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    Tue Aug 23 2011

    Just returned Pro Plan Shredded for the second time with worms in it. Never had this issue with the former blend of Pro Plan. Pet Smart would only issue a store credit for the crap. We do not recommend this garbage to anyone. Maybe if the executives got off their dead butts and actually did a quality inspection, they might have a better product. Used Pro Plan a long time, no more!

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    Sun May 22 2011

    I fed my dogs Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Lamb & Rice. It made them sick and caused diarrhea.

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    Sat Mar 26 2011

    I switched foods after my mini schnauzers had an episode of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, even though they don't know what causes it some vets recommend changing food after an episode. (I had been using Blue Buffalo for quite a while). A friend recommended the PPP sensitive skin & coat formula and gave me a small bag. Since schnauzers have both sensitive skin and stomachs I was willing to give it a try. I don't have any particular quibbles with ingredients, like any good pet owner I believe in feeding what my dogs like and what works for them. Just like all humans don't have to be vegetarians, all dogs don't need to eat expensive, natural foods. Having said all dogs just don't like this food, they are also having twice as many stools per day. They will eat it if I wet it and like it much better if I mix a small amount of Blue Buffalo with it. I think it's going to be back to Blue Buffalo for us. I like that BB has several different flavor varieties that I can feed them wi... Read more

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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    I have been feeding this food now for 3 years and it has by far the best sensitive skin food on the market

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    My Cocker and Westie are both on Pro Plan shredded chicken. They seem to like it alot. I tried going the "natural", "healthier", like Wellness Core, and Candidae. They looked at me like "are you kidding me, Im not eating that", and they wouldn't. I was thinking about trying Blue Buffalo based on the reviews, but I have decided not to waste anymore hard earned money on changing their food. They like it and do very nicely on it. I am going to try the Pro Plan Selects Chicken and Rice, I think they will like it as much as the shredded chicken. Not sure what all the hype is about on these expensive, natural dogfoods. My dogs had no interest whatsoever in any of it. I actually placed Wellness, Candidae, and Pro Plan in 3 different bowls, and let the dogs choose which one they was Pro Plan. Go figure!

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    I have used Purina products over the years. I used dog chow for years, but always had lots of shedding, to much poop and hot spots. Over the last 4 years I had used natura products, wellness, eagle pack, canidae, natures variety and others of the top healthy dog foods with mixed results. I had used Pro Plan and Pro Plan Selects for awhile and my Boston had a nice shiney coat and small non stinky stools. This review is for the original Pro Plan and the Pro Plan Selects, not the new stuff with the shreds. My Yorkies didnt do so well on it, lots of scratching and a couple hot spots. I have been using Diamond Naturals for 2 years and have had no problems.

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    My 4 year old Border has never had anything but Proplan. He progressed from Large breed puppy to Large breed and is the healthiest dog I've ever had. His parents are working dogs and that family used exclusively Pro Plan products. Our 1 year old mix also is on Proplan and loves it. Both dogs have a high energy level, great coats, very normal stools, and their Vet tells us they are doing great. I am very pleased with Pro Plan and appreciate the research Purina puts in to this excellent range of products.

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    This is for the Pro Plan Performance formula.. I am very happy with the results of this formula for my Working line German Shepherd! I previously had her on Evo Red Meat, made by Natura. I gave an excellent rating for Evo, too, because I loved that food and almost everything about it. The only thing that I didn't like was that my dog was lacking stamina on Evo. I wasn't sure if it was the food, so I did an experiment. I switched my dog to Purina Pro Plan Performance and within a few days she was back to her energetic self! I am thrilled with the amount of energy and stamina she has on this food! She must feel great, her appetite is good, her stools are very good (small enough and firm and 2x a day), clear eyes and ears, not itching and good muscle tone. If she maintains these great results, I may have to stick with a performance food. I am looking at a performance food made by Eukanuba, too.

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    Sun Mar 07 2010

    I have been feeding my 2 1/2 year old rat terrier the Purina Pro Plan since she was a pup. The breeder I purchased her from had her on it (the puppy chow). I tried the Natural Selects that they make as well but she seems to prefer the regular Pro Plan and I feed her the small breed formula. She consistently has formed stools and her vet says she is in great health with soft, shiny coat, bright eyes and good teeth. In fact, she has really had no coat or skin problems or any other illnesses since I got her. I occasionally supplement her with some of the Pro Plan canned food which she loves. She has to fight off one of my cats who tries to take it away from her! She is a high energy dog and I can't really find any fault in this food. Like one of the reviewers above said, Purina does sink a lot of money into research and testing of it's food and while I'm sure there are pros and cons with all the foods available I doubt that many of the other "natural" brands have done the hard scientific... Read more

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Do not like this food. Lots of corn and by-products and wheat and glueten and I believe they also used Menadione. Daisy ate this as a puppy. She had a dull coat, big stool and bad eye stains.

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    I feed my 1 year old Shih Tzu the Pro Plan Selects CANNED food which does not contain corn, wheat, or by-products. I was previously feeding him super-premium kibble and canned food from brands such as Nature's Variety, Wellness, and Taste of the Wild. After many bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation I said SCREW IT and put him on the Pro Plan Selects. Lo and behold in a matter of days his stools were normal and he was only having to poop once a day rather than the 2 or 3 times on the others. He also did not have any vomiting. Overall I believe that every dog is different...some will benefit from the premium foods and others won't.

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    I have 2 dogs, which I refer to as “The Boys” one is a cattle dog and the other is a bull mastiff/st Bernard mix. I have feed them Pro Plan for about 3 yrs and never had any issues but I had to recently switch. My mix started to develop hot spots, dry flakey skin, dull coat, chronic ear infections and his energy level started to decrease. I am not sure if it is because they changed the formula to the shredded blend but my vet recommended that I start to put additives in the food. So instead of adding a bunch of crap to the food I just did a little research and I am testing different products. I used to use Chicken Soup before my mix came along but that one was just a little to rich for him, so I am in the process of trying out Taste of the Wild Prairie Formula. I will let ya all know how it works out.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    5 stars You people read all these fancy reviews on dog food like I did. You would not feed your dog anything on the market . I went to some of the sites that do comparisons on different dog foods a lot of them outright lie to get their point across like the republicans on health care. My last two dogs lasted 15 and 17 years in good health on Purina food. So read between the lines and use what works good for you. Don't listen to all the nay sayers.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    Nothing is too good for my Dachshund's. I have two sweet little girls who mean the world to me. I feed them Pro Plan Weight Managment because Dachshunds have a tendencay to have bad disc's in their backs. Keeping them thin and trim is important to this end. I have noticed that they both do very well eating this brand of dry food. My first dog is now seven and she is a smooth black and tan and we have noticed that Pro Plan gives her a really shinny healthy looking coat. The baby is six months and she is long haired and her coat also has a very nice sheen. We have noticed no ill side effects and plan to continue with this food. All in all Pro Plan seems to be a good fit for my dogs and hopefully it will be for yours as well.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    So far, this food has been great for my 11 month-old Corgi. When we got him at 3 months, he was on that Holistic Nutro (very expensive and didn't do well for him). He had soft stools constantly...I thought that was the norm for him, but then I decided to give ProPlan puppy food a try. Well, the gas, loose stools, and occasional vomiting have ceased. So I gave him the ProPlan for the first 6 months, and last month started the slow transition to ProPlan Shredded. He loves the stuff. I feed him much less of it, he doesn't poop a ton, and he really enjoys it. He actually picks the larger pieces out and runs off with them. If anyone has had a Corgi, you know that they are little vacuums when it comes to food. This is the first food/treat that has made him slow down and savor it. Instead of 1.5 minutes (I timed it) to eat his cup of food at mealtimes, it takes him about 5 minutes (which leaves time for me to do some cleanup in the kitchen before he starts his puppy-rampages through th... Read more

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I have gone the route of all the dog foods out there from Euke to blue to Flint River My dogs are at their peak when on Pro Plan ! 2 of my Aussies get the worst stools on Blue and Flint River! So much for all the holistic hoo haa

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    My little one loves Pro Plan Shredded Blend! I have a 2-year-old Shih Tzu, and she's been on this food since she was about 6 months old. She was previously on Science Diet (simply because that's what the people I got her from fed her), but I switched her because she was allergic to the chicken stuff in it. And thank goodness I did switch her...Science Diet has BY-PRODUCTS in its food! It's supposed to be a high-quality dog food--HA! Anyways, back to Pro Plan. I feed her the Natural Lamb & Rice Formula due to her allergy, and she LOVES the Shredded Blend. It's kinda funny...when I feed her, she picks out all of the lamb meat pieces and leaves the rest of the dry food in her bowl and eats it later. As a dog mommy, I love this food because it's approved by the AAFCO and has no by-products. It's not too pricey, and a 6-lb bag lasts her a month. My little Lulu loves it, and that's all the proof I need!

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    Can't believe I haven't yet reviewed the mighty Pro Plan. Pro Plan, the best quality of food that Purina makes (at least under it's flagship brand name)... and yet it's still not GOOD. Yes, better than Dog Chow, Alpo, and ONE, but that isn't saying much. Their Pro Plan Selects formulas are the top of their product line, and are still corn-laden, and coated with rancid, rendered mystery-meat fat. The newer Pro Plan Shredded Blends contain corn, wheat, and soy (undigestible and common allergens), as well as glutens (undigestible grain based protein), rancid rendered mystery-meat fat, worthless beet pulp fillers, disgusting "animal digest" (you don't want to know what that is), and, in two of the three Shredded formulas, byproducts. And their few remaining original formulas (without the shredded bits of whatever ungodly pseudo-meat paste those things are) combine all the worst aspects of the other formulas. Purina is perhaps the oldest animal feed company in existence... but tha... Read more

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    We tried this for less than 10 days,we couldn t stop our dogs from having a diarrhea..terrible...

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    This is based on the "new recipe" for this food. We have two black lab mixes and for years this was the only food that our older dog could stomach. Then a couple months back they changed it to having the soft pieces in it and now both of my dogs are gassy all the time and their breath would knock a fly off a pile of you-know-what. And, to top it off, they raised the price! I'm going to sample a few other brands now to see if I can find something cheaper that agrees with my old guy.

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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    I too fell for all the hype about grain free, holistic, blah blah blah. I have 4 different breeds of dogs- a Standard Poodle, maltese, pug, and a Labradoodle. All I got from the "healthy" dog foods were, most importantly massive stool problems from EXTREMELY loose stools, going 3 to 4 times a day, horrible gas, and flaky skin. This was feeding these foods for awhile to let them get used to it and also not feeding as much per what everyone says although they acted starved all the time. Since going back on the Pro Plan the main difference is the poo. It is now firm and way smaller and nobody goes more than twice a day. The main propaganda for those "healthy food" is easier digestability because of the fewer grains or no grains but they all had ALOT of poo coming from each of them. I tried Wellness, California Natural, Evo, and finally Chicken Soup. After a year of all the poo and Horrible gas problems I had enough and went back to Pro Plan and after a week the decrease in size a... Read more

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    Purina isn't the greatest pet food. You'd be better off searching for organic pet food without bi-products or wheat gluten togehter.

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    Ugh... this food is AWEFUL! Though it is the BEST Purina product, it is horrible! Corn, Fillers, Rice, etc. YUK! I dislike this food very much. I feed Taste of the Wild, very good, and NOT as bad/expensive as this CRAP.

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    This is for those people who blast this food because they think it's "garbage" or "poor quality" or any other negative adjective. I have beautiful white boxer baby girl who does just fine on this food thank you. She is about a year and half old, and when I rescued her there was no background info on her at the shelter. When I got her about 6+ months ago she had a slew of problems. She had heartworm, tape worm, frequent vomiting and diarrhea...not to mention she was severely underweight. Given the fact that she is a white boxer she has very sensitive skin in addition to a very sensitive stomach. Now that all her medical problems have been cleared up she is the healthy, active, adorable boxer girl she should be. When I first got her we weren't sure what to feed her so I read up on some foods and went "middle of the road" with the natural hype and started feeding her Natural Balance brand dog food. This was after she had been vomiting from the wet and dry purina puppy food I gave... Read more

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    Full of grain,causes gass,itching,lot of stool,I fed with pro plan for several months,only bad words for it.

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    Corn,rice nothing that is dupposed to be a dog food :

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    Yes.. I believe in this food!  I fell into the super premium hype too.  Paid lots of money... for minimal results to top it off had loose stools.  Made the switch to Pro Plan and I am thrilled with the results!  People should only rate this food if they have tried it against other brands!  These so called high end foods are not what they are cracked up to be....

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    this dog food is terrible, it has menadione in it, much like the other dog foods you will find at Pet Smart.  I took my dog off of this immediately when I found out that menadione is a fake vitamin K derivative used in dog food.  Google it, it can kill a human fetus if a pregnant mother ingests this vitamin.

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    Wow... ProPlan caused my dog to spray bloody diarrhea all over my house, then she had ear infections and and hot spots for a6 weeks. Not to mention the sources of the ingredients are pretty shady and the food left grease in her lunch bag just like fast food does in the the paper bag...I will NEVER touch a grocery store dog food again! ...somewhat unrelated, check out

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    Thu Oct 02 2008


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    Sat Sep 20 2008

    My Golden did very well on this...his coat seemed to improve.  It hard to gauge these things because his coat goes through phases with the seasonal shedding but I think its better then I've ever seen it...soft, shiny.Unfortunately he stopped liking it after the bag was 3/4 done.  Would eat it but grudgingly.   Don't know if it got I have a container to keep it air tiight.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    High protein may not be suitable for puppies. High protein may not be suitable for puppies. High protein may not be suitable for puppies. High protein may not be suitable for puppies. Some mixed quality ingredients.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    I have been feeding my dogs proplan since they were puppies. I got it in my head to try a holistic dog food so I tried Blue Buffalo. My Rottie/Shepherd mix swelled up like a buffalo. I went back to Proplan why mess with a good thing. Besides how many dogs in the wild eat blueberries?

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    Mon Sep 08 2008

    We were feeding our dog the "light" version on the recommendation of our vet. After a month or so he started to have an odd odor. As soon as we stopped using the food, the odor went away. He liked it fine, but we didn't like the smell!

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    Fri Sep 05 2008

    Not enough meats, only 1 st ingredient then it goes to all the fillers another Big mac in the doog food world

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    Funny how the people who slam the dog foods have never even tried it on their dogs. You can't knock it until you try it. You may surprise yourself. All the accurate ratings come from people who have tried it whether it is good or bad. The others are just an assumption. People are looking for ratings from those who have actually tried it on their dogs not just ingredient readers.

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    I really like this dog food.

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    I have tried several "better" foods over the years (EVO, Canidae, Timberwolf Organics), with mixed results, but for my own dogs, Pro Plan has given the most consistent results. Very nice coats and stools, and even my 16 year old is bright eyed and thriving.

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    We all want the best for our pets, and the miriad of choices out there can be a bit overwhelming when selecting a proper food. Our dogs, a 5 month old Lab mix and a 7 month old Boxer/Beagle mix were fed Science Diet since the day we got them. Both dogs had a terrible case of the runs for weeks on end. We could not figure out what was causing it. A few times the poor guys couldn't even hold it long enough and eliminated in their kennels! How embarrassing! We eliminated their snacks and their rawhides, but the diarrhea remained. We finally felt it must be the Science Diet that was causing it, so we decided to switch food to see. We settled on Purina Pro Plan (Large Breed Puppy formula), and the results were incredible! In only a few days, their stools firmed right up and look how they are supposed to, and they are active and playful, just as puppies should be. Plus, they obviously like it more than the Science Diet, as they devour the food in the dish relentlessly. Obviously all dogs are... Read more

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    Sun Jun 29 2008

    Most of the poor rewiews are based on an analysis of the food rather than the dogs performance on it,such as activity, coat, digestion, longivity, and general health. Both my Airedales are in agility and are doing fine on Pro Plan Sens. Skin and Stomach. I tried a holistic food once and it took a week to get their digestion back on track. I also know a breeder and showperson with 30 years experience that uses Sens. Skin and Stomach for her dogs. The proof is in the dog, not in the analysis.

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    Thu May 08 2008

    I am a breeder of Cocker Spaniels and I too fell into the Holistic food Hype, what a mistake. I had nothing but problems on it. After searching far and wide to try and find a food that matched up to the results I had on Selects I finally just went back. All my problems have since disappeared and everything is back to normal. Thank god. I will never buy into the "Holistic" marketing ploy again.

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    Fri May 02 2008

    Our 2 dogs do very well on Pro plan.  I've been switching around to find a food they both do well on (one has skin allergies) and Pro Plan seems to agree with them.  No more scratching, good digestion, they look good in every way  and they enjoy eating it.  It is AAFCO tested and looks to be a very popular food(its not sitting on the shelf for long).  We're all happy with Pro Plan.