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    Wed Mar 19 2008

    I've seen him enough interviews to come to the fair conclusion that's he's a complete knob.  Take away the blood letting and his films are bereft of plot, characterisation, genuine thrills etc. My guess is if he wasnt in the movie business he'd be a serial killer.

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    Sun Sep 25 2005

    This guy is bad. I still can't believe all the kudos that "Pulp Fiction" gets from critics and movie reviewers. That was pure blood splatter trash. I was with a group or I would have walked out early. I chatted with patrons as they left and most were astounded how bad this flick was. The rest of Tarantino's product is just as unmemorable. Is anyone going to state that "Reservoir Dogs" or the "Kill Bill" duo is any kind of art other than slash and splatter?

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    Fri Apr 08 2005

    A complete geek who's clearly trying to make up for his nerdiness by making gratuitously violent, pointless and nasty little films.

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    Tue Dec 16 2003

    He is probably the worst director to ever hit Hollywood...just awful ! One must only view a few of his ridiculous movies to truly understand what I am talking about....and if the movie is good too someone, it certainly isn't because of the director...(Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, etc)....

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    Thu Feb 07 2013

    Update: The last of his films that I enjoyed was Jackie Brown. I particularly liked its lack of artiface. He's inclined to say "Look at me!" when directing. In Jackie Brown he was more content to just tell the story - probably due to the quality of the source material, an Elmore Leonard novel, and the casting of a seasoned actors like Pam Grier, Robert Forster and Robert De Niro who don't need directorial pyrotechnics to make the screen come to life. Samuel L. Jackson, while compelling to watch in this film was simply reprising roles he has played before. His recent films the Kill Bill sisters, Inglorious Basterds and his latest one amount to self parody of his film signature and are discounting his legacy. Original 3/30/2006: He seems like a giddy teenager who snuck into a strip club with fake ID. The fact that he loves what he's doing shows on the screen. I hope he tries his hand a something a little different than Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown/Kill Bill next tim... Read more

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    Tue Feb 05 2013

    This rating is based on Quentin Tarantino's movie, "Django Unchained" I knew that Quentin Tarantino movies had a reputation for being vulgar, violent and gritty. These kinds of movies are not my thing anymore so I was strongly opposed to seeing this movie even at the pleading of a good friend that it was worth seeing. When I read that Spike Lee criticized this movie and made comments against it, that was the moment when I knew I had to see it. Typically Quentin Tarantino movies are a bit too much for me but I had to see what made Spike Lee critical of this film. Spike Lee is a African American movie producer who spent years writing and producing racially themed movies like "Jungle Fever" with a depiction of every race of people from whites, blacks, Asians, Latino's using racist words on one another and acting like they all came out of a southern plantation. How could Spike Lee of all people say a white guy's movie on racism was disrespectful? I had to see what all the fu... Read more

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    Uneven doesn't even begin to cover it. Sometimes you can't look away and sometimes you actually feel like yelling for someone to turn that shit off...

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    his 15 min ended with pulp fiction (and that film wasn't all that good to begin with)

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    Fri Oct 20 2006

    If Quentin Tarantino had died shortly after directing "Reservoir Dogs" (1992) and "Pulp Fiction" (1994), my guess is that he would have gone down as the great wonder of his generation in film. While these two movies were obviously violent, none of it was really gratuitous and the situations felt genuinely disturbing (as opposed to what was done with his screenplay of "Natural Born Killers"). These films appeal to me due to Tarantino's nonlinear stories and his setting the tone with dialogue rather than action. Nevertheless, he quickly lost his way with films like "Jackie Brown" (1997) and "Kill Bill" (2003/2004). There are few movies that I put on my "must see" list due to the director, and Tarantino used to be one, but no longer resulting in three stars. Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born March 27, 1963 in Knoxville.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    One good movie - Pulp Fiction. The rest are forgettable or bad.

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    Sun Dec 14 2003

    I only like Kill Bill

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    Wed Jun 25 2003

    Jury's still out. "Reservoir Dogs" has been his best film, yet that entry was pretty derivative. "Pulp Fiction" was a ridiculous disappointment. "Jackie Brown" was a waste of film. "Natural Born Killers" was a good script, but "True Romance" missed the mark. I've been generally unimpressed with this guy, so I never bothered to see "From Dusk..." From what I hear, I didn't miss much.

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    Mon Jun 02 2003

    Sure, Quentin is a wonderful producer and film writer, but as a director, his resume is incredibly thin. "Pulp Fiction" was a great film, but what else has he done that is really great as a director? Too bad that he chose to capitalize on his success with "Pulp Fiction" by pursuing an acting career rather than a directing career.

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    Thu Oct 17 2002

    Other than Pulp Fiction, he hasn't really done anything that impressed me. And that film was seriously flawed too. The part where they go to his house because they shot a kid in the back of the car??? Come on, they had been shooting people all over the damn place and all of a sudden they get worried about the cops, so they CONVENIENTLY go to Tarantino's house in the movie to CONVENIENTLY give himself a part in the movie, and he can't act anyway! This made the movie unnecessarily long and a little tedious in the middle. They should do a NON-director's cut and cut him out.

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    Tue Nov 08 2011

    He's really hit or miss with me... There are a couple of movies that I do like, however there are a couple that I would prefer to watch paint dry and be more entertained....

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    Tarantino proves that all that you need to make good movies is observational skills, focus, good perception, vision and drive. He crafted his basic skills by working at a video store for years, carefully noting every scene in every movie he saw. Pulp Fiction created an entire (or recreated) a new genre of action movies, revitalized the career of John Travolta, and put Samuel Jackson on a new level. Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Inglorious Basterds, are all great movies. Stylish, inventive, slick and polished movies that are always entertaining are just some of his trademarks. He doesn't always hit the mark, but does always manager to not be boring to say the least. And in the age of cheap knock-off redundant movie-making, that is saying a lot.

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    Sat Mar 12 2005

    Pure Genius! I love every one of his movies, He is truly an original. There is no Director out there that comes even close!

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    Wed Jan 12 2005

    Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece that is actually studied by critics and film students, thats how far that film has made it. Reservior Dogs was made with hardly any money and it's a classic. Tell me someone else that could have done the Kill Bill movies and made them as authentic as they were

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    his films are hysterically funny, well written and have memorable characters. mr. tarantino is a brilliant director but he has still made too few movies to be compared with the best directors of this era or any other.

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    Wed Jul 21 2004

    Consistently edgy and creative, Tarantino has developed a directing style that is all his own. Combining an artistic skill that pushes the envelope, he uses everything to his advantage when directing a film- music, narration, daring and fluid camera angles. While his films may not be for everyone, you can't deny Tarantino's touch.

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    Mon Mar 15 2004

    He's fine. Entertaining with the excessive use of the word (expletive).

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    Thu Dec 12 2002

    The only reason he didn't get a 5 was because the man refuses to make more movies. His movies to date are phenomenal, aside from his acting in From Dusk to Dawn. But seriously, where has this guy been lately!!

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    Thu Nov 28 2002

    How does he do it? Quentin Tarantino can make a movie that will leave you stumped for a couple of weeks (or more). He is brilliant, period. There is a definite link to my admiration of Quentin Tarantino: I am also a big John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Deniro fan, and each of these actors has been in at least one Quentin Tarantino movie. He truly has a signature to his movies, the out of order scenes and meaningless conversations that are actually clues as to what the whole movie is about...it almost makes too much sense. Not to mention, he always manages to mix some humor in to the brutal scenes. I am so intrigued by Quentin Tarantino, where does he come up with this stuff? What's running through his mind? If he's able to transfer these perplexing concepts on to a movie screen, that is pure talent.

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    Thu Sep 19 2002

    Highly stylized and cool on the surface

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    Fri May 04 2001

    Where in the world is Quentin Tarantino? I don't understand! He proved himself to be a genius (not ordinary, run-of-the-mill genius, but Orson Welles-type genius), but it seems that alas like Welles, his flame burned too bright and too fast and just disappeared! By God, I hope that's not so! This is the writer for movies like True Romance and Natural Born Killers; and the director for movies like Resevoir Dogs (my personal favorite) and Pulp Fiction. I hope the world hasn't seen the last the last of Tarantino and his colorful violence! It wouldn't look good for the man who has his own adjective: Tarantino-esque!

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    Fri Apr 13 2001

    "Pulp Fiction" was a great movie. Do you remember how hot Tarantino was after that movie hit? People were talking about him like he was a genius. And his earlier movie "Reservoir Dogs" ensures that he's not a one-hit wonder. But what else has he done? "Jackie Brown"? Ugh. And please tell me what possessed this guy to start acting? You'd think someone intelligent enough to direct "Pulp Fiction" would know better than to take a crappy part in "From Dusk Till Dawn."