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    Sun Feb 26 2006

    Brandy, your boyfriend shouldn't have been racist towards black people either. You were only offended when he insulted white people? Racist people are idiots. What's just as bad as a racist is a person who hates their own race, and they're are plenty of those people. A lot of people date interracially because they feel their own race isn't good enough. We'll never advance in society until we learn to stop labeling everyone and realize people of all races are people.

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    Thu Feb 02 2006

    Always a concern. This area has improved over my lifetime.

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    I have dated 2 asian men before and I found out that both were strongly prejudice. I am white and one day I over heard my boyfriend talking with his other Asian friend about how stupid white people are a whole bunch of crap like that and then I realized that he was racist too. I have heard him talk about black people before to my face but it never bothered me because Im not black, but It really hurt me when they started talking about whites so now I know how it feels to be judged like that and its not fair...

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    Mon Sep 05 2005

    Instead of defeating racism, the PC movement has pushed it into hiding, where it is even harder to combat- and it allows racists to look like martyrs for free speech.

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    Mon Dec 13 2004

    Race relations are steadily declining due to increasing segragation. As the races continue to seperate people are becoming more and more ignorant about other people

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    Wed Nov 03 2004

    I'm afraid that racial tensions and the issue of race relations will be part of the human condition far into the foreseeable future. Given this fact, there is not much the government can do save for the occasional gentle nudge, leaving the bulk of change and improvement to natural social progression. Too much government and legal pushing causes resentment and backlash, and history tells us that this type of cure is often worse than the disease in the long-term. In short, it is next to impossible to legislate morality and ethics. The answer is in treating true racists and racist acts by humiliation not legal action. Being a social outcast is a much more effective punishment, and the keys to the offenders' jail is in their own hands (ie changing their philosophy on race). One of the oddest aspects of race relations is that we claim to celebrate diversity, yet no one wants to talk about how people are different. While race itself is an obsolete scientific concept in general, race d... Read more

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    Mon Aug 02 2004

    It seems to me that we have come a long way with this issue but we still have a ways to go. I don't think any one of any race can say that race relations are perfect. Tensions are a result of culture and society, you can not make them go away over night. That said as time passes I believe race relations will continue to improve as the world becomes an even smaller place as we face new issues like aids and old issues like world hunger.

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    Mon Jul 19 2004

    It's not an important issue 40 years after the civil rights movement,racial co-existence is more preferable to reconcilation which is impossible blacks hate whites like the arabs hates the Jews. (happy pbeavr). Race relations are overrated in this society,racial harmony is an outdated liberal concept so is colorblindness is just black guilt by conservatives to gain political advantage.

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    Recently George W. Bush took some heat for not appearing the NAACP convention but guess what? He shouldnt! He doesnt appear at NARAL conventions either, because theyre not giving him support and theyre not getting his. The problem is if the NAACP operates as the mouthpiece for the black community there is little hope things will improve at the rate blacks should want. If the black community is, as the NAACP is, tacitly committed to a materialist have vs. have-nots paradigm and the deontological philosophy that spawns public policy activism on their part, nothing will improve. Conservatives dont care about anyone in the sense that care equals redistribution of dollar signs. Though they talk a good talk Democrats dont care about blacks either, because they are beholden to an untenable philosophy, which leaks transmission of those funds to the powerful and not to those in need. How many six-figure principals, union bosses, administrators and millionaire building contractors does it... Read more

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    Tue Jul 06 2004

    This issue is overhyped.Affirmative Action and racial quotas are not needed anymore.The news media needs to let things rest.People like SoulPunkenstein are the real problem.You say you do not hire white people, that is fine, but if I owned a business and rejected a black how would that go over?To me you should be able to hire whoever you want.Diversity and multiculturalism have no place in my world!Like I have said before, there are enough Civil Rights laws on the books to protect everyone!UPDATE:Soulpunkenstein you just said white people are the ones playing the victim, then you turn around and say there will never be enough civil rights laws to protect us from the likes of your race.You have been watching Jesse and the waste of space Farrahkan again haven't you?Are you disenfranchised SoulPunken?

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    Tue May 25 2004

    If relations appear to be too good,racial leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and groups such as the NAACP and the ADL will come to be regarded as the dinosaurs they should be.

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    Mon Mar 22 2004

    Noah, You must be very retarded. Saying that all blacks support the evils of abortion, homosexuality. And then you say you don't want to offend anyone. Noah, Please stop doing those drugs. First of all, Abortion and Homosexuals are not the evil you percieve them to be. Seccond of all, If you have ever lived in a black neighborhood, (Which I highly doubt), You will see very few that are comfortable with abortion. Every one of my black friends is disgusted with abortion. (I happen to be pro-choice by the way.) Noah, Please realize what you are actually talking about instead of spewing off random rabble.

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    Sat Dec 27 2003

    It's 2003, not 1963...or 1863.

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    Wed Aug 20 2003

    The biggest problem with race relations is the "white flight" factor. Even in the 21st century, if a couple of black families move into a traditionally white neighborhood, people start moving away, business start closing, jobs leave, and it's an endless cycle of poverty. Then blacks try to open businesses and potential customers say, "that's the dangerous part of town, I'm not going there." Here's my idea: every time a white middle-class person says, "bling bling" or "dawg," etc. they should have to pay a tax that goes directly into improving inner city schools.

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    Mon Jun 09 2003

    It's not a political issue. The government can't and shouldn't try to change peoples' attitudes, preferrences, tendencies, or behavior.

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    Mon Jun 09 2003

    bad for minorities good for majority

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    Tue May 20 2003

    I don't think that the government can really do much about race relations. That's a matter between the people, not the government. And, yes, there's racism here, but really, we're pretty well off compared to many countries as far as race goes; if you want to see a true "race war", look to international news and read about people getting blown up all over the place because of race and religion. We're not perfect here in America, but we should be thankful that things aren't as bad as they are elsewhere. I'm tired of people complaining about how bad race relations are here in America, repeatedly saying that they want to live elsewhere. Well, go ahead and leave, if you're just going to whine about it and do nothing to fix the problem, then you ARE a problem. I'm tired of hearing people who say they want racial harmony, then talk about how much better off they would be if they were segregated. Solving a problem first starts within yourself, things aren't going to change if you yourse... Read more

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    Sun May 18 2003

    I feel very strongly about this. On one hand, I do believe that African Americans should have equal oppurtunity. However, I look at Affirmative Action and I see something that causes Anti-African American sentiments among whites everywhere, espescially in the South. White Americans resent the fact that African Americans are recieving prefferential treatment, and therefore, race relations are never, ever going to improve. I have said it once and I'll say it again, Martin Luther King for years preached about EQUALITY. He did not preach about treating Africans and minorities preferentially. So Affirmative Action in a sense actually harms race relations, it does not help them. Other than the issue of Affirmative Action, race relations, however, is a society issue, and the government really cannot do anything to improve relations between the races. It seems that all they've managed to do with Affirmative Action (which I would support somewhat) is spread racism.

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    Sun May 04 2003

    Looking at criminal statistics is a warped way to look at the issue of race in this country. The only way to properly look at crime statistics would be to base it on poverty level. Crime happens as a result of poor education and poverty, that statement has overwhelming evidence to back it up. Black people represent one of the overall poorest classes of people in the United States and are more likely to commit crimes because they are more not because they are black. Look at what percentage of black people who make over $100,000 dollars a year commit crimes, is it more or less then the percentage of white people who make the same amount of money who commit crimes? Poverty and wealth are very similar: children of either is more then likely going to fall in the same category as they were raised. It is much easier to see with "old money" because the children literally inherit their parents wealth, but they also inherit a good education and a socially elite lifestyle. Children of poor parent... Read more

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    Tue Apr 01 2003

    The rise of hate crimes frighten me. In my city, Larme Price aka "Thrill killer" confessed to gunning down four immigrant merchants. He blamed 9/11 & drugs for his crimes. There are more @#@#@$##@ like him. These idiots would call themselves patriotic and murder some poor Indian/Arab immigrants. Bad race relations can be deadly!

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    Mon Mar 31 2003

    Newsouls's comment is disturbing and disgusting, and he could not be more wrong. I am not a rascist, and I really do doubt that everyone else is. I have many friends that are from all different ethinic groups and backgrounds. There is no war that Newsoul thinks there is between blacks and whites. Humans are humans.

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    Sat Mar 15 2003

    Why is it that only white people can be racist. Back in highschool it wasn't the white boys who started being racist, it was the black kids deciding we were racist because we were white. I'm not saying there wasn't any white racist " just very few", it was the blacks who turned alot of white to racism by jumping them for some perieved slight or DISrespect. Also how is affirmative action legal, it punishes white men for being white, the job should go to the best person not to a minority based on quotas. Now when there is a case of discrimination "a real case" the guilty party should be removed from a position of authority, not fired keep in mind the first amendment. We all have a right to think what we want, but sometimes it is best to just shut up.

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    Mon Feb 17 2003

    Not a political issue. Morality cannot be forced. Don't wait for the government to do something. Society has to do this, and we are they. When you see racism, face it down. That is really all that has ever truly worked.

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    Tue Feb 04 2003

    facts: if you even mention (in public)that blacks commit the larger percent of robberies,etc...you're labled a racist. if a person strongly refutes the affirmative action plan (verbally) that person is labled as a racist. blacks deny the crime statistics or blame the percentage on a racist poitical system,etc... about 4 years ago a waitress at one of the denny's restaurants,here in the u.s, had made a racial slurr to a group of people (black) that she had been waiting on. Of course this made national headlines and what was really interesting was the fact that dennys(not the waitress)took all the heat for this. Here in dallas,blacks for quite a while stopped attending the dennys restaurants. almost any black person i ran into wouldn't eat at dennys cause they were supposedly a racist organisation. This was an issue caused by one single bigot. But the black community saw it as a chance to blame the system. I have to believe one of two things here. Either blacks are really super ignorant... Read more

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    Thu Oct 24 2002

    I'm not one of those types who like to blame all kinds of societal ills on race relations. I think those people, the well-intentioned liberals out there, who are constantly bringing up race are the true racists out there. They pat minorities on the head and give them preferential treatment because their skin is darker. That is just pure racism. People who do that missed the whole point of the Civil Rights Movement, and that was to give minorities equality of opportunity. Everyone in this country has the ability to make the most of what he/she has to find their place in the world. Not everyone can be a corporate CEO or President of the United States, but satisfaction in life can be found through a little hard work. It is acknowledged that minorities had a hard going of things before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but now, there are many chances to advance in society without taking advantage of affirmative action schemes which I argue really hasn't done all that much to achieve more equality... Read more

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    Fri Apr 05 2002

    The fact that racists have been posting here on this board shows that it is still accepted by society to be "a little racist". Yes, I dare say some of the opinions on here are racist. That means you too, noah.

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    Fri Feb 15 2002

    Many of the changes that came about in the 50s and 60s as a result of the civil rights movement were good ones. Segregation was not good and things needed to change. Unfortunately, unprincipled politicians have been using race ever since as a means to get votes. It is irresponsible, hypocritical and almost criminal the way they stir up tension on such a sensitive issue, making what is a serious problem even worse. The government needs to stay out of race. In order for racism to diminish people's hearts and attitudes need to change. No law is going to cause that to happen. If everyone just followed the old principle of "do to others as you would have them do to you" there would be no race problems. Will that ever happen? Well, I think we would be a lot further along that rode if it weren't for all the liberal politics poisoning the issue over the last 30 or more years. Some laws are good but we have too many laws already. We don't need more laws, we don't need more government in... Read more

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    Thu Nov 29 2001

    "liberal black leadership has delivered blacks, and especially poor blacks, into the hands of a government-dominated social-welfare network. Self-help and self-control were supplanted by governmental 'pork'... Equality under the law was replaced by a network of demeaning preferences under affirmative action... This system, like slavery, has demanded as the price of admission that blacks surrender to ideology based on economic determinism... The so-called black leadership has exchanged the slave plantation for the handouts-and-preferences plantation, and our people are tempted to lapse into a softer, but spiritually deadly, servitude." -Alan Keyes

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    Tue Nov 13 2001

    How does a society become a huge woeld power without unity of its masses? It can be compared to a car. With all of its components in good repair and working together for a common good. The pistons, carbines, other engine parts(people of all races) working together to keep the car(America) working in perfect order. This is essential for continued survival.

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    Wed Nov 07 2001

    Race relations are a very important issue, if only for the reason that we all need to be acutely sensitive to the numerous cultures that already exist in this nation. Just having a basic understanding and empathy where people are coming from will do more to educate us and make us sensitive to diversity. It troubles me that there are certain people on this message board who use this and other important issues as a guise for their thinly-veiled racism and resentment of peoples' attempts to level the playing field. As someone who has an adopted Korean sister, an African-American brother and a wife with cerebral palsy, I can assure you that I have seen and heard many sides to this issue, and it certainly won't be solved by adopting the intellectually lazy attitude of "get a job," as if that will solve all our social ills. There are far too many involved, complex socio-economic issues that parlay into this, and that would be a separate thesis by itself. There's a strong undercurrent of whit... Read more

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    Mon Oct 15 2001

    We aren't living in the '50s anymore. Stop discrimination! Possibly the fact that African Americans commit 55% percent of the crimes is due to the fact that income inequality is so dismal that they are forced to turn to crime from poverty. To all you ignorant conservatives: wake up to what the real problem is and stop being so oblivious to what REALLY causes crime!

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    Wed Aug 01 2001

    It’s sad to think that in the year 2001 this comes under the heading of political issues. It makes you wonder if we will ever wake up on our own and get a grip on the idea that skin pigmentation has very little to do with anything other than how well you may or may not tolerate the sun. When all is said and done we are simply a collection of souls living inside clay containers for a time. I attended the funerals of four of my relatives this year and have never in my life been more aware of the fact that this time we have is actually very short. I see no reason to waste any of it being small minded, cruel or insensitive if I can help it. As far as race relations are concerned, I’m pretty sure I’m getting some first hand experiences these days that may help me realize that hope more fully. Five years ago and two years later one of my relatives was blessed with two beautiful biracial children. Having an opportunity to know and love these children has been more than a blessing. You ... Read more

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    Wed May 30 2001

    Race relations in the United States have rapidly deteriorated since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Why? Hundreds of thousands of blacks have benefited from Affirmative Action programs at the expense of white citizens. There is now a very successful "cottage industry" of victimization. The NAACP and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition are nothing more than extortion groups. People and corporations are so afraid of being called racist. The Democratic Party uses black people for their voting block. It is nothing more than the new Government Plantation. Now we are hearing all sorts of nonsense about "racial profiling". The facts speak for themselves. 55% of all violent crimes are committed by 12% of the population. Blacks commit 55% of all violent crime in America. How is that racial profiling? Blacks are encouraged not to take responsability for their actions. Look at how Marion Berry is now a national hero. There is not one single government led by blacks that is not corrupt to the core. Lo... Read more

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    Tue May 29 2001

    Like equal opportunity, I think race relations are extremely important for the society to function well, but most of all because of the ethical part of it. We can't tolerate everyday rascism or discrimination! We have to respect eachother & learn of each other, & we shouldn't be afraid of even falling in love with eachother, marry eachother & get children together. It's an interesting fact in the last census in the States, Census 2000, that a very small percentage of the population is creol. Most are either pure White, pure Latino, pure Black, pure Asian or pure Indian. That's so sad, & it seems like celebrities like Operah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg (who have adopted several Afro-American children, & made excellent movies like 'Amistad' & 'The Color Purple'), Jesse Jackson & Morgan Freeman haven't changed that fact much.

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    Wed May 09 2001

    Race Relations is not a political issue it is a society issue. You can’t pass laws or legislation that will make people like each other. Our “activist friends” have been successful in raising the attention level of specific races or groups, forcing the Government to politically recognize their strength and importance during elections and passing of specific pieces of legislature. This does not mean that Race Relations is an issue the Government should be focused on. What the Government should focus on is the needs of all Americans, not dependent on race. Race at times has become the political crutch to not do the right thing or what is in the best interest of the country. Of course without a focus on Race Relations in Government some people would be without their “activists” jobs. Oh what a shame that would be. Maintaing any focus on specific races or groups only serves to remind everyone that there is a recognized separation.

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    Fri Mar 02 2001

    The focus on multiculturalism being pushed by the public fool system is driving America apart. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing how tough black people have it. Every group has had to overcome obstacles. However, very few have relied solely on pissing and moaning and government largesse as a means of doing so. I know some very good black people, and I don't wish to offend them. Nor do I wish to offend any black people that might read this message. However, its time to put up or shut up. Blacks account for only twelve percent of the population, yet are responsible for over fifty-five percent of the violent crimes committed in this country annually. Blacks also overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party - the party of abortion, homosexuality and debased morality. What are they teaching in those black churches?

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    Thu Feb 15 2001

    Blacks need to immediately stop being hyphenated and simply start becoming Americans once again for relations to improve. I strongly believe blacks are much more racist than other groups in my experiences in life. The old 'squeeky wheel gets the grease' principal is getting very old with politicians and other special interest groups catering to this principal. Can't we all just simply be equal??? Period!!!

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    Mon Feb 12 2001

    I saw your story on racial profiling yesterday, and I have to admit my perspective on the issue is decidedly split. I could sympathize with the anger of the gentleman you focused on. Nobody should have to be singled out for abuse simply because of his race. However, I remain unconvinced that racial profiling is ONLY about race. If that were true then the problem would not disproportionately affect young black men, while leaving black women and older black people less affected. The underlying cause of racial profiling is not the bigoted ignorance of cops, but the ugly reality and frightening prevalence of violent crime committed by black men. And though the issue is a worthwhile one to bring to our attention, 60 Minutes could be more balanced and truly brave if they did other stories that discussed, for example, black-on-white hate crimes. A story like that would provide a real insight into why cops sometimes act the way they do. Black men are hugely responsible for the crime on ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 09 2001

    Ordinarily, I would rate this low in importance as a "political issue" b/c I don't think that gov't policy can play a constructive role in changing people's hearts. That said, the climate that faces Bush makes the symbolism and way he carries his administration very important to the politics of tomorrow. Bush was absolutely demonized by the NAACP during the campaign, and no matter how fairly he treats minorities in his own life -- appointing a bunch to his cabinet for their MERIT (not to make the cabinet "look like America" like Clinton) -- the race-based interest groups will continue their attacks. Over the next 4-8 years, I hope black citizens will realize they've been lied to by their "leadership" about President Bush. It would be wonderful to have these self-appointed leaders like Jesse Jackson removed from the limelight once and for all. Deroy Murdock recently wrote a great column about the "Reverand" and his controversial hiring of just-pardoned underage-sex-predator Mel Reynol... Read more