Breed of dog originally from China, with physically distinctive features of a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail Website

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    Mon Jan 07 2013

    I have a pug and I absolutely love her to death. Pugs are the perfect companion pet. They not aggressive, they love to play, they are cute, they all have their own personalities. They will never leave your side. They need a lot of affection. If you show them love they will show it right back! The only things are that they snore very loud, lick themselves A LOT, they shed A LOT, their breath smells and they need to have their wrinkles and ears cleaned alot. But all dogs need to be cared for and kept clean, so their care is not much different than any other dog. All in all, pugs are perfect pets.

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    Tue Dec 04 2012

    Not my favorite breed but they're ok. Some of their expressions are funny.

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    Great breed of dog but not for everyone read up on these before purchasing or adopting. If you are looking for a loyal companion that sheds a lot this is your dog. We own 2 of them and and would not trade them for a million bucks.

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    My dad just got one this past year. So here's my list: Pros: - Great personality; real chill and would never hurt a fly - Great companion; content sitting on your lap all day - Will stick to himself and just sleep if you let him Cons: - Stubborn; will ignore you most times you call him (unless you have food) - Gets stinky really fast - Snores and makes a lot of breathing noises - Not the most attractive fellow in town - Skin problems I would never buy a dog like this for myself, but I've gotten used to my dad's.

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    Initially thought these were a waste of time, but they were some of the best dogs I ever had. These little nerds trust you unconditionally. You can pull the same jokes on them over and over and they sigh, knowing it's going to be awful, then fall for it anyway. Great dogs.

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    we have a pug and he is a good dog. very stubborn but very smart. you need patience to train him because he is very stubborn. he does shed a lot. you need to clean his face often.

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    Sat Nov 20 2010

    I'm sure these dogs are the Best in the World to those who get them, but you can't go hiking With them and since that's mainly what I look for in a dog, I can't see my self ever getting one.

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    These little creatures - can they even be called dogs? - look like they've been drowned and mauled by a killer whale, hit by a school bus twenty times, shot in the face forty times, raped by a thousand roaches, and leaked all over by rabid squirrels with STDs. Personally, I'd never get one.

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    These seem to have become the designer dog de jour at least where I live. Personally, I'd sooner own a turtle. The ones I've met are certainly friendly enough, with no appearance of hypertension or nervous aggression, but they are ugly as a plateful of mortal sin, snort continuously and have an appearance of pop-eyed stupidity that I find utterly unappealing.

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    Fri Jul 02 2010

    I don't know the temperament of these dogs, but they sure are ugly. Their eyeballs seem to rotate in different directions and they make an awful sound when their tongues hang out.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Their cute and affable little creatures. Ever wonder why they were bread with a flat nose and strong desire to lick things...

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    Sat Feb 13 2010

    I have three pugs and I just adore them. They are funny, smart, and affectionate. They are playfull and an all around GREAT dog. They are my favorite breed. The only down side to them is that they shed constantly, so keep a soft rubber curry brush going every other week, or be prepared to have pug hair specs on everything. I think the black pugs shed less than the fawn pugs. The fawn pugs have a double under coat, where as the black pugs - at least my little girl, has fur that is more like a short haired cat. I just love these dogs. They are notorious for their head titling when you talk to them. And the more you talk to them, the more words they learn. I just love the breed. I also have a Doberman Pinscher which we adore and she likes the puggy girls. My pugs names are Penny, Pamela and Paul. My daughters family also has a pug and she is a great dog.

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    I'm a sucker for the brachycephalic dog breeds. These guys are cute, eager to please clowns. But do yourself a favor and put some scratch aside for future vet bills. These guys are very sensitive to heat and anesthesia. And may have health problems due to their flat faces. And they snore. A lot. But if you have an inactive lifestyle, don't care about the snoring and snorting (and some are gassy) and want a cute little clown, then these can be your best friend. Use humane, positive enforcment training ONLY.

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    sweet and endearing though so so ugly.. I've got an old pug (12 yrs old). Such a sweetheart, he gets excited whenever he sees me in the morning and when i come back from work, he starts galloping like a horse.. No aggression, not interested in other dogs, he loves being around people. 10 stars!!

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    I have a Pug and she is 3 going on 4 ina few months. She is the friendliest little dog there is, and she is such a lap dog. I got her as a puppy on Christmas. Pugs don't require a lot of exercise, and they do snort sometimes, but I don't mind at all. They don't drool, which is a big positive. They are far from ugly, too. I would recommend a Pug to anyone, just make sure that it is what you want, because the are quite a lapdog.

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    Fri Jul 10 2009

    These are the ugliest, stupidest, most untrainable dog I have ever been around. And they can be very aggressive especially small children. So to those of you out there that want one or think tehy are cute, look again.

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    Really don't like the breed.

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    These are good dogs and I have yet to meet an aggressive one. One thing I love about them is that they bond so well with other Pugs. It's almost a shame to get just one because they seem to really need eachother. The thing I will never understand though is that every family of Pugs I meet always hump eachother...truly bizarre!!

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    I'm biased because I have a Pug but he is the most wonderful dog in the WORLD! If you like BIG dogs you will like Pug's even though they are little. They are like miniature Mastiff's. Always sweet, kind, playful, and great with children. Pugs are very smart and a little stubborn. They are sensitive to heat and cold and shed a lot. They can also have some health problems because they are so deformed. They are so cute, they are PUGLY! :)

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    Wed Nov 19 2008

    I like big dogs

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    Tue Nov 18 2008

    all dogs love to chase cars right? well a pug it what happens when the car abruptly stops. these dogs are so freakin messed up looking, that you just gotta love 'em.

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    Thu Nov 13 2008

    BIG DOGS pits cancorsos...

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    Thu Nov 13 2008


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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    They are o.k. but just not my type of dog (im a cat person)

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    Pugs are adorable!!! I love their little curly pig tails! And they're big eyes!!!!!

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    what?? yeah im bout over dogs in general!

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    Terrible dogs

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    aww..there so cute

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    They're cute.

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    Sat Nov 01 2008

    We have a Pug/Pomeranian that stays with us sometimes. Nicest dog ever.

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    I dont like dog

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    U L G Y, you ain't got no alibi.

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    I want one!!!

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    Sun Oct 19 2008

    bear bait

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    Thu Oct 16 2008

    they can be cute

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    he's adorable

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    used to have one

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    All animals rock