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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    I managed to find my .22-250 1V in a pawn shop for under $500 and fell in love with it the moment that I saw it. It is a very hansome gun, and before i bought it, I was very serious about getting a Weatherby SVM, but with what this thing can do I look forward to shooting this, and I cannot complain about the price. I also checked my numbers, and found out that it was made in 78' so I was wondering if anyone knew what year they changed the triggers to the two adjustable set screws from the three. right now I have a Mueller 8.5- 25X scope on it, and it is very enjoyable to shoot. I am however worried about the barrel, I realize that being that it is a 78' with a previous owner, and being a fast cartridge such as the .22-250, where in the future could i get a barrel for my baby. I also found this awesome  site that tells you how to fine tune you gun, and not just by floating the barrel, trigger adjustments and if you have ribbing, how that will effect you groups. http://www.rvbprecision.c... Read more

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    I've had two.  Unfortunately, I currently have neither.  One was a 1B model in .25-06.  Great rifle.  The other was a 1A in .243 Win.  Very handy, but this one was very picky about loads.  Wish I had known about the tuning tricks while I had it.  I gave it to my oldest son and he got in financial trouble and had to sell it.I want another or two.  I'd really like to try one of the RSI versions.  Sweet!!!

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    I owned a Ruger No 1 in Rem 280 and dropped a 7 and 8 point white tail respectively in less than 10 seconds. I gave that gun as a gift to a brother-in-law who ended up hocking it to get drugs -- what a loss of a great gun. I gave up all of my lever and bolt action rifles to the Ruger No 1 in .222, .270 and 30-06. I have all of my options covered now with these fine single shot weapons. The only problem I've encountered is with the .270 on the range and shooting too rapidly to let the barrel cool down causing the groupings to spread way out with factory loads. I've never had this problem while hunting.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    I own two #1's. The first is a 375H&H; tropical and the other is 243 standard. Both shoot great.In my 375 I am shooting the 285 grain Speer Grand Slam loaded by HSM, and in my 243 I am shooting 100 grain btsp. loaded also by HSM. These rounds work well in these guns and are easy on the pocket book. I am planning to add to my #1 collection.

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    For my personal taste and hunting style there is no better choice for the money than the Ruger Number One. Being a western hunter that doesn't hunt dangerous game I find that I generally have no need for a quick follow up shot and the single shot capability forces me to concentrate on good shot placement. I feel that the Number One has made me a better hunter for that reason. It is a tad heavy in the high country but I feel that the confidence it gives, knowing that it will do its job if I do mine is well worth the weight. Good job Bill Ruger

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    Tue Aug 14 2007

    I've owned six Ruger No.1 rifles over the years, but currently own but three. The other three went away some years ago during a costly divorce. Gun #1 is a .375 H&H;, which has hunted on 3 continents and taken everything from elk to grizzly/brown bear to eland and cape buffalo/asian water buffalo.... all with a single well-placed shot, I might add! A 350gr woodleigh @ 2,475 fps is my favorite bullet for the 'big and mean' in up close and personal meetings. Gun #2 is my 7-Mag and this is my 'go to gun' for my all-around hunting needs and has accounted for many pronghorn antelope and mule deer trophies, as well as a 382 pt. B&C; bull elk. Gun #3 is my pest control rig... a 22-250. All of these No.1s will shoot 1" 3-shot groups at 100 yds, and the 22-250 will do much better with handloads. I've only had problems with stringing shots after the barrels heat up.... 4th or 5th shots from the bench, but this never effects hunting usage as I've honestly never, in 30 years, shot more than three ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 15 2007

    "Don't forget why single shot rifles were replaced by repeaters and be guided accordingly." This is undoubtedly a good piece of information, but one must also consider the use for the rifle: If you intend to use follow up shots with factory ammunition, a repeater is the better choice; But if you intend to handload ammunition to get the highest possible velocity from a particular cartridge, then the Ruger No. 1 is the better choice, especially with the option of using spitzer pointed bullets without the big kaboom after you fire. Also a more accurate rifle (with some modification, of course). I bought one in 45-70 and I handload the cartridge for everything you can imagine. I hunt everything with it (and I keep a few 405 grain solids at about 2000fps in my pocket just in case I run into any grumpy Ursidae's (bears)) I figure I won't feel the substantial (read mule-kick) recoil in that particular situation.

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    Tue Oct 31 2006

    i have a no 1 in 22-250 caliber.its been the biggest disapointment i've ever had with a gun.i could'nt get a pattern better than 3 inches at 100 yards no matter what i did.i thought it was broken so i went to the gunsmith and he laughed at me when i came in and asked what kind of pattern i got out of it.i said 3 inches and he replied -thats about right and laughed again.he looked it over and said it was good as new.he said he could sell me a devise that goes in the forearm but i'd never reelly be i'm selling it prolbably for $150 which is about what its worth.oh,i almost forgot to say it was a very pretty gun.

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    Sun Nov 06 2005

    I bought my first Ruger No. 1B about 10 years ago in 30-06 Springfield. It was a beautiful gun, unfortunately no matter what I did to it I could not get it to hold a zero. I ended up selling it and was very disappointed. Since then I have purchased a No.1V in 220 Swift, which shoots great and another 1B in 280 Remington which has become my favorite rifle for stand hunting whitetails. Just wish that I had known about the set screw in the forend hanger trick when I had the first one. I think the Ruger No. 1 is a bout the most beautiful rifle there is. The only single shot I like better is my Browning 1885 Traditional Hunter in 45-70.

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    Thu May 20 2004

    About the same quality as a Remington 700 but looks alot nicer.

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    Wed Feb 04 2004

    One of my favorite rifles is the No. 1. The only reason I don't give it a ***** rating is that Ruger leaves it up to the consumer to discover and correct the problem of the fore-end hanger, which is flexible and causes wandering zero. The fix is a set screw through the front of the hanger so that it bears against the barrel, as recommended by the late Frank deHaas. This has cured 5 No. 1s for me by stiffening the hanger and pushing the fore-end wood slightly away from the barrel, improving both accuracy and long-term ability to hold zero.

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    I have several Rugers mostly No. 1's. I can pull off groups as good as .85 at 300 yds with .22-250 rem. All I have to say for this gun is I have and will continue to recomend this rifle to anyone!

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    Thu Jun 19 2003

    I have a ruger no. 1 in .458 win. best big bore rifle for the money.

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    Mon Feb 10 2003

    300 yard grouping within 1.5 inches chambered in 22-250 Rem. Best SOB i ever owned.

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    Fri Feb 07 2003

    I have a 22-250 in ruger no 1 got great groups with it just got one in 7mm mag. cant wait to try it out

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    Thu Dec 12 2002

    for the money as good a shooter as my $4K HAGN single shot. yes the sharps was replaced by a repeater but that was 1866. time marches on and as a 48 year old...that has killed his first deer ast 6, i can say that less is more....

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    Sun Nov 03 2002

    Dead on heart shot on 10-point buck at 225-240 yds. Thats about as good as I can shoot. I LOVE it!!

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    Thu Sep 12 2002

    Have owned one in 6mm Rem. Have shot it in other calibers as 30-06 and 7x57 (7mm Mauser) Fun to shoot but not particularly practical for hunting except from a stand. Rifles are heavy(too heavy for high altitude hunting) and certainly not recommended for use where a quick follow up shot may be needed (heavy brush,for example)Rifles have appeal if you like rifles styled like a Sharps.Don't forget why single shot rifles were replaced by repeaters and be guided accordingly.

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    Thu Mar 22 2001

    The Ruger number one , is so much gun for the money. The warranty and service from Ruger is unequaled. I brought my in 1997, I damaged the locking lever when I rolled my ATV. Ruger repaired same and returned back to me in two weeks at no cost. This rifle shoot three shot within a inch at 100 yards. note this is off a free rest. With a bullet sleeve on the stock, I can reload as fast as any long action bolt rifle.

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