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1940 American romantic psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock Website

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    this movie made me fall in love with classic movies..the best

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    It is easy to see how this gem of a film rates at the number one slot on this list. This was the beginning of some great things for Hitchcock, he was well deserving of the Academy Award.

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Not a typical Hitchcock movie it is a true classic. Great directing, acting, etc. One of my wife's favorite movies. I have a cheap version on DVD and a really good Critereon version which is well worth the extra cash if you want to own this movie.

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Excellent romantic melodrama.  Fontaine is superb and should have one the Oscar over Ginger Rogers in the overrated Kitty Foyle.

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    Sat Jul 01 2006

    Great film

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    Wed Jun 21 2006

    An excellent movie,with stellar acting and directing.Very atmospheric and gripping.Validates the saying "They don't make 'em like they used to"!

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    Wed May 03 2006

    Superb, stellar performances by Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson. Faithful adaptation of the novel. Great movie with all the dark and shadowy effects needed for the story. Once seen, it is unforgettable and you will watch it repeatedly. I give it a 5.

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    Mon Jan 23 2006

    The best! I just cannot believe that Amazon or other like stores, do not have this movie in DVD format!!! Superb acting, wonderful amd intriguing storyline, you cannot get any better! Sad thing is that they do not make movies like they did.

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    This movie sucked so bad that I have no choice but to give it 5 stars.

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    Mon May 30 2005

    Simply incredible !!!! You are glued to the screen, very dark, gothic and fast-moving, you are never bored. The evil housekeeper will send chills down your spine!!

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    Sat May 07 2005

    Great movie, great performance by Fontaine, great photography, great mood music and an all-around great cast. The only Hitchcock film to win Best Picture.

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    Sun May 01 2005

    This is a perfect picture. If ever there was a perfect cast, it is in this film. They make the film come alive. A David O. Selnick film which, in my opinion, is his greatest acheivement and Alfred Hitchcock's American directorial debut is an auspicious one! Joan Fontaine deserved Best Actress Oscar for her performance as the Second Mrs. deWinter as did Judith Anderson for Best Supporting Actress for her Mrs. Danvers.

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    Thu Nov 14 2002

    One of Hitchcock's best. This won Best Picture the year it came out. Joan Fontaine plays the woman who marries Laurence Olivier, a man who was once married to a lady named Rebecca. Fontaine is constantly haunted by the many reminders of Rebecca in the mansion called Mandalay. Judith Anderson is awesome as Miss Danvers, the housemaid who adored the late Rebecca. (She later became Dame Judith Anderson, and actually portrayed the Vulcan High Priestess in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock).

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    Fri May 24 2002

    Sometimes, the vision of the producer and the vision of the director don't really match too well. Sometime they do. In the case of "Rebecca," the contributions of both Selznick and Hitchcock serve to benefit the film as a whole. I don't consider this to be a "Hitchcock picture" in the context of his techniques and methods. Rather, it is a film that he just happened to direct, like "Rope" of "Spellbound." "Rebecca" is a case in which too many chefs combined to make something fantastic. Although not the best film, it is enjoyable and warrants praise.

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    Sat Oct 13 2001

    Although David Selznick's constant interferrance didn't help allow Hitchcock to make the film they way he wanted it, REBECCA is certainly a good film. Good enough , it seems, for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to call it the best picture of 1940. Olivier, Fontaine and Anderson give great performances in this, one of the more "commercially" suspenseful films of Hitchcock's career.

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    Sun Jul 01 2001

    You MUST see this beautiful movie. Don't believe it is an Hitchcock one, because in fact it was a Selznick production, but it is quite faithful to the original book by Daphné Du Maurier, and the mystery is delicately exposed to our eyes . With wonderful Olivier and Fontaine . Don't miss it!