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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    I read that she gave birth to a child at 23 years old. Its hard for me to believe that sweet little innocent Sally was a closeted nympho!

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    She's so cute. Ok, maybe Sally was great in Norma Rae, but I liked the fun stuff like Smokey better. Oh and those classic Boniva commercials!

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    Even in your Boni commercial, you are something else. Just the way you turn your right foot in - when you're standing in front of the mirror, holding your dress up in front of you, visually trying it on - is a memorable event. I thank you so much for the hours of enrichment and entertainment you have given me.

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    Even in her early 60s, a very talented, sexy lady.

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    Sat Nov 04 2006

    Doing well in the new show "Brothers and Sisters." She's had a good career.

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    Fri Sep 01 2006

    Ive always enjoys Sally's films, tv shows....whatever. I have had the biggest crush on her since I was about 5 years old.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    I love Sally. She is a great actress and sooo cute. One of my favorites

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    smokey and the bandit- enough said

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    Uh Yeah she was big like 30 years ago, Get her off the list ! she is not current.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    One of my favorite actresses, she does a terrific southern accent, isnt she from California?

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    I have been in love with Sally Field since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. She is the cutest gal, even now at her age, to me. Her excitable, bubbly personality, cute smile, pug nose...WOW, I'm getting hot. Loved her in Gidget, the Flying Nun, and most of her movies. She is a delicious, delectable sexy little tart in Stay Hungry. If she's single again, think I'll move to Hollywood. ;) Growl

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    Thu May 19 2005

    since the days of the flying nun she has grown into such a wonderful and talented actress. yes we really do like her

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    Sally Field is one of the great actresses of the last half of the 20th century. Forget the Flying Nun days and look at Norma Rae, Sybil, and Places in the Heart. Bullock, Streep, Burstyn and Andrews although excellent, are not in her league.

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    Mon Apr 11 2005

    Sally has been one of my favorites for a long, long time.

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    Thu Mar 31 2005

    what is it with this woman??? I can't stand her I just cannot stand a single role she has ever played, except maybe Gidget. Update: Just realized what I don't like about her; all of her characters seem like they belong on LIFETIME channel.For this I remove another star.

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    Wed Mar 16 2005

    I think she is a terrific actress, she is believable in every role she plays.thank goodness someone out there could see she had more ability than The Flying Nun, She was wonderful in Sybil. Places in the Heart , I think she did a great job in her recent role in ER as a manic depressive woman. She is one of those actors that I forget she is acting when she does a role.

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    Tue Mar 08 2005

    a diverse actress of consequental talent who seems to have been swept under the rug as far as major studio films are concerned, and left to make guest spots on formally acclaimed TV shows existing far beyond their prime(i'm talking to you michael crichton and NBC). will probably be best known for films such as Norma Rae and for her turn on TV as Gidget and the Flying nun.

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    Fri Jan 21 2005

    Awsome awsome awsome, should be higher than this rating. She is another mommy of movies.

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    Sun Jun 13 2004

    she is one of the best actresses ever~

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    Thu Oct 30 2003

    One of the greatest ever, in my opinion!! And I am so impressed with many of the "risky" roles she takes on. AN INCREDIBLE ACTRESS!!

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    Fri Sep 26 2003

    You like me! You really really like me! Yes. I do.

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    Thu Sep 25 2003

    Sally Field is and always will be a superb actress. She is very talented, and I will never forget her performance as Norma Rae. She was very convincing in such a hard role. Not to mention how wonderful she was in Steel Magnolias. Just totally superb.

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    Wed Sep 24 2003

    This lady is still beautiful after all these years. A true babe in her heyday and a very good actress (You really love me!).

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    Sun Jul 06 2003

    Loved her in Mrs. Doubtfire & Steel Magnolias!!!!!

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    Fri Jun 13 2003

    She'a bit too irritating for my tastes.

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    Sat Jun 07 2003

    Sally Field is a wonderful actor who is talented in every way. She's done it all throughout her career. She gave a wonderful performance in "Places in the Heart". I thought that she was the perfect choice for Forrest's caring, yet somewhat slutty mother in "Forrest Gump". My favorite line from that movie was from her>: "If God intended for everyone to be the same, he would've given everyone crippled legs...." or something of that sort. She was very likable in that film, as well as in "Punchline" with Tom Hanks and John Goodman. I thought that she was hilarious in that film. She great as the stressed, yet moody mother in "Mrs. Doubtfire". And who can forget her performance as Sybal? She was also great in the thriller, "An Eye for An Eye" and as the not-so-caring mother in "Where the Heart Is". In the final analysis, Sally Field has had a decorated career and is a wonderful actress and person.

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    Tue May 20 2003

    OK, times up.....go away.

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    Tue Apr 29 2003

    She seems like a sweet, fun person and I've enjoyed her performances through the years. Her acting in Sybil was probably the best.

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    Sun Apr 27 2003

    Excellent in Forrest Gump!!!

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    Tue Mar 18 2003

    Sally Field is a great actress. I grew up with her watching Gidget, The Flying Nun, Smoky and the Bandit, Sybil, my favorite role i think is, Eye for an Eye, It really makes you think about how far someone can push you, when it comes to hurting your children. She was fantastic!!! Thank you Sally !! for all the great movies. Loretta Keesee Piketon, Ohio

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    Wed Jan 22 2003

    I don't really like Sally Field (for whatever reason, she annoys me), but she is a very good actress. Personaly feelings aside, you have to give her credit for being very good at her craft.

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    Tue Dec 24 2002

    I like her in the flying nun.

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    Sun Nov 03 2002

    Saw "Forest Gump" for the third time and Ms. Field carries her character. Life is like a box of chocolates.

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    Wed Oct 09 2002

    Sally Field rocks my socks! I loved her on ER, portraying Abby Lockhart's mom Maggie, and I also liked her as the stressed mom in Mrs. Doubtfire! Anyway, keep up the great work Sally, and I hope to see you in some upcoming stuff!

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    Wed Jun 26 2002

    I'll never forget her in Sybill. Breathtaking performance. And she's still got it, did you see her in E.R. as Abby Lockhart's mother? A true actor.

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    Sat May 25 2002

    Ewwwww...... she is totally not cool. Just look at the pic. w00t w00t!

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    Thu Apr 04 2002

    Sometimes, she can be pretty good, but sometimes, she can really over-act. I really hated that guest role she had on ER last season.

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    Mon Aug 06 2001

    Sally field is brilliant. She is usually great in any movie she stars in. She does justice to the meaning of acting!

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    Sat Jun 09 2001

    I grew up watching Sally Field on tv and I guess she grew up while we all watched. She was america's sweetheart and later she seemed like the sister to us all. I admire that she has always taken the high road when it comes to smut. She has never made a movie that I was ashamed to watch with my children. I hope she continues to make quality movies for a long time.

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    Sun Apr 08 2001

    She was the queen of Tv in the 60's, making a breakthrough appearence in hollywood and the late 80's, and becoming one of the screen's most beloved stars in the 90' woman can say that all, and that Woman is Sally Fields.

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    Thu Mar 29 2001

    I like her, I really like her. However, I do think she should have dumped her agent years ago because some of the roles that Meryl did, Sally would have been excellent in.

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    Sat Jan 06 2001

    I don't love you,I really don't love you.

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    Fri Dec 15 2000

    One of the best actresses of all time.

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    Tue Sep 26 2000

    I true great, that will be deified as time moves on. The only disappointment in her career for me, was she didn't take her clothes off in Playboy.

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    Wed Sep 13 2000

    Sally Field has the versatility to play any type of role competently. She always appears to give 100% to whatever character she plays. I have been one of her biggest fans since Gidget. Keep going Sally - I'm behind you 100%.

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    Fri Jun 30 2000

    She has done some real great work, but not recently...I don't think she has always made wise career decisions in some of the parts she has "Cannon-ball Run" with Burt Reynolds???...

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    Tue Jun 27 2000

    Sally's alright I guess. I think she's probably fading out of the public eye but she's done some good things in her time. Of course I can't think of anything that she's been in at the moment except for Mrs. Doubtfire so that may be a commentary on her as well.