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    Mon Nov 28 2011

    I have ordered two items from Ross-Simons. I was disappointed with both purchases. The first item was a $600+ gemstone ring for my girlfriend for Christmas. It was a beautiful ring until you looked closely and saw a very noticeable inclusion in the blue topaz. I tried to return and replace the ring but customer service told me they were out of stock indefinitely! I took the ring to a reputable jeweler in town and they spoke of how unusual it is to find inclusions in topaz. I eventually went to the RS store at the mall and got a refund (minus the shipping charges). The second item was a cocktail ring lined with an outer rim of sizable topaz. After only a few times of wearing the ring one of the topaz stones fell off. Embarrassed and fooled twice by this retailer, I will never purchase from Ross-Simons again. Buyer beware!

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    Mon Nov 28 2011

    In consideration of the holiday shopping season, I feel it is important to review places that will either create frustration, or, come through with the service we all want. Ross Simons comes through, quite simply put. This is not to say that they don't have their glitches. However, they take care of the customer and fix whatever your needs are. Their products are accurately presented, and if you go into their online details page, the pictures and descriptions are pretty clear regarding what you can expect. If you get an item and it's not as presented, theirs is an easy return system, and your order arrives with a return shipping label. If the item is not to the standard or something is wrong with it; scratched or marred, irregular in some way, you can exchange it just as easily. I once received the packaging for a product but the item was not inside. They took care of it and made it right, and they shipped out the item when it became available again. They ship promptly, and o... Read more

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    Fri Nov 18 2011

    Multicolored Agate Bracelet In Sterling Silver. 8" was one of may many purchases for Christmas 2010. However, I am very disappointed with the quality of almost everything I purchased. I only hope that some of the gifts I gave to others last longer than what I bought for myself. The stones fell out within a few months. I returned one of the rings, and in less than 2 weeks of its repair, another stone fell out! My beautiful gem stone bracelet also fell apart and cannot be repaired. My non stone items are still in use, but I will not risk purchasing any future items from Ross-Simons again!

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    Thu Aug 11 2011

    Incredibly rude customer service. 15 days after order was placed it hasn't arrived... also, the tracking number they sent me does not exist in the Fed Ex system. I called to check on the shipment status and spoke with the most unfriendly customer service agent in history. Called back and spoke with a supervisor who was equally unfriendly. They promised to refund our shipping charges. Guess what? No refund has been processed! After all this (bear in mind this was a BIRTHDAY gift and it still hasn't arrived nor do they know WHEN OR IF it will arrive) I posted a complaint on their facebook page, which they immediately removed. I posted another complaint and have since received two messages from an incredibly brusque woman with a heavy, heavy New England accent offering to try to ship something out that will arrive by the middle of NEXT week. Uh... why on earth would we want to order more from an unreliable and rude company? No thanks! We will be filing complaints with the bette... Read more

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    Sat Jul 02 2011

    I ordered multiple items from this company in order to take advantage of a free shipping offer. My order was processed and shipped quickly and the company kept me informed each step of the way. My only quibble, and it is a very small one, is that they could not provide me with tracking information for my shipment until AFTER the shipment arrived. I felt all items I received were professionally and attractively packaged. One of the items was a gift and the individual was VERY happy with it, so of course I was pleased as well. I plan on patronizing this company in the future.

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    Sat Jun 04 2011

    This is by far the worse customer service ever. The customer representatives are RUDE, ARROGANT AND MEAN-SPIRITED AND STUPID. THEY ARE COMBATIVE. I will never order from this company ever again. All of these customer representatives need to be trained. When you order and you already have a Bill Me Later acct, the representatives tell you Bill Me Later will be checking your credit. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. The Bill Me Later reps say this is incorrect -- they check your paying history with them. THEY DO NOT CHECK YOUR CREDIT RATING WITH THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES. This is so so important, ou do not wish for your credit to be checked because it only hurts you. Bill Me Later tells you one thing -- the stupid customer reps at Ross Simons tell you the opposite. Consequently, I will not be ordering again from Ross Simons anymore. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SERVICE FROM ROSS SIMONS. They must hire the most arrogant, mean spirited people to answer their phones. Wendy Crews

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing. I was billed for my earrings on March 20, it's now mid April and I still don't have it. Their customer service people are rude and not very helpful instead of them calling me back with the status of these lost earrings they want me to call everyday until they are notified by UPS that the earrings are lost. Will not purchase from Ross Simons in the future!!

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    Sat Mar 12 2011

    Never, ever have had a problem! If I don't like something, or the quality is not right, back it goes, with the return # they give me. They have always been very courteous to me. I must admit that being a southerner who lives in the mid-west, any time I have a contentious conversation with a person from the northeast, I tend to use terms such as "rude". And many times, the person is not rude at all. It's just the accent and the manner of speaking they use, just as people say that southerners are dumb, because of the slower speech patterns. Anyway, that's my two-cents' worth. I am very pleased with Ross-Simons. They are my go-to company for jewelry that you won't see in the mall stores.

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    This is a sketchy company. Please deal with them with caution if you buy from them - specifically, keep track of any shipping receipts for returns you send back to them. I have been a Ross Simons customer since 2003. There have been a couple of pieces I bought from them years ago that I really like. At the same time, there were a couple that I didn't think were very high quality, which I returned without problems at the time. Several months ago, I saw a Murano glass bead necklace on the RS website. It was pricey for glass. When I received mine, I discovered that the quality of the necklace was really not up to the standard I expected. "Murano" glass is any glass that is manufactured by hand on the Italian island of Murano; however, the glass is recognized for its name because it is associated with and prized for high clarity, quality and worksmanship. You pay a premium for the name because of it, and you expect high quality. These beads may or may not have originated in Muran... Read more

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    I've been ordering jewelry for Ross-Simons for the last 10 years. They used to be good, but not anymore. A month ago, I ordered a necklace. Although I paid for the 16 inch size, it came in an 18 inch length. I called customer service & asked what would be the quickest way to remedy this, as the mistake was Ross-Simons. I was given a UPS pick up # and told to wait a day or two and UPS would pick up the necklace, then once it was received at Ross-Simons, a replacement would be sent out. The customer service rep said the turnaround would be about 2 weeks. Well.... it's been a month, and after weekly phone calls to Ross-Simons and dealing with the RUDEST customer service reps EVER when I call to check on the status (I've been told that hindsight is 20/20 when I suggested it would have been quicker to send back the item & order a new one), still no necklace, yet I paid for it over a month ago. I was told yesterday by the customer service woman that their turn-around is "actually... Read more

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Terrible Bad return policy. Overpriced tacky products and too many hidden policy conditions to list. NEVER shop here if you're buying a gift- it's cruel

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    Ross Simons is one of the worst companies I have ever come across. Two years ago I made the mistake of purchasing a engagement ring over the phone after viewing it on their web site. I was very specific during my call that the the ring should be shipped to a different address than my billing address to keep the engagement a surprise and that no address should begin receiving catalogs. They followed my shipping instructions but weeks before the surprise engagement, that was six months in the making, both my shipping and billing address received catalogs. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was the one who got to the mail first that day, spotted the catalog and immediately knew what was coming. Ross Simon's inability to follow simple instructions shattered my dreams of the perfect surprise. To add insult to injury, the catalog features crappy, cheap items so to this day my wife thinks of her ring as coming from a crappy cheap company. The story doesn't end there tough. Upon receiv... Read more

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    Sun May 23 2010

    Ross-Simons certainly stands behind the guarentee of their jewelry! I've purchased many items from their store in Warwick, RI. One item, a diamond/platinum Scott Kay wedding band was purchased in 2003. I moved to NC in 2008 and later that year, brought it to a Ross-Simons store in Durham, NC to have it resized. The ring was sent out for resizing and returned to me in what seemd like perfect condiditon. In March of this year, the ring actually broke, causing the loss of baguettes on one end. I brought the ring back and they graciously sent it back to the manufacturer for repair at no cost to me. I picked up the ring 3 weeks ago and last night, to my horror, it broke yet again. Today, I brought the ring back in to the Southpoint Mall store in Durham, NC. The manager told me this should never have happened. He was going to order me a brand new ring which would take 2 weeks. I left happy and 10 minutes later, he called me to tell me he had a ring in stock in my size. I went back into the s... Read more

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    Sat May 22 2010

    DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOU'RE CREDIT CARD!!!! I recently purchased a pair of diamond earrings on-line and the total came to $896. 25 and later that evening I went on-line to my bank to see if the debit have been posted and was shocked to see that Ross Simons had charged my card $1,896.25, a thousand dollars over charged so I called them immediately and was told that they did NOT over charge me and that they had only charged my card $896.25 even though I told them I was looking right at my statement on-line and could see that they had over charged me so I convinced the VERY RUDE "customer service" person to call my bank and verify it so she called my bank/Visa department and we were all on a conference call and even after my bank told them that they had over charged me $1,896.25 she still insisted that they had not but my bank convinced them to put a temporary credit of $1,000.00 on my card while they looked into it so after they put the $1,000.00 back onto my card I had my bank/Visa ... Read more

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    Sun May 02 2010

    I ordered a ring 2 weeks+ prior to Chjristmas as a gift. Didn't arrive until AFTER Christmas. Phoned "customer service" several times and got different stories each time. I put customer service in quotes because they are anything BUT actual service. One woman actually tried to blame me and became irate when I told her she was dead wrong and I had all 4 of the shipping ID's to prove it. If you hate your job, life, or whatever please do not call yourself a customer service rep. Finally- a few days post Christmas the ring arrived. I sent it back unopened and was charged for shipping. Lesson learned! Ross Simons catalogs line my garbage cans.

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    Sat Apr 24 2010

    My husband has been buying me jewelry from Ross-Simons for 4-5 years now and their quality has gone down since then. The last two necklaces that he bought both has problems with their clasps. R-S is trying to cut corners by using cheap material to mount or set their expensive items. The clasps are so tiny that it's difficult to put the necklaces on and to take them off. When we called R-S customer service and asked them whether they would replace the clasp for us, they refused. They said that we should have returned the merchandise within 90 days (but then they would have replaced them with other faulty clasps). So now we decided to take my necklaces to a local jeweller and have the clasps replaced. But service, Ross-Simons!

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    I have been a customer of Ross Simons for over 10 years, but the quality of their products is slipping. I purchased a set of "snowball" type diamond earrings from them specifically for winter use. I may have worn the earrings a dozen times, but the last time I tried to wear them is when I noticed one of the diamonds was missing from the edge of the "snowball". Ross Simons' response was: 30 day guarantee - so I'm back to giving my business to reputable jewelers who stand behind their products - period. These earrings were not cheap, nor were they costume jewelry, but Ross Simons attitude was extremely cheap. So count me as one of the "former" customers - I bet I have a lot of company.

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    I bought a large ruby pendant from Ross-Simons. I've had reasonably good dealings with them over the years - I've kept most of the jewelry I've purchased, and had no problems with the pieces I sent back (sent back either because they didn't look the way they were represented in the catalog, or the stones were cracked). This pendant has me SERIOUSLY p*ssed off: It left PINK STAINS ON MY SKIN the first time I wore it! This means that the stone has either been DYED, or simply PAINTED, in order to enhance the colour. It certainly isn't ADVERTISED as an "enhanced stone". Now I have to test ALL the coloured pieces I've ordered (earrings and rings). It isn't hard - just running a baby wipe over the stone will tell me if there's dye on it that will come off. The customer service rep I spoke with was TOTALLY unhelpful. No apology, first of all; then I was told I'd have to send it to their Repairs department, and I might - *might* - get a gift certificate! I'm really disgusted. And I s... Read more

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    Worst company ever! No wonder they are going out of business! I ordered a very expansive watch from them and they send me a used one. Now I have to wait two to three weeks for them to send me a new one! What a great customer service! I recommend never buying anything from them.

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    Stupid! I order my mom's Christmas gift before their "deadline", I have email confirmation and all, checked first thing this morning to see it's status, it was there, the shipping just said "To Be Picked" whatever that means. Not 3 hours later I get a call saying my order didn't go through. I was mad but said ok since it's your fault not mine please upgrade my shipping so I can get it first thing, her answer no but I can do that for $20. Forget them, Im glad it didn't go through because like these people say it would of been a shit quality necklace anyway. Never Again.

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    Will never use them again...ordered a Christmas Bell on 21 Nov...3 weeks later and no bell...called customer service and of course they blame it on the mail (the tracking order showed it was in my hometown for the past 4 days)...I should have simply gone down to the mall and purchased the item there (cheaper and no shipping cost involved)...avoid Ross-Simmons. Oh, they offered to express another bell (so I could have in time for Christmas), but I would have to pay for it. Imagine that!

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    I too have had a good experience with Ross-Simons. I can't say anything bad about it. I ordered my wedding band during an online sale. I actually saw that there was an extended sale a couple days later in which the band that I ordered was reduced even more. I called the customer service line and had no problem getting the difference credited back to my account. I received my ring today (I was super anxious about it so I tracked the UPS shipment and even made sure that I was home to see the ring). I can't say that I've bought a TON of jewelry but this was certainly a purchase that I don't regret. The ring is beautiful. Granted, I'm still in the midst of day one with my purchase but I love it and have no complaints.

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    I purchased a pair of diamond hoop earrings, that from the first time I put them on they lost their shape because of the flimsiness of the gold. These earrings are garbage. They refused my money back as it was over 30 days since the purchase. I have been a loyal customer of RS, but not any more.

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    Ross Simons was late mailing my daughter her 30th birthday present, diamond stud earrings. When she received the diamonds, one of them was loose! Terrible quality, terrible customer service.

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    Wed May 20 2009

    SHOULD HAVE ORDERED FROM AMAZON.COM I was shopping for affordalbe wedding rings for my fiance and me. I found a great diamond eternity band for a reasonable price at Ross-Simons (R-S) and placed an order for it. It will be on backorder for several more weeks - not a problem becuase the wedding is several months away. Since I found such a deal on my ring, I decided to get my fiance's ring there as well, even though I found comparable prices at,, --- and even Costco! I placed my order online with Ross-Simons based on my previous experience. Seemed ok at the time. The next day, I logged into their website to check on my order status. I couldn't find my order so I called Customer Service. Apparently the sale hadn't gone through and the representative was very helpful and all too happy to take my money. This ring was also on backorder but several retail stores had it in stock so they were going to send the ring asap. My fiance's ring arrived the next day... Read more

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    Thu May 07 2009

    I placed a simple order on April 30, 2009 with anticipated delivery of May 5. On May 5 I receive an e-mail asking that I call customer service to verify my credit card info. I call on the same date and am told that the person I need to speak to is on the line with another customer. I decide to call back the next day as I had already been on the line waiting for 30 minutes. I called on May 6 and was told my order did not exist and was immediately transferred to a supervisor which I thought was great. She was very helpful and promised that my order would arrive the following day by 12:00 p.m shipping fee waived. It is now 1:09 p.m. and my order is not here. They gave me a fake UPS number (according to UPS it does not exist). I called back to complain today and was simply told to write a letter. I will be doing that and hoping the Better Business Bureau can give me a hand with this. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    Ross Simons gives misleading sale promotions. Make sure you call and understand exactly what their sale is before you spend time shopping because the price you think you are paying is not the price! For example, they currently have a big red banner on their website which says "30% off plus free shipping. use code TAKE30". But the 30% off price is already in their sale price. It is misleading because you think you are getting another 30% off when you enter the code TAKE30 at checkout. Only to find that the sale price of the item IS the 30% price. There is not correlation between the TAKE30 offer and the "sale price" in their advertising. Very misleading and desceptive if you ask me

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    Sat Nov 29 2008

    I just finished reading all the bad ratings given Ross-Simons. Wow, I can't believe we shop at the same store. I'm sorry other people have had such bad experiences. Hopefully these are the exceptions and not the rule. As I've had nothing but great customer service, (I purchase a lot of jewelry from them) and lovely jewelry. I shop using discount coupons, and generally get free or discounted shipping. Twice when I've returned an item, have had no difficulties. Three times items I've ordered ended up being back ordered or discontinued.

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    Thu Oct 16 2008

    Ross-Simons is a merchant that must be avoided! They lure you in by promising quality, great prices, and money-back guarantee. Don't be fooled! The quality is poor. The items looks nothing like the photo. The prices are not great. If you received a quality product, the prices would be fair. Instead you get absolute junk. You are over-charged for poor quality merchandise. THe money-back guarantee is a joke. I followed their return policy to the letter but after a month of frustrations I eventually had to file a dispute with my credit card company. In spite of acknowledging receipt of the return, they were far "too busy" to charge-back my credit card. Please save yourself the headache and buy your jewelry elsewhere.

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    Wed Sep 03 2008

    My wife ordered several items from Ross-Simons and returned them because the actual items were poor semblances of those pictured in the catalogs -- different colors and poorer quality. We've been trying to get off the Ross-Simons catalog mailing list for two years or more without success. We receive one or two catalogs every week! Don't do business with this company -- you will regret it.

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    I've just had the most frustrating customer service experience with Ross-Simons, which is a shame, because it's actually my first customer service experience with them. A month ago, I was given a gift (Multicolored Cultured Pearl and Multi-Gem Necklace in Sterling Silver, item #216594). It wasn't quite what I wanted, so I found a necklace I liked (Sterling Silver Graduated Bead Necklance, item #239497) and decided to make an exchange. The multicolored pearl necklace was selling on the Ross-Simons website for $60 (and still is, at the time of this letter), and the silver bead necklace was selling for $105. I assumed that I would pay somewhere around $50 ($105 purchase price - $65 merchandise credit = $40 + s&h; + tax) for the silver bead necklace. Imagine my surprise when the necklace arrived with a statement that said I had been charged $90! I assumed this was a mistake, and while I wasn't impressed with the shipping/billing error, I was willing to put in the time to call and rect... Read more

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    Wed May 14 2008

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!! Rude, disrespectful employees who were completely unwilling to help. Package was supposed to be 2 day delivery UPS, guess what for 14.95 it ships regular mail instead now 11 days later, no package...they blame the mail. I blame them!!!!

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    I purchased a chocolate diamond eternity band at Ross-Simons last May. Since that time, three diamonds have just fallen out of the ring. I took it to a jeweler locally to find out how much it would cost to replace the diamonds. It was 60 or so dollars so then I contacted RS and they told me that I had 'voided' the 12 month warranty by taking it to a jeweler - just to look at it!!! Their attitude was too bad, not our problem. Will never purchase from them again.

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    Thu Oct 04 2007

    I wish I had read this before I made an online purchase. I bought my mom some aquamarine earrings for her 65th birthday. When she received them, there was no blue to the stone at all, so they weren't at all as pictured. When I called to talk to Customer Service, they couldn't care less, they just gave me a return authorization number. They would not refund shipping either way, nor my gift wrap. I'll never buy from them again.

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    Wed Dec 27 2006

    On 12/13/2006, I ordered my wife's Xmas present through 800 number. Operator assured me that it was in stock and would arrive before Xmas. On 22nd I received a letter saying it is out of stock. I called customer service and complained and their attitude was "too bad". Same thing happened to me last Xmas. Do not buy from them.

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    Thu Sep 01 2005

    Ross Simons has the absolute worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. My wife and I had our wedding reigstry there. We receive dozens of items from them, and they all were poorly packed using low quality boxes, and many items arrived damaged. They are in the process of discontinuing their registry, so many items on our registry have become unavailable -- even though they promised when we set up our registry they would be able to service it. To top it all off, their customer service representatives lie! One couple bought a gift off our registry, it wasn't in stock, so RS sent me a card indicating it was backordered. When the item came in and was shipped, RS shipped it to the couple (not me). When they called to complain, they were told RS didn't have my address -- yet the item was bought off our registry and RS was able to send the backorder notice. What bull! Based on my experience, I wouldn't be surprised if their whole business model is a scam! Don't de... Read more

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    Order only if you want to enter catalog H*LL. I've made 10 calls (so far) to have my DECEASED mother removed from the mailing list. Each time they say they've done it, but as of today's call, she's still active in their system. Order at your own risk.