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    Thu Jun 21 2012

    Horrible Customer Service - Terrible Company especially the one at altemesa fort worth the manager John Mereny , he's really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad person impolite there is a lady called Holly Amber she is terrible cheater I dont recommend anyone to buy from them

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    Fri Jun 10 2011

    I have worked her for over a year and a half! And regret it! Worst company to work for! There is never a chance to move up in this company! I was the leader in phone sales for a year straight! I was never out sold! Not once did I get a thank you or a good job! And to top it off just over a month ago we got a new district manager and yes Im calling you out DAN GUTTIEREZ in the San Fernando Valley dDistrict 931. Worst dm ever!!! As soon as he came in he mentioned to my manager and 3 other managers in the same district that I have a good relationship that anyone who had been working with the company over a year he wanted them gone one way or another! WTF! Is that now what a company would want? People who do a great job and stay with them? I guess not! And guess what.......? me and 2 other guys from our store have been terminated! over the past month he has fored over 30 people in this district! How Radio Shack or the CEO lets this guy (DAN GUTTIEREZ) get away with this... is just rediculo... Read more

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    Fri Mar 04 2011

    I bought a pair of aviro headphones from the store in niles, mi. The headphones wouldn't set on the built-in recharging prongs correctly.... took them back, the clerk starts finding every damn excuse to get away from exchanging them. "it the batteries" , " you have to manually hold down the headphones on the prong so they can charge", "your not connecting them to the tv right", " the switch has to be set to charge"... remind you, I've had these headphones for a solid month and worked perfectly until now. told him that.... same crap as above. Then I mention exchanging them... oh no, you have to have the instruction manual in order to do THAT. Walmart wouldn't ask for such a thing. It seems they're eager to try and fix everything you send their way.

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    Tue Dec 14 2010


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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I don't know how Radio Shack stays in business, they never have what you're looking for...I always go to Walmart or Target now for my electronics, power cords, component cables, coaxle cords and any and all electronic accessories. The sales people at both Target and Walmart are more Knowledgeable and helpful than the sales people in Radio Shack. There's usually about 2 customers in the store and it takes about 30 - 45 minutes to complete a sale at the register. I went to the one in Randallstown and the young lady was unneccesarily engaged in a conversation with a customer and asking the same questions about her daughter over and over, while I'm standing there waiting to be served. Then I went to the one in Pikesville, the gentleman there did try to help somewhat however he had no knowledge of the item I was looking for, so I just said I'll order it off line. He just said I don't what to tell you. They definitely lost my business

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    Worked here for over a year. Worked for an awesome manager, and I loved this job. Up until a few months before I left I loved this job. But my manager decided to bring in a girl from another store, and she was complete trash. Drove many customers away because of her piss poor attitude, she thought she was god's gift to the world. She finally left in a rather short amount of time thankfully. Then my manager left and everything just went completely downhill. A manager and another girl were brought in form another store, and could not stand working for them. First, we did not even need an assistant manager. All's we needed were a manager and sales associates. But because this girl was a good friend of the manager, she got special treatment. Not to mention boss everyone else around when she was no better, as her official title was a sales associate just like us. Needless to say I got a little tired of working somewhere that i could not trust anyone. The company itself is complete b.s. You ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    I bought a multimeter that quit working after 3 uses and I have no time to try find a receipt since I shop a lot and can't keep track of when I bought something. The manager Julio at Fry's Foothills in Yuma AZ. did exchange a new working one out for me. These multi meters should last for years and he fixed my complaint. Customer service is a priority and I recommend this store for honest, good service. Thanks Julio, we nominate you for a raise!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    Middle rating just to post this. I have been offered an interview and decided to do my research. The only thing is that this forum is not very helpful at all. Or at least doesn't do a good job of portraying both sides. I see all these people that are posting negative problems and I see a trend with them. For one these people seem to go in not knowing what they need to buy and just describe them to a worker expecting him to know what it is. Well it doesn't really work that way. I am an electronics technician, and if you were to come in and tell me you need a Capacitor or fuse or what ever it is, and don't tell me what size you need, i would probably turn you away and tell you to come back with the device or the part itself. There are to many Capacitors and Fuses with different specifications for me to guess what you need. The other trend that I see is inability to type correctly. I can understand a few typos but reading these it is more than just that. Forgive me for being blunt, but ... Read more

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    I hadn't bought anything (until recently) from RadioShack in many years. They were quite a good store 25 or 30 years ago when my Dad used to buy their brand of stereo equipment, phones, etc. I suppose the sales at other stores caused me to drift away from shopping there for a long time. However, last weekend I went to the newer store in the 73rd & Sorensen area in Omaha Nebr. and got some EXCELLENT customer service. I just could not seem to figure out how to hook up my Dvd player to a new TV (both were bought elsewhere). They were close by so I decided to ask them. The manager was very helpful and really went the extra mile to help me figure out the right connections :) So I definitely plan to watch their sale flyers and start buying stuff at RadioShack again ! Thanks guys ! :)

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    Everything was great they wor good persons.

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    Hi guys , i was in there other day ,trying to exchange my boost mobile blackberry that i recently purchased . some reason the phone stooped working , i had to cancel my boost mobile service , because i was so pissed about the hole situation. dont go this store they are wery roode speacialy older man works there , my hole boost mobile with radio shock was terrible >>>>>> Little River Shop Cntr 7408 Little River Tnpk, Annandale, VA 22003 (703) 256-1600

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    I live in Rochester New York and have worked for Radioshack for just over a year now. There are about twenty stores in our district which ranges from hillbilly huck town to inner city locations. When applying for a job I used a little common sense ( something seemed to be non-existant with many of these reviews) and researched which locations had the most traffic. More traffic= more customers=more people to offer to=more $$ in your pocket. Minimum wage here is $7.25 an hour and i make AT LEAST $14.00/HR. My secret...helping the customer find what they NEED and then offer things they SHOULD HAVE. Don't be pushy, nobody likes to be forced into purchasing anything. For all those employees that are bitching about being let go for not selling enough phones or not enough service plans....heres a FANTASTIC idea..track your shit. Make a chart on excel showing how many RSSP attempts you had..did you get the attatch? If no then why not? Did you run a credit check for a post paid phone with a cu... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    i went to radioshack for a simple power adaptor for my digital camera. When i got to the store they stated to me that they didin't have what i needed. I was like hmm this is suppost to be the store where if you have questions we have the answer( maybe not) the person behind the counter then told me that he would have to order it and it would take 1-2 business days which i couldn't wait i needed my camera now. The person behind the counter then got really rude with me and told me that i would have to leave the store.. I asked him why he was telling me to leave. He stated to me that i was getting nasty and i had a anger management problem. Mind you i was the one that was being calm and nice. He then told me that he could do nothing for me and i would have to go to staples or something like that. Well i went into the staples right next door and found what i was looking for and i also picked up a new laptop computer. All i can say is that radio shack has lost my business forever

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    We recently had a terrific experience at Radio Shack. We decided to switch our family's account from AT&T to Sprint for our mobile phones. AT&T was horrible, constantly hitting us with hidden or surprise charges. The Radio Shack salesperson, Matt Allen, did a great job explaining that Sprint is the best plan for us, since we want to be able to use the web, text, etc. He also gave us a lot of insight into which phone would be best for each of us. The one problem we ran into -- the store did not have two of the phones we wanted in stock. However, Matt Allen took the initiative to find them at another store and then drive over to it and pick them up! I have been through some nightmares when setting up cell phones, but not this time. The numbers were ported and everything went smoothly. Hats off to Radio Shack!

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    Just wanted to let you know about Stephon. he is the Manager in GreenWood Village, Co He is the most wonderful manager we have dealt with in years. He knows his products, he represents Radio Shack in the best possible way. He also takes very good care of his customers. He is always smiling and helps us understand more about products. He is willing to do whatever he can to make you comfortable while you are in his store. I have a bad back, and after only being in his store for 30 min he brought me out his office chair while we were waiting for our phones etc to be activated etc. He is a wonderful Manager and needs to be recognized. because of his winning Attitude We will continue to shop with him. Keep up the Great Work. Sincerely Renee and Dale

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    0 stars I purchased an on line electronic item that proved to be defective. The store manager stated he could not do anything because the item was purchased on line and advised me to call an 800 number for an authorization to return. (the number listed on their return statement) three phone calls and four hours later I was still getting the run-around. their advice ; take it back to the store. I will not patronize Radio Shack ever again. I can visualize them following Circuit City into oblivion!!!

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    Here's how my manager thinks when a customer comes in: Manager: "Hi, do you have any questions?" Customer: "No, just looking around" Manager: "You should buy a phone" Or another situation: Customer: "I need a battery" Manager: "You should buy a phone!" The only goal Radio Shack managers have is to keep their job-meaning sell cell phones. Also, don't count on your products working if you buy them from Radio Shack. All the employees do there is throw shit around and put it back on the shelf. Radio Shack's employees only stick around if they are lazy assholes-- who try to sell you shit you don't need (to put it best). I will never buy ANYTHING at Radio Shack ever ever ever!

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    I just saw a commerical on TV for "The Shack" and was so annoyed because the commerical was in a foreign language. The entire commerical. I am tired of this. How many languages am I supposed to know in order to watch American TV? I'm done with Radio Shack!

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    I just started working for Radio Shack a few weeks ago and let me tell you I'm so disappointed @ Radio Shack. I have been in customer service for about 17 years and been a manager for a major fortune 500 company. The only reason why I took this job because I was laid off and need some income for Christmas. OK, the bad! The pay is horrible ($7.25 an hour in Houston, TX) plus commission. Unless your just going to sale contract cell phones and the replacement or repair plans (Radio Shacks Insurance), you will make close to nothing. Trust me when I tell you this, they will push you to sale contract cell phones. That is where the main spiff or bonus is at. Oh, let's not forget your S.P.H (Sales Per Hour) that plays a factor. I'm lucky I work at good store and an OK manager. The staff is pretty down to earth, but I have seen some unethical things some of the staff members have done to customers just to make a buck..... especially if you don't speak English. The training is horrible, but f... Read more

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    Sat Nov 28 2009

    I have worked at the RS off and on for six years while in college. I have been lucky, I have had cool managers. Its all about the phones but getting people set up for custom jobs is also important. There are a lot of cool people in our district and a lot of dush bags. Some stores got it and some don't. I know all the managers that I have worked with and that are still with the co have nice stores. The business is to corporate now, managers have been robbed control in exchange for a "Turn key" style business model. The associate pay has been cut every year that I have been with them. Thus, the quality of associates has gone down and the RS will go out of business b/c to many dumb-asses work for them. Also, the co has horrible inventory control, they loose at least 30 percent of their potential sales due to lack of product in my experience. Due to manager's lack of inventory control the co is slipping year by year attempting to cut necessary costs such as labor and inventory.

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    Thu Nov 12 2009

    I walked into the store, and was immediately greeted. Then asked if I needed help. I knew exactly what I wanted, and the gentlemen showed me all the products pertain to my interests. I was also, told about the warranty, and other specials. It was nice. I will be sure to go back to this store!

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    Tue Nov 03 2009

    I would like to say that my experience at radio shack was wonderful...the sales girl I had was wonderful. I am just sorry that I don't remember her name, I bought a phone she did everything she could so that. I could use my phone right away and may I say including the plastic sheet that protects the screen. She made my buying experience extremely pleasant. Thank you!!!

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    Wed Oct 28 2009

    I found the sales person helpful and fast

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    I just got home from radio shack and joined this site to express my frustration. I went in to buy a fuse for my guitar amplifier. I didn't have the specs for the fuse, but I had the little thingy the fuse plugs into. The guy was slamming a phone contract on some old lady, so i had a little time to look over the fuses. There were about five different ones that would fit the device I brought in but I wasn't totally sure which one I needed. When the guy go to me, I explained my problem, told him that I wasn't sure the amperage or whatever and asked if he could go online and look it up. He told me some bullshit about "it'll be ok, cause if it's over or under powered, the fuse will blow and nothing bad will happen." No shit buddy, that's what fuses are for!!! He basically sold me the first one he found that fit my device. After picking out the (wrong) fuse, I started asking him about a power cord for my guitar effects pedal. I wasn't even done asking the question before he told me to go hom... Read more

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    Please don't buy anything at Radio Shack. They charge way too much. Wal-Mart sells a Magnavox DVD Recorder/VCR for $158.00. Radio Shack has the exact same DVD Recorder/VCR and they're charging $250.00 for it. The recession has made people spend their money wisely. It is not wise to pay an extra $92.00 for a DVD Recorder/VCR. I give Radio Shack a 1 star rating.

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    Sat Aug 01 2009

    Radio shack SUCKS - I purchased an LNB at a store and went to reutrn it 4 days later and they wouldnt take it back. $54 wasted. They should be called Radio Sh*t. They enter all of my data for the sale into a computer (like Lowes and Home Depot) so they have the info, they just want to steal from you. Their batteries suck as well, so dont buy them either.

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    Sat Jul 25 2009

    I worked for Radio Shack solely because there was no other job. A constant turnover in the help should have tipped me off. I went in to get a battery for a cordless phone. The man was shaking as this enormous woman stood over his shoulder as he tried to plug the battery into the phone. It turns out the manager of this store likes this woman better then the other employees. She literally scares the help away. Just before getting put in the store 2 employees quit at the same time. My training had been inadequate. The woman that is friends with the manager took a sale from me. When it was reported all hell broke loose. Not for the woman who stole my sale but for me. She got a few days off. She had scared more then one employee into quitting but no one told the DM why. After the episode my hours were cut drastically and I was mistreated by the manager. The pressure to sell phones and service plans is enormous. I don't know anyone who was actually fired but they do threaten a lot and cut yo... Read more

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    Thu May 14 2009

    I will NEVER do business with Radio Shack again. As a long time customer I was appalled when I went to return a cable that a sales rep sold me. It was the WRONG cable, of coarse. I went to return it the next day with receipt and unopened. The cable was $29.00 and the cashier told me he couldn't give me a refund due to the fact that he did not have enough money in his drawer. $29.00. Not enough cash in his drawer. It was 4:00 in the afternoon. He instead wanted to get me to buy more things from him instead. When I told him I would get my cable elsewhere and just wanted a refund, he got rude and obnoxious. Well goodbye Radio Shack and the old bait and switch. P@ss off Radio Shack!!!

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    Wed Apr 29 2009

    I bought a Pro-106 scanner and the sales associates did not know hwo to program it. I payed over $500.00. I went to return it the next day with my full reciept and they refused due to they had too many returns that day from customers. This is the poorest business I ever delt with in Irwin PA. Do not buy anything from Radio Shack ever, you will be ripped off.

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    As a former employee of the radio shat, The only good thing I have to say about it is, they have worthless crap you cant find anywhere else. Other than that nothing, the worst stock levels I have ever seen as a n employee, Poor managers who are nothing more than glorified sales associates who have no control of their store(cant hire or fire) according to some poor old man who has worked there for 17 years. The only way to make any money is to sell ~20 contract phones a months which is nearly impossible considering who the hell goes to rs for a cell phone? nobody thought so. By far the worst job in electronic retail out there. Go work for BB or Fry's or one of those random local ones at least they pay enough to justify the effort and treat their employees somewhat better. Stop buying Repair/protection/exwarranty plans on crap its almost 100% profit for Rs.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    I will NEVER do business with radio shack! Here’s what happened to me, I purchased a “Gigaware PC to TV converter, on Lancaster drive in Salem, and it didn’t works, so i took it back for an exchange, but they didn’t have anymore, so sent me 15 miles to one that did, so I went there got the “new one” and went home to make sure it worked, inside wasnt even the same converter! AND on the box it had a sticker that said “sell as is, $45,” when I had paid $79.99 for the one I exchanged with them! Jerks. So I took it back with the item, (which, btw was a simple Cable to RCA box) I say, i took it back within 15 min of purchasing it and they wouldn’t take it back! Regardless of the fact that it was the incorrect item, his main reason was because it said “sell as is” on it, which I was unaware of when I had exchanged it! Cheaters, he wouldn’t give me store credit, and I called the district office and they refuse to look into it or help me! wth! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! Totall... Read more

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    Sat Jan 17 2009

    I work for Radio Shack for a few months now. I worked for two stores. The first store was nice because only there was always an associate availible to help. The rest. Did not like it due to deal with a bunch of questions that can sometimes be hardcore. When I got transfered to a high theft store. I like the people I work with but not the store or area. I have to babysit the people that steal. Try doing that but what difference does that make? Especially when you are by yourself or helping other customers that "buy" or ask questions. Short staffed. Long hours to work in a short lunch. Cannot take a break when in the store because the phone goes off nonstop. Manager working 6 days a week for over 50 hours. I feel scared being alone in the store for several hours. Poor pay too. I am currently looking for a high paying job that meets my work history.

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    Sat Dec 06 2008

    I ordered a Gateway M-7305u from Radio Shack online on Thanksgiving night (11/27/08) for $599 plus $100 mail in rebate off that. It said it was "in stock at the warehouse". A week later, that was STILL the order status. So, I called them. They assured me it was "in stock" and would be shipping in 1 to 2 days. The NEXT DAY, I get an e-mail telling me it was "out of stock" and "no longer available" and that my order has been CANCELLED. I went to their website and they STILL had the SAME computer (same model #) on their site, AVAILABLE...but, now it costs $699 and has no rebate. So, how can it NOT be available to those who purchased it at $599, but it IS for sale if you want to pay the CURRENT $699 price??????? Sounds like SWINDLERS to me!!! Now that I've MISSED all the "Black Friday" sales others had, I have to go find one at the HIGHER price... But, NOT (and NEVER) at Radio Shack!!!!

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    Fri Nov 28 2008

    If you like the pain in the ass hard sell then this is the place for you. I don't use a cell phone and don't want one  but one day while waiting for my wife at the mall, about ten years ago, I wandered into a Radio Shack, This guy comes up to me and starts with the hard sell, no matter how many times I told him no, he just kept insisting that I buy a phone. I was getting irritated. Still, he persisited. Next thing I knew I was walking out of the store with a phone I didn't want. I'm afaraid to go into a Radio Shack now.

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    Fri Nov 28 2008

    I ordered a sale priced item off their website yesterday that clearly said "IN STOCK" I was informed a few hours later by email that they were actually out of stock so they couldn't send me the product I paid for. I think that is dishonest that they say I can buy the item and that its in-stock just to take it away from me a while later and say to bad. They should at least give a rain check. NOT RIGHT

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    Yeah, I really like paying for something at Radio Shack when I can get it $10 cheaper at Target.

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    Tue Oct 28 2008

    I worked for RadioShack for a year and it was HORRIBLE!!! I was promoted to store manager and I made more at my current job as an assistant manager than I made as a store manager at RadioShack. Talk about a waste of a year!!!

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    One of the few stores that carries individual electronic parts. I don't buy many of their retail products like stereos, etc. But the CD player and cassette tape player I bought over twenty years ago are still working. Not so with the computer monitor but it lasted as long as any other brand I've owned.

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    Fri Sep 26 2008

    Radio shack customer service really does suck why do i know b/c i worked for them. trust me when i say this they do not care about the customer all they wont is the quik dollar!!!! GO SHOP AT BEST BUY!!! please read these one tell you all they dont care about the customer!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sun Aug 17 2008

    I just experienced the worst customer service ever at RadioShack in Canton, GA. Basically, they told me they did not have what I was looking for, i purchased something else close. As I was leaving, I saw in the corner exactly what I was looking for. I asked to return what I just purchased an purchase the item I desired. The manager became flustered, started yelling and cussing at me (completely unprovoked). I mean this kid was dropping the F-BOMB. I asked to speak with the district manager and got the toll free number instead. I got my money back and left, never to return to any RadioShack again. BTW, they lost a pretty good sized sale today. It is clear that this sales system is stressed, to the breaking point. Wake up RS management, your ship is sinking.

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    Thu Aug 14 2008

    For all you people bashing Radio Shack, do some freaking research. Everything they have to offer I found to be cheap and useful, and trust me I looked elsewhere first. Every other store I went to was way to expensive and had crummy equipment. I for one work for Radio Shack and am proud to be an Employee.

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    I used to work in a radioshack and quit faster than I could answer any questions....that job was so lame. I still regard it 10 yrs later as my worst job ever not to mention the geezer of a manager I had trying to steal my sales just b/c I was new and it was a slow turtle store. Treating employees like slaves with minimum wage you work just to buy your lunch hopefully you can buy a happy meal and not to mention horrible ancient inventory methods where you had to handcount every damn battery. We also were not able to watch the Tv as the manager didn't like that. I was about to go mental so I quit!!

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    I got a radio shack brand infrared wireless headphone (#33-1025)for a present. The range was so bad that I could not move more than a few feet before it would make a loud hissing sound. After having it for a couple of weeks I gently bumped (and I mean gently) the transmitter where the plug to the wire which connects to the source plugs in and it just completely quit working. When my wife tried to return it to the store, they told her that she could only get store credit since she didn't have her receipt, even though they tracked her purchase by her credit card. She opted to get a replacement instead, but I really didn't want it so I tried to take it back. When I agreed to take store credit, they gave me $29.99 for them which is $10 less than the price listed on the internet which my wife paid. When she found out, she went and tried to get the rest of what she paid. The associate at the store at the time told her that he didn't know how to ring the transaction, so she got the he... Read more

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    As a radioshack employee, i can tell you, yes, radioshack does rip you off, but asks yourself, who doesn't? In the real world and perfect world, we would tell you every little detail that would make you not wanna buy the product or the warranty, but it's not a perfect world. And i as an employee get paid on commission. It does not mean i will lie to you, it means i won't answer every little "stupid" question you have about a "5amp 250v" fuse. I work there for one reason only. To make money. And i make it. To those posting complaining that they make $6-9 hourly. Because you choose to. I make $13+ an hour. How? Very simple. OFFER! I use to be an ass with customers, because they frustated me with how stupid their questions were. Most customers treat us like shit, so how can we be so kind when we get treated like pure crap? I recently transferred stores after been fired from my store. Best that could have ever happened to me. I am now making even more money. How? Bigger store. More traffic... Read more

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    Damn employeekuan, could you go more indepth than this? That was a review and a half! Glad to see you made some changes in your way of talking to customers and loved the descriptive and honest outlook on what you and the customers have as a connection. Far as I'm concerned, Radio Shack may have higher prices but they seem expert. Oh, by the way, I might have been one of those annoying customers on more than one ocassion. I'm not skilled with electronics. That's why I go to this particular store. I do it just the way you suggest too. If an employee is rude with me, I move on to another who has more of a desire to help. The products are some of the best and you're right. Once you find someone willing to be helpfull, stick with them. It's worth it for the sheer knowledge. One more thing... it's not just this store I can find rude staff. Many places I go, there are people who I can listen to for less than a minute to find out they really don't like what they do for a living. I feel sorry f... Read more

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    Sat Apr 19 2008

    I was given wrong technical advice and sold a product that I did not need from Radio Shack. I returned it in perfect condition beyond the 30 day limit and told that I could only get store credit. It is easy to forget about or lose such a credit; meanwhile Radio Shack is accruing the interest on my money, which I spent based on their faulty advice.

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    Mon Apr 14 2008

    "You've got questions, we've got answers!" What a lie. They can barely tell you where the fuses are anymore. These stores are useless, unless you know what you are looking for and can explain it to the sales clerk in 5th grade language.

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    Thu Mar 27 2008

    I bought a Compaq Notebook. I filled out the rebate form and sent it in. I got an e-mail "we received your rebate application." Three weeks later I get a postcard that they need the UPC code. I call them and am told the only place I can get that is from the box. I threw the box out. The product was scanned in at the store, I believe the bar code appears on the receipt I mailed to them. I mailed them plenty of information. They won't take the serial number on the computer. Tough luck I am out of $60.00. I have a feeling if it wasn't one thing it would be another. I wonder how many rebate applications are rejected?

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