everyone there treats you with warmth and respect. I'm proud to be a client at Salon b!

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    Highly recommended. Amy did a great job on my highlight/color. Salon B has a wonderful atmosphere and everyone was extremely friendly. Def will return next time I am in Sacramento!!

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    Sat Dec 22 2007

    The first thing I noticed at the salon is that it's DIRTY, too much dust everywhere you can tell it's not just one day dust. Moreover, the person who does the color is not the person who cuts, is not the person who glazes and is not the person who washes the hair and that is just too many people handling your hair. It took them almost 4 hours to do color/highlight and they did a horrible job not worth the amount of $$ I paid: approx $250 including tip.

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    I've been seeing Scot and Kathleen for over 4 years...I recently moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles and figured I would have no problem finding someone more than capable to handle my hair...Had to find out the hard way...I decided to go to a more than reputable salon in Beverly Hills, (I won't name any names) but I felt confident I was in good hands...I didn't notice right away because my hair was still in such good shape from my previous cut and color, but over a few months time I had a disaster on my hands...I immediately booked a flight to Sacramento and Scot came to my rescue!! He knew exactly what to do to fix my hair, even though it will take months now to grow out the damage to my layers...Not only did Scot fix my hair, but he and Kathleen set up a photo shoot for me in Salon b because they also knew I was having problems getting my headshots done...Scot cut and styled my hair for the shoot and also touched it up for me in between shots to make sure it was picture perfect...Th... Read more

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    Mon Nov 26 2007

    When it comes to getting my hair cut I am a very picky person. I had done many reviews on citysearch prior to picking salon b. Salon b had so many positive reviews that I decided to book an appointment with Amy. The salon was very clean, hip and chic. Everyone from the receptionist to the owners of the salon was kind and attentive. I put all my trust in Amy?s hand and let her give me a whole new look and I?m glad that I did! I got so many compliments on my haircut and 3 weeks later people are still telling me how great it looks. I?m glad that I decided to book an appointment with Amy at Salon b ? I won?t have to look any farther for a great hair stylist.

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    Sun Nov 18 2007

    I've been to Salon B twice: the first time for coloring, and the second time for a haircut. Both times I booked an appt with Avery. I just moved to Sac a couple of months ago, and have always been really hesitant to have new people cut my hair, but Avery is great! He really listens to what you want, and takes his time. Everyone at the salon is friendly, including the front desk people. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a new salon to go to. I used to fly back down to SoCal to have my hair done, but I'm so glad I have finally found a place I feel comfortable with!

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    For over 25 years I have witnessed Scot and Kathleen passion for work and commitment to their clients. They are constantly learning fresh and innovative techniques and keeping up on the latest trends. My wife and I highly recommend visiting Salon b.

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    The first thing you will notice at Salon B is the staff is very friendly and welcome you in as if you are a friend. No snotty atmosphere here, no way. They are all very professional and innovative. You will find that there is each one of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and continuing to sharpen themselves independently and as a team. Beauty and brains! I have had the pleasure of recommending people to come in to Craig. Each and everyone of them left the salon looking fabulous and feeling very beautiful and confident. You should try this salon out for yourself. So do not miss out on this up and coming salon.

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    Sat Oct 20 2007

    Ever since I was a young girl, my obsession was hair. I always want to try all different things with my hair. At Salon B i found this very possible. I can honestly say I probably have been to every salon in Sacramento, probably some out of Sacramento to. But i can guarantee that I have stopped my search and found Salon B to be my permenant Salon. Kathleen (my hair dresser) is ABSOLUTLEY WONDERFUL!!!! As picky as I am, and as often as I want changes she works with me till she knows I am satisfied. One minute I want to be a pitch Black and with in the next two weeks I want to go to a cinnamom brown. In previous Salons I have had hair dressers try to talk me out of changes, espectially from going dark to light to dark again, as that is very hard. However Cathleen makes it possible. She can even take me from short to long!!! Yes hair extensions. My new obsession and addiction. I have tried different hair extensions and havn't had a good experiecne. But Hair Locks are the BEST!!! They allo... Read more