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    Sun Jul 26 2009

    Everytime I go to this restaurant I am consistently amazed by the quality of service and sushi! We just went again last night and the service, food, drinks, atmosphere, and prices were all so impressive I decided I need to voice my enthusiastic recommendation for this restaurant to more than just my friends. I am an "intermediate" sushi lover... I know a little but am definitely not an expert. However, I recently brought a friend who can easily be classified as an expert and she was EXTREMELY impressed by Sakeya. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! :)

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    Fri Jan 23 2009

    Sakeya is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Center City. The sushi is delicious and elegantly presented; the waitstaff is attentive and courteous; and the price is affordable. Sakeya is a terrific venue for a happy hour or private party; it also sports a big screen TV and is a fun place to watch a game. Kenny (the owner) is very personable, generous, and customer service-oriented. Sakeya is a hidden gem that is starting to get noticed. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    Sushi here is great and very fresh! Try the scallops sashimi- so delicious! The service is excellent and Kenny, the owner, is extremely courteous.

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    Philadelphia Japanese restaurant offering fresh food with great service in the Theatre District.

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    The food is amazing... ahhh!! Their Uminokaze salad is to die... and their Beef teriyaki... MMMMM!!!!

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    Great happy hour place. Good outdoor seating and since it sits on locust st one of the biggest streets in the philly, you'll have a nice wide sidewalk. The drinks are good. Prices are reasonable and the service is great. I recommend the happy hour appetizer s platter for sharing with friends. Good size. There is plenty of metered street parking.

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    Great spot. Great food. Great ambiance for happy hour or other. I've been going to this place since it opened in end of september. Started off as more of a Japanese izakaya bar with DJ music. The concept has morphed a bit since that time, but same great food, great setting and great manager.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    I've eaten at Sushi Maki several times and just tried this joint for the first time. I was very impressed, being from philly where there is a sushi joint on every block and in every strip mall, finding good sushi can be tough. This place is excellent though, I only ate a quick meal at the bar and had a bunch of different types of raw fish, just delicious and very fresh. The comments below on the ambiance are right on, there is none. The service is excellent and very friendly and I must say I was quite impressed by the prices. VERY reasonable. I recommend this joint to anyone looking for a no nonsense, no frills, fabulous meal of raw fish.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    If you're into specialty Japanese sushi, then can try coming here. higher style atmosphere. this place caters to typical taste, palate-friendly entrees and sake!

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    Mon Oct 27 2008

    I am new to the city, as I just moved here from New York. A friend told me about Sakeya because it just opened about 4 weeks ago. We went on a Friday night, and I must say it is beautiful there. The restaurant is very sheek, It has a very seductive feel to it. It also reminds me of a nightclub because of the space and trendy furnature. The service was spectacular. I don't remember my server's name, but he was very attentive and friendly. He offered suggestions on heartly plates the restaurant had to offer. I had the chicken katsu don! It comes in a large dish, and it is inexpensive ($10). My friends ordered 3 different tapas the restaurant had to order such as Tako Yaki, Beef Teriyaki, and Sashmi Sampler. I never had sashimi, but when I tried it, I was blown away. The presentation of the sashimi really gave me a sense of the Japanese culture. We also didn't spend too much money because we were presented with complimentary sake for spending only $30 bucks! All in all, I had a great t... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    I had a long review written, but it messed up for some reason. Here's the short story. Service: Waiter was slow, didn't pay attention to customers, forgot orders, delivered entrees one order at a time with long gaps between. Food: Nothing great. Some of the food was even the same stuff you can buy frozen at your local asian grocer. Price: Not very expensive, but more expensive than it should be based on my experience. Atmosphere: The atmosphere was the only good part. Very relaxed, nice lighting and seating, interesting decoration. Worth mentioning. They offer Red Bean Mochi Ice Cream, something I enjoy very much. When I ordered it, they brought a plate with 3 tiny Mochi, the kind you can buy at Trader Joe's, with some whipped cream and they were strawberry flavored which isn't even on the menu. It seems like they're trying to pull a fast one on their customers...

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