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Remember the Titans

2000 American biographical sports film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin Website

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    This is actually worth only a two star rating, but I am deathly afraid that I will be accused of some PC crime, that must remain nameless, as it is just too terrible to mention, so I gotta give it a three, don't you see?This is an ass numbing Walt Disney outing with the message that if we could all just play a little football together, then everything is gonna be all right.

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    My daughter watched this DVD at school and asked me to purchase her a copy for home. She really enjoyed this movie and has watched it several times since then.

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    Starring Academy Award winner Denzel Washinton (Best Supporting Actor "Glory," 1989), this magnificent and inspiring true story from Walt Disney Pictures about the first integrated football team is very well made. In fact, had it not been for Disney, this would have been an R-rated film, as the original script was full of profanity (every third word being the f-word and every fourth word being the n-word). However, the head of Walt Disney Pictures ordered Jerry Bruckheimer (who produced this film, "Glory Road" & the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" & "National Treasure" films for Disney, along with the upcoming 4th installment in the "Pirates" series and the upcoming "Lone Ranger" film) to remove all offensive language from the script, as Disney WOULD NEVER produce anything with profanity, sexual content or graphic violence. All that remains are 3 uses of "Damn," 2 uses of "Hell" & 1 use of "A--," all appropriately used. This movie tackles racism head on (pun intended) without using the "N... Read more

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Black and White stand together on the field of battle, fighting a war against the racism of the ignorant southerners. The Civil War? No, a football team in a newly integrated town in Virginia. Remember the Titans starts with racial conflicts in the town, and then shows the progression of different players, like Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) and Julius Campbell (Wood Harris), and of the town as a whole, as the team learns to accept their differences and to get past them. The transformation starts at the intense training camp at a nearby college. There, Coach Boone (Denzel Washington), the African American coach who has replaced the white Coach Yoast (Will Patton) as head coach, forces students to interact with their teammates of the other race. Here, they start to learn to work as a team, without worrying about race and skin color. However, after returning to the town, they reenter the "real world" where black and white are still supposed to be separate, and where they are constan... Read more

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    There's a fine line between horrendously cliché and original, and Remember the Titans flirts artfully with it. Directed by Boaz Yakin, the docudrama goes beyond the story it was based on to spin an inspiring and informative tale. Set in 1971, Remember the Titans takes place in Alexandria, Virginia. Because of the desegregation of T.C. Williams High School Bill Yoast is replaced by African American Herman Boone as head coach and takes a position as assistant head coach. The two coaches, as well as the newly integrated football team, at first clash dreadfully. Nevertheless, after a memorable training camp the team rises from its underdog position, integrating not only in body but in mind, supporting each other during tough times, and accepting each other for who they are instead of their race. Denzel Washington (Herman Boone) is just one member of the astoundingly talented cast that performs in Remember the Titans. The cast effectively manages to distract from the terribly cliché plot a... Read more

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    Fri Apr 24 2009

    I watch this movie everytime I need a lift-up. I highly recommend it because it includes a great story and the casting could not be better. Unlike most of the current motion pictures, this story is about courage, humillity and looking at others for what they have inside instead of what they look like. It's a story that can teach us that if we work together as one, everything can be accomplished. You definitely must watch it!

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    Overrated Disney paint-by-numbers production that could have benifited from more realism. (1) Several Arlington residents who lived there during the early 70's complained about the depiction of Arlington as Birmingham circa 1958. (2) Kissing-in-locker-room sequence can barely be contemplated now and must be considered unthinkable in the early 70's. (3) That dance routine sucked and (4) Little-irritating-girl-who-knows-everything-about-football-who-won't-shut-up. . .she made me root for child abuse. Although the football scenes were decent and Washington's performance was good (plus the film's heart is in the right place) this is at best an uneven film. . .

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    Denzel was great, as usual.  His sililoquy at Gettysburg during their pre-dawn jog was one to remember. A story with a true moral, with decent acting by all involved. It takes us back to a different time, but still teaches lessons valuable today. It's only negative (hence the 4-star rating) is a somewhat predictable story, with a football team overcoming racism to play for a championship.  But even so, it was done quite well.

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    A great feel-good movie made better by knowing it is closely based on a real story. It's a good reminder of how deep racial tensions were not so many years ago. Strong performance by Denzell Washington and Will Patton. This is a classic underdog movie. Even if you don't like football, you'll enjoy this flick.

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    Tue Jun 21 2005

    Hokey and contrived at times.

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    Thu Jan 20 2005

    Very good movie. Because it was based on true events I think it could have stuck more to the facts. My daughter owns the movie though and I've watched it numerous times. I don't even care about football, getting a little bit about the feelings of the times is pretty good. I think it could have been better though.`

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    Mon Dec 06 2004

    Rather predictable sports movie. Paton is the best thing in it, and Washington is just doing Denzel again for the twentieth time.

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    Sat May 24 2003

    I'm much more of a baseball guy myself, and never thought that I would enjoy a movie about football. But boy was I wrong! This movie had it all: action, drama, comedy, and great acting. I thought that it did a great job of balancing out the typical Disney atmosphere ("feel good" type movies) with the true hardships that both races had to face when integration was implemented in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I thought that this was a very touching film about acceptance, understanding and tolerance, topped off with some great music and one hell of a great cast.

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    Sat Mar 15 2003

    Rather contrived and simplistic...

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    Mon Dec 09 2002

    Denzel Wasington was excellent in this as always. Great story about race in the south. Especially through the eyes of youth. Entertaining, and was nice in that it didnt make the football scenes appear unrealistic like many sports movies.

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    Sat Oct 19 2002

    A fairly good, uplifting and sometimes funny movie from Disney. This movie shows that racism can be overcome and that teamwork means victory in the end. Barely any profanity, only mild violence and no sexual innuendo are in this film that can be enjoyed by everyone. And, also Densel Washington is great as the new coach.

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    Sun Aug 04 2002

    It wasn't the best done movie of 2000 (it was well done), but it's real. I admit it, I fall for true feel good stories. Take two segregated schools. The white school has a great football team and a storied coach. The black school isn't quite there. Merge them. Take the black school's coach (Denzel Washington) and make him the head coach. Make the new school a winner. Nobody will believe it? Well, it's real life and it's touching. See it!

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    Mon May 06 2002

    it was better then i though it would be

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    Thu Mar 07 2002

    FINALLY a movie with heart! FINALLY a decent movie. This is one of the best modern day movies made. Good directing, excellent writing, outstanding acting and decent production.

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    Mon Dec 17 2001

    its definitly a feel good movie. i enjoyed myself

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    Thu Dec 13 2001

    This was one of those movies that if it wasn't a true story it would be just to good to be true. Denzel Washington was extremely good as the new black coach and Will Patton was equally as good as the demoted white coach. Probably the only thing this movie lacked was the things that it could not have. It was a little to much of the 'fly in the sky' everything is peachy story. Just not a 5 star, but still a great movie for the kids and for the parents to.

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    Tue Nov 06 2001

    This movie is both inspirational and proves to be another one of Denzel Washington's great performances. Based on the true story of an African-American who becomes a football coach and evokes emotion and to see through colour in his overrun white football team. It is filmed beautifully and along with the highly emotional scenes, it also has a few funny moments (e.g. learning the white and black dislikes and likes in pairs). The DVD also has features explaining the meanings of certain scenes and an orray of deleted scenes. This is a truely beautifully told true story and teaches us to look beyond colour into the brave and wise words of Herman Boone.

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    Mon Oct 15 2001

    An all time great movie - classic to buy on tape/DVD and watch again.

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    Thu Aug 16 2001

    Funny and moving. The only problem I saw was that there were far too many "climactic moments" in which they played the overly dramatic music and some important decision is made, etc. Most movies lead up to one of these, however I think "Remember the Titans" had about six. That didn't annoy me enough to inspire me to subtract a star, however. Denzel Washington was excellent, I thought. Plus, a good soundtrack!

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    Sun Jul 29 2001

    It's not such a bad movie, but when it tries to be funny, it doesn't work. If it tried to be sad it works OK, but gets too sad by the end of the film.

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    Completely over-done film. The movie beats you to death with the race issue as if you didn't realize Denzel was an African American.

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    A great movie,one of the best I've seen this year

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    Sat Jun 30 2001

    One of my favorite movies this year. Relaxed and witty most of the time. But it turned out to be a real tearjerker. If you like original. Come see this movie

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    Fri Jun 15 2001

    This movie was awsume! It had a great theme about how even people with different races can get along. Denzel was great in this movie as he alwayz is. it is definetly a must see!

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    Fri May 04 2001

    We like movies that are based on true events. We rented this and watched it as a family movie.We all liked the movie. It is about two highschools that merge into one. One was a "white" school and the other a "black" Now these young men have to play football together for the first time. Of course they are not happy at first.I like the fact that throughout the movie they had to learn how to work as a team and get along. BY the end of the movie these young men have learned how to get along and become friends. what I call a feel good movie. The only bad part is there is swearing. Otherwise, there are good actors and a good plot. Of course Denzel Washington is good in anything he does!

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    Sat Apr 14 2001

    There are reasons not to like this movie. Much of it is incredibly contrived with dialogue that is often so over-the-top that you think you're watching an after-school special. Nevertheless, I really liked this film. Denzel, as always, is great and you got a sense for what people of both races went through as they tried to learn about each other. The football scenes were well done, as well. I really wanted to like this movie and I wasn't disappointed.

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    Wed Apr 04 2001

    Excellent movie. Everyone in America should see it. It spoke of the power created from a united effort, as "one", and enjoying and making the best of the differences in people- not discounting them just because of color, religion, etc. It also showed how people can change, even the most die-hard "rednecks" of all colors can get beyond their prejudices, once they actually get to know a person. It was a powerful movie, full of hope! I think it should be shown at highschools and churches, as well as the theatres.

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    Mon Mar 26 2001

    Good movie, I could watch it with my family and freinds. Something new now days.

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    Sun Mar 18 2001

    seen it. heard it. been there, done that. only i remember it was better last time.

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    Fri Mar 09 2001

    This is my favorite movie ever! It is awesome. Denzel Washington is very good in it. So is Ryan Gosling. It's funny in some parts too.

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    Fri Mar 09 2001

    I was epecting a good movie. This one passed my epectations easily, The acting was superb as Denzel always is, the plot was well written. When this movie was over I wished there was more.

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    Tue Mar 06 2001

    A phony movie from top to bottom! True story of racism DISNEYFIED. (I have yet to see a group of people break out in song) A waste of time.

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    Wed Feb 28 2001

    i loved and it was good because they showed how to beat racism

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    Tue Feb 06 2001

    Like almost all sports movies, there were some hack-ish elements to this one, but it was still worth watching. Denzel is always good, and the story had a genuinely uplifting message about learning to overcome differences toward a common goal.

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    Wed Nov 08 2000

    People I've talked to who enjoy football enjoyed this film. I "enjoy" films about racial justice and the process of achieving it and I enjoyed the film, too. Denzel Washington made a terrific task master and seemed to have all the answers to making his newly diverse football team cohesive. The tactic of getting to know people as individuals was a success in the film as it can be in real life.

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    Sat Nov 04 2000

    it was a really good movie.