Pope John Paul II

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    It was one of the best popes, Vatican has elected through the history. We were lucky to have him at this dramatic period of time.

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    I must say that there are a few people in the world that had the determination to reach the people of the world and admiration for all.  He was one the few who saw every individual as a person.  He  truly attempted to bring everyone together as the human race.  He also had a unique way of interacting and communicating to the younger generation.  He had a respect for people of all races, nationalities, and religions.  He made a milestone in recent history when he traveled to Cuba and personally met with Fidel Castro.  It is also interesting that he attracted just as many people who were not Catholic.  He won the hearts of many people in this world.

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    Despite the say-all-things-good-about-the-recently-deceased-rule-on-RIA I must mark this fossil no more than 2 stars. . .

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    History will remember him as great. He is as responsible as any for the fall of the "Evil Empire."

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    Read about the PAPACY at Bible Bulletin board, www.biblebb.com It's an eye opener. While you're there read about Mary worship.

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    Sat Sep 23 2006

    Pope is the world's false leader. Check Bible Bulletin Board for 'Pope' at www.BIBLEBB.com

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    anyone who claims any untrue disrespectful comments about Pope John Paul II should think before they speak write or even think such abhorrent things. I say this because this is where your place lies after life if you did then the hell in the bottom of the ground god has kept you from and the hell in your life will follow you forever. Then only then when you are dead you will look for god but you will not find him.

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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    It's truly unfortunate that there are some people who possess such bitterness and animosity towards the late Pope John Paul II. But whether you agreed with him or not, calling him a 'con artist' or even a 'CROOK' is very vindictive and extremely spiteful. Nevertheless, the fact remains in that Pope John Paul II was a man of peace, playing a pivotol role in the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe, and being influential in the spread of Catholicism around the world. But he was not absolutely perfect. Like all popes before him, John Paul II should have addressed other pressing issues affecting the Catholic Church and its surrounding communities, which in turn has alienated many. But in all, John Paul II was a very effective leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and thus has become an icon of the 20th Century.

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    Sat May 21 2005

    He allowed the child molestation problem to fester and continue for far too long. Pair that with the fact that he allowed people to worhip him like a god (bow before him, call him Holy Father, kiss his hands and feet)and you'll see why I gave him 2 stars. No offense to the Catholic church intended.

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    Overatted con artist who brought the RC church back to the dark ages. The more things change, the more they stay the same (or even regress). Failure to speak out against violence in Northern Ireland was a disgrace.

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    Tue Apr 19 2005

    Is the Holy See's Opposition to the Iraq War based on funds Saddam may have on deposit in the Vatican Bank? Many have stressed Saddam's Monetary Connection to the Governments of France, Germany, and the UN. Is it somehow inconceivable that the Bankers in the Vatican were also Paid Off? In fact, many feel that John Paul 1st was murdered due to his insistence on ending corruption in the Vatican Bank. (look it up)

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    Sat Apr 02 2005

    Today a truly great leader has passed on. Leadership entails intelligence to put forward a positive agenda and articulate a clear message, the guts to stand up to for what's ethically right, and the heart to sympathize with the people and likewise touch lives. Pope John Paul 2 had all of these attributes in spades. Yes, I didn't agree with all of his positions, but no one can dispute that this pope will go down in history as one of the most influential and intelligent church leaders of the late 20th Century. He was more than simply the leader of the largest church in Christendom. This was an extraordinary person who shook the very foundations of the geopolitical world order. Ultimately this Pope will be judged positively because of his positive contributions. The strength of his message was rooted in his belief in personal liberty and human dignity in social affairs. This belief came from growing up in Poland first under the Nazi regime and then communism. He understood both ideologies... Read more

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    I don't agree with him on everything, but overall he seems like a very sweet man who has been an exemplary Pope. He has been Pope almost my entire lifetime, so I don't remember much about the previous Pope. I do know that he did not seem as warm and personable as Pope John Paul II. Also, it seems John Paul II travels more , and has brought the church to more people. Pope John Paul II also deserves praise for working with the Resistance in World War II.

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    Tired of seeing Catholic leaders asking that a broke person like myself give money to the poor and hungry. They could set up a trust fund to feed tens of millions a year of third would people with funds generate from the sell of Vatican art that is worth billions. It isn't doing anyone any good. You can't see it. Also the priest drive nice cars. That one in Arizona was driving in the DWI hit and run was Buick Park Avenue. That is $42,000, Get a ford focus buddy and feed 30000 with the difference. One in Florida lived in a million dollar house, CROOKS!

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    Did more to destroy the gains of Vatican II than any good he accomplished.

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    Sun Nov 23 2003

    Name a more influential Pope than John Paul II in the last 200 years. Of course I am not Catholic so perhaps there were some, but I cannot name one. Moreover, though I do not agree with many of his positions, John Paul II has certain obligations and responsibilities when he wears that hat. The church is not a tyranny in which one person can merely enforce his will by fiat (though perhaps I am mistaken here). On the downside, John Paul II does lose a star since it appears that he probably should have stepped down a few years ago due to his age and failing capacity to serve. The bottom line is that I doubt many non-Catholics would care or even know who was in this office unless that person was influential and charismatic.

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    Tue Jul 08 2003

    The Pope rules!

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    I think that Pope John PaulII is the best. Come on, who else do you know that would forgive the person that shot you instead of condemning them to Hell. I respect greatly that he has kept the Catholic Church traditional and not modernized it greatly. as for premarital sex, abortions, and homosexuality, that Catholism believes against, it wouldn't be Catholism anymore. Just because a person doesn't believe in what the religion of Catholism believes doesn't mean you have to blame it on the pope because the origional foundations of the Church lay in his hands and I think that he has done a terrific job in keeping the Church traditional and not modernizing it just for the antiCatholics.

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    Wed Mar 12 2003

    Although I do not agree with everything he says and sometimes he is to conservative (eg. against condoms), this man truely amases me. He fought against Hitler in the Polish Underground, then and latter saving many jews. Along with Reagan, conspired to bring down Communism which he regards as his bigest sin. Although a creationist he is very mystical, accepts people who believe in evolution and is very open minded on many other issues. He Meditates more than one hour a day. He is good friends with the Dali Lama. He has tried much to unite magor christian groups, but due to politics within these Churches and his own (which fooled him into signing something against the Lutherans) this has been hopeless. Many Cardinals in the Vatican try to misslead him, but he always gets one with the opposite view before he makes a dissision. His Politics in line with the Bible is Center-right: against socialism, utopia, zero immigration policy, Hard-line/Tyranny, insolence, racism (Acts 10:34-35), over ... Read more

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    Mon Mar 03 2003

    Said that the Bible is not to be used as a historical doccument but as a guidebook on how to run your life so that you can get to heven.

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    Fri Feb 14 2003

    John Paul II possesses a monumental intellect coupled with a profound humility and a deep understanding of suffering and the meaning of life. His great personal sanctity has transformed the world. He has lived his life as another Christ who was a sign of contradict to evils of this world. The fact that people hate him because of his refusal to alter morality to conform to immorality is a ringing testimony to his authority. The Catholic Church is the number one provider of care to AIDS victims the world over. People who believe that Homosexuality, abortion, the use of another human being as property and birth control are modern phenomenon are sadly mistaken. All of these sins afflicted the people of first century AD and it was Church then as now that stood as the sign of contradiction opposing these evil practices then as it does now. Sin and evil are hardy perennials and the truth of Christ is immortal.

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    Wed Jul 03 2002

    Screw him.

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    Fri Dec 28 2001

    I'm not Catholic, so perhaps I'm not the best to judge, but Pope John Paul needs a serious wake-up call to the 20th century. yes, I realize he is seen as a great man and leader in the eyes of millions, and that's fine, but let's be realistic: the pope is painfully and pitifully old-fashioned and out of step with today's world. He believes just because someone is gay or wants an abortion, they are the scum of the earth. He's very hypocritical, like most other Christian hierarchy, to preach about "loving unconditionally," yet condemning someone simply because of their lifestyle or choices. A woman should have the right to choose, and besides, the world is too overpopulated as it is, homosexuality is part of who someone is and does not make them evil. The expectations of the pope and other Christian leaders have for regular flesh and blood folks of the earth are unrealistic; we'd all be robots or nuns or priests if that was the case. We are all human and equal in the eyes of god, no matte... Read more

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    Mon Oct 15 2001

    Haven't you all heard of a separation of church and state? Pope John Paul II is a religious figure, not a secular one. Therefore, Dubya shouldn't look to him on advice for governmental issues!

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    Thu Sep 27 2001

    I am quickly losing my respect for the Pope. First of all: what was he taking when he blessed and forgave a group of murderers and theifs, and then publicly denounced some peaceful gay/lesbian demonstrators?! That was really, really low, John Paul. And yakking at the Bush Baby about the "evils" of stem cell research. Yeah, and I suppose he still thinks AIDS is a "gay and druggie" disease, and that nobody cares if innocents die from it. Oops, wrong answer! Sorry, but I have to take off for that one! And now he is getting way to old and way too sick to be a good Pope. Well, John Paul, I hate to say this, but...strike three and you're out! So I'll be watching...

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    Sun Jun 17 2001

    I love him! He is an awsume person! I have heard about some if injuries and you would be really surprised what he has lived thorough! He is very nice and alwayz willing to help anyone in need! Thanks John!

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    Tue Jun 05 2001

    Pope John Paul II has been both a courageous freedom fighter (during WWII) and has served as a strong, honest, hard-working leader of the Catholic Church. Coming from a different background, I probably don't agree with him on every topic concerning Christianity or issues like birth control, but I still like and respect him very much. I especially appreciate his determination to take a conservative stand on certain moral issues in the face of growing pressure to give up and accept what is popular as opposed to what he feels is right. We are all free to accept or reject his opinions but the fact that he sticks by them really says something for his backbone, which makes him a much-needed anchor in increasingly stormy times.

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    Fri Jun 01 2001

    A true anti-communist and Christian.

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    Wed Mar 14 2001

    Where can I get a hat like that?

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    Fri Mar 02 2001

    As an Evangelical Christian I strongly disagree with the Catholic Church on quite a few points. However, I was glad to see the pope speaking out forcefully against abortion and homosexuality. Homosexuality is an abomination in God's eyes. I only wish more church leaders were willing to teach that.

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    Wed Dec 20 2000

    The Holy Father is good. Anyone who comes here and says, "I'm Catholic but...", in reality, isn't Catholic. You see, once you dismiss a law of the church, you're no longer a Catholic. And the idiot that said, "No one gets between me and my God"- I say to you, "When has Pope John Paul II gotten in your way?" Get real. prai989et, there are no "new" realities. You must be wanting the true church to condone abortions, homos and all the other "fun" liberal ideas. Then the church would be wonderful, right? Ditto to lelo. Eric the idiot, I mean, federalist- you can get cancer from sexual activity, and aids, and a whole host of diseases. Isn't that fascinating? Look these things up in a medical journal before you attempt to dazzle us with your brilliance. Keb- I bet your aborted child would love some freedom to choose. But thats not the kind of freedom you're talking about, is it? Didn't think so. You mean freedom from accepting responsibility. BTW, name one organization who g... Read more

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    Mon Mar 20 2000

    I'm far from religious, but Pope John Paul II has been a hero for fighting for human dignity all over the world, often doing it right in the midst of ruthless dictators. He is one of the men that won the Cold War.

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    Fri Dec 03 1999

    How cool is it that the Pope spoke with Castro in Cuba where closeted Catholics living under the atheist oppression of Castro's Communism had a chance to greet him in person? That's a personal hero.

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    Thu Dec 02 1999

    I was raised as a catholic, but this man is one of the few human beings alive that i would regard as truly evil. He is singlehandedly responsible for more suffering in this world than any other living person, and any good the catholic church does (and surely its capable of huge works, being the largest single land-owner in the world) is in spite of, rather than because of him

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    Thu Dec 02 1999

    Until he came along, the catholic church had showed signs of catching up to the 19th century. He has no understanding of the modern world or of democratic principles. Why a gay man or lesbian, or any woman, would want anything to do with this outfit is beyond me. But even if we do not belong to it, our lives are affected by its power, whether we are women demanding reproductive freedom, gay men and lesbians looking for equal rights and lives free from fear, the poor everywhere in the world looking for economic justice. This small autocracy exercises power at an international level that it has no business having, and under this guy's leadership has used that power for evil purposes.

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    Thu Dec 02 1999

    He is a donkey as far as family planning is concerned

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    Thu Dec 02 1999

    His conservatism is eroding the Church's ability to deal with current realities.

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    Wed Dec 01 1999

    Very, very conservative! Do you remember when he this autumn said that you could get cancer from sexual activity? We all know he only like straight people! :o(

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    Tue Nov 30 1999

    Okay, so I'm biased against Catholocism.