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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    Qwest is the worst internet service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Unfortunately, I am forced to use Qwest because they have some kind of sweetheart deal with our apartment complex. Completely ridiculous BS monopoly. So here I am stuck with Qwest, paying $60 a month for crap service. It's so bad I'll probably move to a new apartment when my lease is up just so I can avoid Qwest. I work from home and have to use the internet every day. I can't even listen to Pandora internet radio without it freezing and skipping thanks to my spotty service. Qwest: You suck and anyone who works for you sucks. Now you have to suddenly terminate all your retirees' pensions because you can't run a business for sht. I can't wait until you are all sad and broke.

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    We have had qwest dsl for about 5 years, with only the occasional disconnection, that is until a few months ago. Now we lose internet connection every 15 minutes. I am an IT Manager so I troubleshoot my router and computers, before determining it was the modem. I called Qwest Tech Support after waiting 30 minutes I get disconnected. Call back Non-Tech tells me do all troubleshooting procedures I had perviously done. She did a line test and did a rest because some supposed issue with vpn. This issues was back the next day. They sent a new Motorola Modem same issue. They sent another Motorola Modem still losing internet connection. I call Tech Support and escalate issue - big joke. If it isn't on their call sheet they cannot solve problem.

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    Sat Nov 28 2009

    Qwest has the worst billing and customer service EVER. I have been trying to get my bill fixed for six months! I call every month and the loyalty specialist prmisis to fix it but they do nothing! I have spent hours on the phone with these morons! I think the greedy senior management is onl interested in lining thier pockets not running a sucessful company for the long run. As soon as I get my money I am done with them. Pissed in PDX

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    Qwest's internet sucks so dang bad. I had since april of 2009. Their customer service is okay, nothing wrong with it, but the internet connection is very very very very crappy. I'll be surfing the web, or playing video games and next thing you know I lose my internet connection. I look at the modem and the dsl light is blinking instead of staying solid green like its supposed to, and the internet light is red instead of green. I'll be reseting the modem and it doesn't seem to fix anything so I patiently wait to see if my connection will come back on, and it does. So I get back to doing what I was doing and 10 minutes later it happens again. And just when I'm about to smash the modem, the dsl light turns solid green and the internet connection light is green again as well so I get my cool back. This has been happening for the last few months, so I decide to give a call to qwest and explained the problem to whoever I was speaking with over the phone. She tested my internet connection fr... Read more

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    No- Worse than Terrible! They are con men and women that swallow up costumers, take their money, lie to them and then cut off their service. They Suck!

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    Mon Oct 12 2009

    Here is my experience with Qwest. I called them up after moving into my new apartment in Scottsdale. The lady on the phone was very nice and patient as we looked up my apartment in their system. It was very clear what I would be paying and she offered different marketing pitches to me to try and save money. Once we were done, she double checked all her info again to make sure she had it correct. The only negative thing about all of this is that it would take a week before someone could come out. So while I waited for DSL/Phone to be installed I got several e-mails from Qwest with my user information on it, services I ordered, date to be installed etc etc. A day or two before the install date I got a phone call from a REAL person at Qwest! She wanted to again make sure they had all of their information correct AND make sure I understand my bill, what I can expect to see and how much everything will cost. The day of the install came and I got a phone call from the tech telling m... Read more

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    Qwest is by far the worst service every they gave me the run around and then told me i owe them 230$ for this month when i canceld my service 2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and told me that i had to pay or my credit would be ruiend. i will recommend this service to NOONE AND TELL THEM HOW SHITTY MY SERVICE WAS AND HOW SHITTY THEY ARE AS A COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    This is my experience with Qwest and the complaint I filed with the BBB! Next I am filing with FCC! Tired of Qwest and their lousy customer service! To Whom it May Concern, I paid my Qwest bill on June 8th and I paid almost all of it, but was a little short, which was not unusual practice for me being a student. I have had services with Qwest since approximately January of 2007 and have never had a problem with disconnection (other one disconnection in the early part of 2007 due to late payment). I was disconnected on June 18, 2009 for what they said was non payment. I called and could only get through to the automated services at Qwest, and it required me to make another payment of 140.00 to restore services. I am taking an online class and need my internet (my phone was not disconnected). I hoped they could get service back on right away since I knew I had just paid the bill, so I searched and finally found a number I could reach to speak to a live person. They did realize they ma... Read more

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    Mon Jul 27 2009

    Problem after problem with business account. Will it ever stop? First, during our move in May 09, the warehouse only has a wire hanging into it. So the installer put all brand new lines into the walls, new boxes and covers. Looked great. When I called to transfer service from old warehouse to new, Qwest tells me the line is shorting out, it'll be 2-3 days until a tech can come out and if it's on the inside, I have to pay for repair. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I just paid to have the tech put all brand new stuff inside. The tech eventually comes out and the problem was on the outside. Why didn't he notice there's a problem outside when he hooked them up? So it's fixed, I call to have the lines roll over as "market expansion" lines and it'll be done by 5 pm that day. Great! That doesn't happen. I call the next day and get the same thing, 5 pm that day and again, it doesn't happen. But nobody seems to know why it's not working. Days go by and I decide to try to get back inside the old war... Read more

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    Thu Jul 23 2009

    I will update this later but for now I have uncovered one of the largest misrepresentations around. The advertised "Price for Life" for whatever is actually a DISCOUNT FOR LIFE. When you talk to them every phrase and instruction to deal with the PFL is discussing the $10 discount if you bundle it with a "home plan package" BUT THE ADVERTISING says the PFL stays "as long as you maintain service". Never says whether that's DSL service but that's what only makes sense... Well I made the decision to cancel my home number but maintain my DSL service.. What do you know - now they want me to pay 39.99 instead of the 29.99 that I had been paying for the last year.! because I am cancelling a Home Package... He says the TV ads are saying package.... but their website says "as long as the service is maintained".... Misrepresentation and yes the atty general should be interested. I explained this to the supervisor and he agreed to call me back in an hour with his "best offer" to handl... Read more

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    Sat May 30 2009

    Qwest is the worst company out there. I have had them for 4 years and never had a problem until last November. I called to get fiber optic internet and the stupid customer service rep signed us up and I told them I wanted to bundle our directv with it. That following Saturday I had an installer come to our house wanting to install Directv, which we have had for 6 years. I called Qwest that following monday and told them to not charge me for that. My December bill comes and they cancelled all my services and charged me a $200 cancellation fee. I called them and spent two hours on the phone with their dumb customer service (who by the way have NO clue what the hell they are doing) and they took all the charges away. Everything was fine until March, I got a bill for $330, the dumb rep that helped me in November added a phone line on for $114 a month and I never told them I wanted one. Once again I called them and spent 3 hours on the phone and they would not let me talk to a supervisor. T... Read more

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    Wed May 20 2009

    I also found this site by doing a google search for qwest sucks. I've had qwest for the last year, and with every problem Ive had they have simply blown us off, every customer service agent has been rude, condescending and extremely under experienced. If they could not figure out the problem (and they never did, not once) they would simply say it was our fault or user error. Believe me, its not, I fully know what Im doing. On top of this, when we signed up for our internet, it was for month to month, NO CONTRACT. Well, when I added my home phone (another issue ill get to in a second) they switched us over to a two year contract, a point they failed to share with us until months later when I called to cancel all services and they refused to let me saying I have a contract that I never wanted. As far as the home phone, it was told to us that it would be $13 + tax a month for basic, no frills home service. Well much to our surprise, those "Taxes" shot our bill up to $55 a month. We dont g... Read more

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    Thu May 14 2009

    Hello, this is Steph from Qwest, it sounds like you've all gone through quite a bit of frustration. I would like to offer my help at [email protected] - subject line Steph, if you include your billing phone number and address it makes it a faster way for us to verify and resolve your situation. You can also access a link to email us at http://socialmedia.qwest.com/. Please contact us and we will attempt to resolve your issues or help with the information you need. thank you Stephanie Boyd Manager - Consumer Affairs Team [email protected] - attention Steph www.twitter.com/TalkToQwest "At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

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    Fri May 08 2009

    I had the worst experience ever when it comes to customer service and technical support. I gave my cell phone to somebody else after I switched to another provider and got a new phone from the new provider. When my friend tried to activate the phone the provider told him that the phone is still attached to my name. I called Qwest and asked them to release the number, which should’ve been done a month ago. ONE AND A HALF HOURS on the phone later the Qwest’s “customer service” rep simply hung up on me because she didn’t know how to deal with the problem. What a pathetic, incompetent company. They are certainly good at sales and marketing and it appears that that’s where invest all their money. This wasn’t the first time I received unprofessional and incompetent service from Qwest. If you can, stay away from this bankrupt company.

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    Mon Mar 09 2009

    Qwest is the worst consumer company I've ever worked with; I've been with them for 32 years...they're fine until an event happens, then it snowballs out of control. I'm a national disaster responder and leave home for about 3 months when the hurricanes hit down south. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to forward my calls when I left home in September of 2008 and my problems snowballed from then on. (I'm still trying to get resolution on things since then, let me see, if my math is correct, it's been just a little over 6 months now.) When I contacted Qwest about Septmeber 3, I asked them to put me on remote call forwarding so I could forward my calls to my cell phone from where I was at the time. The person who was helping me told me there was no such thing. Well, since I've done this in the past, I knew it could be done. I informed them this is a service they have and they said they did not. After becoming irate with them, I hung up and called back. The next person told me there ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    The short story – Qwest did not honor the deal I was promised, over charged me, then cut off my local service AND my cell phone service. I have been a Qwest customer for over 15 years. I have my payment automatically taken from my account and never missed a payment. Recently I called to sign up for 7MB Internet service and bundle my payments of Verizon and DirectTV. The sales lady talked me into 20MB Internet service, stating I could get a free modem as long as I stayed at 20MB for 2 months. It save a bit more money so I agreed. After 2 months I called to downgrade to 7MB and learned that I was charged for the modem plus overcharged for the Internet service. I spent over 4 hours with customer service. A manager agreed that I was mislead, but refused to honor the deal I was promised. I provided the date, time and name of the salesperson. I only got a partial refund of $83.00. Somehow my auto payment was turned off and my bill rose to $495.00 including the Verizon portion of m... Read more

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    Fri Feb 13 2009

    Ran into this site by googling "qwest sucks" and thought I'd share my experience. I just switched from Qwest over to Comcast because of the horrible service I received. First of all when we ordered our DSL we specified that we needed the DSL to operate on the phone jack in the office where our computers are located. Well when the modem arrives the only phone jack that works for the DSL is the one in our bedroom. Calling qwest I find out that even though they "apologize for the inconvenience" they won't be able to send anyone out for another week, and that they will have to charge me to change the wall jack. Fortunately running network cable is part of my job so I told them to forget it and just ran Ethernet across my house. The service wasn't bad for about a week, then I began to notice that my bandwidth seemed to be higher during the day, but in the evening or early morning before work I'd have very slow connection speeds. More investigation showed that I wasn't getting an... Read more

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    I've been a Qwest customer for many years. Until today. They're charging me a $200 termination fee because when they couldn't provide the DirectTV that was part of the bundle, I cancelled the contract. They don't seem to see their obligation to provide the service they agreed to, but certainly are willing to hold my feet to the fire for an unreasonable cancellation fee. I have cancelled all my Qwest services, including the land line phone. Their VP's are probably wondering, "why is everybody going to cell phones?" The answer is poor service and unreasonable contracts.

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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    We went with them because we could have internet in 2 days, instead of waiting 3 weeks for another company to hook it up. So I got the STANDARD modem (free with a 24 month thing), and went to the mall kiosk to pick it up. They handed me an ADVANCED, which I refused, and then gave me the standard. I got home, hooked everything up, and it worked. Then I got a call, from Qwest, saying that my advanced modem was on the way. (on the way? I already went and picked it up and refused it!) I found out they were shipping one out. So I refused, and said I have the standard one, and all is good. They had already shipped it, though, so they said to refuse it when it came. Time for my first bill - and there's a 99.99 charge for the modem I didn't get. So I called my local place, and only a manager can give me credit (oops, no manager on duty). So I call the 1-800 number, and the charge was taken off. Time for my second bill - now there's a charge for the standard modem, which was suppo... Read more

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    Fri Jan 02 2009

    As I type this, I am on the phone with Qwest. Wireless Internet service was $67.36 total with tax and new bill (after 2 years of contract) is $169.12, billed one month in advance. I am gonna try to be nice, but this is not a first time that I am trying to save my familyfrom being ripped off by Qwest. This company will fail eventualy because their customer service came to absolute ZERO!!!!

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    Never been told the same thing twice by customer service and or billing at Qwest. Trying to find out what high speed DSL would actually cost and got 3 different answers. Truly the worst company I have ever dealth with in terms of honesty, accuracy, competency, you name it!

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    Mon Dec 22 2008


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    Fri Dec 19 2008

    Qwest should only get -10 for how bad they suck, especially when you don't' have another choice. I have been looking for another phone provide for 6 years and have just found one. GOOD BYE QWEST YOU LYING RIP-OFF POS COMPANY! I call in to see why my DSL was running at 86 kb when I was paying for 1.5 meg , and all I get is the same old runaround "your line is bad.. your modem is bad...you need to up date your firm where...". I dealt with Qwest for six years, over these last six years they have lied to me scammed me and been a thorn in my side. They couldn't get it fixed so I did, I changed providers. Problem solved! Qwest sucks! I just hope they are telling me the truth about my account being canceled tomorrow 12/20/'08 because I can't wait to be rid of them, and that time can't come soon enough!

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    Fri Dec 12 2008

    They deserve a -10 rating. I am sorry I have to give them a one rating. It is absolutely dreadful that they get away with what they are doing. They are unbelievable liars, and it's a tactic to wear you down. You spend hours on the phone and are told promises. These promises are always broken, are for some reason, our government, country allows them to get away with it. I find it sad that there are this many complaints against them, and we as people, are at their mercy. This many complaints, and our government doesn't do anything to them??????? I am adding, not because I hopep for resolution, but in hope that someday, someone will see how thousands of complaints QWEST has against them. Karma can be pretty bad, and these people have heavy karma for what they have done to people.

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    OMG! If I could give negative star rating I would! Reading all of these complaints is just like group therapy for me! I, too, have argued with CSR's and Loyalty Reps about a "Price for Life" issue until I'm blue in the face. I signed up for "PFL" in July 2006. I asked numerous times, just to confirm it was really for life, what sort of conditions (strings) were attached. I was repeatedly assured that all I had to do was to maintain DSL service with them for 2yrs in order to qualify to keep the price I was given, of $31.99,for LIFE. If I cancelled within that 2yr period, I would be charged a termination fee (of some ridiculous amount) and would not be able to get that price again. All was well and good until May 2008 when Qwest CAME TO MY DOOR and said I could "try their Titanium speed free for two months". On the day of installation, the Qwest tech told me my computer was most likely not capable of Titanium speed. Foolishly, I did not cancel installation right then & there. Turned out ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 30 2008

    QWEST SUCKS! Ever since I tried to swich phone service from Qwest to I-Talk BB, I've been having continues problems. The first time I called Qwest to cancel my subscription, they canceled it. I was happy. Until the I realized that they gave me another number. "WHAT THE HELL", I screamed when . i got a phone bill for another number. I called them the second time, they took areound 40 minutes talking about the most POINTLESS things, and when i finally got it canceled, they moved downstairs number (we rented half of the house to good friends) to us... and they didn't have their phone serice anymore. Then they started yelling at us and I just gave up. I also have internet service with Qwest, also. It's been having problems, too. The internet randomly shuts down, and when i call them, they say it's been canceled. I subscibe back, and the same thing happens a few days ago. Wow, i can't believe how Qwest got #1 for the best customer satisfaction in the West.

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    Mon Oct 27 2008

    zero star, that what Qwest deserves, many hidden fees plus the rates are high. Stupid CSR always provide inconsistent and wrong information.

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    I was told by 3 Qwest employees over the past year that I could decide anytime after my initial sign-up for Qwest's broadband "price for life broadband rate" to receive the guarantee, but said they couldn't guarantee the price, I said OK, everything normally gets cheaper. I just found out tonight that all 3 obviously lied, I would start my 2 year probation tonight. Why would I want to subsidize liars??

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    Sat Oct 18 2008

    Qwest sucks, I have to submit my bill to my company for expenses. I moved and stopped services,due to their inept billing dept it took 3 months to get the final bill becuse they have no way of figuring it out so I was stuck with it! Do not go with this company, after 3 hours on the phione with countless supervisors and managers and 5 different final bill amounts none of them were even close to accurate! Their billing was consistently inaccurate, 1 star is a compliment!

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    Fri Oct 03 2008

    My experience with Qwest has been terrible. There has been nothing but mis-information and billing mistakes. As I've tried to combat this I've faced consistently long hold times and patronizing customer service representatives who have not helped at all. I wish I had never signed up for Qwest service. Awful.

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    Fri Sep 19 2008

    It is an outrage to me that a company of this magnitude of ineptness can possibly survive. I have no doubts that everything you read here is absolutely true. I live in an area of Colorado where the only way for me to get internet access is to be a qworst slave unless I want to buy an expensive satellite. After some retard decided to disband my bundle package at qwerst without my knowledge I began my own personal descent into a hell I still haven't gotten out of. There is enough elsewhere in these reviews that I don't feel the need to go into the gory details but I will say that for approx. 30 days I was on the phone EVERY SINGLE DAY with one incompetent moron after another. I got so incredibly sick that I removed ALL services except my isp and I  swear to you that I was sent to the "Destroy this account until he quits trying to leave department". From having my address changed, my services cancelled, techs showing up at my house without appointments and calling me at work, qworst refus... Read more

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    Fri Sep 19 2008

    Qwest are a large group of totally unethical unreliable business people who should probably be tarred and feathered to set an example for anyone who might consider doing this shoddy of a job in any business ever. I have no idea how they have managed to maintain their position monopolizing areas of service, but it should be stopped. I guarantee anyone given another option would avoid qwest once they had dealt with them at all. They will say anything and then disregard it immediately, overcharge, and the service is not even consistent despite the horrible customer service. The reception on my landline got so bad I avoided using it at all, and for four months after I discontinued my long distance I was billed for it. My cell phone ceased to work and they refused to do anything about it, and though they were unable to provide service they still insisted that I should pay throughout my contracted time period. What about the part of that where they are providing the service that I am payi... Read more

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    Mon Sep 08 2008

    I just got off the phone with Qwest about the billing, apparently last month we agreed on a price of 29.99 for internet service. When the bill arrived the price was double then what was agreed upon. They acknowledged the mistake that they quoted the one price for the first year but WILL NOT honor it. In other words, they knew what they were doing when they quoted me the cost. That is very unethical. Wheres the attorney general in all this? Im planning on FIRING QWEST today!

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    Fri Sep 05 2008

    I hope qwest goes bankrupt, those mother fuckers and their lousy bull shit.

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    People, I live in Portland, OR and Qwest has virtually no competition in the Metro Area. After shopping for the best choice for DSL, I finally fall for their get in the loop mambo. If youve had deal with Qwest, youre aware of how good they are misleading you and hiding charges and overcharges in the billing papers, to the point that youll rather be a numerologist to figure it out. Long story short, when I asked the sales rep the final price (including taxes) of the whole package that I will receive in my bill, he gave me the promo deal (as it appears at qwest.com) for the first 12 months at (yes) $19.99/mo!. I gladly signed for the service and was very happy until I got the first bill: As you undoubtedly have guessed, $32.99. And that is for life, with the juicy, early termination fee. Comcast and Verizon dont seem eager to jump in the competition at less the fiber optic infrastructure is actually build within Porland Metro area. And Free WiFi is just too risky and poorly distr... Read more

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    Sat Aug 23 2008

    For about 3 months my DSL service has been disconnecting, usually in the middle of trying to play World of Warcraft but also when browsing.  Tech support is typically worthless once past the repetitive automated screening questions. When I can persuade them to send a technician, all he does is fiddle around with the phone line, tell me he can't find a problem and claims he will monitor the line and call back.  Then the DSL service works fine for a few days until the weekend and goes back to being unreliable, prompting more calls to tech support.  Friends, this is the real meaning of Qwest's slogan 'In the loop', a never ending loop of unresolved problems!  Oh, complain long enough and they will sometimes offer to 'credit' your bill for the faulty service.  But they are good at adding extra charges even when they are supposed to be billing less for changing to a slower DSL speed!  Qwest was known long ago as 'Qworst' and they still live down to that name!

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    I just got qwest Fiber Optics internet for 46.99 a month 12mbps!! Get yours today www.qwest.com or 1 888 590-3416

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    I would give them zero stars if it was possible. This company is so bloated and horrribe. Nobdoy there knows what anyone else is doing. Qwest log distance is a different company from qwest local and nobody seems to know what anyone else is doing. They are just a horrible horrible excuse for a company. I've had them in my business for 3 months and it's been a disaster. Currently our phones and internet have been totally offline for over 24 hours. What a joke!

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    Qwest is fucking horrible! Just like Larry, they would get 0 stars if that were an option. I spoke with Tara Groves in their DesMoines, IA office and was told that she could give me their DSL that was normally $29.99 for only $24.99. I also added my DirecTV billing to their statement in order to save another $5.00 per month and found that I would also receive an additional $18.00 discount from DirecTV. Now, several weeks later, all calls to verify my new service have informed me of much higher prices. After finding that my DSL would cost $26.99/month I chose to cancel and was transferred to a woman in their customer loyalty department who then told me my bill was $29.99/month!!! To this point no one at Qwest has even attempted to remedy the situation, on apologize over, and over, and over.... Again trasnferred to another customer loyalty department and I am now on the line with John in their Tucson office who is finally taking some action by posting a credit to my acct for the next... Read more

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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    I am currently sitting on hold for the fifth hour of the week. My DSL went down, and after the first two hour phone call which was "resolved" by them sending me a CD in the mail (still no internet service) I called a second time, for them to tell me "whoops- its our fault." So they get me online, then have me upgrade my modem, but they get off the line with me before its done, and then my modem becomes completely useless after the upgrade. Now they won't let me cancel because I'm under contract! I called customer service to complain and they HANG UP ON ME!!!!! Some computer voice tells me "sorry, your call has been lost. please call back at another time." What the hell? I have never been treated so poorly by a company that I've given thousands of dollars to. If you have an opportunity to use another company- DO IT!!! If you live in part of the country where Qwest is the mafia, be prepared to have your kneecaps busted! If I could give them no stars, I would. interesting that google.com ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    Qwest is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They priced gouged me ever chance they could. Changed prices, disconnected service, kept me on hold. Charged me for their mistakes. Lied to me. Wow I am so glad I do not deal with them anymore. I switched my home phone to a pay as you go number, keeping the same number. (which Qwest tried to block me from doing). Then got my Internet on clearwire. Not only am I saving about $50 a month---I will no longer have to talk to or deal with qwest again.

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    Had pretty good service until I canceled my service to get a bundle elsewhere. They then decided that I owed them a service charge for each of the last 12 months -HUH ?? I wish I could go back and charge my customers more money when they don't buy from me any more. I have filed complaints with Attorney Generals office and have vowed not to pay them a dime !

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    Hassle hassle hassle in a futile effort just to get the freekin 800 voice mail retrieval number. But they wouldn't give it to me because I couldn't get that # because I didn't have the stupid 12 digit code that they didn't send me. I provided every other detail of my existance as proof to no avail. Cripes! that 800 just gets my local voice mail number that everyone can call! It's the pin code that counts for crying out loud! On top of that, I have experienced multiple billing screw ups. Flat out lies.. it's too much. Qwest just sucks.

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    I didn't mind Qwest until they stopped providing me with the internet. Then when I tried to cancel my account, they would not cancel it and continued to bill me. Eventually they sent creditors after me to collect the money they did not deserve. I eventually caved and paid them because they blackmailed me, saying they would affect my credit report if I didn't pay. Qwest sucks.

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    Thu Mar 13 2008

    Here is the transcript from a recent Qwest customer support chat:General Info Chat start time Mar 10, 2008 10:22:05 AM EST Chat end time Mar 10, 2008 10:50:06 AM EST Duration (actual chatting time) 00:28:01 Operator Sharin S. (20262) Chat Transcript info: Thank you for using Qwest.com. A Qwest Sales and Service Consultant will be with you in just a moment. info: Thank you for contacting Qwest. My name is Sharin S. (20262). How may I help you today? Kevin: I tried your DSL service for 2 days. Unfortunately, the speed was not as promised or expected. I immediately boxed up the modem and line filters and sent them back. I cancelled the service 2 days after starting. Now, my bill for those 2 days of service is $103. My phone bill usually is around $58-$60 per month. Why was I charged so much to try a service? Sharin S. (20262): I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. Sharin S. (20262): I will be happy to assist you. Sharin S. (20262): In order to assist you, I wil... Read more

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    Here are the problems Ive had with Qwest: 1. Transfer of service to new address: Told by Qwest new phone would be on Friday 17 September 2008 at 8 am and internet at 1pm and a referral would be on old phone number. 2.Friday comes and goes and I dont have service. Its Friday night when I get home and find out I don't have service but I cant call Qwest to find out why my service isnt on-they arent open weekends. On Monday I'm told representative came out and couldnt get in house. I tell them that when I hooked up service I was specifically told that I did not need to be in my new home for service to be on. I do apoligize maam. Im so sorry. ETC ETC! Time consumed: 1.5 hours. 3.Qwest rushes to have a rep come out because they are so sorry. Hahahahaha. No-they take another week to come out to my home. I stay home from work on the special day to get my phone hooked up. You need to be home the whole day b/c Qwest won't tell you something like "We'll be there at 1." Only "We'll be there somet... Read more

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    Sun Feb 03 2008

    qwest is terrible and lies about pricing then bills you something different. Here is what to do...google qwest and then make sure to click on their PAID sponsorship each day so that it costs them money. I also like to call their tech support number and ask them dumb questions when I am on the toilet. Have them explain the difference between dsl and dial up, EVERYDAY. BURN THEIR MONEY AND RESOURCES...

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    Mon Jan 28 2008

    I cant believe how difficult Qwest makes paying your bill. Why must there be such rediculous security on their site? Its a phone not a nucular warhead. I now have a third number to enter to pay my bill online. The qwest site is so slow they are likley using one of their own DSL lines for all of the traffic! Im done. All of this for a local land line/DSL line that I use no more that once a month. Im going to sign up with my cable provider. Im sure they are no better.

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    Mon Jan 14 2008

    Qwest is the wrost isp provider... been with them for awhile, they kept charging me for upgrades* which i never asked for... and when i tried to get a transfer to my new place... Called them and one of their worker came and re-connected my dsl line and the phone went dead, then the next day another qwest worker came fixed the phone line... then the dsl went dead, he tried to fix it and didn't know how. He told me that another guy will come tomorrow and fix it... but when he came he didn't know what to do... then he said i'm gonna have to order service or something again from them and i said ok i will and i will recieve by two days, a week goes by and nothing then i call them again then said i will receive it by saturday... waited till saturday nothing... tuesday i called them again and they said by friday it should be working... and by friday still doesn't work and one of there workers dropped by and gave me filters... which doesn't really help me... called them again to cancel my acco... Read more