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    Fri Aug 05 2011

    I will never use a Priceline Visa Card/Priceline Reward again!!! They say they give a $25.00 reward, which I didn't get....I placed a bid of $95.00 for a hotel and for using my rewards they "added" $5.00 to my bidding price, which I was not to be charged for! Low and behold I get my bill and the full amount was charged to my account!!! I called to complain and to get my money I was promised and they gave me some line of BS that made no sense and did not refund me ANY money. Although I like the "Name your own Price" feature, I would not recommend Priceline Visa or Priceline Rewards!!! Just to add, I know its only $30.00, but its the principle of the matter...horrible, horrible, horrible service...

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Booked a car rental using their regular system (not Name Your Own Price). A week later, received an email for an exact rental from that ended up being $30 cheaper. Priceline refused to match their price because you cannot which carrier Hotwire is getting the car from until after you make the purchase. So even if they are cheaper, it's not covered under priceline's guarantee. Bulls**t if you ask me. Warning to anyone out there----priceline has an absolute zero % tolerance for refunding your money, ever. Even if the dates are wrong, you booked the wrong flight, wrong car, etc. Zero. That alone is cause to never use them again (not to mention their failure to match prices as promised).

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    Tue Apr 26 2011

    Update: Used it for the first time this weekend, booking a night in Bellingham and three nights in Portland. Got a Days Inn in Bellingham for 35 and the Doubletree in Portland for 40 a night, with an upgrade for double twins to 60 at the hotel. Both well below their rack rate (less than half) and in both cases easy to do and without any problems on line or at check in. Original Review: I've never used it personally, but my primary road-trip buddy (who I've mentioned on here before as "The Crustacean") uses it regularly when the two of us hit the road in search of baseball, beer and irresponsibility. We've stayed in good to excellent hotels at extremely good prices while indulging our various vices. From what I've seen, it seems easy to use, it's rules are spelled out clearly (notably the "no refunds" policy some reviewers are bitching about) and it provides good value for the money. I don't know anything about its ability to provide anything but hotel rooms, so I can't speak f... Read more

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    Their "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE" is very DECEITFUL!!!!! While booking my vacation package with a sales representative at Priceline, I was informed that as part of their "Best Price Guarantee" program, that I had until the day my trip started to inform them if I find a cheaper package on another website (i.e. Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia, Orbitz, etc). I got this confirmed twice before I hung up the phone. I didn't know anything about a "price guarantee" or that one even existed, so as anyone would be, I was excited to hear that I had until the day of my trip to inform them of finding a cheaper vacation package (as long as it was the same hotel, flight itinerary, etc). They said that if I find a cheaper package "ANYTIME before my vacation started" they would refund me the difference and send me a $25 priceline voucher. It wasn't even a week later that I found my exact same vacation package (same hotel, same flight itinerary, etc) for $200.00 less on So I called Priceline ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 23 2011

    Low price guarantee is a JOKE. I rented a car through priceline and less than 8 hours later found a better deal through one of the same companies that Priceline supposedly partners with. Priceline says that their low-price guarantee doesn't apply to my reservation, that pricing is based on availability at the moment it was booked (even though they say they honor up until your reservation), and they thanked me but refused to do anything, from giving me the difference like they say or cancelling the reservation. It's NOT a low-price guarantee if you don't get the lowest price for the car rental (even the same class, dates, times, everything). And, their customer service center rep said "if there's nothing else, thank you for calling" and hung up without discussion. VERY DISHONEST.

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    Priceline advertises all over TV and their site that you would save anywhere from 40-60% off of the normal airfares. When I tried booking a flight I actually tried seven (7) times to save ANY MONEY at all and it didn't happen. I had looked at a variety of sites to get a ball park figure and everyone had the same flight for about the same price (roughly $835) and my 7th (and final) attempt on priceline stopped at $800 and even that was declined. Even if they had accepted that the savings would have been less than 5% which is MUCH MUCH lower than the 40-60% savings that they advertise everywhere. VERY misleading. I ended up booking elsewhere and while I didn't save any money at all over the average airfare I at least had control over choosing the airline and flight times which I wouldn't have if I had gone with Priceline. I will never even waste my time looking at them ever again!

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    Thu Dec 09 2010

    Bid and won National rental car. Airline changed our flight times. NO changes, regardless of reason, on Priceline. As airlines so often make changes, Priceline is not a good service to use. Then I learned they made an error booking our car. They would not correct their error(even though I had correct confirmation).Customer service rep read from script and couldn't help me. When I asked for supervisor it was like a bit on Saturday Night Live. He said"We have no supervisors, I'll give you Customer Relations" She barely spoke English, and again read from a script. This has been a horrible experience. On top of that, todays check of National Rental Car prices show I actually paid $37 MORE with Priceline than had I booked National direct. AVOID PRICELINE. Not worth the problems.

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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    Priceline is the worst company I've ever dealt with!! It took me almost 2 hours to cancel my hotel reservations today! Why? Because when you ask questions they can't answer (or have been instructed to avoid answering) they kindly put you on hold and then disconnect you...happened twice. It took 4 phone calls to get a cancellation confirmation #. I had to listen to Wm Shatner's greeting; to all the phone options; had to enter all my info; had to listen to the cancellation policy...4 freaking times!! These poor employees are puppets and robots doing someone else's dirty work. Lousy, lousy customer service...they weren't trained, they're just reading from a script. Each representative I was connected to repeated the same thing, word for word. If I had not spoken to both male and females, I would have assumed I was listening to a recording!! They must make their money charging inflated cancellation fees and charges, because that is the subject no one would answer and then I was di... Read more

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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    They ripped me off; charged me $53 for a room that was listed at $39 at the hotel itself. I told them of this and the agent talked to me as if I was just SOL basically. They do not care about their customers and they mark prices up.

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    Trying to book a rental car in Omaha, NE. Their published rates are $46 for an economy car per day. Thats fine....ok, no great deal, whatever. They boast save up to $40% off these rates through "name your own price". So, 40%, well let me try and getting the car for $35-$39, surely this is a fair offer considering I wont even know which car rental agency I will get, and its far less than a 40% discount....I was rejected stating this offer is far below what they are willing to accept, and I would have a good chance at getting for $50 per day, and great chance at $51 per day. I dont know if these people think were idiots or what, but I can go anywhere and get $46, why would I bid $51? This company should be referred to the better business bureau, in fact, I will do it myself, as their business practices are unethical and misleading. If you need a rental car, try Costco or AAA. I even have a coupon from my Entertainment book that gives a better discount than what Priceline was able to "... Read more

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    Sat Apr 03 2010

    WORST SITE. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Needed to go to Bologna, Italy for a one day business trip. Searched for a hotel in Bologna, Italy and was given several options. Picked one and booked. Turns out the hotel is not only NOT in Bologna, but is in a region almost 3 HOURS away! Only realized this when I started detailing my trip a couple of hours after making the reservation. Immediately called customer service only to be told repeatedly that I contracted for a no cancellation reservation. I explained this was not entirely my fault as I never dreamed the website would include hotels so far away - it's like asking to be placed in Los Angeles and ending up near the border in San Diego. All I got in response by 3 different women was "we're sorry ma'am but you contracted for this hotel." I spent hours butting my head against the wall dealing with personnel from the Philippines whose rote responses almost caused me to lose my mind. So I called the hotel. The... Read more