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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Big banks = big crooks. When using your check card. You might want to check for double charges on your account. Same day, same place, same amount. Tough to keep track of even with reciepts and they know it. Debit cards are big money for the banks. I'd suggest a daily print out of your banking statement.

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    Thu Jan 27 2011

    Have a account... after a year they all of a sudden want three pieces of mail such as utilities, cable, water etc with my home address on it. All utilities are covered by the condo owner and have no bills for the place. They have froze the funds and will not let me have my money out of the account. I wish I would have read reviews before opening this account!!! This place is a big SCAM do not bank with them in Branson!

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    0 stars I have never used a more UNCOOPERATIVE bank. I have a mortgage there and several accounts. I am in the process of moving all of them. I would NOT recommend regions bank. Mark Dixon El Dorado, AR

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I find it funny that we have these so perfect people out there and blame our customers complaints on Regions to we complainers not knowing how to balance a check book. You are two to three people saying good things abouts regions. What about the zillion others with complaints against Regions? Weigh up the facts there more people complaining about this bank than there is anyone saying something good about it. I am leaving this bank because I noticed the same thing my direct deposit would go in after transactions I made. The money was there to meet the transactions but yet two days later Regions would charge me nsf fees. I nearly lost the roof over my head because of regions and it nothing to do with being unable to balance my check book. I spent hours on the phone with a rep and check on line and I still ended up hanging up the phone and stilll not understand what just happened. They were just taking and I did not understand why. A huge sign for me , I need to leave this bank.

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    FYI, all banks have issues. If you don't like Regions, don't open an account with Wells Fargo. They are terrible. I think all banks are hurting so bad they don't care about the person living pay check to pay check. Do you really think they care you are closing your account. Banks only care about the big man doing business with them and that is the bottom line!!!! I don't care if you are with Regions,Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.. They all work the same way. They figure out away to take your money as quick as you are putting it in. This is why, I am learning to make sure you keep good bank records. I know it is tempting to spend when you have money in the bank, but technically it is not in there if you have debited for something or written a check. you have to pretend it is not in there. Unfortunately, you have to have a bank account. Sometimes I want to stick my money in my mattress and call it a day. I will say I am finding easier ways to keep track and one would be just to keep ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    I am currently stuck in San Diego without a penny to my name, because Regions stupid asses do not give you an option to report your cards stolen in the middle of the night. Apparently they believe that just because they are too cheap to hire any overnight help, thieves will kindly refrain from milking your account until you can report it stolen. So while Joe Nobody is out there blowing my savings, I'm stuck in this hotel praying to God I get ahold of them in the morning before the theif gets to the local Sears. This mess has totally ruined my vacation that I've been saving for forever. Fuck Regions.

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    Horrible! First I was literally forced to open an account with them and then they incessantly call and email me! They will force you to get a credit card, trick you into opening an account, and then call you nonstop!

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    Me and my boyfriend opened an account with regions and everything was perfect. We had our checks direct deposit. One day we decided to buy a computer costing us a total of $423.10 not a problem, we had just gotten paid like $600 together. The evening after purchasing the computer i went online to check our balance and it showed where the website had taken out the money for the computer. Well the next day that transaction had just disappeared like it had never been there and the money was all back in there with no deposits for it listed. Alright, so we kept an eye on it and spent money around it. It took an entire week for the computer money to be taken out. We had already received the computer. It happened the night before we were to get paid again, they took out everything plus some debit charges it seemed they were holding back so they could charge us overdraft fees. they ended up charging us over $200 in simply overdraft fees over a debit charge of $1.09 or $5. We went to by the ban... Read more

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    Regions is the worst possible bank to have an account with! I kept several checking and savings accounts with them for 6 years and when I overdrafted once they couldn't help me. They also gave out my personal information. They also did not take care of unauthorized charges that were placed on my account. If you want to keep your money in a safe honest place then definately don't take it to regions bank!

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    I had a "Platinum Relationship" money market account with a high balance that was supposed to earn 1.2%. Several times over the past 6 months I noticed (online) that my rate was cut in half. When I would go into the bank and ask why, I was told the 'special rate' expired but I was entitled to it since it was a published rate so they would change it back - but for the days it was at .55 they could only pay me the lower rate. They would not make an adjustment. A bank that cuts your rate without notice and puts it back only if you ask is doing nothing but stealing your money. I've closed my accounts there.

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    Fri Feb 26 2010

    regions bank Seems to hold back debits in hopes you will overdraft so they can make a profit on fees. I asked a regions manager about this and he said Bank Of america processed all the transactions so I guess they are working together. Overdraft fees were way over and beyond the small debits to the account. if Bank Of america is using their system to run regions debit transactions they should tell you that up front because BOA will get you all wraped up and squeeezed.

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    i have been a regions bank customer for about 2 years. And somehow they always manage to charge my husband and I overdraft charges. My husbands check went into the bank thursday thru direct deposit. We also made a 500 dollar cash deposit Saturday morning. Well after it was all said and done we were supposed to have 175.11 in the bank, i called to check my balance tue morning i only had 70. dollars in the bank so i called the 800# and they told me that my account had PENDED in the negative , but NOTHING POSTED. That is about STUPID that my husband and I and other regions customers get charged NSF FEES for something that cleared the bank with a positive balance. As soon as all our transactions clear we are going to close our account and tell everyone we know not to bank with regions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for the record they DONT deserve that star.

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    I have been a customer of Regions Bank for several years, and it was OK (nothing outstanding) for local long as the transactions were simple and straight forward. But a little over 3 years ago I moved to England, but still needed to maintain my American bank account because of paying off some credit cards and other bills. It was then that I found out that banking with Regions was about like banking with some sleazy financial institution in a third world country. Whenever I contact them for a transaction, it's as though I have asked them a question in a foreign language.....they don't understand what I need to do....they don't know how to go about it....they don't have a clue how to proceed.....and don't have a clue what to tell me when I asked for advice. My money is not readily accessible to me, even though it IS MY MONEY!!!! And the online banking system is a joke. It is very limited in what can be done online. The other night I tried to do a money transfer to another... Read more

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    Wed Jan 20 2010

    I was searching the internet for some ideas about which bank to open a new checking account with (just closed my REGIONS account) when i stumbled upon this site. Just out of curiosity, i happened to search out my former bank (REGIONS) to see if anybody else had the same issues as i did. I read a couple of reviews which compelled me to create a profile on this site and write a review of my own. Now i have to admit, i am not the best money manager (yes i have over-withdrawn on more than one occasion. All with REGIONS. What a surprise!) and i am not an expert on banks, but it seems that REGIONS has terrible customer service. I had previously banked with REGIONS for 8+ years (stupid) and the last incident was the last straw. I was charged an overdraft fee for an overdraft fee (is this possible?) which the nice customer service lady on the phone told me had occurred. I asked her if this was the case then wouldn't the cycle just keep going perpetually at which point, her being stupefied, put... Read more

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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    OK, meddington. One thing's for sure, you're a jerk off. You live in Hicktownville, USA. The employees at your Regions are just happy to have gotten a job with their GED's. That's why they're nice. Here in Pompano Beach, FL all the Regions banks suck. I opened my first checking account with Regions 11 years ago (when they were still Union Planters). I moved to Pompano in October 2008, and was asked a few questions about my previous address every time I went into my local branch. One day I decided to make it easier on the tellers and change my address on the account to my current one. Unfortunately, when you deal with the sleaze at Regions, they may tell you that you can't change your address and it would be easier to just open a new account. And you might fall for it like I did. So, there were transactions pending on my old account and the branch didn't leave enough money in the account to cover them. Cue overdraft fee #1 of $39. My first action was to call the customer se... Read more

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    People at the Regions Bank downtown Nashville are really friendly and helpful. All the people that hate Regions Bank are pissed bc over the overdraft fees. If they would use their check register and keep track of their money, they wouldn't hate the bank. Stop getting mad at the bank because you were too irresponsible to balance your checkbook.

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    Fri Dec 18 2009

    I'm just adding to the already dismal reviews of Regions bank by sharing my interaction with customer service. I had an overdraft fee due to not transfering money from my savings until after 6. Sucks for me but I can admit that even though the online system will show you have money in the bank, it is not accurate for any checks you've written until they post. Anyhow, so I call the customer service thinking they would help me out some with the fee. I spend 10 minutes listening to some smug guy who probably makes a third of what I make tell me how to handle my money. Seriously, he was mentioning my credit card accounts and everything. So I basically tell the guy to shut up if he can't help me. He then follows by saying he could help me but I had to ask him for help. Seriously! He says, "we'll I'm not just going to offer you the money back." I literal had to say, would you give me my overdraft fee back for him to do it. I don't know if this was regions or just a smug employee. Either way,... Read more

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    OMG!!!! This bank is the WORST!!!! I Just got married and joind onto my husbands account 3 months ago! I have had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!! READ ALL THE FINE PRINT before you sign! and MAKE SURE they explain all the charges and how they work! I didn't know that this bank takes the larger about and process them even though the smaller amounts have already been processed! They are charging me $350.00 for not explaining to me ALL the costs and rules! I've been back and forth with the branch manager and the Corp store and they all send me back to eachother! I've been thrown around and miss lead! Yes, I see these ppl saying "oh stop complaining it's your own fault for overdrafting" Obviously these ppl work for a bank and when they overdraft, then go in and fix it themselves! It's just so frustrating that when a mistake happens and it's the first one you've made, all for the simple fact that you didn't understand, that they wont go over and beyond themselves to make the customer happy! Now they... Read more

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    Thu Oct 08 2009

    Regions is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They are absolutely horrible to their customers, their overdraft fees are ridiculous and if some tiny little mistake happens, forget it, you will not get any help from them. Even Bank of America is like Mother Teresa's bank compared to Regions. Beware of this horrid institution. Bank anywhere else!

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    Mon Aug 31 2009

    Every time I call Regions "customer service" to find out what their policies regarding in which order they process items I get a different story. But each time they do, one thing remains the same - in each instance, the order they process items on my account will always benefit them and always penalize me with fees. There have been some times where I did not do my math correctly, and I have gotten overdraft fees, and I hate it, but that's how things work and I accept them. But in the last year, Regions has become shadier and shadier and less transparent in their banking practices, especially regarding online banking (as many people on here have stated). When you check your balance, there are two balances - a ledger balance and an available balance. One may be positive, reflecting pending deposits, etc., while the other is negative. The biggest problem with this system is that they will charge you an overdraft fee for a pending electronic transaction, even before it leaves pending ... Read more

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    I am a broke college student who has fell victim to this greedy bank. Oh wait, ALL banks are greedy, but this one seems to be much more so than others. I have been banking with Regions for about five years and I agree with most others on here that the online banking system is merely a tool for them to delude their customers and gain from it. It is very hard to tell what is really going on with your account at any given time. Online banking is supposed to be a tool that helps people keep better track of their money. Instead, Regions uses it as a tool to con more money out of our already empty pockets. I also don't like the amount any bank charges for overdrafting. Regions overdraft fees seem to be particularly high though. I think overdraft fees should be based on the actual amount you have overdrafted. They will rob you of thirty bucks if you overdraft a dollar. Is this fair? Does it really cost their bank that much when I overdraft a dollar? Although I must admit I don't know the f... Read more

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    regions gives you the internet as a tool "to suppose to help you" with your account but infact they use it as an allusion so they can ROB you!!!! they will hold back checks and say they were pending they could put the balance of the pending, take it off so that you would know by looking on the internet the true ammount that you have but no they will hold it until something bigger goes through and then they will charge you 35 dollars for that check and every other little one!!! then when you talk to them about it they say it was a favor to you when they are just doing it to take more of your money. my name is thomas gordon, and i live in georgia, and last week i called CNN in atlanta and i also called randy travis at fox 5 in atlanta because i want something done about these theaves!! i think there should be a class action law suit! and im not changing banks until i get every penny of my money back.

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    My problem with this bank is reflected in all the other reviews you've read. Stay away from this den of thieves!

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    This "keep better track of your money" answer is not only insulting, you are speaking about accounts which you know nothing of, unless of course the person who posted the response is just a Regions bank rep paid to scour the internet and look up the literally HUNDREDS of pages where people are trashing their unethical bank practices and write a response. If that was the case, I would not be surprised, they wouldn't be the first company to pay someone a little money to set up their smoke and mirrors for them. REGIONS IS A BUNCH OF CHEATS AND LIARS. I have had the same thing happen to me regarding overdrafts, only one time I had SCREEN CAPTURES after they screwed me once, showing where something like a meager $5 or $10 has CLEARED. That means not "PENDING" not out there in transfer land somewhere waiting to clear, I mean CLEARED and done. Then if I had like a larger charge come in two days later, and it would cause me to overdraft, if the last few charges were within 2 or 3 days, they wi... Read more

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    Keep a check register and you will stop overdrafting. Its called being responsible and knowing how much money you "really" have. Its your own fault for being lazy and depending on the internet for your balance. Some businesses will run your check/charge months later..not the banks fault. They have to charge the overdraft fee in order to cover the extra money they are loaning out because of insufficient funds. Remember that thing called a checkbook, BALANCE IT!! This is a joke.

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    Fri Apr 03 2009

    Save yourself a load of headaches and wasted time - REGIONS IS THE WORST BANK IN EXISTANCE! They charged me $200 in overdraft fees for the first time being overdrawn - due to a contract agreement closure with Directv that forced a debit to my checking account for my last bill. They lie. No one has any ability to waive fees - not Branch Managers, Online Bankers and Corporate is elusive. I ma…de an EFT transfer that was rejected by my electric company and Regions erased the entry from my history as if it never existed. They charge monthly fees on their "Lifegreen Checking" - which is supposed to be free and of course do not refund the fees. They have UNETHICALLY TAKEN $215 from my 8 month old baby and disabled husband.

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    My experience with Regions has been horrible and I wouldn't recommend giving your money to them to steal. I am not an accountant but I do know how to add and subtract, which is a simple process Regions isn't familiar with. They are clever at finding loopholes to getting your money. I contacted customer service via phone regarding my issue and they basically said that I was S.O.L. and didn't really give a crap about my problem. So, I took my problem to a Regions branch and they couldn't give me an accurate explaination. When I asked the girl who assisted me about the other 3 million people who are being ripped off, she shrugged her shoulders and said that she didn't have an answer and she agreed. They use horrible business practices. Even if you don't have a nice lump sum in your account WATCH OUT. Like I said before, Regions isn't familiar with basic adding and subtracting. Go somewhere else.

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    Tue Jan 27 2009

    Every bad review on here is the same thing: overdraft, overdraft, overdraft. Shut up, do your math better. I've had maybe 4 overdrafts in the 2 years I've banked with Regions, and guess what -- each time it was my own fault. Region's isn't a babysitter, nor is any bank. If you go over, then maybe you should take a banking class. Maybe banks are just better in Louisiana? I'll admit, their employees are lacking in many qualities I look for in anyone who's servicing me for those minutes, but as a whole they're amazing. Anyone who's whining about customer service, I hope you're whining about CS for every other possible company because customer service always has, and always will be, full of shit.

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    I received 3 overdraft fees despite a positive balance when the third hit. When I called the 800# they told me that they charge the fees based on their available balance. The web-site seems to give 1 balance and they have another "magical" balance that they draw from. They also claim that they pend transactions for 3 days and after that they fall off of the on-line statements until the merchant presents them (which they have 60 days to do). I don't know how all merchants are, but I would think that they would not want to wait for their funds anymore that we would want them to hold them. It is my opinion (and only that) that Regions may flag customers who have accounts that may potentially be close to a negative balance and check their balances frequently (online and through ATM's) to give a balance that does not reflect all potential debits. They then drop off those charges for a day or so, to reflect a higher available balance to the customer so that they go and spend beyond the... Read more

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    Wed Nov 12 2008

    This bank doesn't even deserve this star. 9 months ago I was hit with numerous overdraft fees. Regions was allowing me to charge things, including charges for $2, even though there wasn't any money in my account. I went to my local branch and asked why they were letting me charge things on my debit card when I didn't have the money in my account. Wasn't it supposed to decline my card and say NSF? I was told that Regions does this as a "favor" so that if Regions customers have an emergency and need to use their card they can do it. He went on to tell me that they feel it's the customers "responsiblity" to balance their checkbook. I told the Regions employee that my "emergency" credit card is for that very thing and that I would like my account to be set up so that it says NSF when I have insufficient funds. Besides, shouldn't MY emergencies be MY responsibilty not regions, balancing my checkbook is. Now, 9 months later it's the same thing. Regions went back and changed my acco... Read more

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    Mon Oct 06 2008

    Regions hit me with over 900.00 uds in nsf fees for money that was on hold. Not charged never debitted from my account, just on hold. Never once did my balance drop below 300, even with the fees. Went into my local branch spoke with the manager and he informed me of policy of money on hold and told me not to use my debit card as "credit" to ensure that I always use my pin number. Let me state again, I WAS CHARGED FOR AUTHORIZATIONS NOT CHARGES. AUTHORIZATIONS THAT NEVER WENT THROUGH AS CHARGES. HOTEL LODGING THAT WAS PAID IN CASH THEN AUTHS REVERSED. BUT I WAS STILL CHARGED OD FEES. Needless to say, Regions is horrible and I heard that they might go belly up. Serves them right. Down with Regions.

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    I was going to open an account but thanks for all the comments I will never get close to this bank.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I have been banking with AmSouth for about 6 or 7 years. I like AmSouth, it was a mid-size bank. Small enough that all the tellers knew me but large enough that they had ATMs all over. The customer service is terrible now that Regions has taken over. You have to watch them for NSF (insufficent funds) fee. Make sure your savings and checking accounts are not "linked" but set up for "overdraft protection" - they are two different things. I learned the hard way with $175 in NSF fees. You have to watch them - they will try to charge you for EVERYTHING!

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    We have filed a complaint with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation ( accusing Regions Bank with unfair business practices. Regions Bank is using what they claim is a consumer feature called a 'Overdraft Limit' that pays incoming charges no matter your account balance. It will pay up to $500 in charges after your account is overdrawn. Regions is charging consumers anywhere from $33 to $35 for each paid item under the 'Overdraft Limit' feature. The average total fee charges to consumers under this feature is estimated to be around $210. This is making Regions very wealthy and making consumers very angry. This feature should not be confused with Overdraft Protection. Overdraft Protection is a feature that links accounts for overdraft coverage. Service Reps make this confusing by trying to tell you there is no 'Overdraft Protection' feature on your account, but not tell you of the 'Overdraft Limit' feature. You can have the 'Overdraft Limit' feature rem... Read more

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I have banked with AmSouth since I was in high school. I have always watched my bank account very closely, what with internet scams and their ability to access bank information so easily. That being said, I watch my account like a hawk. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be duped by my own bank. Well, Regions is not my bank, AmSouth was until they were taken over. Never in the 10+ years that I have banked with AmSouth, was I ever charged overdraft fees for pending transactions. To make it simple, after the overdraft fees had their way with my account (132$ the first time) I still had 6$ left. This is a clear sign that there was never an overdraft in the first place. Of the 272$ they took from my account without one overdraft on my ledger to show for it, they have been so kind as to refund 70$ and inform me that would be the extent of their charity. Word to the wise. Regions is not AmSouth. They are as underhanded and shady as any other national bank. I am closing m... Read more

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    Wed May 21 2008

    My fiance and I have opened an account with Regions bank approximately six months ago. We thought that they were fantastic! We absolutely loved the feature of the 800 number to get your balance and to find out what transactions were pending. Recently my fiance had deposited $512.00 cash into our account before cut over time this past Thursday, therefore the cash should have shown in my account as soon as he walked out the door. The following Saturday I had gone to the ATM to withdrawal money for the ATM to tell me that the funds were not available. I then called another 800 number for them to tell me that it was a branch error and that I would have to wait until Monday and go to the branch with my deposit receipt so that they could fix it. Monday, I went to the branch and the assured me that it was an issue in their proofs department and that my money would be in my account by midnight that night. When I woke up for work on Tuesday morning, I called to check my balance...guess what!? T... Read more

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    Tue May 13 2008

    Please learn to manage your accounts. Please consider that a check is a legal document, meaning in other to be binded in a legal document in the United States, one must be properly documented and in other to cash this checks you must present acceptable and current identification. Bank policies change and varie from bank to bank.

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    Mon May 12 2008

    I can not agree more with the other negative reviews about over reliance on computers. The customer support I received from Pensacola and Birmingham offices was horrible. I use my debit card frequently for small purchases and was hit with over $400.00 in overdraft fees. The fees snowballed to prevent my deposits to cover my balance. The circumstances were reasonable to have at least some if not all of the fees removed. I was told by one representative that she could remove 2 of the fees, but I would need to call back the next day to speak to a supervisor who could remove additional fees. However, the next day the supervisor could not remove any of the fees because "the computer" would not let her. All I received were excuses when I told her that one day prior at least two of the overdraft fees could have been removed. I am now in the process of finding a new bank because I refuse to put up with such awful service.

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    Fri May 09 2008

    Like most of the complaints below, I to have been screwed by Regions. My husband and I have three children, one with severe medical problems, and right now he is the only one able to work. As you can imagine, things get tight around here. I check my account nearly everday on the regions website to make sure they aren't screwing us again and got up this morning and had 3 nsf fees equal to $105.00. One of those was for a paypal transfer that I scheduled on Wednesday because last time it took 5 days for it to process. My husband has direct deposit on Fridays. So, I expected it to come out maybe Friday after his deposit went in. I also had two other transactions that had been pending the day before and the money at the time was in the bank to cover these. Well guess what they did? They sent the paypal first then the two others after costing me alot of money. They of course say "the computer automatically sends through the largest first." How convinient for them. The staff is co... Read more

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    Fri Mar 14 2008

    They join the Monster Banks category with their ugly service. I tried to cash a check and they would not accept my US Residence Card. That is a FEDERAL ID. They would not accept my European passport... but of course after 20 minutes wasted in their bank my EXPIRED Georgia Driver License seemed to be acceptable!!!! And yeah.... the charge $5 to cash a check for not having an account with their ugly bank.

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    Mon Feb 04 2008


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    Fri Jan 25 2008

    This is the second time that even though my records were correct, they got me with overdraft fees, that I didn't owe!! I kept records, and didn't go over what I had in my account. Since it was close, I looked at the Website often, to make sure I didn't mess up with my records, and I didn't. Then I put money in the bank, and still looked at their site to make sure all was well. Then A few days later, it said I was overdrafted, 3 times even though I should have had almost $80 in the bank even after all my checks. And if it did cross in transaction time making me overdrafted the most overdrafts would have been one, being almost $14 short the day before the deposit went through. They don't want to take any of the overdraft off, and I told them I would close my account if they didn't take at least two of the overdrafts off,(they had put on 3) They refused to take them off, and stated they didn't care. I don't need a bank who is going to charge me almost $100 for 3 overdrafts, that wasn't re... Read more

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    Customer loyalty means nothing to this bank. I've given them my business since they took over our local bank many years ago. I am not in the habit of giving companies my hard earned money for nothing (late fees, overdraft fees, etc...) But one small mistake balancing my checkbook racked up $360.00 in overdraft fees. Did they work with me to reduce these fees? NO! All I got was quoted policy stating that unless it's the bank's error no fees will be reduced. That goes to show how well long term customers are treated. It will be the very last fee they ever get from me. Customer service is nothing more than quotes from their policy manual.

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