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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    Has anyone tried the new Purina One Beyond food?

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    I have a 9 year old 110 lb German Shepherd. He eats Purina One all the time. He is healthy, plays, we walk everyday and he is a happy and healthy dog. I sometimes use Large Breed adult formula which has chicken as its main ingredient. I also use sometimes lamb and rice, and sometimes the "mature" formula. Jax eats it good. Of course I add bacon grease sometimes, chicken skins and broth, and sometimes yogurt. The price is ok, and I feel like the quality is good.

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    At a time when putting food for a family on the table is getting more expensive, it is hard to justify the expense of so called 'high quality' dog food. I love my dogs and want them to be healthy just as much as the next person, so I did the research. I also found a lot of positive reviews by consumers/dog owners. Purina One is one of the few reasonably priced brands that the previously referred to web site 1800petmeds gives a decent rating. They rated Purina One, Iams and Eukanuba Fair, while Pedigree gets a Poor. The only brands they give Good ratings are high price special label brands, most of them I have never even heard of before. Then again, they do make money selling high priced dog food. They sell 25 lbs of Petcurean dry food for $61! I have a dog with allergies that limits the type of food I can give her. I was paying a lot more for a higher end brand, which she did well on, until it was recalled due to the whole pet food scare a couple of years ago. At that time I ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    I have been doing a lot of research on Pet food; Purina One is very inexpensive and can be bought in a grocery store. This of course is always a plus. That being said though, we as consumers never realize just what we are feeding our animal unless of course we do a lot of research. A very helpful and informative comparison chart can be found at 1800 Petmeds Here is the link… http://www.1800petmeds.com/pet_food_compare.jsp This website has helped me out a ton when looking for which dog food would be best for my little guy! This is just a pinch of what you can find there about Purina One. The #1 ingredient is real meat (chicken), which is an excellent protein source for dogs. #2 ingredient is brewers rice which is a popular filler used instead of whole grain rice because it is cheaper. Poultry by-product meal is the #3 ingredient and is a rendered product, containing poultry parts besides meat, that may also contain 4-D animals (dead, diseased, disabled, or dying prior to slau... Read more

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    Fri Oct 22 2010

    I just gave this to our dachshunds. Our 15 year old got very sick on it - she couldn't stop pooping. My 2 others have been itching and licking themselves the very week I started giving them this food. We had to put down our 15 year old dog, not necessarily from this food, she was having other issues but she didn't have pooping problems before this food and it didn't help her at all. I have to find another brand, probably going back to Nutro Basic, they were fine on that food.

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    My partner and I are dog sitting my friends dog for a month. We already have two dogs. The youngest one, lily is a year old. and i have always fed her beneful. Which Lily loves. Anyways, lily had a good chomp of the Purina ONE Lamb and Rice that my friends dog eat all the time. This is the very first time Lily has tried the Purina ONE Lamb and Rice. About an hour later, She had swollen eyelids, The worst Diarhea she has ever had, and throwing up more then I have ever seen her. She woke up to herself puking all over herself and the floor, stood up and threw up about eight more times in a row. This is the first time she has ever had a reaction to something new. Has anyone else had this happen to their dog? Is there something in this particular food that doesnt agree with their systems? I can honestly say, after this, I will not be feeding any of my animals any brand of Purina Pet Food.

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    Fri Sep 24 2010

    I agree..it must be the profit margin...how greedy..and why else change it...first it was 20 Llbs for $ 18. then $19. for 18 Llbs...more $$$$ for less...did they think we wouldn't notice? and yes, we know our dogs...I'm in the process of switching my lab off of it after 5 yrs...shame on them!

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    Wed Sep 22 2010

    After feeding 3 of my pomeranian this, they all got sick! from puking to pooping bright orange soft substance. The texture of what came out had pieces of what resemble small gravel. I will NEVER feed my dogs purina again. NEVER! This is horrible! It's like feeding your dogs poision.

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    I have used Purina One Lamb and Rice dogfood for 12 years. I have been very satisfied until this past year. First problem I had with my 3 labs was every 2nd or 3rd bag they immediately got diarrhea- and sometimes throwing up too- as soon as I fed the first bowl of it. I called and they swore they had made no changes- but we know out pets don't we!!!!! The vet agreed it was the food although he had supported this food as well. I tried buying it in diff sizes and at different stores but the problem continued. Now they have the new formula and it's causing gas and diarrhea. My oldest has been sick 3 mths now and I'm funding out that a total lamb and rice diet is deficient in taurine which is important for muscles-my dog is retching, coughing, drooling, panicky, lots of thick clear to frothy phlegm retched up ect- heart, lungs, and general geriatric lab work normal. Now after 3mths she is worse and were wondering about megaesophagus which can cause aquired megae... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    Purina One lamb and rice formula made my dog as well as many others very sick! please read other reviews!!!! http://dogfoodchat.com/purina-one-smartblend-lamb-rice-formula/#respond

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    Thu Aug 19 2010

    Purina One made my dog sick. I have a JRT and I've fed her Purina One for as long as I can remember and my dog is 9 years old. I've never had a problem with it, until recently. The last bag I bought, I notice the bigger meat chunks in them. I didn't think much of it because I've always trusted it since my dog has never had a problem with it. My dog loved the bigger meat chunks in it, so much that is all she wanted to eat and didn't want to eat the other kibbles in the bag. She started itching and scratching herself more than normal.. Then I noticed she started getting red spots all over her body and she was scratching her ears so bad it made them bleed and caused her to have a infection. I did some research online and found someone else who had a similar story and then realized that it was the food causing her to itch and all the red spots on her body. I took her to the vet and sent me home with 2 medications to give to my dog. One was Termaril-P for (Anti-Inflammatory agent) an... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    I know that there are real All natural foods, but it really is about how the dog reacts too it. I have 5 Westies, and they are Known for allergies.....after the Chinese-filler food scare, the only company in the country using all-american products and fillers was Purina, not Iams, etc,,,, Well, I am also a label reader and the only food in a traditional food market that has meat as the primary ingredient and importantly...NO Corn; is Purina One Lamb And Rice dry dog food....my older westies do absolutely well on it, and lost their skin issues when corn is removed from their diet.....I choose it over much more exzpensive brands,; it is probably the best thing on the shelves besides the real All naturals out there. Also, I do not espouse the other 'flavors' of Purina One products, because they have way toooo muuuuccchhhhh corn in them....Remember, they put corn products as fillers in your own food, think about what they do to dog food cause money is the primary concern.........

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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    I have fed my beagle Purina One from the day we brought her home. My mom has used it for her dogs for over 10 years. The last time we went to the store to buy food we realized that they changed what is in the bag. They now call it a "Smart Blend". They added meat chunks to the food. My dog will only eat the chunks, not the kibble pieces. She will go days without eating (because I make her eat it all, not just the chunks) and her stool has become very soft, runny, and irregular. My mom has small dogs who cannot fit the meat chunks in their mouths. Now, we are both paying for a dog food in which our dogs will only eat half the bag- which isn't good for our wallets or the dogs. I"m really disappointed that Purina One changed their food because now we both have to switch. I loved their origional product, not this one. The "Smart Blend" was not a smart choice on their behalf!

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    Other than Purina Pro Plan, One is probably the best dog food made by Purina. But that's not saying much. I bought a small bag of Purina One when I first started educating myself on dog nutrition. I knew that dog foods should always have meat as the first ingredient, and a a Great Dane breeder I know fed it, so I went ahead and grabbed a bag of Lamb & Rice. I switched slowly over a period of about four days. By the end of that transitioning period, he'd started shedding more than usual, and he smelled odd. He also had very soft stools, which is rare in my particular dog. I decided to give it more time, but it only got worse. I don't have a dramatic story. He never got sick or had to go to the vet, but I could tell he was doing poorly on Purina One. Once I switched him to Blue Buffalo, he never had any more food-related problems. If Purina dog food is literally all you have access to, Purina One is decent. But there are many better foods out there, some of them cheaper than One.

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    Sun Jun 13 2010

    I have a rough collie that has a really sensitive stomach and used to wake me up multiple times in the night to go out. I originally fed her Nutro Natural Choice (Lamb & Rice first and then the sensitive stomach recipe) with the outcome being LOTS of diarrhea, and then I tried out Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance but she wouldn't eat it and the diarrhea continued. Having been a veterinary assistant for a number of years, I am aware of what are considered "quality dog foods" and was nervous to try Purina One. That being said, I had to try something! So I bought a bag of Purina One Lamb & Rice and she loved it. Although she is still a finicky eater, she almost always eats her food. She doesn't wake me up to go out multiple times during the night, either. My rough collie has a nice, shiny coat and a ton of energy on Purina One. A few months ago, I bought an Old English Mastiff puppy. (My last mastiff had been on the Nutro Natural Choice Large breed food his whole life and he was neve... Read more

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    I was just told by an emergancy animal hospital to stay away from this product and beneful and ol' roy.. these products cause stones in your dogs.... I used Ol roy and had to rush my dog to the er for surgery causing a $4500.00. buyer beware...

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    Sat May 15 2010

    I have been feeding my dogs this food for years. I never had any issue with the contents, it was always a good brand. Beware though, you want to open the bags before you leave the pet store if you can before you walk out. My husband and I bought our usual bag but when we got home it was infested with flies and larva worms, disgusting! I was told that this was due to unsanitary practices when Purina makes the food. There are, according to the pet store associate, eggs in the grain that is used to make the food and apparently if the cooking temperature of the grain does not reach the appropriate level then it will not kill all the necessary eggs. This probably means that it is not killing many other harmful things like bacterias and whatnot. Then after the food is packaged the eggs will hatch and reproduce, you will then unknowingly take the food into your home and open the package only to have tons of fully mature flies scatter!! Also you will become startled and drop the bag which will... Read more

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    Sat Apr 10 2010

    We have a 15 year old senior German Shepherd - and she is now disabled. We always fed her on senior chow from Purina and she had no problems - we changed to Purina One Senior and she devoured it with no problems and had a gorgeous shiny coat. Due t money problems we had to go back to Purina Chow. For the last few months she has not been eating and we mixed the food with a vita mix and it worked somewhat. But we ran out of food today and decided on the Senior One has we have picked up now. Put the plate in front of her and she gobbled the whole cup full of her dinner time portion and even licked the plate clean. This is what we will get from now Purina One Senior - she loves the chicken and liver flavor.

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    Wed Apr 07 2010

    My dog lived on regular Purina for the first 3 years of his life with no problem then we moved and he started having skin problems-itching-licking himself raw etc. We switched him to Iams and he was doing better -then I made the mistake of switching him to Nutrish figuring if Rachel Rae was behind it it would be good -wrong! After a couple of 40 lb bags the skin trouble was back. Next I switched to Purina One and WOW!!!! what a difference! His hair has NEVER been this soft and shiny! His coat had always had soft under hair but the top coat was wiry-I figured he had some wire haired terrier in his background but now all of his hair is soft and shiny-NO MORE ITCHING! I will never switch from Purina One as long as I am getting these results.

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    I have been using Purina One for several of my current and past fosters and each one has had a lot of problems with diarrhea...which I am now attributing to the food since one they were adopted and given new food, their symptoms went away. I buy Wellness for my own dogs and none of them has any problems whatsoever. I also had a disgusting situation recently in which I purchased a huge bag of the Lamb and Rice and when I opened the bag to pour it into the air tight containers I use for storage, a couple large black hunks of what looked like dessicated critters of some kind fell into the cans!! There was a white mold all around these black "things" and there were mold spots on the bag itself. It was horrifying and disgusting - and when I called the store where I bought it, they gave me the definite impression that this was NOT the first time they ever heard of something like this. They just told me to bring it back with my receipt. All I can say is - I will NEVER use this crap again! A... Read more

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    I have a german shorthair and a lab that hunt hard and the lamb and rice formula has never let us down. Their coats are shiny and smooth and their stools are a perfect consistancy. Our vet always gives our dogs a perfect bill of health and tells us to keep doing what we're doing. I've tried the more expensive brands and the Purina One keeps them better muscled with better stools. I highly recommend this product.

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Do not like Purina to much corn and by-products for my liking and it contains menadione.

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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    So, I have tried just about every "human-grade" food on the market and non of them have even come close to Purina One. My Terrier has great poops, a great coat, no bad breath and too much energy!!! Best dog food ever!

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    Sat Dec 05 2009

    my 4-year old mini dachshund Venice eats Purina One Adult Chicken & Rice formula. His coat is gorgeous and glossy, far better looking than when he was eating a "human-grade" all-natural food. I rescued a 14-year old mini dachshund in 2007, and she is thriving on the Purina One Senior Chicken & Rice formula. A truly great product.

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    Mon Nov 30 2009

    Go on Holisticm Blend.com

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    I just opened a can of Purina One lamb & rice wet dog food. The lid exploded open as I pulled the ring. The food inside fizzed and expanded. I have never had a can explode before. I put the can and food in a plastic bag and tried to call their customer service as I think they need to recall the batch. There is no customer service phone number on their site. They clearly do not want feedback. I have been a loyal user of their products but now I am done with them. I imagine that this food is poison. I will take it back to PetSmart tomorrow. I am disgusted that a company as big as they are would have no way to call when there is a problem like this.

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    Well, so far my boxer puppy is doing great.I had him on different puppy dogfood. He had gas and nasty poops. He has been on purina one puppy lamb/rice for two weeks now. After 3 days eating this food his poop is normal, and his severe gas problem is better. We could not stand to be in the same room as him before. I have switched my other dogs on the lamb/rice adult formula. They seem to be satified longer after eating this food. I am very happy with this food for now. I was worried I would not be able to afford one of the high cost brands. I read some reviews that said if you feed grocery store dogfoods your killing you pet. That made me feel so bad, like I should not have my dogs...... I am feeding my dogs Purina One, They are happy and healthy so far..

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    U can get a much better food without the by products and corn and with actual meat for not much more in price.

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    Thu Aug 06 2009

    This isn't my first choice, but a good one for those on a budget. The overwhelming majority of dogs I have sen on this food do very weel, from shelter dogs to show dogs and the pets on the couch. I have to wonder what some of these people feed their kids and themselves when I read about how they feed their dogs. My Labrador eats straight Bil-Jac, but my older Pit Bull makes no bones about liking a little something else mixed into his kibbles. He doesn't care too much what it is , just as long as it is different. The little Pit eats pieces of concrete he breaks off of the sidewalk, so I really don't count his culinary opinions too highly. Feed what works best for your dogs, don't be affraid to try something new BUT remember what works. I mostly eat the same things and exercise daily, but I like change here and there. My dogs agree. I have a friend who owns a Jack Russell terrier. He was born and raised on Blue Buffalo and was horribly ill and thin. My friend got frustrated and quit buyi... Read more

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    My Pit Bull Lola has been on Purina One for about 3 months. She eats it and there are no problems. If I feed her some treats or something other than Purina One she will choose not to eat her dinner/breakfast. I don't know if she does not like the taste of Purina One or what. I have looked at the ingredients of Purina One and they look very bad because of corn meal, and chicken and meat by-products. By-producs are leftover chicken and cow feet, liver, heart, stool, bones toenails. fingernails, ect.

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    I guess I stick with lamb and rice due to habit. It just happened to be the food I first bought for my boston. And she (along with my doberman) has never showed dislike for it. Although I am sure that chicken & rice and beef & rice, as well as any other formula from purina ONE is just fine. I actually read somewhere that a vet recommended alternating the lamb & rice and the chicken & rice every three months. I have always heard that you should feed the same dog food for life. But who knows. I think either way, you are fine. As far as the allergy thing, I have never heard that lamb & rice is good for dogs with allergies. But I can say that neither of my dogs exhibit any signs of allergies on this food, so maybe there is something to it. It is just a solid dog food, and I don't plan on ever changing. It's got everything a dog needs to live a healthy life, evidenced by the people on this site who actually use it, which are where all the positive reviews are coming from. You'll... Read more

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    Thank you, agent. You hit the nail on the old head. Purina has veterinary NUTRITIONISTS on staff and has been around a very long time. You could buy any Purina dog food and be assured of getting all the nutrients a dog REQUIRES, not what a human thinks is needed. May I ask one question of you. It used to be that lamb and rice was the formula to feed if you thot your dog had allergies, but now I see lots of people feeding it generally. What made you pick the lamb and rice formula? I will be getting another dog some day soon. Patricia Moore SE Michigan

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    Sun Apr 05 2009

    It's the first food we fed our dog, before we found out about real high-quality dog foods. Although it's better than the cheapest dog food, Purina One still uses brewer's rice (a cheap byproduct of beermaking with little nutritional value), chicken byproduct meal (which can include junk like feet, bones, undeveloped eggs and other things of poor quality), corn products (not easily digested by dogs and a common source of allergies), and wheat (another common source of allergies). Feed your dog something better if you can afford it...

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    Sat Mar 28 2009

    I have a 4 year old mini doxie, and he's been on a few different foods since we got him. Initially I had him on some expensive blend that the vet recommended, but we couldn't afford it. I bought original Purina, but we had some issues with him eating his feces. I found Purina One Indoor Formula Little Bites, and did that for a few years, and he was perfectly fine! No more poo eating, tons of energy. I recently switched him to weight management because he is a doxie, and four, and I would like to prevent that fat doxie with a bad back possibility. Yes, I realize that Purina One does not have a lot of whole protein products, which does frustrate me, but I do supplement with fresh meats and vegetables when I can. I am considering going to a raw diet, I just have to make it work with limited freezer and fridge space. (And convince my husband that its a good idea!) All in all, its a good food for the price. I am always getting compliments on his coat and energy levels. If your dog has i... Read more

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    Fri Mar 13 2009

    My Mom's dogs all eat Purina One Chicken kibble. Several of them have dry, brittle coats and chew and lick their feet constantly. They also eat their own poop and have very large stools. Two of them get frequent ear infections. When I cared for one of them recently for a month, I put him on the food I use with my own dog, Canidae ALS. This was not a long enough period to see coat changes, but he stopped eating poop, his stools were smaller and he stopped chewing his feet. I suspect that he was having problems with either the corn or wheat in the Purina One. Looking at the ingredient list, which is full of corn and other cheap plant products , I would not feed it to any dog. There's no reason to use such indigestible vegetable proteins, especially at the prices Purina charges. Because so much of the food is indigestible, you have to feed higher quantities, making it more expensive in the long run than better quality, more expensive foods. For people who have done well with this f... Read more

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    To the naysayer’s that are attacking everyone for giving this food only 1 star and saying they don't have experience feeding this food; I want to let you know that I have had a dog on this and am elated that she does not consume it anymore! If I could, I would give this food no stars. When I adopted my last dog, she was being fed this stuff by the rescue group and so I continued with it for a few weeks (rest of the bag) until I could switch her to the no grain diet I feed my other dog. She had the WORST gas from eating this junk, her coat was very dull with dry skin and she pooped quite a lot; I also noticed that she was wanting to eat all the time but was still very skinny. After switching her to my normal no grain dog food, her gas has gone away, she poops only twice a day, her skin and coat have improved dramatically (even the people from the adoption agency are amazed at how well she looks now), and she is happy to eat less twice a day while still gaining weight and now looking he... Read more

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    I have read all of the posts and have never rated anything online but had to sign up to rate this dog food. My dog just passed away at 16 1/2 yrs old, she was a husky collie mix. She lived her to live to the fullest up to her last day and was fed Purina Lamb and Rice dry dog food her whole life. She was a very picky eater as a pup which led me to this food so I stuck with it. My friend has 2 labs and has switched countless times with "Designer" foods and is still having problems with allergies and lack of appetite, her fiance's dog just died at 15 who also lived on Purina. Need I say more ? We just adopted a small dog and his rescue was feeding him Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul dog food, I went out and bought it being very open minded, unlike some people here. Well, he could not stop scratching himself and chewing his paws....we changed to Purina and he's great now. Every dog is different just like humans but please do not listen to what everyone has to say negative abo... Read more

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    My roomies boxer eats purina one for large breeds and does great on it. They havent had any problems with the product at all. I personally wouldnt want to put my two chihuahua's on it.. not because its a horrible food cause i never used it but because of the bad name on it. My chi's eat Blue Buffalo lamb & rice formula and havent had any problems at all. The stool is nice and firm and dark, coat is shiny and they are both full of energy. My girl dog is a picky eater and this is actually eats with out any problems. Purina & Blue buffalo is like any dog food ppl find something wrong with it. All dogs tummys are differnt and digest differntly like us humans they are Unique! www.bluebuff.com

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    I'm so glad I gave this food a try. I have a very picky minature dachshund and despite trying a variety of super premium foods with him, the only thing he would touch was kibbles n' bits. I was definitely not too keen on keeping him on the kibbles n' bits for long because of the corn syrup and high corn and soy protein content, so I decided to give a big brand name a try. I'm now almost at the end of a 13 pound bag and he still eats it willingly. His coat is shiny and his stool is firm.Though I'd still like to find a palatable food with a slightly higher meat based protein content, I am happy with this for now. It may not be the best food on the market but it's better than a lot of other grocery store brands and I'm happy my dog eats it and is doing well on it.

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    Fri Jan 02 2009

    Found live maggots in sealed can.

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    do the person who wanted proof read " food pets die for " by Ann Martin and watch the following:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9DTzDfYMxo

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    I had a friend who actually sampled his dogs food to see what it tasted like. He prefered purine dog chow. REALLY the guy ate dog food to make sure it was fit for his dog.

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    Fri Oct 17 2008

    I was another one who listened to all the hype about Purina One so I put my 11 year old Lab on it with in 2 weeks my dog was throwing up consistently and lost about 10 lbs i switched him to IAMS pro active and he is feeling much better the on

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    my dog did well on this food. just not too keen on by-products.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    The dog loved it.  We got the dog from a shelter and it was underweight, so I kept increasing the amount of food (up to 6 cups per day).  He continued to shed a lot and to remain gaunt, so I had to switch.

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    Sat Aug 30 2008

    Could it be that you are all full of crap and that YOUR individual dog may age better, have a more shiny coat, be more spunky, and act "better" than others? If you are a standard dog owner and therefore know nothing of what you are talking about just shut your mouth already.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    I have nothing against Purina as a rule.  I have heard that recent studies show that lamb and rice recipes lack Taurine...and can cause long-term problems.  Apparently Taurine is not added to Purina's Lamb and Rice Purina One.  This is fairly new and many companies have added Taurine due to the studies but Purina One from what I have heard has not.  I've used Purina One Chicken.  Chicken Recipes don't have this problem.