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Strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest for two to six players Website

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    This game is a classic. It is a strategy conquer the world game with many players. I first played it in 1962, and it is still a hoot to play.

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    Wed May 12 2010

    I feel bad for jumping right into a review . What must Ghengis the Hun have offered in review of this war game for idiots? Picture Monopoly--now get rid of the board while rescuing the dice. Picture Life--now save the pegs from the little cars. Picture a dummied down World map--now spread all your pink pegs around while your opponent scatters blue pegs. Roll the dice--move the pegs. Last peg wins. Dumb.

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    I have not played this in years. I remember the intensity in playing. it was great and went on for hours.

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    Sat May 16 2009

    Yes, this game certainly can be cutthroat. The title of the game tells the story much of the time. The original game allowed for 6 players. (I assume that this is still the same). We once played with 8. Player Seven used pennies for his army; Player Eight used elbow macaroni.

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    It's not so easy to pickup at first, but once you understand all the different rules you'll be hooked. Be prepared to spend hours if you play world domination.

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    Sat Jul 26 2008

    I have not much to add that previous 4- and 5-star reviews have not already said. Except this: I hesitated getting this game because of the complaints that too much of the outcome turns on a random roll of the dice. Some reviewers complained that luck or chance was more important than strategy. (See the 1-star or 2-star reviews). I found this NOT to be the case. It is true that the outcome of individual battles are governed by rolls of the dice. However, the overall success in this game does involve a significant amount of strategy. That is, there are plans and strategies you or the child can develop, which must be viewed in the grand scheme of the entire game, that can help you win. This is true, even if you do lose a good number of battles because of unlucky dice rolls. In fact, a number of real-life military conflicts confirms that having the most soldiers does not necessarily guarantee a quick or clean victory. I don't mean to get political here, but check out world histo... Read more

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    This is a game that take a great deal of time to play, but it causes your mind to work as you progress through the levels. The sudden turn of events will always keep the players on edge.

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    Sun Jan 06 2008

    To be a master Risk player, you have to make the sound of jackboots marching down cobblestone streets whenever you capture a territory.  The variant versions that have been created in recent years pale in comparison to the original.

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    Sat Nov 17 2007

    We bought this game of risk to replace our old game, which was lost in a move. There are several differences in the new risk and the old risk. One difference is the mission cards. At first I was disapointed that the mission cards were not the same as the old risk, but after playing a few games, I admit that it is just as much fun. The other difference with the game is the lack of army boxes. The old game came with a clear plastic box to store each army color in. This game does not have boxes, just wells in the box to store each color. The clear boxes were quite useful during the game as you spend a lot of time taking armies out and putting armies in the box as you lose or gain reinforcements. I find the lack of boxes a pain as pieces fall on the floor etc. when you just have them piled on the table. However, it is still a great game and we are happy with this version.

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    Sat Oct 13 2007

    I used to be a RISK lover...until I tried other strategy games. However, this game is great for beginners who are just discovering wargames- RISK is simple, abstract, yet it will keep you busy for hours (a typical game lasts two hours or so). There is no economy/supplies to focus on, just combat. You place your men, you attack, and you defend. The amount of reinforcements per turn received is based on the amount of territories you have in a horribly misshaped map of the world divided into 42 territories. Controlling an entire continent gives more troops per turn, the only "resource" in this game. At first this game is a great time waster, since you'll always be just barely living for the next fresh troops to replenish the supply lost from brutal attacks and gallant battles. The pieces are quite well crafted, with tiny infantry, cavalrymen, and a cannon in six different colors stored in a durable plastic divider tray. The game is simple- and this may be its downfall. Battles relie compl... Read more

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    Mon Jul 30 2007

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's thoughts on Risk at the Star Wars premire he crashed still get me goin': "This is Risk, a game normally played by 12 year olds..."

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    Sat Jul 28 2007

    I play it all the time wen the nabors come over we some times camp in the backyard and play RISK all night some times we play teams wich is cool

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    Sat Jul 28 2007

    I played in high school when I had nothing better to do. It was fun but it wouldn't be my first choice.

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    Tue Apr 03 2007

    I find risk a little tiring to play, but regardless, it IS the ultimate board game and it deserves to be at the top of the list.

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    Wed Jan 10 2007

    I played the computer version and liked it so I bought the board game version and I don't know what it is but it just wasn't as enjoyable... any ideas?

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    Tue Jul 18 2006

    Love the board game. . .love the PC game. . .I know, I know, the games take hours, but it is one of the best games (other than chess) that force you to think a few moves ahead. . .

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    Tue Jul 18 2006

    Risk (developed in the 50's) has got to be the ultimate board game for early teenage boys, and I remember it with a grin (and snarl) on my now contorted face. Geography, soldiers, conquest, strategy, alliances, and cutthroat competition, Risk had it all for my budding Napoleon ambitions. While some reviewers complain about the chance factor (i.e. often cruel rolls of the dice), chance should be integral as the "fog of war" is full of random events and fate. I would play now if I had some loser friends (~grins~) who also like Risk. Odd that such a winning military based game was invented by a Frenchman, namely Albert Lamorisse (sorry, couldn't resist).

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    Tue Jul 18 2006

    Boring, too much dice rolling and even as a kid I knew they weren't going to be fighting great wars over Yakustk. Surpassed greatly by Axis & Allies which was similar in concept but much more detailed and actually had a modicum of strategy beyond lucky dice.

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    Sun May 07 2006

    What a great game! Probably my favorite board game. Breat strategy available to you, and i mean, come on! you get to conquer the world! You get to make alliances, break them, whatever. An excellent game.

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    Tue Jan 03 2006

    Good way to teach kids geography. It's fun the first few times, but it gets old after awhile.

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    This is an OK game but relies too much on luck. You could have an army of 40 against an army of 10 and lose evrything youve wotked so hard for. It can get very annoying. Do not play though if youre going through a rough patch with a mate. It will ruin the friendship - LOL.

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    If you ever really wanted to get to know someone, this game is for you because it shows the true nature of the players (and gives you plenty of get-to-know-you time). You'll be best friends (or worst enemies) by the end of it!

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    I always enjoyed this, when I was about fourteen. I got into more serious war-games about that time and left this behind. (I left that behind several years later as well) I have since played with my kids and enjoyed it a fair bit.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    It's a really good game. But like I said before it is very long and if you have somewhere to go don't start it.

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    Mon Jul 12 2004

    I have three generations of Risk, so I can see its evolution. The mission cards make the game more mysterious and more fun.

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    Sat May 29 2004

    I love this game! To me you first 3 turns will make or break you. Very time consuming, but well worth it!

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    It provides a safe, blood-free way of taking over the world. Besides, how often does the United States get to attack Canada? Militarily, I mean.

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    Fri Mar 19 2004

    Played this once a week in 8th grade tech ed class. Lots of fun when you can get teams together to strategize.

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    Thu Dec 18 2003

    I definitely like this game, though I wasted way too much time playing it when I was about 12, before discovering hardcore wargames (not on this list). I always wished Australia had a connection to South America.

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    Fri Oct 24 2003

    Pretty good game. My sisters favorite. It is a good enough game.

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    Mon Sep 01 2003

    i love risk. me and my friends play this game all the time. get drunk smoke cigars a play the game of world conquest. itss great, good way to save an otherwise uneventful night.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    Risk is the best board game ever. It takes so much strategy and cunning to win. With 6 playres, it's a plain frenzy.

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    Wed Apr 23 2003

    I play this with my uncle who has always been into history warlike stuff. My first time i played i got the hang of it and didnt even know i had been playing for hours. I very rarley win but it is fun to try and gather armys and after the game trying to get people to listen to what happened and what went wrong in your plan. The rules arent that hard to understand as long as you have an excperienced player to remind you what the rules are every once in a while. It may be difucult but i am ten and i can do it and its fun

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    Sat Feb 08 2003

    Risk is fun but its like the Energizer Bunny- it keeps going and going and going...

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    Wed Dec 11 2002

    Best board game by far. the Ukraine is WEAK!!

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    Sat Oct 20 2001

    Best board game of all time. A true game of strategy, deceit, and skill. Risk is the hardest and longest game out of them all. Facing off with different people this game displays a person's true intelligence.

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    Sat Apr 14 2001

    Risk is a kind of strange game, because it can put you in the spot where you can gets into a very bad and unpleasent mood. But, still you may want to give it a shot and try playing.

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    Tue Mar 20 2001

    This the best board game invented if you have a lot of time on your hands. My friends and I have killed many a boring day by playing Risk. I think the that they should be playing this on Survivor instead of backgammon. That would probably break up quite a few of their alliances. This game has every thing strategy, planning, luck, defeat, glory, and battle. Some people think this a game for men with Napoleon complexes, that is bull I know many females who love this game and contrary to what most people think this game does not promote bad feelings among people. I find that when it is played everybody feels like they have had an inexpensive entertaining evening. Sure I realize not everybody is going to like this game because everbody has different taste so if you do not like risk I hope you find a game more to your liking.

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    Sat Feb 03 2001

    Risk is my all-time favorite board game... easy enough that a 10-year-old could understand it, yet sufficiently challenging to the extent that it can thoroughly frustrate a... 32-year-old:-) (My sister-in-law plays better than I do!)

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    It is cool for its soldier model. It is beautiful, but it does not have variety throughout the game. If it can have some more variety, it would help to make the game more fun.

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    This is a really good strategy game and is definitely not boring. The instructions are easy to follow and are very understandable. This is a good game for people interested in mid 19th century warfare and don't mind spending time playing it.

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    Risk can be a great time waster. One quick game can be about forty-five minutes. Also, there are a variety of play styles which can entertain many young adults. However, people who don't enjoy a little strategy won't enjoy this game.

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    It's a great game because you have to use strategy. It's long but you stay well entertained. It makes you think and hopefully you get to take over the world. It's also fun too because six people can play and you can form alliances.

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    I think this game started out as a good idea that went horribly wrong! Just what we need, a game to teach children how to be tyranical leaders. The strategy is good, but as a whole it is really boring. I wouldn't spend any money to buy this game.

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    Wed Nov 22 2000

    Why on earth people play this game I'll never know. Did you ever notice that the only people who ever play Risk are men with Napoleon complexes? Always wanting to conquer the world... plus, this game can go on for hours, even days. They plan out these huge strategies, form enemies and alliances just trying to take over Switzerland! Then once they win the game their ego shoots through the roof- they conquered the world! Hello, it's just a board game. For those Risk players, how many women play the game? You'll be amazed, not very many, I wonder why!

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    Fri Jul 28 2000 way to learn the rules, then play against people who've known the game for forty years.

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    Tue Feb 08 2000

    The classic game of world domination. Appeals to the Napolean in all of us. And don't forget the epic Risk battle between Kramer and Newman on 'Seinfeld.' You say the Ukraine is weak?! I say you are weak!

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    Tue Feb 08 2000

    A game that can bring the world conquerer out in just about anyone. 8 hours into a risk game, all feelings of friendship and loyalty are thrown out the window - all you want to do is to expand your territory at any cost. Definitely more exciting (and volatile) when people are drinking.

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    Mon Feb 07 2000

    Made for some big arguments as a child. Teaches you to gang up on your friends and pick off the weak. Ah, childhood . . .