Rhodesian Ridgeback

Large dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region Website

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    My Ridgeback celebrated her 1st birthday today, and she is the joy of my life... sassy, smart, comical, and firendly and playful as can be. I socialized her early, and all she wants to do is play, she has four legged friends ranging from an american bulldog, pittbulls, the neighbors tiny mutt pup, and a long haired chihuahua to name just a few... I have nothing bad to say about the breed; only to make sure, as with any dog, that they are properly trained and socialized starting young, and you'd have no problems... (other then they might outsmart you to get to the treats or food on left on the counter)...

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    Thu Apr 22 2010

    my rhodesian ridgeback is 18 years old!!!! she loves women..not so much men....but has never bitten anyone...only coyotes....she is loyal and we love her!!!!!!! she is the best dog to scare people away with.....she looks fierce but she is actually only an old lady!!!!! we have 4 english springer spainels...and katie(rhodesian ridgeback) is more calm and friendly then them!!! i guess that it matters how u have trained them...but i love my rhodesain ridgeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I have owned a Ridgeback for 4 years now and have nothing but positive things to say about him. I trained him myself and exposed him to many different situations so neither of us would have any surprises. He was well socialized with people and pets alike. My wife, until recently had a cat and the two of them got along very well. (BTW, we moved and haven't seen the cat since). Mine hates the water, but I have seen other that love it. We recently had a baby and we were a little concerned at first bc the dog is an inside dog. Not that the dog would bite the baby, but just that he doesn't realize his own size at times and could push the baby over, or step on him with all 85lbs. It has not proven to be a problem thus far and the two love eachother. He makes a great watch dog. However, I would hesitate to say a good guard dog simply because he was socialized so well, that he would just lick anyone that came close. He is very loyal and extremely loving and I would highly reccomend this dog to... Read more

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    we are currently having trouble with our lovely big rhodesian ridgeback, he is so protective around my mother and is biting my step father (on the weekend there was another attack which turn out to be very nasty) they are thinking of putting him down and I refuse as I believe he can be helped and needs his energy to be channelled. They move from a farm to a smaller place and i believe ascari is not getting enough exercise. I believe if they do not sort this problem out I will push them to find him a new home with a owner that has time for him. He is just to beautiful to be put down and he is only 3 to 4 years of age.

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    Sat Nov 17 2007

    they are big dogs but very sweet and loving

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    Tue May 22 2007

    Owned a ridge back bitch and bred two litters with her. She was an amazing loyal dog. Perfect guard dog, the best i have had. Feircly territorial. We had to move and as a result she was confined to a run in the yard. She didn't take well to these conditions and soon became very agressive toward strangers and other dogs. Possesive and jelous, once biting a girlfriend on the shoulder. Though i conclude that this was through my lack of knowledge and proper care in my youth, and given that the dog was able to roam free in her own space, she would have remained the sweet, loving girl i once knew. She was later moved to a 40 acre property and has never been happier.

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    Thu May 03 2007

    the ratings for this system seem a little confusing. I noticed 4 reviews -- all positive for the Ridgeback but with different scores four 1's and one 5. My fiance and I have a Ridgeback and are absolutely in love with her. She has the sweetest temperament and is very well socialized. A truly devoted breed.

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and so has my girlfriend they are the most placied dogs you are likely to meet. They live in a house with 3 kids ages 12,8 and 6 a parrot and a tortise (i know what your thinking poor dogs) but we have never had any trouble with them. They are a fantastic family pet (when trained of course) and i would have no problem recommendimg them on my experience.

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    Fri Sep 29 2006

    I grew up with rhodesian ridgebacks, amazing temperaments. 100% devoted, they werent breed to attack lions, just bay them (hunt them down and surround them) until the men could attack. Reputation aside, least dangerous dog i can think of.

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    Tue Sep 26 2006

    best dog I ever known raised 4 kids around one plus neices and nephews .WHAT A TEMPERMENT

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    Though they were bred to fight lions I have never met a mean Rhodie! They often have a good sense of humor, are easily trained, and sometimes kind of lazy. I like these dogs a lot.